Here’s your trade setup on Telecom Argentina (TEO). (October 12, 2017)



I want to look at Telecom Argentina ( NYSE:TEO ) here.3.38 This stock is really close to breaking out. This is a great setup for potential profits. We are not there yet; we are not there yet. I have drawn a trendline here, it is actually a little bit above 32.00, stock runs up above 32.00. We are also setting an alert in the system so you will be getting an alert as well when the stock hits 32.00. And you are going to get this video where I say, “Okay guys if TEO hits 32.00 I want you to look to buy this thing. Because the stock has been consolidating for a while. It is a pretty solid grower. Earnings have been kind of choppy. But over the last few quarters have been doing really, really well.” So this is a growth story. It has obviously run up quite a bit. They don’t report earnings for almost a month and I don’t expect the stock to stay underneath 32.00 for the next month, I just don’t.

So anyway, I would suggest even taking a small position right here. I talked about this stock a few weeks ago, I have talked about it several times; the stock is above the 50-day moving average. You can take some stock right now. Set your stop below the lower Bollinger Band, that would be about a 5 percent risk. That is actually a little bit higher than I like to take on an initial position but take a small position here. And then when the stock breaks out above $32.00 that is when you take more. You should make some really nice money on this with only just a little bit of risk. It is a good setup. A small position here; add to that position. If the stock breaks out stop just a little bit below the 50, a little bit below the lower Bollinger Band that is going to do it for you.

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