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  • woodman: $XNET - pullback and bounce off rising support.
  • issues: @woodman $XNET stopped out!
  • issues: Is the market a full day on Mon? I see earnings for TU $INFO $C Today I added to $FB on this drop and bought $XNET.
  • issues: @DAN $WB $EDU $GOL you might want to add $XNET, ok?
  • spmeyers: @issues $WB $EDU $GOL $XNET XNET is more of a bitcoin play so trades different
  • rachel: ...
    4. $XNET – you need to be out of this. Blow off top.
    5. $SSNC – lagging a bit – relative strength of 73. (Prefer above 90). Earnings/sales growth is ok. The price action is very sloppy and ragged. Not sure how much money you c ...
  • efrain007: $XNET strong
  • audrina0904: @efrain007 $XNET - this defines scary trading for me, whoa!!!
  • efrain007: @audrina0904 $XNET Agreed, it's too high now if you're not in, though it's got momentum. I got in last week when they reported and had a bullish engulfing. My plan was for just a flip but it's strong so I'm still in until the chart tells me to get out. I posted here but didn't post my trade.
  • efrain007: $XNET all time high
  • thehook1: @woodman $ICHR btw indebted for your spotting $XNET sometime ago....nice pop / happy thanksgiving to you!
  • bRobert: @thehook1 $ICHR $XNET Nice squeeze breakout last month after long sideways consolidation. Renaissance Tech holding
  • efrain007: $XNET bullish engulfing and coming out of flag on earnings.
  • woodman: $XNET - just had a big bounce. Long this one.
  • woodman: $XNET
  • janner0814: thanks! ***********reference note******************************************* @ginny: (8:20 AM 8/13/15) "Early premarket gappers Gapping up: $PLNR 29.5%, $BBIO 22.2%, $PGN 21%, $OPXA 15%, $GBSN 14.6%, $SEDG 11.6%, $RNDY 9.1%, $ABGB 7.4%, $CLCD 6.5%, $COTY 6.2%, $SVT 6.1%, $BGG 5.1%, $NWSA 4.8%, $SUNE 4.5%, $SVA 4.5%, $KINS 4.3%, $JD 4.1%, $GWPH 3.9%, $CSCO 3.7%, $CSCO 3.7%, $DARA 3.7%, $BDSI 3.3%, $TDOC 2.9%, $GPRO 2.5%, $LXFT 2.5%, $FGEN 2.4%, $CMCM 2.4%, $WLL 1.6%, $TSLA 1.5%, $FIT 1.5%, $PYPL 1.5%, $PRGO 1.4%, $CPG 1.4%, $CCL 1.3%, $RAD 1.3%, $NFLX 1.2%, $MN 1.1%, $MSFT 1.1%, $HTZ 1.1%, $AA 1.1% Gapping down: $BGMD -35.8%, CPA -9.9%, $SZMK -8.8%, $AEG -7.3%, $KSS -7.3%, $AEG -7.3%, $XNET -6.8%, $HMY -6%, $IOT -6%, $GFI -5.9%, $CERE -5.8%, $AQXP -5.7%, $AU -5.2%, $KERX -4.8%, $SHAK -4.6%, $MXPT -4.5%, $CDE -4.3%, $NRX -2.9%, $LDRH -2.7%, $FANG -2.7%, $FANG -2.7%, $ABX -2.5%, $GDX -2.4%, $GOLD -2.4%, $NTES -2.3%, $CDW -2.1%, $PAAS -1.9%, $PAH -1.9%, $SLW -1.8%, $AEM -1.7%, $SDRL -1.6%, $TOT -1.5%, $POST -1.3%, $AYA -1.3%, $OKS -1.2%, $SLV -1.2%, $RIO -0.9%, $MT -0.9%, $BHP -0.8%, $GLD -0.7%"
  • Aragorn: $XNET daily chart extended above the 3rd std Bollinger., it looks ready to blastoff going vertical with increased volume $ANET - hammer today lower volume looks good $ATEN weekly chart starting to go in a VE now
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Stock Price $USD 8.05
Change -2.42%
Volume 257,309

Xunlei Ltd and its subsidiaries are engaged in the provision of online advertising services on its websites, premium downloading services to its members, online video sharing and distribution and online game platforms for game developers and users.

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  • November 14th, 2018 - 2018 Q3 Earnings
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