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  • champ: $UGAZ $DGAZ - N-Gas Inventories #'s will be out in a few minutes 10:30 ET....$DVN.
  • mcubas76: Hi guys, I am shorting natural gas through $DGAZ and wanted to know what were your opinions on the technical chart of $UNG. To me it looks bearish, but would like to hear the technical opinion of other, more experienced members. The fundamental story for gas does not look good to me (big natural gas glut), but that doesn't always translate directly into price action. Thanks!
  • PhilHarmonic: @mcubas76 $DGAZ $UNG Bearish on the weekly chart. All major moving averages are in a down trend. The 8 pma is below the 20pma is below the 50 pma whis is below the 200 pma. Cant get more bearish then that. The daily chart indicates (to me) that the stock may be trying to bottom. There is a higher low and almost a higher high. The price has moved above the 8 dma and the 20 dma and has bounced off the 50dma. Will it make another attempt at the 50dma? Who knows?
  • mcubas76: @PhilHarmonic $DGAZ $UNG thanks a lot for your insight. I really appreciate it.
  • dunsek: @mcubas76 $DGAZ $UNG April's been a good month for $UNG the last 4 years. Doesn't necessarily mean anything, but worth noting.
  • Forexpro: @mcubas76 $DGAZ $UNG Hi, Mcubas76, Here's hoping that you're doing well. I concur that the daily chart still looks sickly, even though in percentage terms it has had a decent move off the bottom. Stocks do sometimes bottom, reverse, and move higher, but I don't see anything at this point to indicate that a continued upsurge is the likely outcome here: Best of luck!
  • mcubas76: @Forexpro @dunsek $DGAZ $UNG thank you both for your comments!
  • SierraJW: ...
    10.22% $DGAZ VS 3X INV NAT GAS 16.40 132440
    9.86% $CDTI Clean Diesel Techn 0.78 2000
    9.81% $SUNE SunEdison 2.91 643090
    9.56% $XTLB XTL Biopharmace 1.49 7870
    2.71% $CVM CEL-SCI Corp. 0.49 9800
    1.58% $NG NovaGold Resorces 3.86 3200
    1.49% $NGD New Gold ...
  • dkoran: $AA- short looking for another .25-40 downside. News of more smelter closings means al pricing is not good. Less capacity though is a good thing . $CENX is not in good shape on another note. no value added business to help offset commodity weakness. Talking about commodities, i added to my losing $DGAZ position today. Gonna ride this out as Nat gas prices will come back down after this cold spell. Over supply and a 25 % or so run up has gotta give some back.I feel like the guy in the movie North Dallas Forty getting ready for a rematch game, "He ($DGAZ) knocked 4 of my f-----g teeth out last time. I am gonna tear his ass up this time. "
  • dkoran: $DGAZ- had 2 chances today to make a scalp and missed it for numerous outside reasons.Holding for more upside ( downside in nat gas) Where is Green Ghost when we need him? Somebody spoke him again?
  • BLOR: @dkoran $DGAZ GG in Options M.Mentor forum With a lot of successfull trades last few weeks
  • mradams0621: Mornin Gapers >$2. >4% 27.83% $NURO NeuroMetrix Inc 2.94 98670 11.99% $BHI Baker Hughes Inc. 51.17 106 10.87% $UGAZ VS 3X NAT GAS 2.55 3690000 8.96% $FXCM FXCM Inc 17.15 45860 7.95% $UWTI VS 3X WTI CRUDE 4.21 1260000 7.38% $GASL Direxion Daily Nat 6.40 8280 6.90% $DNR Denbury Resources 2.17 12190 6.61% $PBY Pep Boys - Manny M 18.56 236450 6.04% $CMRX Chimerix Inc. 7.02 568710 5.73% $BOIL ProShares Ultra Bl 18.82 2760 -19.35% $AVXL Anavex Life Scienc 5.67 292850 -10.36% $DGAZ VS 3X INV NAT GAS 13.06 513780 -8.23% $PSDV pSivida Corp. 4.35 4500 -7.79% $DWTI VS 3X INV WTI CRUDE 190.65 23490 -6.21% $VKTX Viking Therapeutic 4.08 600 -6.09% $KOLD ProShares UltraSho 141.50 2340 -5.14% $ERY Direxion Daily Ene 27.70 185
  • GreenGhost: @mradams0621 $DWTI HTB not shortable as is $UWTI and no options so no bearish trades on $DWTI only way to play is long $UWTI which I wouldn't chase ( yet) as it's up 12% but quickly fading after weekly EIA data release this morning ( was up 16-17%) ; up trend is $DWTI not even close the being broken IMO if anything I'd buy on pullback both very tough to make money trading those as crazy volatile day to day. just like the $UGAZ /$DGAZ twins
  • mradams0621: ...
    7.68% $DGAZ VS 3X INV NAT GAS 24.40 109020
    7.37% $HK Halcon Resources C 0.29 100
    5.82% $DNR Denbury Resources 2.00 2650
    5.77% $NTI Northern Tier Ener 25.68 2010
    5.25% $AMFW AMEC Foster Wheele 6.22 200
    4.59% $PHB PowerShares Fundam 18.00 15
    4.1 ...
  • OilMan: @GreenGhost $KOLD $DGAZ was thinking about entering DGAZ on the next pull back after today's action
  • GreenGhost: @OilMan $KOLD $DGAZ No long = no thanks or short = too much of a press to downside IMO don't short at ATL way too risky ; also too volatile IMO
  • mradams0621: ...
    10.79% $DGAZ VS 3X INV NAT GAS 24.74 210470
    10.50% $ATNM ACTINIUM PHARMS INC 2.00 3900
    8.90% $TSL Trina Solar Ltd. 10.40 58480
    6.92% $EZA iShares MCSI South 45.60 7730
    6.23% $CHAU Direxion Shares Ex 22.35 5700
    6.14% $KOLD ProShares UltraSho 200 ...
  • GreenGhost: @Forexpro $CHK CDS spreads have exploded on that one this past few weeks ; starting to price in debt restructure ; woe to those at bottom of capital structure ( equity is really in trouble IMO/ Carl getting creamed ); look at chart of $DGAZ ; spot gas 2 bucks ; saw a forecast for .85 cents due to super-finds ( mega producer wells) by 3 of the larger players in PA in July. long term weather pattern /El NINO effect in big consumer NE sure ain't helping ; another month of spring -like temps for Atlantic seaboard forecast ; glad I got my snow tires on Nov 20 LOL; my grass is starting to grow again and saw several midge fly hatches this week. ! Hope you're enjoying this fine weather. Note the spreads that jumped yesterday.
  • Forexpro: @GreenGhost $CHK $DGAZ Thanks, GreenGhost, I'm more than willing to put up with a few unseasonal moths in return for these temperatures, although I note that LL Bean's boots still can't be had in any size until spring. All those boots under the tree, headed straight for the closet. I'm bitter; my daughter wants some, and it looks like she'll be getting them for her birthday (August), not for Christmas. In idle moments, I find myself wondering what the internal marks are on all those total return swaps where hedgies posted Treasuries as collateral in order to receive in high yield. Gotta be some wailing and gnashing of teeth under the surface, I would think. Here's hoping that you're thriving; all the best!
  • GreenGhost: $SWN $CHK market continues to pummel these names hard ; both down another 5% as Natty gas spot spirals into the abyss and moves below 2 bucks $DGAZ on fire of course
  • Gblair: $DGAZ going para... No position
  • GreenGhost: @tnt $UNG $CHK That's great ; posts gave me impression you rode down : I'm very happy that's not the case! Think you have low risk entry and price action says could be higher low ; but not liking lower high in recent chop pattern either ; nice reversal off 6.95 low today almost 6% off LOD I think ; my apologies for incorrect assumption ; hope stock has put in bottom ; crappy Nat Gas price action isn't helping though ; saw big AH tonight $DGAZ aggressive share buys on offer in anticipation of Thursday weekly EIA release suspect; happens almost every Wed night ; seems traders have access or algo might to move markets ; best of luck with your trade. Thought last weeks front month contract roll/expiry would get spot moving ; futures curve not really showing move above key 2.50 MMBTU level until next June
  • dkoran: @GreenGhost $DGAZ- meant to buy this the other day around 5. your thoughts on it here, if any?
  • GreenGhost: @dkoran $DGAZ $UGAZ too violent and time consuming to trade; swore off both ; have to watch underlying too ( spot natty gas) to trade at same time ; support and resistance zones on charts don't really work too well/match up with daily tracking error reset and plus/minus adjustment to NAV from monthly futures roll which occur 4 X a month. Need a fairly complicated algo program to trade that one consistently w/o just guessing IMO. Not to mention big gaps up and down overnight and that weekly EIA release which is always fun and can blow out your position in a nanosecond after 10:30 release. At least for me best left for machines.
  • dkoran: @GreenGhost$DGAZ- and all this time i thought you were a machine. LOL
  • GreenGhost: ...
    $UGAZ et al Spot Natty gas looks like 2.45 to 3.10 run is over there was big resistance in 3.05 area ( see post above); little overshoot then ran into brick wall reversal day quickly back to 2.95 area; a big % move ; bullish trades are over from the ...
  • dkoran: $DGAZ- I guess we are running out of Nat gas. Gonna take a flyer and buy a little.
  • dkoran: $DGAZ/$UNG- build in nat gas . Why dos $DGAZ go down? Is there a trade here?
  • ajitsuthar: @GreenGhost $DGAZ I am long $DGAZ since $6.50
  • GreenGhost: Spot Natty Gas pretty bullish price action again today R1 is key 3.05 level; if it can break through there next stop, which is massive resistance would be 3.30-3.35 level ( per MM BTU)where I suspect it would get stopped dead in in tracks at the huge gap down in spot chart. Play here is $UGAZ while it retests (and possibly pushes through) and $DGAZ should it fail. $UGAZ was up a snappy 12% today; NP too busy with Opex ; will be on this Monday though. longs had a very solid and encouraging week.
  • GreenGhost: $UGAZ big reversal day out of Nat gas spot today up over 10% off lows 7% on the day held 2.65 level like a champ which is a higher low than 2.57 which is the multi-year low ; this one is trying real hard to base here; no more $DGAZ for the time being ;bias is to $UGAZ side IMO. Very sadly NP :(
  • JoJi: @GreenGhost $UGAZ $DGAZ - Mr. GreenGhost, any thoughts on the $GASL chart?
  • GreenGhost: @mkridge708 $UGAZ sure thing; it's not too difficult to make money if you trade these paired twins enough; nice to have spot levels on Finviz as the dog guide vs. the tail derivative ETNs $UGAZ and $DGAZ
  • traderbren: @GreenGhost - $DGAZ popping this morning following yesterdays move. You pointed out $DGAZ a couple of days ago.
  • GreenGhost: @traderbren $DGAZ FWIW I did a fairly comprehensive analysis of recent price action, catalysts and possible future outcomes last night AH if the forum if you're interested. Spot trading at another multi-year low today ....price action overnight/ this morning suggest key 2.70 level may not hold.
  • GreenGhost: Spot gas got crushed today $DGAZ up 13.65% on the day. Spot commodity down 4.26% and more importantly printed a multi-year low and pushed thru key 2.80 support level. Next up 2.70; if that level can't hold I'd quickly look for 2.50 where it might bot ...
  • GreenGhost: $DGAZ sold my long shares on open for a 4% profit pivoted and now long $UGAZ at 3.44 1/2 day trade
  • teeka99: @GreenGhost $UGAZ & $DGAZ - question, if you think one is too far to the downside and you're looking to buy (UGAZ), would you look to sell DGAZ as kind of a double-dip into the same pot, if you will? Seems like they travel inverse of each other. Just started watching these off of your last post the other day.
  • GreenGhost: @teeka99 $DGAZ yes in theory but that's a crazy man trade IMO (even for me LOL!) as that would be SIX times (3X plus 3X)leverage off spot nat gas. Also no shorting in either as both are HTB because they both have wicked NAV decay and contango roll and are structurally designed to go to zero over time.
  • GreenGhost: $UGAZ /$DGAZ The daily fare ; dumped my $UGAZ at 3.63 for a quick 10% winner on remaining half of yesterday's swinger. Today pivoted again and went long $DGAZ for 6.93 ; added at 6.96.
  • GreenGhost: $DGAZ out at 7.05 scalped another 3% This one is pulling back as shorties cover in front of tomorrow's weekly fill and draw release from which traders take their cues. Of Course $UGAZ is moving back up here. Too hard to game that release IMO.
  • GreenGhost: $DGAZ Posted a trade thesis on going long Friday into close on the levered ETF. Nat gas spot is getting crushed again and is down over 7.5% in front month futures contract this morning. Long shares which are up 16% PM on big volume. This may have more room to run if recent spot low can be taken out.
  • GreenGhost: $DGAZ STC 20% of position for 7.18 PM Bought this position Thursday and cleared 30%. If there were only options on this puppy! Think the ETF moves higher today; trim is just risk management. Now at 7.22 and up 18.5% today.
  • GreenGhost: @Jadee $UGAZ $DGAZ ze bears leaned a little too hard on this onelast 2 days ; looking for 3.60 plus; possibly by EOD
  • GreenGhost: @Jadee I don't use WVAP for those as they trade off the spot nat gas 1 month futures contract; $UGAZ/$DGAZ is the derivative so VWAP has not so much meaning as the tail in this case does not wag the dog.
  • GreenGhost: $DGAZ Nice reversal. Nat Gas bulls got nuttin. Long shares for day trade.
  • GreenGhost: $DGAZ another big day out of this nitro keg ETN; up 10% on the day about 18% off the low intra-day reversal. Long shares ; plan is to cut in 1/2 into the close and let the rest ride till Tuesday. I hope too long Nat gas traders in NY and Chicago start thinking about the mid 40s forecast they'll likely experience over the weekend and toasty mid 30s in the dead of winter on Tuesday. If it's not gonna being cold now then when? Of course winter is not over but massive oversupply in spot will keep downward pressure on the spot price.
  • GreenGhost: $DGAZ In at 5.30 on reversal pivot trade. Refer to my earlier $UGAZ post if interested in trading this bearish 3X ETN. This one is really moving up quickly.
  • GreenGhost: $DGAZ Day traders This ETN's breaking out and is up 14%, over 20% from early morning low in a very strong reversal move on volume.
  • GreenGhost: Nat Gas Futures trade via $UGAZ was a bust. I did manage to get out on post release short covering pop with a 3% loss. This ETF is now off 12% on the day and trading near its low after the release noise has settled in. Now that 3 buck spot is busted this commodity should quickly plummet to new 52 week lows which it likely will print today. Next up is 2.90 area which it could trade down to as soon as next week as mild forecast continues. Make no mistake about it, there is an unseasonably mild winter in the mega consumer NE US. At some point this will turn hard but not yet as bearish bets continue to increase. Futures decline on inventory data EIA Natural Gas Inventory: -26 bcf vs. -38 bcf expected, -49 bcf last week. Futures -2.63% to $3.012. ETFs: $UNG, $DGAZ, $UGAZ, $BOIL, $GAZ, $KOLD, $UNL, $DCNG
  • GreenGhost: Aren't commodities fun? Take a look at what occurred when spot Nat Gas broke big round number 3 buck support today after the weekly fill/draw release. Whew! $DGAZ is now up 18.5%, at its HOD.
  • GreenGhost: Nat Gas is getting thumped again today as another day of spring in the NE ( and more forecast next week) puts a big crimp in demand. Watch the key 3.00 level in spot futures to see if that holds. $DGAZ is up over 6% to another near term high. Of course the levered bullish ETFs are down big again today and making new 52 week lows.
  • GreenGhost: Natural gas futures got hit very hard over night and are down almost 10% which is a more than outsized move for this commodity as it trades at 52 week lows. The levered long ETF $UGAZ is down a sharp 27% this morning alone. It's short ETF companion is $DGAZ is up of course by a similar amount. Two big gap downs in a row illustrate how bearish the price action is with no signs of stabilizing near term. Spot Nat Gas has dropped from $3.90 to 3.13 per MMBTU is about a week!
  • GreenGhost: Spot Nat Gas is off sharply on another round of warmer than normal nationwide longer range weather forecasts. Expect a retest of the recent 3.60 area spot futures low today. Thursday weekly inventory fills numbers should provide additional clarity on where might this market be headed shorter term. This commodity is extremely volatile and can be a nice day trade if that's your trading style. 3X Levered ETFs are $UGAZ for the bulls and $DGAZ for the bears.
  • champ: @bigbartabs -$UNG - The last recent bottom was around 10/27 ...spec play I think. Thats my thoughts ...I no a trader ...who trades in commodities only ....who added in $DGAZ today. I think the whole trade is up in the air ...anybody's guess.
  • greberalan: @champ $UGAZ *****Nat Gas 4.50/4.60 looks like heavy resistance. UGAZ $18.54 heavy resistance. All hinges on the EIA gov. Nat Gas injections/withdrawls report Thursday 10:30am EST. I have just dipped into $DGAZ for a small position at 2.50 today. **This may be a day trade (not sure yet...depends on the action today)
  • GreenGhost: ...
    Other ETFs in the Natural Gas mix: $BOIL, $KOLD, $DGAZ.
  • janner0814: Hey guys. No doubt about it @issues, the "Dennis Gartman Long of spOIL in terms of Fishcake" Contrarian indicator has been money. And @issues, I'm as anxious to run that $UGAZ scalp as soon as I can. However, the $UUP /DX is starting to rear its head. I'm going to wait and see .... so I'm keeping a close eye on this instrument. References: $USO $XOP $OIH $ERX $ERY $UNG $UGAZ $DGAZ $DVN $TLT $TBT
  • prvtrader: Stocks that are up this morning (Gap Up) $EVRY(F)$BDSI $KNDI, $SGNT, $SIMO, $JDST, $KING, $DGAZ, $APP, $GBIM, $LQDT, $EVEP. $STNG, $SNTA, $VHC, $SPIL, $EXL, $ELP, $TLK, $SFUN, $BAS, $ACRX, $DRWI, $DFE, $GPRO
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The investment seeks to replicate, net of expenses, three times the opposite (inverse) of theS&P GSCI Natural Gas Index ER. The index comprises futures contracts on a single commodity and is calculated according to the methodology of the S&P GSCI Index.

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