Time to Friend Facebook (FB)?

Facebook Inc. ($FB) averages are at $47.22 (21 day SMA), $49.06 (50 day SMA), $34.76 (200 day SMA). Over the past 52 weeks FB has traded from a low of $22.67 to a high of $54.83. FB was last at $48.40 on a volume of 45,287,900. Average daily volume has been at 79,490,015.

52 Week Range $22.67-$54.83
Market Cap 119,427,388,525
Average Volume 79,490,015
Dividend Yield 0.00%
Institutional Ownership 46.90%
Insider Ownership: 0.00%
Percentage of Float Short 1.80%
Beta 1.65

Back in late-October, Facebook (FB) peaked at around $55 before pulling back below the 50-day moving average. The recent low of $43.55 appears to have established a short-term trading bottom. While the stock is still below the 50-day moving average, the downward momentum has ended and stochastics are actually moving up.

I i’s likely that the stock will take a while to climb through resistance, but those with a longer time horizon might want to consider buying at current levels.

Facebook Inc., is a social networking website which builds products that creates utility for users, developers, and advertisers.


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  1. avatar Markmwright says:

    Dan, I am holding Facebook buy to open 500 Jan2015 60 calls $51.86
    and Facebook buy to open 500 Jan2015 70 calls $51.63
    purchased 31oct2013. 1:49 pm or so.
    The purchase was made anticipating inclusion in the SP500.
    Your thoughts please. That day FB hit High $50.s in after hours during earnings announcement. Regards, Mark

    I asked some college kids if they would rather own stock in Facebook or Instagram on Thanksgiving day.
    I got both answers then I told them if they want to own stock in Instagram they had to purchase Facebook stock.
    The look I got was worth it. One kid went online to verify. I then told them that going from Facebook to Instagram or Instagram to Facebook is like moving from one department to another in the same store.

    Is it possible that the girl going from Facebook to SnapChat as COO is actually an attempt to disguise an actual purchase while verifying information to determine a final price?

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