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  • debeers: $ZGNX-So--do you like it now??? when something doesn't do what I expect it to do, i sell it. So did.
  • spmeyers: $ZGNX breakout from long flat base; needs more volume though
  • steve71: @Sher $ZGNX No, I never invest in individual biotech names. Only the indices.
  • Iceman: $ZGNX #ShortCalls - I had a few extra short puts so I'm adding new calls to create more strangles. Sold 1 ZGNX Oct 20 2017 50.0 Call @ 1.15 Sold ZGNX Oct 20 2017 55.0 Calls @ 0.55 - highest available strike price.
  • Sher: @steve71 $ZGNX - Are you one of the fortunate ones to be in this one?
  • Sher: $ZGNX - Wow... "Shares of Zogenix Inc. (ZGNX + $18.92 to $31.80) are more than doubling after the drug developer said that its epilepsy drug (ZX008) achieved its main goal in a late stage study." (Per Schwab) - It actually ended up $22.17, EOD.
  • steve71: @Sher $ZGNX Not surprised. Current epilepsy treatment is a drag for the patients. The drugs basically depress parts of the central nervous system and patients just don't feel good. If this drug is even a little better a lot of patients will benefit.
  • Iceman: $ZGNX #ShortPuts – Sold ZGNX OCT 20 2017 2.0 Puts @ 0.40 on the opening this morning.
  • Iceman: $ZGNX #ShortStrangles – Sold ZGNX OCT 20 2017 3.0 Puts/31.0 Calls @ 1.75 Credit with the stock at 13.70.
  • Iceman: $ZGNX #ShortPuts – Sold ZGNX OCT 20 2017 2.0 Puts @ 0.25 with the stock above 13.
  • Iceman: $ZGNX #ShortStrangles - Sold ZGNX OCT 20 2017 3.0 Puts/31.0 Calls @ 1.65 Credit with the stock at 13.35. It's been a long time since I played one of these small biotech binary events.
  • justinp: $ZGNX Nice pop above resistance. Long this one.
  • justinp: @cmac $ZGNX Looks as if it is succeeding although above $12- would be more constructive.
  • cmac: $ZGNX trying its best to pop out of the vol sq.
  • jetace: Unlikely Momentum Stocks: check some old scans and these turned up $IIIN, $OHRP, $ADRO, $NCTY, $ZGNX, $CLDN, $TUES, $TROV, $VTL, $PCRX, $KNDI, $ROVI wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving
  • Dave: @woodman - Thanks for the news on that, folks. Here's some good charts that showed up in my Biotech folder today (many are on the verge of breakouts and very consistent moves on the hourly): $VVUS (mild inverse H&S), $RGLS, $ZGNX, $AMRN, $RPTP holding the 200, $OHRP, $SRNE, $FPRX, $CBLI (rounded bottom breakout, RBB), $LXRX, $INCY, $CERS, $STEM and $NKTR.
  • janner0814: From @ginny: Early premarket gappers: Gapping up: $CALI 38.8%, $WIN 12%, $SSRI 11.1%, $VALE 3.5%, $GRPN 3.2%, $SDRL 2.6%, $RIO 2.4%, $CBK 2.4%, $SFUN 2%, $MNST 1.7%, $VOD 1.3%, $GSK 1.1%, $NGG 1%, $BP 0.9%, $CSCO 0.9%, $SYT 0.8% Gapping down: $LACO -49.5%, $FXCM -12.6%, $NBG -9.5%, $FTR -7.7%, $GFI -4.9%, $CHK -4.6%, $TNK -4.3%, $CRM -3%, $MGIC -1.9%, $STO -1.8%, $UN -1.6%, $SAN -1.4%, $QGEN -1.4%, $ERIC -1.1%, $TOT -1.1%, $BBRY -1.1% Notable earnings after Monday's close $AMBC, $APEI, $ARCW, $ARNA, $ASEI, $ATHX, $BDE, $CALL, $CHMI, $CLNE, $CYTX, $DEPO, $DRYS, $DTSI, $EAC, $ELON, $FF, $FMC, $FMI, $FTEK, $FXEN, $GBDC, $GTY, $HALO, $HI, $IPAR, $IPXL, $JUNO, $LPSN, $MBI, $MCC, $MDR, $MNTX, $MODN, $MR, $MTZ, $MVNR, $OME, $OMER, $ONTY, $OPK, $ORIG, $PAAS, $PEIX, $PINC, $PVA, $RAX, $REN, $SCLN, $SF, $SFXE, $TCRD, $TEP, $TRQ, $TTEC, $UNXL, $VRTU, $XON, $YY, $ZGNX thanks ginny!
  • funbum58: $ZGNX Has a PDUFA decision due from the FDA tomorrow for a tamper resistant version of its extended release hydrocodone product. Hoping for a $GENE type move.
  • :
  • Big D: $CLDX - @Woodman, I took some off the table with a tight stop in the last half hour at 12.16. I watch this too much and it's driving me crazy. I'm looking for a bit more of a dip after this week's action. Liking the current chart action in $SGEN, $ALXN, $ECYT, $INFI and even $ZGNX today. Looking to take a bit of one of these. Have a good weekend.
  • philharmonic: $ZGNX - Big move on high volume. What's up DOC!
  • Tricia: ...
    But, I AM responsible for being blind to "what the market thinks" and in reflection it is clear, being right can be very wrong when it comes to market moves. $DVAX, $ZGNX, $ANAC, $ONVO are recent examples.

    A retreat is in order - I am reducing ...
  • woodman: $ZGNX - It's moving down today. I'm long some shares. The DEA wants tougher restrictions on hydrocodone and similar meds. Interesting article here, which posits that this could help $ZGNX b/c it would put them on an even playing field with other mfr's of such meds: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2013-01-25/stricter-limits-for-hydrocodone-pain-pills-backed-by-fda-panel.html?cmpid=yhoo
  • ccrown4: $ZGNX @woodman $GM, maybe. Hit my stop on Monday when the news hit. A loss for me.
  • woodman: $ZGNX - watching closely 1/10's low of $1.35 (also the bottom BB). This will end up a loss for me if I stop out.
  • hooked1: $ZGNX - I sold half of my smallish position yesterday.
  • woodman: $ZGNX - stopped out.
  • philharmonic: $ZGNX Sold half my position, this morning, at small loss.
  • hooked1: $ZGNX - @Tricia - I still have a small bag; will take some off your hands at $1.28
  • Tricia: PDUFA CALANDAR: there are 2 good sources for all these dates ..... and the sites are free .... BIOPHARMA CATALYST .... has a calander that you can not copy, but you can look up PDUFA, ADCOMMs, and Study Results due dates. The other site is BIORUNUP and that is a paid site. I am trialing it now. You still have to do the research, read the article and read the comments especially in $SA ..... then you can make better risk decisions. PDUFA dates that I am interested in include: 2/24 $DVAX - Heplisav 3/1 $ZGNX - pain pain reliever 3/4 NRFF - Pennsail - for treatment of signs and symptoms of Knee Osteoarthritis - go to the sight an dcopy down the dates. There will be runups is theseb, but the earlier yu get in, the less chance that you will get hurt by HFT s etc. G/L
  • ccrown4: $ZGNX @Tricia Good Morning . $ZGNX I'm holding, Any thoughts on this one. Hopefully, not like ARQL.
  • woodman: $ZGNX - back in as of yesterday at around the same price at @Tricia - thx @Tricia. $ARQL @ccrown4 - I hope you were smarter than I and didn't hold thru. I had some shares. I sold immediately at open (@ 2.76, not as bad as I thought!) and will see what the pundits have to say from here as to what the prospects are now. Remember, some live to fight another day after the initial crushing which can last a few days. $FOLD, for one, comes to mind. Edited on Jan 11, 2013 09:33 Edited on Jan 11, 2013 09:34
  • ccrown4: @Woodman, Good Morning. Yes, I did have $ARQL and sold at the open, the beating should last through the weekend! In bio I'm still holding $ATRS, $CLDX, $ZGNX and EDAP. Are you in any of these?
  • woodman: $DVAX - Thanks as always @Tricia. I didn't see your post last night, but as you were posting, I was reading that $SA article too. I too was particularly interested in Mr. Cohen's responsive comments following the article. Cohen has been all over t ...
  • woodman: $ZGNX @Tricia - I was away and I'm just seeing this. It's so kind of you to post this while tied up at a conference. Thanks very much for posting. You're Aces!!
  • woodman: $ZGNX @Tricia - congrats on what's turning out to be a good trade for you. I never got back in.
  • rj7150: $CLDX @woodman - I was one of the folded in half with Fold. Luckily it as a starter position. I held it until Dec 31 and themn sold it as well as starters in $DVAX and $ZGNX and a half in $GILD which were at a profit. Hind sight would have been good on all of these. I have no professional insight on $CLDX and am going by the chart, what I can read on line and what you Trica, @Henry and others have to say. It sounds like it should have more to move up over time IMHO. @RJ
  • philharmonic: $ZGNX - Up 11% premarket; $DVAX up 5%
  • woodman: ZGNX/DVAX @Tricia - I see that. Great trade for you following the $ZGNX ADCOMM nonsense. I still have no position, but it is just about to eclipse the high of its gap down on Dump Day. When it does, and thereby enters that gap, I'm in. Even bette ...
  • rj7150: $ZGNX - $DVAX - Thanks for the cheer leading. Small postion in both. After my $FOLD hold, I need a little additional courage. @RJ
  • Tricia: $ZGNX - +8.1% moves up today after saying the FDA has scheduled two days of hearings February 7-8 after receiving "comments, petitions, and informal inquiries concerning the extent to which opioid drugs should be used in the treatment of pain." Last week A panel of non-FDA medical experts shot down ZGNX's Zohydro, a hydrocodone pill for chronic pain. Hydrocodone is a semi-synthetic opioid derived from either codeine or thebaine
  • woodman: $ZGNX @Tricia - I saw (a little too late) the announcement of the scheduled hearings and that $ZGNX was moving up nicely today, and I immediately thought of you. Congrats for staying in. I bailed at 1.25 on the way down and didn't get back in. I didn't anticipate this kind hearing that the FDA is going to do now. I will watch it tomorrow and see what it does at $1.44 (top of gap down day following the ADCOM). If it starts moving up into that huge gap, I'll jump on board. We have some time until the Feb hearings and then the 3/1/13 Zohydro PDUFA for this to play out. What's your read on all of this?
  • Tricia: ...
    Fri Mar 01 $ZGNX PDUFA Zohydro Pain management - watch the news as this Neg vote was tied to fear of abuse by an Adcomm out of control

  • woodman: $DVAX @Tricia - Yes, I did read about the $GSK issue and I totally agree that Ad Comms are becoming a joke, and bad ones at that. What confidence can any of us have in them when ^%#@ like what we've been seeing goes down? Ethics, HA! But don't ge ...
  • Tricia: $CLDX - up 10 % PM - watching closely - $ZGNX down 44% - ...yikes .... praying with @Woodman :>
  • woodman: $ZGNX @Tricia - Yikes is right. I'm not saying folks should buy $ZGNX on this morning's pummeling, and for all I know $ZGNX could be dead, but when $DVAX got pounded post-FDA Ad Comm Circus @Maximus, it opened at 2.30 and three days later traded to ...
  • woodman: $ZGNX - further to my point above: Oppenheimer downgraded $ZGNX from outperform to perform (go figure), but has a $3.00 price target. That's a double from where $ZGNX is likely to open this morning. http://www.briefing.com/investor/popuppages/articlepopup.aspx?articleId=UD20121210071758 And apparently Wells thinks this is a buying opportunity. http://www.theflyonthewall.com/permalinks/entry.php/ZGNXid1752455/ZGNX-Zogenix-weakness-would-be-buying-opportunity-says-Wells-Fargo Just saying...
  • bethany: $ZGNX - @Tricia...@Woodman - it seems that most of the time when there is a sell off such as this it is an overreaction. If the drug is fine and news gets out that there is the possibility of restrictions...then I would bet that tomorrow there would be a bounce. If you are saying that the drug is fine...my god aren't there many drugs that are addictive? It is very tempting to take a little tonight and see what happens. The drug hasn't failed! Am I thinking straight???
  • Tricia: $ZGNX @Bethany - I watched 40% of the AdComm -(I was livid at the lost control at the meeting .... our gov't money gets wasted). There were 2 votes. The vote was positive for efficacy ( it does work and offers patients a pain med without the liver toxicity from acetaminophen) .....the second round of voting was negative for safety (potential for abuse) ... you are thinking very straight. I think this corrects tomorrow.
  • woodman: $ZGNX @Tricia - thanks for posting that. I ended up getting stopped out of the 20% position I held through the AdComm. Nasty. I'll watch tomorrow for the beginnings of a DVAX-like bump, even if only a short term trade. If it looks favorable, I may jump back in. But, beyond that, I don't know what to say. It seems like an uphill battle for approval at this point and I don't want to get all twisted up in the axle only to make the matter worse. There are other fish in the sea. Here's a Reuters article discussing it: http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/12/07/us-usa-fda-opioid-idUSBRE8B619S20121207
  • woodman: $ZGNX: AdComm farce @ Trica. Very disappointing to hear of how the Ad Comm went down. Frankly, it rattles one's confidence in the work of these committees. I too held some $ZGNX over the decision - about 1/5 position. Not enough to kill me, but still.... What is with these Ad Comm meetings anyway? I got the sense that some nonsense also took place with the $DVAX Ad Comm that recently voted in favor of Heplisav on efficacy but against on safety. (Similar situation for me there as I held a small amount over that decision too.) I look forward to exploring what happens next with $ZGNX and share your question about what the FDA does with it in March.
  • Tricia: $ZGNX: AdComm farce - out of control mtg. not judged on merits. Wonder if Mar. FDA will disregard? 1/4 position held over
  • woodman: $ZGNX - halted. I had a large position, but sold almost all of it this week. I still have a very small position b/c I just can't help myself going into these events, stupid as that may be. I'll survive if it tanks. Good luck to anyone still in.
  • Tricia: $ZGNX - ADComm says yes to efficacy 9-5 and then votes no for safety - question two was Zohydro safe in the intended population - 5 Yes, 9 No, 0 Abstain - not good .... this meeting was out of control!
  • woodman: $ZGNX - is anyone trading this as we approach the FDA AD $COMM on Friday? It's down in premarket near the low of its recent trading box. Here are the briefing docs: http://www.fda.gov/downloads/AdvisoryCommittees/CommitteesMeetingMaterials/Drugs/AnestheticAndAnalgesicDrugProductsAdvisoryCommittee/UCM330683.pdf
  • Tricia: ...
    Will update and comment on $ZGNX, $CLDX, $CLSN, AGEN. and NSPS over weekend ...

  • ccrown4: @Tricia $ZGNX - I've been in and out of this. Any thoughts on it going higher? thanks
  • woodman: $ZGNX @ccrown4 - I've been holding on despite the volatility. I'm eager to hear @Tricia's thoughts as well.... I've purchased at various prices and it hasn't been easy to hold. My plan remains to hold as we near the PDUFA 12/7. One would think that it would get rolling soon, but alas it really hasn't in grand scale yet. $2.50 is probably the floor at this point. At least the trend has been up. Good luck to you.
  • woodman: $ZGNX - another one that's working. It looks poised to continue higher into its 12/7 Ad Com for its Zohydro.
  • woodman: $ZGNX - showing some spunk today. Ad Com for its Zohydro (long lasting hydrocodone formulation for chronic pain) is 12/7 and PDUFA next March. Long.
  • woodman: $ZGNX - impeccable timing. I finally stopped on $ZGNX yesterday. Today it's up 12% on the mere announcement of an AD COM scheduled for 12/7 for its Zohydro. Anyone watching this stock has known for a long time that it was coming in December, though the actual date wasn't known (at least to me). Just about every other catalyst trade that I've been involved with in the biotech world has been a dud and I've been losing money. So yesterday's pukefest, which took $ZGNX well below the 200 day and recent support, finally took me out of a fairly sizable position at various prices including a bunch at the intraday low. The swing between yesterday's drop and today's price is complete torture to me. If they gave out gold medals for lameness, I'd rival @Michael Phelps.
  • ccrown4: @woodman $ZGNX is still a buy at this level IMHO
  • woodman: $ZGNX @ccrown4 - Thanks for your thoughts/encouragement. I will wait to see what happens. Today's move seems euphoric and based on information that, for the most part, has been out there for a long time. All that changed was that a date certain was provided (within the month that already was known). Buying here, after where I sold, makes me want to vomit. Emotional? Perhaps, but I think it will come back in before it continues up more. Watching with anti-nausea meds.
  • woodman: $DVAX - Anyone who follows or is in this one have any thoughts about it? It's proving hard to hold into its AD COM on 11/15. Chalk this one up as another "catalyst" trade I'm now losing money on. Stops have hit, though I still have some shares. Groundhog Day considering my $ZGNX debacle. But, whereas $ZGNX (which I stopped on yesterday near the lows) is up 12% today on news of its AD COM next month, $DVAX is pouring out the bottom of a @bucket. It's much closer to its AD COM -- just one week -- yet it's been moving down since 10/15. And just when it looked like it was in a reliable range (last 10 days or thereabouts), it falls through support today. I guess it shoot back up immediately following my stop out on the rest of my position.
  • woodman: Some Biotechs - here are some recently battered biotechs that merit some watching as they may be firming up and appear to be rebounding off support and/or some moving averages today: $ACAD (strong day), $ZGNX (good day, but still a lower high and lower low), DVAX. Honorable mention: $CLDX off the 100 day; $SCMP (long tail today, but stalling at the 20 day and just turned red).
  • woodman: $ZGNX - the $IBB is under heavy selling pressure, and it's hard to bring yourself to buy any biotechs in this environment, but $ZGNX continues to hold the 50 day (and Friday's low) and has upcoming catalysts over the next few months starting the end of this month, then in December (AD COM), and ultimately in March next year (PDUFA). I've taken a beating of sorts, but I'm still long ZGNX.
  • woodman: $ZGNX - I'm not recommending going long any stocks #rhrn, and biotechs (especially the high flyers) have been getting brutalized (the $IBB itself looks scary too), but I think it's worth it to watch ZGNX. It's getting a bounce today off the 50 day and has catalysts coming at the end of this month and in December (and Q1 next year). Is it done going down? I don't know. But it's worth watching. Long ZGNX.
  • woodman: $ZGNX - firming up at the 20 day. AD COM as a potential catalyst in Dec. 2012. PDUFA for its Zohydro ER (hydrocodone 12-hour extended release) in March 2013. Long ZGNX.
  • woodman: $ZGNX - after a significant pullback over the last 3 days, it held the 20 day and is now bouncing again. It should have catalyst activity through the end of the year and into first quarter 2013. FD - still long and riding the ups and downs with a bottle of Pepto by my side.
  • woodman: $ZGNX - continuing its "catalyst" run into an anticipated November/December AD COM. Long ZNGX
  • woodman: $ZGNX - It has been moving nicely over the last two days after having already seen a big move since as recently as mid-September and since June. Getting most of the attention is its Zohydro ER, which is an extended release formulation (meaning less frequent dosing) of hydrocodone for chronic pain without combining acetaminophen which can cause liver damage over extended use or in large doses. An anticipated AD COM in November or December is serving as a catalyst for ZGNX. The PDUFA is expected March 1, 2013, I believe. FD - I entered on Monday and added this morning (I wasn't able to trade yesterday).
  • MtChet: $ZGNX - $2 stock breaking out of tight VS. Significant insider buying.
  • shunsick: $ZGNX - Wow that is at the technical analysis limit. Trades on average of 257,000 shares a day.
  • shunsick: $ZGNX - It's also under $5.00 which means many insitutional investors are not allowed to own it.
  • pdocker: $ZGNX - now seeing Blue Sky
  • MultiMill: ...
    Zogenix Inc. $ZGNX 43% $5.73 $4.00 22-Nov-10
    SeaCube Container Leasing $BOX 41% $14.05 $10.00 27-Oct-10
    Tower International Inc. $TOWR 34% $17.41 $13.00 14-Oct-10
    $LPL Investments Hold ...
  • Golf77: LINE I am not a day trader. More of a trend trader. Trends can last for days, weeks, months and sometime years. Use very discipline stops. Love IPO. Day trading would drive me crazy.... Good luck not for me. PS. $ZGNX might give first signal here soon. Put on watch list buy if it goes above 6.20
  • Golf77: Couple of IPO that look good. $ZGNX and PRMW. long both with half positions will add more on confirmation
  • Golf77: $TOWR BOX $ZGNX New high IPO chart. Buying $UNTK and $XNY latest IPO charts Primed and ready to go
  • Golf77: $ZGNX another great looking IPO Chart. Just started moving. Use stops
  • Golf77: The two that come to mind are $XNY and PRMW. On my watch list looking to break their down trends. Give you a post if that happens. Bought $ZGNX IPO lot of insider buyer after they priced. Good Luck
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Zogenix, Inc. is a pharmaceutical company, engaged in the commercializing and developing products for the treatment of central nervous system disorders and pain.

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