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  • Explorer: @zman $FB -- Stops do work if done correctly -- look at $AA, yesterday -- I was stopped out below the 8DMA -- from that Stop to RHRN / today between a 10 to 14% upside -- profitable trade but good example of the poor use of a stop
  • zman: @Explorer $FB $AA I have learned that stops are both a science AND an art. I’ve learned to study patterns and as @champ always says watch the news and adjust stops accordingly. Made a nice profit on FB, held a few shares and bought a few more at the LOD.
  • champ: @zman... $AA..@ $47.50....Yes for profits, can always count on nice Bounce-Trades, on certain stocks,... just like this one, that had entry timing, for nice low risk swing-Entries...LOD was just at $36.60..... .....also had one on $FB, Yes sir and #you decide your own exit timings, sure just adjust accordingly, for those who are #Full-timers, we can see...however it seems like part-Timers...they might need direction, market babysitters.
  • Explorer: @champ $AA $FB #you #Full-timers -- last year @Dan pointed out that -- (paraphrasing) the handling of a trade during the trade makes all the difference to determine the degree of success / outcome at closing -- will be sure to remind my babysitter of this
  • traderbren: $AA - providing a nice set up as it gets closer to taking out prior high.
  • Carpe_Diem: $AA $CLF $X $STLD - infrastructure finishing strong at the close
  • lostsheep: @Carpe_Diem $AA $CLF $X $STLD $tnx green today to close the month. Always seems good for commodities,financials etc. I'm expecting this to go back red as Jerome and the Money Printers open the September set with a cover from Rage against the Machine - Bulls on Parade and rally round the family with a pocket full of shells. Another 80 billion treasury spending spree coming in September. Lower treasuries may mean commodity weakness and more Tech mania. We shall see.
  • Ajax4Hire: @Pokersmith $CAT #OT Dunno, bought $CAT Mon,Aug9th on 200day-MA bounce; sold a week later, on 4th down day for a mild gain. Too whipy, probably due to US Congress Infrastructure debates. Need a good high-volume up day to really prove; better to stay with $SLX-Steel and $AA-Aluminum.
  • Explorer: @scottrades $NUE $STLD #Steel -- $AA / $CX -- Aluminum and Cement -- also infrastructure build inputs
  • bRobert: @woodman $AA $180+. WEEKLY LEAPS
  • woodman: @bRobert $AA $AAPL
  • bRobert: @woodman $AA $AAPL The. A. team
  • PaulGrimm: $AA Would this be a good entry or opportunity to double down
  • Pokersmith: @PaulGrimm $AA in my opinion, no., and certainly not today. Beware of " doubling down " but certainly your timeframe plays here....
  • Mikev200: $XME starter. top holdings $NUE $STLD $CLF $AA $X $MP $FCX $CENX
  • Ajax4Hire: @bigbartabs $SPX $SPY $SPXL #Testing-Testing #Test Same for me. Trading Account was all-in-cash till moments ago. Everthing in Main Long-Term Account auto-sold/Stop-Loss yesterday and today. Good gains in some($CAT,$NUE,$AA,$AAPL,$HD,$TSM) Wailing to the stars about $ARKK,$ARKF,$TSM. ($TSM loss smaller than gain, expected 200day-MA to hold, didn't so auto-sold @9:30am open:) Right now, nothing looks better than cash; which I seem to be flush with now; Waiting for better weather.
  • bigbartabs: @Ajax4Hire $SPX $SPY $SPXL $CAT $NUE $AA $AAPL $HD $TSM $ARKK $ARKF #Testing-Testing #Test ... yep... ditto cash. Will be ready to "build back better" if charts relay the message... all the best buddy...
  • DAN: Consider closing out $AA for a very small profit, and $SCHN for a loss. We want to be in defense mode in this market. You don't want to argue with the price action. This market is in a pretty precarious state right now and I don't like it when most of the active trades are down in the same day. As it stands now, only $AAPL and $REGN are higher, with $SCHN down more than 6%. We need to protect capital in an environment like this. You should not be buying anything today. There's always tomorrow. Dan
  • SamWB: @DAN $AA $SCHN $AAPL $REGN I closed out everything but my one div position and $CSX. I'm at an all time low right now and very frustrated.
  • DAN: @SamWB $AA $SCHN $AAPL $REGN $CSX Sorry to hear that, SamWB. Make sure you're in the training room at 11 am.
  • Ajax4Hire: @DAN $AA $SCHN $AAPL $REGN $CSX Been executing weekly Covered-Call on $AA for last 3 weeks(since Mon,Jul26th) mostly on @DrScience suggestion. Was chagrin that I did leave some on table; 10.9% gain in 3weeks(188%APR) BUT 16.4% gain if just held, no covered calls. Will have to remember that next time. When I am right, I am right, don't sell short.
  • DAN: If you are a short term trader, might consider raising your stop on $AAPL from 139.95 to $144.90. I'm keeping the stop on the ATL where it is and holding this for a much bigger gain than where it is now.

    $AA -- closed this out today.
    $CSX -- clos ...
  • shoredriver: @DAN $AAPL $AA $CSX $TSLA $ARKK $SNAP $NVDA ........$NVDA earnings WED after.......
  • DAN: Raising the stop on Alcoa ($AA) Cost basis: 42.50 Original stop: 36.30 New stop: 38.20 Dan
  • DAN: ...
    $AAPL -- close to breaking out. Patience pays. Important to learn to hold a stock through the resting phase. Stop 139.90
    $TSLA -- Up today on decent volume. Stop remains at 698
    $REGN -- Almost stopped out at $598. Good to never set the stop righ ...
  • wineinquirer: $XME $STLD NUE $AA
    If you're a long term investor (or hope to be) and feel left behind by the froth in the infrastructure and metals market, you should pull up a weekly chart of $XME (which has all the metals hyped right now courtesy of the infrastru ...
  • DAN: ...
    $AA -- still going.
    $SCHN -- will want this tomorrow. 10x10 in o’neil scan.
    $TMST -- Slowing down? Volume is still picking up.

    Active Trades:
    $CSX -- Basis 33.88. Stop 32.20.
    $NLY -- back above the 200-day MA. Working now. For a dividend ...
  • chrisdundas: @DAN $DOCS $DIA $DE $CAT $URI $GS $IYT $JBHT $CSX $XLB $DJUSST $STLD $AA $SCHN $TMST $NLY $REGN $ALGN $FAS $ORI $TLYS $AR Are $snow and $snap no longer active trades?
  • Margi1983: $XME is another way to play the steel-infrastructure stocks. $CLF, $STLD, $NUE, and $X in its top 10 holdings along with $AA, $CMC,etc.Bouncing off the 50 on the daily and nice cup forming on the weekly
  • DAN: @bRobert $STLD $NUE I agree, bRobert. Ii am long both. Also bought $AA today. The metals are perking up today (except copper). They've actually been moving well for a while, but I didn't see them. Was looking elsewhere. But the higher bases are, I think, long enough to support pullbacks and keep things going.
  • DAN: I made a mistake on the text of my email re/ AA. I neglected to change the TEXT -- it read Steel Dynamics ($STLD). My apologies for the confusion. (I was moving pretty fast.) Adding Alcoa ($AA) Basis: 42.50 Stop: 36.30 Dan
  • DAN: $STLD $AA -- Sorry gang, I see what you were talking about. I goofed up the text of the email. Thank you for pointing that out.
  • woodman: @DAN $STLD $NUE $AA - $X and $TMST working too. The sector....
  • bogiedog1: @marklesparkle $STLD I think it is $AA
  • scottrades: @DAN $STLD I think this is supposed to say Alcoa ticker $AA.
  • champ: #Infrastructure stocks, I have been posting on my investment positions....$AA $CMC $STLD $CLF $TECK $FCX $GVA $ROAD $FLR $SUM and I added to all, plus this steel ETF.. $SLX
  • DAN: @woodman $STLD $NUE $AA $X $TMST Yeah, lot of these stocks are working. I feel bad that I didn't get in these earlier, so I'm kinda playing catch up now.
  • DAN: ...
    $AA - In at 42.50 and stop at 36.30.
    $PANW -- stopped out.
    All else is status quo.

    $NUE -- Great breakout today.
    $X -- Very sloppy, but note the decline in volume on the distribution days over the past several weeks.
    $TECK -- still working on the ...
  • champ: $AA..HOD..up over $2...
  • mopick: @champ $URI $SUM $GVA $ROAD $FLR $CARR $SHLS $HRI $AA $CENX $STLD $FCX $CMC $TECK $CLF $K $OSB $VMC $MLM #Infrastructure-Bill #future #any-hurry #check-out, thanks for all your work here! Sadly, no, did not hold $OSB, should have listened to you! As for the infrastructure plays, I do have $NUE & once again, $CLF. Your $SUM has certainly outperformed my $VMC. Maybe I can switch positions after their earnings. We'll see!
  • champ: @Ajax4Hire $AA $40.15 --- The Senate has been working over the weekend on that #Infrastructure-Bill and the vote is scheduled for early next week and that could happen if they don't run into anymore #snags, however in Washington snags are like Market zig-zags, they are always expected. ...Real #Nice, you're out and Happy, I'm in and Happy,...the week before the low was at $31.00. Now we will all see what happens next week...and I wish I knew and I would also like to add a Trading position next week and start trading around my Core investment position, hopefully on Monday. ...I'm also holding these other metal stocks, $CENX, $STLD, $FCX, $CMC, $TECK and $CLF, these are also Core investment positions and I posted my Entries, on these also and I'm also guessing that I will be adding, at some point. LOL
  • champ: @mopick $URI $SUM $GVA $ROAD $FLR $CARR $SHLS $HRI, plus I'm holding these positions also $AA $CENX $STLD $FCX $CMC $TECK and $CLF --- On the #Infrastructure-Bill, it hasn't even pass Yet and when it does their will be a great bounce and then that s ...
  • wijimmy: $AA slow walk up the stairs .. getting close to yearly high..
  • Pokersmith: @wijimmy $AA Pocket Aces are a good starting hand 👍
  • DrScience: @wijimmy $AA For a poor start to a Friday, Otto got a little excited about "Infrastructure Week" and pulled the trigger, selling AUG 40 Calls @ 2.00 against a stock position. It was definitely too conservative, so we'll have to wait for a pullback-bounce at the 8 EMA to roll up.
  • Ajax4Hire: @DrScience $AA I took your advice this Monday, Jul26, 2021: Bought $AA @$38.86; sold $40 call for today expiration @$0.55=1.4% now; $1.14=2.9% later(if Called) in 1week. Right now, I expect(hope) $AA expires in the money. But if it does not, wash-rinse-repeat; sell Fri,Aug06th $40 call(now at $0.92) Much Thanks, @DrScience for the highlight.
  • Ajax4Hire: Whoo-hoo. $AA - Alcoa Aluminum closed at $40.15 Previously(on Monday, July 26th) I bought $AA @$38.86; sold $40 call for $0.55=1.4% (money now); $1.14=2.9% called away(money today); $1.69=4.3% total profit per $38.86 share in 1week. and as a bonus, I am back in cash. Wash,Rinse,Repeat(new trade for Monday's cash): next Friday, Aug 06th $41 $AA calls are selling for $0.63(1.6% now); $0.85(2.1% later), $1.48(3.7%) in 1week.
  • champ: $CENX up +4%...nice and is holding around HOD, posted entry a few days ago...$AA..HOD, expect zig-zags..investment position, been posting.
  • champ: @dickensg $CLF --- Maybe and it could be Only in your opinion, I have been posting almost daily on this stock, just look at the past history on this stock, years ago, now this sector has never been growing this fast ...ever...whats going on in this stock...$TECK...or these stocks $STLD $FCX $AA $CENX $CMC, I'm holding positions in all of these and I just keep posting and building.... I have NP's in these stocks, that are in this same $XME sector...$NUE $X $SCHN...the longer Investors wait, the higher Entries will be....could Trail with bracketed safety stops, however those stops will probably be where others add-on...I'm just saying..that the markets are always about the Bulls vs the Bears...LOL.
  • champ: $AA and $FCX are also both HOD...investment positions.
  • champ: @traderdl $GNRC --- Earning lows can be the best type of timings on certain stocks to Re-Enter, other recent ones that I just posted on a week or so ago were... $CLF $STLD $FCX $AA and $TECK was yesterday, for a add-on.
  • DrScience: $AA moving above the downtrend line at the 50 DMA after a double bottom bounce. The stock expended a lot of buying energy to recover the 50, so I'd expect some consolidation. CMF is showing outflows but taking a two-prong approach with an ITM AUG 36 ...
  • champ: $AA, $STLD, $CMC, $FCX, $CLF,..metal stocks are working, plus others and $TECK will be reporting their earnings in the morning, I'm holding these investment positions and I would like to also add-onto $TECK, after they report their earnings,......could also see my info posts on these stocks.
  • champ: $AA...HOD.
  • Ajax4Hire: @DrScience $AA #CoveredCall following along here in GA: Bought $AA @$38.86 Sold $40 call for this Fri,Jul30th expiration @$0.55=1.4% now; $1.14=2.9% later(if Called) in 1week. Thanks for the in-depth analysis of $AA #CoveredCall and bringing it to our attention. Plan is to make $1.69(4.35%) per $AA share in 1week.
  • wijimmy: @champ $PENN .. was out all day and I’m going over posts from today .. and wanted to mention Thanks for $AA a few weeks ago.. built a nice position thanks to you putting it on my radar..
  • champ: $CLF...$AA, $CMC, $STLD....I posted that I'm holding these positions, watch all the others metal stocks also, I added $TECK this morning..... .....and I'm watching $X $NUE and $FCX....
  • wijimmy: $AA .... 2 strong days and poking its head above the 50 day
  • champ: @wijimmy $AA ...looks positive and For me...this is an Investment position.
  • wijimmy: @champ $AA ... Agreed, I only been trading around 10 stocks lately ... I have a core investment position in them and it's easier to keep up with news and trading ranges for all swing and day trades..seems to be working for me as of lately
  • wijimmy: $AA ... Another Price adjustment after a RECORD setting 3Q.... Morgan Stanley Adjusts Price Target on Alcoa to $51 From $50, Maintains Overweight Rating 08:56 AM EDT, 07/20/2021 (MT Newswires) -- Alcoa (AA) has an average outperform rating and a price target range of $38 to $52, according to analysts polled by Capital IQ.
  • champ: $AA..HOD...+9.58%, as of RHRN.
  • Docoof: $AA added to Goldman’s conviction buy list. Buy call reiterated with pt of $51.00. In a note to clients $GS said: “In light of our positive aluminum outlook, we view Alcoa as well positioned to benefit from our higher price expectations, underpinning strong free cash flow generation and rapid deleveraging. ... Amidst an intensifying focus on decarbonizing the aluminum production chain, we expect Alcoa’s low-carbon supply chain stands to benefit, where AA’s lower carbon portfolio comparatively superior to the global average.”
  • wijimmy: $AA .... Goldman raises price target and still a falling knife like most so far today .... Goldman Sachs Adds Buy-Rated Alcoa to Conviction List, Adjusts Price Target to $51 From $48
  • champ: $AA..#Upgrade...with a price at $52, by $C, this morning $AA @ $34.50...nice beat on earnings, all lines and Aluminum demand is growing in all markets because of the economy. Investment position..
  • wijimmy: @champ $AA $C #Upgrade ...Thanks Buddy... for putting this on my radar a couple weeks ago... L/T and quick hit...
    Jefferies & Co Adjusts Alcoa PT to $39 From $40, Maintains Hold Rating
    Citigroup Upgrades Alcoa to Buy, Announces $52 Price TargetAl ...
  • wijimmy: $AA Ouch !!! sell the news traders trading...
  • champ: @wijimmy $AA ---- Yes just swing traders taking profits, expected, just let it drop...and watch for entry.
  • DrScience: @wijimmy $AA Good earnings, but overall, Basic materials are undecided here... see $XLB. There will be a time to get back in, maybe now, but the wait could be up to a month. Oh! There's always the AUG 35 Covered Call @ 31.80, but I see $27-30 before the dust settles.
  • wijimmy: @champ $AA.. Yes , I get it... I was 1 of them taking profits but i'm sure selling my trading position didn't take it down..Looking for another trip now... wash rinse repeat
  • champ: @wijimmy $AA ---Exactly and the Infrastructure Bill might happen before they report their next earnings.
  • wijimmy: $AA ...Early morning Pop that slowed down...
    Price target change before earnings release tomorrow...
    07/14/2021 08:07AM • MT Newswires
    .. from JP Morgan ..
  • champ: $AA, Alcoa will be reporting their earnings on Thursday, after the close, this company will be important earnings report also and on their last earnings report on 4/15, they had a great beat, plus they said that they are expecting a strong 2021, based on what they were seeing,..they were seeing a strong recovery in the economy...
  • scottrades: Some #Earnings to be aware of this coming week: $JPM $GS $PEP $BAC $DAL $WFC $GSM $C $UNH $BLK $AOUT $FAST $PNC $MS $AA $CAG $ANGO $ERIC $OGI $USB $ALV $FRC $CTAS $ASPU $KSU $BK $SCHW $SLP $TFC $FHN $HOMB $SAND $STT $EXFO $THTX $WABC $WAFD $WNS $MRTN $VLRS $PBCT $INFY $SCR
  • champ: $CAT...HOD...this sector is working today...$AA $STLD $CLF $GVA $FLR $SUM $CMC $ROAD $TECK $FRTA...these are a few names that might work, plus there are many others.
  • wijimmy: @champ $XPO #Investor-Day .. Love the set-up.....also nibbled on $AA earlier this morning.. $XPO Logistics Announces GXO Virtual Investor Day On July 13.... ..On 07/30/2021, $XPO will report fiscal year (FY) 2021 Q2 earnings for the period ending 06/2021. Analysts expect earnings per share of $1.64 $JPM.. 6/29 Adjusts Price Target for XPO Logistics to $190 From $160, Maintains Overweight Rating
  • champ: $AA @ $38, on a Strong earnings move,...and ER is on 7/15/after/confirmed, see the turn on the chart..this stock was at $44., just in May, has room, they reported great earnings on 4/15....take a look at what they said...and they also said they expect a real strong recovery, for the rest of the year and Aluminum demand is strong...and with "Infrastructure and Back to Work"....this stock looks positive. ......Investors are holding their investment positions....and traders will do, what they always do, zig-zag.
  • Pokersmith: @champ $AA Pocket Aces !!! ALL IN !
  • champ: @Pokersmith $AA --- Nice and I'm holding a hull house and I could get another nice card on the river...I'm pressing. LOL
  • wijimmy: @champ $AA...I'm in..small piece... from .. $JPM $49 target...
    {Investment Thesis}
    The free cash cometh. Over the past few years, Alcoa has repositioned itself,
    shedding non-core assets, curtailing unprofitable assets, as well as reducing debt and p ...
  • champ: @wijimmy $AA....Nice post and for me...I'm expecting even more #upgrades after their report...because of everything that is currently going on....and just like you just said... in your post, the Key is, they are #pre-set-up....for this move.
  • Ajax4Hire: @manoli77 $CLF $X I watched $CLF bounced off 50day-MA 3x before. This Mon,Jun21st, started a position in Aluminum,Steel producers: with Stop-Loss set to last Fri,Jun18th Lo Redline=$31.89,$AA-Alcoa (and 100day-MA), Redline=$92.71,$NUE-Nucor (and 50day-MA), Redline=$22.49,$X-US Steel (and 100day-MA) The setup was good, Lo-Risk; bounce of 50day( or 100day-MA) and very close to purchase price. Smiling on $AA, $NUE proving worthy but $X still probation. Instead of $X, woulda,coulda,shoulda bought $MT a larger steel producer and more importantly, better 100day-MA bounce. Redline="Stop-Loss-I-am-wrong-and-should-Sell-All"
  • Ajax4Hire: Started a position in Aluminum,Steel producers with Redline/Stop-Loss set to last Fri,Jun18th Lo(and 100day-MA) Redline=$31.89,$AA-Alcoa, Redline=$92.71,$NUE-Nucor, Redline=$22.49,$X-US Steel Like this entry as my wrong/Redline is close. Either right, right now or on to bigger, better things.
  • Ajax4Hire: @bla00109 $CLF; rather than $CLF, I started a position in Aluminum,Steel producers Redline=$31.89,$AA-Alcoa, Redline=$92.71,$NUE-Nucor, Redline=$22.49,$X-US Steel with Stop-Loss set to last Fri,Jun18th Lo also 100day-MA bounce(50day-MA for $NUE) Will get confirmation of good trade tomorrow.
  • DrScience: $AA Here's a one-week #CoveredCall $AA 11-Jun-21 40.00 Covered Call @ 39.13 with 8 DTE --- Cash Settled Account (IRA) ==================== Buy 100 Shares at $40.00: $4000.00 Sell 1 11-Jun-2021 40.00 Strike Call at $0.875: ($87.50) Capital Required: $3,912.50 Cost Basis (Break Even): $39.13 Maximum Gain: $87.50 Return on Investment (ROI), if exercised: 2.24% Annualized Return: 174.32% Margin Account ==================== Buy 100 Shares at $40.00: $2,000.00 Sell 1 $40.00 Strike Call at $0.88: ($87.50) Capital Required: $1,912.50 Possible Cost of Broker Carry at 7.00%: $3.07 Cost Basis (Break Even): $39.16 Maximum Gain: $84.43 Return on Investment (ROI), if exercised: 4.41% Annualized Return: 617.80%
  • bRobert: $WDC. Range breakout. $85. WEEKLY. C&H. like. $100+ . Longer term hold $KALU. pullback bounce. $160 target. $AA. Flag. $45 . $ARNC. $50. Longer term. WEEKLY. breakout Aluminum.
  • debeers: $AA-Japan is gearing up to pay 24-25% higher premium for aluminum to 185/Ton. $AMAT-should run through the 2nd half o 2022 per Bank of America
  • JosephM: $AA...looks like a decent entry.
  • JosephM: $AA/$FCX...$AA closer to the 50 day.
  • ScottT: Took partial profits in $AA $CLF during early morning runup. Looking to nibble on $CAT as it touches the 8. If it holds may take a bite.
  • scottrades: ...
    $AAL Nice move through the 50 Day.
    $LUV Sitting on the 50 Day.
    $ALK Great volume, look for a PB Bounce.
    $UAL also working.
    $FNGU A bRobert idea
    $FB Tightening up
    $GOOGL Along the 8EMA
    $XME Watch the Metals and Miners
    $VALE Through the 8EMA on v ...
  • ScottT: Holding $CLFS and $AA. Took partial profits this morning. Swinging the rest.
  • champ: $AA...traders are always active in this stock also, fell back over $2, off of HOD, NP, I'm out for now.
  • champ: $AA...HOD.
  • champ: $AA...HOD.
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY Holding the 8EMA. $QQQ Tech leaders are weak. #Bitcoin Trying to hold the 50 Day. #Ethereum ATH $SMH Under the 50 $XHB Holding in trend. $XLE Nice bounce off the 50 Day. $XME Great volume $GLD Held the gap $GDX Under the 200 Day but good volume. $SLV Strong move on volume. $PAAS Earnings coming up. $EXK Earnings coming up. $AG Earnings coming up. $AA Holding the 8EMA $FCX I still have some working. $CLF Daily Flag. $TX Support at the 21 EMA $LEN Nice base. $KBH Watch 50.25 $LOB Holding the 50 Day on Volume. $MOV Good volume. Along the MAs. $ANF Volume today and support at the 21 EMA. $URBN Watch for a move above the slope.
  • DrScience: $AA Another analyst upgrade this morning at B. Riley, PT $45 from $36. Pushed stock to another new 52-week high. Added to MAY 40 Covered Calls. $AA 21-May-21 40.00 Covered Call @ 36.84 with 21 DTE --- Cash Settled Account (IRA) ==================== Buy 100 Shares at $37.91: $3791.00 Sell 1 21-May-2021 40.00 Strike Call at $1.07: ($107.00) Capital Required: $3,684.00 Cost Basis (Break Even): $36.84 Maximum Gain: $316.00 Return on Investment (ROI), if exercised: 8.58% Annualized Return: 318.02% Margin Account ==================== Buy 100 Shares at $37.91: $1,895.50 Sell 1 $40.00 Strike Call at $1.07: ($107.00) Capital Required: $1,788.50 Possible Cost of Broker Carry at 7.00%: $7.63 Cost Basis (Break Even): $36.92 Maximum Gain: $308.37 Return on Investment (ROI), if exercised: 17.24% Annualized Return: 1487.47%
  • DrScience: $AA Breaking out to a new 52-week high. Late to the party? Try this #CoveredCall for a 25-day hold. $AA 21-May-21 40.00 Covered Call @ 35.81 with 25 DTE --- Cash Settled Account (IRA) ==================== Buy 100 Shares at $36.72: $3672.00 Sell 1 21-May-2021 40.00 Strike Call at $0.91: ($91.00) Capital Required: $3,581.00 Cost Basis (Break Even): $35.81 Maximum Gain: $419.00 Return on Investment (ROI), if exercised: 11.70% Annualized Return: 403.05% Margin Account ==================== Buy 100 Shares at $36.72: $1,836.00 Sell 1 $40.00 Strike Call at $0.91: ($91.00) Capital Required: $1,745.00 Possible Cost of Broker Carry at 7.00%: $8.80 Cost Basis (Break Even): $35.90 Maximum Gain: $410.20 Return on Investment (ROI), if exercised: 23.51% Annualized Return: 2081.21%
  • Ajax4Hire: @metal #OT Wow, 980lbs of steel lyin around your homestead, wow, just wow. Not sure I follow the "high scrap prices presaged a top in economic demand" logic. To me, hi scrap demand shows desperation. If Infrastructure spending is truly about to increase; then increase demand for equipment($XLI,$CAT,$DE,$CMI), steel($NUE,$X,$STLD,$NEM,$AA) and other metals($XME,$JJC,$JJN,$PAL,$JJU). I see demand for many metals, the production input. This means inflation as everything that relies on metal will increase.
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Stock Price $USD 46.94
Change 3.03%
Volume 5,629,900

Alcoa Inc manufactures and engineers lightweight metals. It products include aluminum, titanium, and nickel, which are used in aircraft, automobiles, commercial transportation, packaging, oil and gas, defense and industrial applications, among others.

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  • January 19th, 2022 - 2021 Q4 Earnings
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