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  • michaelH: $CVX $CLR CVX breaking out of a base, CLR on the verge of doing so. Ready to add to both if I see some conviction and volume come in! Blowing up Syria is the catalyst.
  • JJT1: $XOM $CVX $HAL $RIG All these seem to be bouncing above support and upper BB. Breakout or fakeout?
  • baronp0329: $CRC, Posted on Mar 21:" Added at 15.40 for Full position". Sold 75% today at 20.55, keeping other 25% for potential further upside. Good CRC news today with purchase of remaining interest of 47,000 acre Elk Hills Field from Chevron $CVX. CRC up 14% today.
  • bRobert: $CVX $HAL . Very tradable low in HAL on the daily/weekly (cup/higher low over support) Low risk/high reward. CVX . double bottom with divergences . Stop 106
  • champ: @spmeyers $SLCA @ $29 $HCLP @ $11.75....both are #TopPicks in the sectors ----- #SandSuppliers are all now at low risk entries. ---- I'm holding positions in both but I did not add today because I was just to busy but I might on Monday. Now that the ...
  • bRobert: @Phxlab $XOM Either one will work. Not my trade. Just commenting. Prefer $CVX long term .
  • cmaxwel1: @champ $PXD $XOM $CVX ($XOM have limit order sale at $90 on $XOM, holding since $79).
  • champ: $USO ...WTI Oil today... is only down $0.26 @ $65.52...but these 2 big cap stocks $XOM and $CVX....spooked the energy stocks today and the markets and ...a few stocks like $AAPL and $GOOGL, are not helping....along with all the #Political BS.....the Great Payroll numbers, dropped the markets right out of the Gate because of fears about higher interest rates....really just too much going on today....Good Bad News.
  • Alexander: @champ $USO $XOM $CVX $AAPL $GOOGL #Political I am still in $SLCA trade (STO Feb $32 for .60), but closed almost all other positions this morning.
  • champ: DJI $25,520 ---- The markets open down, and continue in the first 1/2 hour because of interest rates fears because the Job Payroll numbers, beat all the estimates and that triggered interest rates, to start to climb, the 10 year ($TNX) and new fears ...
  • champ: @DrScience $SLCA --- The news is...that $XOM and $CVX will be making comments on their large Cap-X dollars, that they will be spending in the Permian Basin and other locations, when they report earning in the morning. $XOM said on 1/29 that they will be investing $50 billion dollars and $CVX has also reported the same, about 4 months ago. All the #Sand suppliers and the Hydraulic Fracturing Drillers, who have drilling fleets will be benefiting from these new dollars. Names like this new IPO... $SOI....these drillers $FRAC and $LBRT and all the #Sand names like... $HCLP $EMES $FMSA and I just added back $CRR and double my $SLCA position and added back my trading positions, in all of these stocks.
  • Alexander: @champ $SLCA $XOM $CVX $SOI $FRAC $LBRT $HCLP $EMES $FMSA $CRR #Sand #Sand Wow... You must have deep pockets. I wish you well and keep my fingers crossed for your success. I STO $SLCA Feb 32 puts only for .60
  • champ: $PXD @ $185.50 working ...nice move ---- Going into $XOM and $CVX earnings in the morning....both should report positive numbers. On..$PXD this could be the start of a earnings run, I added to my position....earnings are on 2/6/after/confirmed. ------- $XOM is moving-up into earnings RHRN.
  • champ: @Alexander $SLCA $XOM $CVX $SOI $FRAC $LBRT $HCLP $EMES $FMSA $CRR #Sand #Sand ---- I have been in most of these positions for over a year now ...all are long term...I have been posting on this #Sand sector, for almost 2 - years.
  • Alexander: @champ $SLCA $XOM $CVX $SOI $FRAC $LBRT $HCLP $EMES $FMSA $CRR #Sand #Sand #Sand Very good @champ. Definitely I can learn from your experience. Cheers
  • traderbren: $CVX - pulled down to the 50dma and bounced. ER on 2/2
  • baronp0329: @traderbren $CVX - TraderBen, how are you trading CVX? I've had it since late Nov around 117. Also have Mar 135 Calls (at a loss from last week).
  • traderbren: @baronp0329 $CVX - hey, I got really lucky last year and picked up Jan Calls which I sold on 1/12 coming away with a significant return. I re-enter this morning off the bounce off the 50dma and picked up Mar $130's figuring the ER on 2/2 will be ok, but you never know.
  • champ: $DJI @ 26,045...down 400 points. I'm now looking for a turn....RHRN....and #HealthCare $UNH...and tech like $AAPL...along with a few other tech stocks. In the energy sector, big Oil is also dropping the $XOM, $CVX and a few other... are mostly responsible for this drop today.
  • CHOFF: @champ $DJI $UNH $AAPL $XOM $CVX #HealthCare - I too am tempted to buy some $UNH on the dip today due to the Bezos, Buffet, Dimon MD news. Maybe I'll buy at the close.
  • champ: $XLE $USO ---- Looking at a few energy stocks and volume is lower than the daily average.....$PXD $CXO and even both of these 2 large cap names in the sector....$XOM and $CVX....just a few traders taking some profits off, is my guess.....most all the names in the sector are down.
  • Shopaholic526: $CVX Sitting on my hands today. Stopped out on $CVX, $AAPL and $NTES.
  • bigbartabs: @champ $XLE $USO $PXD $CXO $XOM $CVX ... I would be careful here, since the weekly chart broke below last week. That always gets my attention. FWIW...
  • champ: @bigbartabs $XLE $USO $PXD $CXO $XOM $CVX ....I'm mostly out of the sector now but still holding a few #Sand positions....but I have taken profits on all #Trading Positions and I'm out $SND but got back in a new Spec with $CRR, on the I'm out of all large cap names, last week and I started on 1/23. I'm only holding a few small positions in $RSDA $PXD $CRZO and $CXO, took profits...for now, on all positions. Oil Inventory numbers, could show #Builds, on the API and the EIA reports tomorrow and Wednesday. I trade off of high turns on the charts, with news...I also sold $FANG, $EOG $XEC, $OXY and a few others. I took profits on $XEC, the week before on 1/15....but Thanks, for the heads up.
  • champ: $XLE $USO ----- The energy sector is more or less on hold, until the weekly Oil Inventory numbers are released by the API, on Tuesday.. in the AH's and the EIA, will be reporting on Wednesday morning. I believe they could report #Builds, in both o ...
  • mopick: @champ $XLE $USO $RDSA $XOM $CVX $VLO $PSX #Builds #kick-start, thanks, Champ for this info. Traded out of $CVX earlier today.
  • champ: $RDSA @ $72 ...New ATH..this stock is working...Royal Dutch Shell and they have a nice Dividend @ 5.27%....higher than $XOM $CVX...2% higher and they have been OutPerforming, the other two, in a big way and most all of the other stocks, in the sector. Very large company with a Market Cap of $162b but not as large as the other 2. Take a look...I have a long term position.
  • Workinman: @champ $RDSA $XOM $CVX $RDSA chart very appealing. Looks extended here. I probably should wait for a better entry.
  • Wolf: @champ $RDSA $XOM $CVX Add $BP with a 5.42% Div to that list. 52 week high again today. I have oversized positions in both and it is hard to keep my finger off the sell button. How high does energy go...
  • champ: @Workinman $RDSA $XOM $CVX ---- Yes, I have been thinking that also, on many stocks ...for the last 60 days. The dividend is why investor hold this energy company, not as many traders, most hold this as a long term investment position. I agree, all quality stocks, are all over extended but they keep climbing the wall and this stock has many positive reason for investors, to hold.
  • Robert1965: @champ $RDSA $XOM $CVX when did you make your last add to $RDSA I have some from 52.00 and 57.00 looking to add, but did not, now I thinking it is too high since 62.00 but I have been wrong
  • traderbren: $CVX - sold my Jan $120 calls this morning as $CVX needs to rest here after a phenomenal run.
  • champ: $USO ---- #News...was released today...1/13....a few new reasons that, confirms what I have been saying, for the last 16 months...on why #Oil Inventories have been dropping... #1...Imports have dropped, into the U.S... by 2 million barrels a day, fro ...
  • debeers: $CVX-South Africa giving permission to sell some assets. BMO Capital upgrades to 140. Energy will be the largest beneficiary after the financials of the tax cut because exploration expense had to be averaged out and brent now near the 70 limit.CVX has the added bene of a divvie to go with.
  • debeers: $CVX- I'm looking forward to sanctions being re-imposed especially as i live less than 5 miles away from $CVX corporate..................
  • michaelH: @champ $DJI $JPM $WFC $PNC #indices #Political Oils have been doing great. Didnt see too much here today on the sector. I know you have your share. Looking to add to my oil names but everything looks over extended. Looking at $CDEV and $XEC as 2 I own that still look to have room to move higher. Fundies on CDEV are good but chart not showing much of a breakout. Still very long $CRZO, and $XOM, $CVX, $EOG, $NOV, $CLR, and $APC
  • champ: @michaelH $DJI $JPM $WFC $PNC $CDEV $XEC $CRZO $XOM $CVX $EOG $NOV $CLR $APC #indices #Political ---- I had a post today on $PXD and info. I took profits on a few positions...but only 1/2..$PXD was one on the high turn....and I'm holding all of my 22 positions.. in the sector and I did not add to any today but I posted the other day, that I added to all of my position, before and after the API inventory report....I posted I was taking profits, in names in other sectors and was rotating more $$$ into my energy positions, most all. However, I'm trading $ERX, with size daily, around my Core position but only if and when the sector looks positive.
  • bRobert: $CVX . Easy holding stock. $140 target Long leap calls.
  • riskmanager: @bRobert $CVX Why leap calls and not the stock? Pays a fairly nice dividend and you can sell covered calls for additional income. Guess you could do the same with the leaps, sans the dividend? Just curious. Thanks
  • bRobert: @riskmanager $CVX Stock ownership and dividends are great. My leap call strategies return 200 - 400% over a 12 month period. In addition , the long term capital gains is 15%. Dividends taxed at highest tax rate. Not as appealing . Last year BX paid close to 13% dividend. That was an exception for me. Still had leap calls also. Stock appreciated 50% . Leap call return dwarfed stock and dividend return. I often sell short calls against the leap calls and generate some additional income.
  • bRobert: $CVX flag/trigger Target $140+ long leap calls
  • cmaxwel1: @geotheo $RDSA $DVN $XLE $EOG $RDS ( I added $CVX recently as well so, I am holding a full position in $XLE $EOG and $CVX which I like better than $RDSA. I'm also Holding $AMLP which I have been buying under 10, with a monthly dividend. Pipelines have always had a core position in my portfolio.
  • geotheo: @cmaxwel1 $RDSA $DVN $XLE $EOG $RDS $CVX $AMLP I've been buying some bottom dwellers lately. $ESV, $SND, $HK, $SWN, $EMES, $APA. Also, nibbled at $TOT for the 5+% dividend. All are up nicely. Hard to keep myself from thinking I'm a genius.
  • champ: @geotheo $RDSA $DVN $XLE $EOG $RDS $CVX $AMLP $ESV $SND $HK $SWN $EMES $APA $TOT --- Funny... but thats where a lot of $$$$ hide-out... in many targeted names. Don't tell everyone....but I also read.. buy low...sell high
  • bRobert: @phgruver $IBM $GM $CVX $IBM Dogs of the Dow 2018 ? MRK later
  • Gary: ...
    7. $CVX – best fundamentals in the big cappers.
    8. $XOM – same.
    9. $CRR – Fracking business is working now that oil is moving higher. This is a slow mover on weekly chart. But short interest is 13.5 days. RS is 93.
    10. $HES &n ...
  • bRobert: $CVX Dog of the dow for 2018 Target $140 Long 2019 leap calls . These will be huge winner
  • mopick: @bRobert $CVX, am with you on this one. Picked-up some this morning, jettisoning $COP. More upside with $CVX.
  • bRobert: @mopick $CVX $COP Look at the weekly chart. Speaks for itself. This and GM top dogs of dow 2018
  • champ: $SLCA up $1.75 now @ $34.25 and this is my largest position, in this #Sand sub-sector and in the Markets, for now. This stock could finely, move out of this level and the next target is $37 but this stock will be back to its 52 week high, at around ...
  • grcjr: $CVX set to open at a new 52+ week high. Was watching for a flag. Added recently.
  • grcjr: $CAT $SXC $CVX $FCX new 52+week highs
  • cmaxwel1: @Bridget $XLU $SMH $IYR $NKE $DK $CVX $LEN $BX $X $TIF $IR $CRZO $APC $PXD $CLR $LNG $PTEN $XEC $CXO $CTXS $LEA $CCL $RCL $ACN $DQ $DOV $PCG $EWW $KMX $TTD $SOI $GOOS $HOME $GDI $WTTR #Notes $XLU buy limit order 50.16, 76 day avg seems to be support for the index. and has a yield.
  • DAN: $XLE -- Some energy stocks are breaking out...specifically the XLE. Here are some names that are under buying pressure. $MRO $CVX $EOG $APC $DVN. There are others, of course, but these are the ones that look more interesting to me -- and that I believe have potential for more upside.
  • rck89: @DAN $XLE $MRO $CVX $EOG $APC $DVN Thanks. I was just going to compliment Bridget on her $EOG "breakout" comments yesterday. She was (and is ) so right! Still, since there's been no real movement in crude prices, the stocks must be up because of the new tax plan. I've owned $CVX for awhile because of its dividend and $ERX just because!
  • michaelH: @DAN $XLE $MRO $CVX $EOG $APC $DVN //$CRZO chart also looks good.
  • Lynda: @DAN $XLE $MRO $CVX $EOG $APC $DVN The exploration and production ones operating in the Permian Basin.
  • DAN: @rck89 $XLE $MRO $CVX $EOG $APC $DVN $ERX (Insert "thumbs up" emoticon here). 8-)
  • issues: @rck89 $XLE $MRO $CVX $EOG $APC $DVN $ERX Hard to figure out.If USA is going to get more oil out of our land, that dilutes the supply, therefore oil becomes cheaper, right?
  • phgruver: @issues $MRO $PE $APC $DVN $MTDR $CVX $XLE I added to $MRO. It is an existing LT position of mine. I added some back in Sept. when it set a higher high at 13, and added a bit more yesterday, as it seemed poised to break out above the Nov. high. It only pays a 1.23% dividend, so I won't hang on too long.
  • issues: On the 10 day chart, here's the leaders: $MRO 14%, $PE 10%, $APC 10% $DVN 8% $MTDR 4%, $CVX 4%. I bought $XLE. Who of you bought any of the others and why did you choose the one you bought? Checking PE's: $EOG 5,000 wow! $CVX pe 34.(Neg pe on MRO & APC.) $DVN pe 12. DVN has the lowest price/earnings but I see CVX has a long way to go to reach all time high. CVX was talked about on Fast Money last night!
  • bRobert: $CVX Long leap calls Great chart Targets $130 then $140+
  • mopick: @issues $MRO $PE $APC $DVN $MTDR $CVX $XLE $EOG, have been in $COP for a while now. One of the best performers in this space this year!
  • bRobert: $CVX 2019 JAN 130 calls . good start Up over 30%. will add on pullbacks. eventually will sell some short term premium against to further lower cost basis ($4.70)
  • issues: @bRobert $GUSH looks like the very definition of "at resistance" but could BO! NP Oils owned today $XLE $CVX $DVN $COP $CVRR $HFC
  • issues: @bRobert $CVX I'm with you Rob. I bought $CVX also (small starter position)
  • bRobert: @issues $GUSH $XLE $CVX $DVN $COP $CVRR $HFC I'm long from below. will add on pullbacks/higher lows.
  • Bridget: ...
    $CVX - day 1
    $LEN - new 52 week high
    $BX - strong breakout, wait for phase 2
    $X - if flag flies at half mast, profit target is $38.5
    $TIF - continuing higher after flag
    $IR - high volume volatility squeeze

    Energy stocks that aren't as extended - $C ...
  • debeers: @Bridget $XLU $SMH $IYR $NKE $DK $CVX $LEN $BX $X $TIF $IR $CRZO $APC $PXD $CLR $LNG $PTEN $XEC $CXO $CTXS $LEA $CCL $RCL $ACN $DQ $DOV $PCG $EWW $KMX $TTD $SOI $GOOS $HOME $GDI $WTTR #Notes Bridget $MRO not too shabby either +4.47% today.
  • rachel: STRATEGY SESSION NOTES- 122117 COTD: Compare stocks of real businesses and stocks in the crypto space. Aside from three fundamental data points, they’re exactly the same. But those three fundamental data points are your edge because they tell you whether the company is attractive to big money. $DOV $KMT $LFIN $GBTC $RIOT $NETE $SPX – holding up in same range. All indexes are still extended, though not showing signs of reversing. Smart Money / Dumb Money Confidence: .35 v .76. 41 differential. This is an extreme. $DJI $DJT $COMPQX $XLE – Important breakout today. Likely going higher from here. $XOP – ALERT $37 $OIH – Alert $26.39 $MRO $CVX $EOG – Alert $108 $APC – Alert $52.88 $DVN – Alert $41.30 $XME – Alert $35.75 $FCX – Weekly shows $20 easy. $TECK – Alert $26.25 $CEIX – coal. Steep price increase, though volume is falling off. $BTU – very strong momentum in this established name.
  • champ: @BigOx $GUSH $PXD $FANG$CXO $PDCE $EOG $CRZO $XEC $CVX $XOM $CLR ---- These names and the sector follow the price of Oil and they are now back at or near their November highs, most but not all. When the traders get out of these names, they will rotate back into the #Sand stock. Traders are at work, they buy the lows and they will not sell until Oil turns.... and investors are still holding their investment positions in this sector. The Tax Bill is also helping out this sector, so their are 2 strong reasons to have new positions and that started on 12/18 and I posted on 12/8 and 12/19.
  • champ: @bRobert $XEC - I agree and its always a hard call, for all of these large Oil names. That all of these Oil men have been making and they really started dropping in large Cap-X dollars, billions of $$$$, really large numbers over a year ago. $CVX just announced a couple go months ago and I posted that they are going to invest over $4 billion $$$$$ in the Permian Basin, starting in January 2018, the business plan is finished and now the work begins, for $CVX and many others, is why I'm focuses on all the #Sand suppliers.
  • bRobert: @champ $XEC $CVX #Sand The supply demand balance will be key. The sand players are significantly gearing up capacity. Overcapacity and increased expenses could sting in the short term. Again the balance will set the tone for revenues in the coming quarters
  • champ: @bRobert $XEC $CVX #Sand --- #News on #SandSupplies ---- Thats all true and the key is, supply in demand and thats what the smaller players are worried about. All are gearing up production and its also about shipping expenses and overhead. For those ...
  • champ: $SOI @ $16 up 5.6% --- Nothing really going on, the stock is just trying to level out after, the stock offering and that was price at $15.75...but that news dropped the stock down from $18.40 on 11/8....IPO was on September 2017. They move #Sand pro ...
  • rck89: #Oils - What's our thinking on oil stocks these days? I still love the $CVX dividend!
  • champ: @stevef214 $EOG $XEC $PXD $CXO $XLE $ERX $XOP #NewsFlow ---- You need to target companies in the Permian Basin because #CapX is up in the Permian Basin because of high production per well. Companies in other areas are cutting CapX in those areas beca ...
  • champ: $PXD up $8.50 on the close @ HOD.... but is now #also moving up, even more in the AH's because their next door neighbor ...$FANG beat on earnings and that news is confirming what $PXD had to say... on their Earnings call, that the Permian Basin, is the place to be. $SLCA has 4 sand mines in the Permian Basin, one is under construction and will be on line soon and $CVX announced that they will be spending $4 billion $$$$ in the Permian on drilling and completing #DUC Oil wells, this is the Top Oil producing area, per well in the U.S. and $$$$ are pouring into this area and I have been posting that news for 9 months now.
  • traderbren: $CVX -- getting some interest. Needs to clear $116.40 to start working on the overhead gap.
  • champ: @traderbren $CVX ---- All the big energy names are working today because the price of WTI-Oil is HOD @ $54.58 ....but I'm expecting zig-zags, as we go into the Oil inventory numbers, that will be released from the API and the EIA...remember energy names only work off the price of WTI-Oil, the chart is only to review the stock level....and to see if the entry level a high or low risk entry. Energy names don't work the same off of chart like all the other sectors because of the zig-zags that oil is having over the last few years but if Oil was to level out, then the charts would be more in play... IMO.
  • rck89: $CVX Any oils mavens in our "crowd"? If so, please advise why $CVX is down so sharply today, with a decent earnings report today, crude prices up, and a strong market. What did I miss? Thanks.
  • phgruver: @rck89 $CVX That one is easy. Expectations were for .98/share, actual was .85. That's a huge miss! You also need to look at revenue, to get a fuller picture, but a 13% miss, after a big run up, will get punished.
  • champ: $FRAC @ $14.85 ---- Energy Stock.... with 2 Divisions #1 well completion service and they also run #2 Hydraulic Fracturing drilling crews for the oil companies...New IPO in January 2017 --- I believe that they will have another nice beat on earnings. ...
  • Bridget: Earnings this afternoon: $GOOGL $AMZN $BIDU $WDC $MSFT $INTC $EXPE $GILD Earnings tomorrow: $MRK $CVX $ABBV $XOM $RCL
  • champ: $XOM AND $CVX ---- Both will be report earnings in the morning, the energy sector really needs positive numbers from both. #CapEx budgets will be a big focus, effecting many stocks, like drillers and #Sand suppliers...these reports in the morning wil ...
  • bRobert: @champ $XOM $CVX #CapEx #Sand #Sand #Trading COP . Positive report . but decreased CapEX
  • bRobert: $CVX . $AEIS stops raised.
  • bRobert: $CVX nh. Very bullish, significantly outperforming the underlying commodity. Going higher
  • bRobert: $CVX Very bullish chart/action Target $132 cup/handle weekly Long calls
  • Iceman: $CVX #ShortPuts #FallingKnife – Bought to close 1 CVX Dec 15 2017 80.0 Put @ 0.01. It won’t trade any lower and has over 2 months until expiration. Sold at 1.14 on 04/19/2017.
  • Wolf: @champ $USO $UWT $GUSH #never #Hope I used to trade shares, but now just options because I don't like the tax forms. I also have a XL position in $GUSH that I trade options around. I did unload 1/3 of my $CVX today. So far, so good $USO calls have doubled, but that just amounts to beer money. Good luck to you.
  • champ: #Sand ...$SLCA @ $31.50 ---- #RePost --- Now we have a little more #News on whats going on today... in this #Sand sector. The news is SLCA is planning to build another mine in West Texas to serve the rapidly-growing Permian Basin and has set aside ...
  • champ: $CVX this news about Chevron adding assets to the Permian Basin, was posted by #Reuters on 9/25.
  • bRobert: $CVX weekly breakout continues. Adding on pullbacks. Target 120+
  • rck89: @Forexpro $WFC $GS $JPM $BAC $CVX Thanks for your usual sage comments. Guess I won't short $GS just yet! BTW, have you noticed that $CVX is only about 3points away from its 52-week high? Speaking of Lazarus rising....
  • Forexpro: @rck89 $WFC $GS $JPM $BAC $CVX Hi, Rck89, Yes, as a matter of fact, I was giving $CVX the once-over this morning, and thinking that if it gets back to 111 and change, I'd like to take some in. Didn't happen today. Hope your day went well; kind of nuthin' at my end, although I did try shorting the E-minis this morning. If I had bought them instead it would have been a better day. I'm breaking in a new lucky (or luckier) quarter tomorrow. :) All the best!
  • billd: @champ $XOM $CVX #BounceCandidate #3 #2 #1 I am also long $XOM in a long term position, on which I sell covered calls. Out of curiosity, what will you use as your sell trigger for the short term bounce? Congrats on picking it up at the right time.
  • champ: @billd $XOM $CVX #BounceCandidate #3 #2 #1 ---- I'm watching news but company only news, so it would be any negative news on or from the company, that might trigger me to take profits on 1/2. The EIA inventory numbers will be out #RHRN but these numbers are really not in play this week because of the Hurricane in Texas...I'm in with size
  • champ: $XOM $79 HOD up 2.4% ---- Sitting right below the 50 day now....the next move, should be right thru the 50 day and that should or could be as soon as tomorrow. I had a post this morning on this ----- #BounceCandidate and I said that I was looking for $80 in the short term and now I'm thinking we could see 81-$82 by the end of the week or next and the stock is moving on very nice volume....could happen...and by the end of the month, $85 could be in the cards because of Gasoline and Oil prices. They are the largest refiner in the U.S. and maybe in the world. They are also the largest Oi company in the World with a market Cap of $330b and $CVX is #3 with a market cap of $186b. #2 is China Petroleum and they could be #1 by now and I believe they are.
  • bRobert: @champ $XOM $CVX #BounceCandidate #3 #2 #1 Like charts cvx. Long calls
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Stock Price $USD 122.27
Change 0.49%
Volume 5,371,940

Chevron Corporation provides administrative, financial, management and technology support to U.S. and international subsidiaries that engage operations of petroleum, chemicals, mining, power generation and energy services.

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  • July 27th, 2018 - 2018 Q2 Earnings
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