Here’s how we put ourselves in a position to win more…and also risk less. Check out Veeva Systems (VEEV). (April 20, 2017)


I want to look at Veeva Systems ( NYSE:VEEV ). This is a stock that we have been on for a while. I would like to say I bought it down here, but I didn’t, $45.00 was the deal. So here is the thing, you see the breakout and then a little time to add here just a couple days later, and then the stock is off to the races. So what do we do now?

This has been a pretty nice run, it is up a bit, 15 percent, not bad, but I think it has got a lot more to go. The question for me is, do I add even more on this breakout here? They don’t report earnings for over a month so that is not an issue. I look at the weekly chart, I think we have got a really strong uptrend, and I would be adding more on this breakout, and here is why: You have a nice profit to begin with. Also, you can’t look at 52.50 and say, “This is Jimmy Shaker day, this is it, that is the end of that.” I think it goes higher.

The one thing is, you have got a solid profit here so you should have a stop on some of this, if not all of it, at just a little bit below 50.00. So you are protecting your profit on the stuff that you are profitable on. And now you are increasing, you are adding your exposure. So you are increasing your risk because you are buying higher. You own more shares but you are actually decreasing your risk by raising your stop up to about this level. So you are putting yourself in a position to win more without having to risk losing so much. In fact you risk only making not as much profit as you were hoping to. That is it for Veeva Systems ( NYSE:VEEV ). I like it, I think it works.

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