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  • bigbartabs: @DAN $RIOT $LFIN #bitcoin #blockchain #dotcom ... it would be fun to watch a debate between Krugman and our favorite commodity trader of things that hurt if they fall on his foot. Or maybe Krugman and Klugman, if he were still alive. About the same net worth of my time I suppose.
  • DAN: @bigbartabs $RIOT $LFIN #bitcoin #blockchain #dotcom I'd need a lot of beer and a big tub of popcorn. LOL.
  • hevski: @spmeyers $LFIN $RIOT $LFIN this thing is a rocket ship. My day job is kept me out of the trade. Now it's scary.
  • Junior1: #bitcoin #blockchain #dotcom Oh my, if this isn't reminiscent of the dotcom boom. If it's got "blockchain" or "bitcoin" in its story... boom goes the dynamite! $RIOT $LFIN
  • woodman: @Junior1 $RIOT $LFIN #bitcoin #blockchain #dotcom - I've decided to change my middle name to "Blockchain" and sell myself on EBAY.
  • Junior1: @woodman $RIOT $LFIN #bitcoin #blockchain #dotcom Trades: Bought BTC on 11/29 @ 10,500 Sold 12/13 @ 17,000 rolled that into ETH @ 650 Bought ETH on 11/29 @ 475 ETH is @ 773 rhrn up 45.7% I believe that BTC is in fact in a bubble. And I believe that ETH is in an embryonic state. I'm in the process of moving more funds into ETH Do your homework... Ethereum is the real deal and its here to stay. Hundreds of companies are adopting the platform. The decentralization of data storage and transactions will become the norm. Remember the first time you heard about "email".
  • traderbren: @woodman $RIOT $LFIN #bitcoin #blockchain #dotcom -- LOL, good move! ;-)
  • Vehid: @Junior1 $RIOT $LFIN #bitcoin #blockchain #dotcom next recession would be called bitcoin crash!
  • GOOSE: @Junior1 $RIOT $LFIN #bitcoin #blockchain #dotcom What's the symbol for Ethereum? Thanks. ETH comes up Ethan Allen. s
  • grcjr: @Junior1 $RIOT $LFIN #bitcoin #blockchain #dotcom I feel like the idiot at the Roulette wheel ... Let It Ride. I've adjusted my stop 4 times today (at this point). Each time it climbs a new step I up the stop about the size of the step. About time to take 1/2 off.
  • bigbartabs: @woodman $RIOT $LFIN #bitcoin #blockchain #dotcom ... if Frank Zappa had discovered Blockchain during his child rearing years... he would have no doubt added a baby brother with that name. Moon Unit would have been so tickled.
  • tigerjohn8: @Junior1 $RIOT $LFIN #bitcoin #blockchain #dotcom Hi Junior1 , If you can direct me to some some info regarding ETH I would really appreciate it. Did I hear that MSFT might be getting behind it??
  • DAN: @Junior1 $RIOT $LFIN #bitcoin #blockchain #dotcom I want to know what Paul Krugman thinks. Before I make any kind of investment, I want to know what a Nobel Prize winner thinks about crypto/blockchain. I remember he was absolutely spot on with the internet. He knew that it wouldn't' amount to much and that it would fizzle out. He also predicted that the market would tank if Trump was elected...and again called for the crash AFTER the election. Again, spot on! So if Krugman issues another prescient prediction that cryptocurrencies are a massive bubble that will crash at any time,...then I know exactly what I need to do. It's so clear it's almost unfair. Three words about Krugman: "Made to Fade"
  • hevski: $LFIN Longfin just found this company looks a lot like $RIOT, but it is an IPO, it more than tripled on Friday, to 22.00 a share after the specialty software company said it has acquired Ziddu.com, a blockchain-powered microlending platform that uses Ziddu Coins, a cryptocurrency loosely pegged to Ethereum and Bitcoin. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Crazy momentum, I don't have a position but will be watching on Monday, I can't find out much about the company my guess it is a pig with blockchain lipstick.
  • spmeyers: @hevski $LFIN $RIOT wish I could find some blockchain lipstick!
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Stock Price $USD 56.30
Change 5.45%
Volume 798,512

Longfin Corp provides Financing and FX services to importers and exporters. It specializes in structured trade finance solutions and physical commodities finance solutions for finance houses and trading platforms.

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