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Part 1: October 5th, 2020 at 11:00AM Eastern:

Technical Analysis for Non-Technicians

Are you new to technical analysis? If so, this course is designed as a basic introduction to understanding chart analysis and will provide a solid foundation for becoming a better trader.

Most chartists do not have the foggiest idea what they are looking at. They look at a price chart and see squiggly lines, vertical boxes and a bunch of numbers — and they believe that they can actually predict the future from these pretty pictures. Sadly, that false belief leads to losses..and the inevitable conclusion that technical analysis does not work.


Technical analysis works just fine. The malfunction was not in the chart…it was in the chartist. I call it “operator error.”

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you new to technical analysis?

  • Have you been using charts to make your trading decisions but it’s just not as easy as you imagined?

  • Are you a hard-core fundamentalist that views technical analysis as a bunch of hooey?

  • Have you been enjoying some success through chart analysis but think you might be missing something?

  • Are you an experienced “chartist” who would like to brush up on the basics?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, “Technical Analysis for Non-Technicians” is for you! Taught by Dan Fitzpatrick — the trader that Jim Cramer calls his “go to guy” for understanding charts — this course explains the essential elements of chart analysis to get you off on the right foot.

You'll Learn About:

"Great job. Particularly valuable clarification of Bollinger Bands, for me. Thanks for generously providing your work. I really enjoyed the presentation of the material and gained insights into information available from just the primary indicators. I am sure you have done this before but the clear development and smooth delivery of your thoughts were first class. Well Done!"

Mark (SMM Member)

"My feedback on the course Dan developed and presented: it was excellent! I thought he covered some of the most pertinent fundamentals with respect to TA. I am not an expert in TA, but have been learning and using it for several years in my own trading and investing. The course helped me think about some things I hadn't considered, and how to use the techniques presented in a more effective and profitable way. I think you guy's are putting on a really great service that helps a lot of traders and investors. Thanks again"

Jonathon (SMM Member)

"Great material. Even though I have been with you several years and trading about 10 years seriously, I actually was able to spot a few mistakes I have been making and was not even aware of them. Thanks for caring about us. You are definitely great at what you are doing."

Jeannine (SMM Member)

"The presentation was excellent. FYI: I'm an old coot... some 88 and still kicking. As a broker for the past fifty years my track record of selection has been marginal and mostly intuitive. With the steam I have left, I think I am going to have a lot more fun thanks to you. I’m so grateful to you."

Robert (SMM Member)

Part 2: October 12th, 2019 at 11:00AM Eastern:

Advanced Concepts for Non-Technicians: Turning Patterns Into Profits

I don’t want you to become an expert chart reader... I want to teach you to become a profitable trader!

We focus a lot on reading and understanding technical charts. There’s a place for that knowledge, and it’s a very important part of your skillset. But you can learn about reading technical charts anywhere.

I want us to go the next step further:

There’s a big difference between being able to do standard chart analysis, and being able to look at the charts and get an understanding of what people are thinking.

Who are the people driving the price? What’s their thinking and motivation? When you get a better understanding of what’s driving people’s thinking, you gain an edge on selecting the right stock at the right time.

Turning Patterns Into Profits is all about combining technical chart analysis with other outside sources of information to better understand the market.

BUT... none of that matters if you’re not protecting yourself from costly losses. Risk Management is the most important part of any trading strategy, and we’re going to make sure all of our trades are properly assessed for risk! Don’t worry, we’ll cover stock selection, entries, exits, etc. but you MUST manage risk to be consistently profitable.

In this course we’re going to be covering:


Advanced Stock Picking


"I loved it, and I can’t say enough good things about what you and Gary put together for us. Even though I’ve been listening and watching everything you say and do for the past twelve years, today’s video was extremely impressive. You’ve exceeded all your previous efforts to help educate your subscribers. In particular, one of the final “pages” on risk management really rang a positive bell. When you talked about the person with a $400,000 account who limits himself to only trading as though he had just a $100,000 account, I thought you were talking directly to me; very close to what I started doing this year. So far, so good."

Ron (SMM Member)

"Wow... Dan really poured his heart and soul into this one, the analogies were great, he really distilled it down to basics / removed the wheat from the chaff, so to speak. Thanks again Dan."

John (SMM Member)

"Thanks Gary and Dan, of course, really enjoyed the "Turning Patterns into Profits." All I can say is...More please."

Helene (SMM Member)

"Thank you. The content was excellent! There were more than a few items that hit home: one specific for me is the concept of a repeating process rather than trading under fire etc.

Many thanks to you, Dan, and anyone else that contributed to the presentation."

Phil M. (SMM Member)

"1st off, Thanks again for this opportunity! The course was absolutely amazing! To take Dan’s phrasing, “listen up, I’m giving you pearls here" The course was definitely a string of pearls!"

Michael (SMM Member)

"Thank you all for putting on such a great course. Dan did a first class job putting together and presenting the material. He tied a lot of things together for me. I have watched the webinar three times so far and gain something new each time."

James (SMM Member)

"Thank you! I know the amount of work that went into putting this webinar together. The program was very good and for me a refresher of many of the fundamentals I've used for years. Risk management is the name of the game, I hope the audience understands preservation of capital. If you got those two points over, then success is evident."

Charles (SMM Member)

If you want to take simple chart analysis to the next level and turn patterns into profits, you need to take these courses!

Your Free 30 Day Trial to Stock and Option Market Mentor Includes:

1) The Daily Strategy Session

Members receive an extensive “Strategy Session” video each evening, which is typically 20-30 minutes long. The Strategy Session is an ongoing analysis of winning sectors, industry groups and stocks that we’re focusing on. It is a constant source of profitable trading ideas and is intended to educate, inform, and challenge you to become a competent and successful trader.

2) Community Trading Forum

Our Exclusive Community Forum is an active trading room; a community of traders that range from beginning traders with small portfolios to large money managers responsible for multi-million dollar funds. It is an ongoing source of education, trading ideas and market dialogue. I regularly join conversations, give feedback and share my trading ideas and experiences openly with the community.

3) Trading Tutorials

Our dedicated Education Department comes complete with trading tutorials that will challenge you to learn various aspects of trading to enhance your trading skills. You can quickly find the latest educational content, broken down into Trading Concepts and Technical Analysis all of which give you a “hands on” guide to the trading concepts and ideas you need.

4) Video Price Alerts

Video price alerts are sent to members as stocks covered in our Strategy Sessions and Chart of the Day videos make key technical developments during the trading day. You'll be emailed the chart of the stock along with the video providing the analysis of the setup. This is delivered during the market as the stock is making the move.

5) Video Requests

Sometimes you just want Dan's input on a chart. No problem, just ask. You can send a request for Dan to cover the chart. Once he covers it, we’ll email you the video that covers your stock.

6) Monthly Q&A Sessions

Each month I host a ”Members Only” Question and Answer webinar where I get deep and personal in helping individuals solve their problems. It’s great to watch, even if you don’t have any immediate questions since the quality of dialogue we have will help steer you in the right direction.

7) The Weekend Update

Members receive a more extensive analysis each weekend, with exclusive video content, including: a market overview, sector spotlight, Stock Watch videos to point you in the right direction to maximize your gains in the coming week.

8) Option Market Mentor

With options, you can generate income from your current portfolio and hedge against market reversals. You can maximize the potential of a small portfolio by generating big returns on option trades.

Option Market Mentor members have access to trading ideas directly from Dan. You are also a member of a large community of option traders who share trades, ideas and knowledge every day. Dan gives you step-by-step instructions on how to put on the trade and manage it until it’s closed. He also regularly provides tutorials on common mistakes and current events in the market.

9) Member-Only Discounts on Products

As a member you get access to deep discounts — up to 50% — on all of the Stock Market Mentor educational products. Whether it's our signature The 59 Minute Trader course or our popular Basic Training DVD Set, you'll be able to save hundreds of dollars off our products' regular prices. PLUS, members get early, priority access to purchase tickets to all our live workshops and seminars — they sell out fast!

On any given day, we have hundreds of active traders in the Forum. Since it’s a paid forum, everyone is focused on the same outcome and goals: to become better, more profitable traders. There’s a "positive-sum" mentality where everyone helps each other, you will be part of a community of like-minded individuals who want to help you be successful as other have helped them.

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