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  • 1Boston330: $NXTM. Re-entered at 18.50 on this medical equipment supplier. It is near its 52-wk high at resistance, but the weekly looks very strong. Plus, it held up well today in this volatile market. Plus again, I think that the medical tax will be rescinded or reduced, which should cause an increase in the medical equipment suppliers.
  • 1Boston330: $NXTM. New 52-wk high today, but on below avg vol. (24k v. 10-da avg daily vol of 804k). Having a good month (up +29%) with the probable belief that the medical device tax will be reduced or eliminated. Will have redo my research on medical device stocks. Long common small position. Will add later in the day if this one catches fire.
  • 1Boston330: $NXTM. Up 3% on above avg vol. Medical Devices. Added another lot at 17.61. Long common 1/4 position. $MDT is also is also moving up and I'm long common. $STJ and $JNJ are flat.
  • 1Boston330: $NXTM. Entered with a small long position at $16.30; up 7% on above avg vol on a good earnings and guidance report; up 21% over 30 days; up 63% ytd.; This is a Health Care Equipment stock. I think, like a lot, that the medical device companies will get tax relief from Congress.
  • woodman: Other Medical Equipment & Appliance Stocks - of potential interest (I have no position in any of these): $RMD - has pulled back to prior support at the 200 day and is bouncing. It's worth watching. $STJ - nice uptrend. $NXTM - counter-trend; okay if it holds the 8 dEMA. $ALGN - pullback to 50 day and moving back up. $BABY - gap up and continues upward. $SYK - consolidating with a #squeeze at the 21 dEMA. $MDXG - breakout as mentioned in posts above.
  • woodman: Medical Appliances - I looked at medical appliances and equipment over the weekend (before I listened to @DAN's video, so I didn't even know he was covering some in this sector too). Some that look interesting to me (for different reasons) are: $BSX, $SJT, $NXTM, $RMD, $MDXG and MDCI.
  • Tim S: Notable earnings before Thursday's open $AAWW, $AEE, $AES, $AMCX, $AMRC, $AMSC, $ANSS, $APA, $APO, $ARQL, $ATK, $BCE, $BDBD, $BKCC, $BR, $BZH, $CBB, $CCO, CMLP, $CNK, $CNQ, $CNSL, $COTY, $CPN, $CQB,DYN, $EOG, $FCN, $FLO, $FLY, $FNP, $FSYS, $FUN, $FUR, $FWLT, $FWM, $GLP, $GOLD, $GTN, $HII, $HNT, $IGT, $IRC, $IT, $JRCC, $KIOR, $KLIC, $LNT, $LRN, $MFC,MLM, $MT, $MWIV, $MWW, $NVAX, $NWN, $NXTM, $RDN, $RGEN, $RGLD, $ROK, $SFUN, $SMG, $SNI, $SSYS, $STWD, $THI, $TICC, $TK, $TTI, $TW, USAC, $VC, $VNDA, $VTG,WEN, $WIN, $WLK, $WMC, WWAV
  • Tim S: Notable earnings before Thursday's open: $ABB, $ACT, $AEP, $AIXG, $ALK, $ALKS, $ARG, $ASH , $ASPS, $BC, $BG, $BIIB, $BLL, $BMS,BMY, $BSX, $BWA, $CAB, $CAM, $CCE, $CELG, $CFX , $CL, $CMS, $CNX, $COR, $CPN, $CRI,CRR, $CS, $CHS, @DAN, $DFT, $DHI, $DLX, $DNKN , $DO, $DOW, $DST, $EQT, $ESI, $FAF,FLIR, $GG, $GM, $GNC, $GPK, $GRA, $HNT, $HOG , $HOT, $HSY, $IDCC, $IMAX, IP, $JAH,JNS, $KEM, $KMT, $LAZ, $LL, $LM, LO, $LUV , $MDP, $MDSO, $MGI, $MHFI, $MJN, $MMM,NBL, $NMM, $NXTM, $ODFL, $ORI, $PACR, $PCP, $PDS , $PHM, $PNK, $POT, $PTEN, $QSII, $RCL,RDWR, $RS, $RTN, $RYN, $SIRI,SLAB, $STC, $STRA, $SUI, $TKR, $UA, $UFS, $USG , $UTHR, $VCI, $VDSI, $VLY, $WAB, $WCC,XRX, $YNDX, ZMH
  • HGIGuy: $NXTM - holding at 50 edma. In Healthcare sector.
  • HGIGuy: $NXTM - This kidney dialysis equipment manufacturer reports earnings 2/17 after market. It has given up 12 % from its high a week ago, but appears to be holding above support along the 50edma. LT trend intact. One to watch.
  • joanie: $NXTM - I've liked this stock for a long time. I bought some way back when it was under $10, and made a little money and ultimately got churned out of it or stopped out during the flash crash and never got back in. Every time I checked on it I either didn't like the action of the market or I would have had to buy at the top of the channel. Why I never set an alert for it I have no idea. Funny you should mention it because I picked up a starter this week. I couldn't pull the trigger in earlier months because I had some block in my head that kept saying "too late.. why didn't you hold, if you buy they're going to go bankrupt TOMORROW". I'm feeling better now..... lol
  • kellyt: $KNDI, $DCTH, $NXTM check out the charts on these. I'm in from lower levels but they are acting nicely. I took a shot at SNIC but was stopped out. I'll keep an eye on it though. Hope you all are doing great here in the forum! @Kelly
  • kellyt: $NXTM NxStage Medical Medical appliances & Equipment has been in a steady rising channel in the weekly & daily with strong indicators. This has been a nice stock. WFR is also a nice stock you should take a look at.
  • joanie: $ARMH, $NXTM - up 12% and 19% respectively.
  • joanie: $KFN, $NXTM - $KFN is starting to move a little on heavy volume. If you go to http://online.wsj.com/mdc/public/page/2_3022-mfgppl-moneyflow.html?mod=mdc_leader Money Flow, buying on weakness, you'll some HUGE buying under block trades on this stock ...
  • mrs1964us: $NXTM - strong looking stock that seems to find support at 20 dma. http://screencast.com/t/NWNlOTIyZ
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Stock Price $USD 27.51
Change 0.47%
Volume 589,267

NxStage Medical, Inc is a medical device company that develops, manufactures and markets products for the treatment of kidney failure, fluid overload and related blood treatments and procedures.

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