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  • bRobert: $AAXN CUP Handle pullback $140+ Watch for the bounce We are in the area
  • bRobert: $IRBT. Closed. long on bounce TRADE from yesterday. Watching. $AAXN. Handle pullback on the big. CUP $140. with trigger np
  • bRobert: $AAXN. $140. C&H. target. Handle phase
  • DAN: ...
    $AAXN -- very strong stock. Needs a pullback
    $APT -- Squeezing. I’d look at 17.08 as the pivot point. If the stock goes above there, you could buy it.
  • bRobert: @debeers $AAXN $130 measured move target Pre Covid WEEKLY C&H had a $110 target $40 base $75 handle) That pattern was resumed and completed Friday Strong stocks have been completing their Pre Covid bullish WEEKLY patterns eg $SQ Expect to see pullback/bounce soon to ADD/enter before a run to $130
  • Wykeman: $AAXN Quietly opening at ATH.
  • ScottT: @debeers $AAXN I own this stock for the same reason. Have been long for a couple of years. Our county jail trains all of its jailers with the tasers. We have nearly 100 jailers in a rural county of less thqn15,000.
  • debeers: $AAXN-Just got a very large order from the London Metropolitan police.. for its high end body cameras.
    in my opinion, in the future the police will have to prove that they were either assaulted themselves or were reacting to the commission of a crime ...
  • Herb: @debeers $AAXN I was surprised when, after a short George Floyd rally, it dropped 28%. Didn't make sense. np. . . . .
  • bRobert: @debeers $AAXN Did you Ask me my opinion the medical benefits of $SILK? If so, two thumbs up from my vascular surgery. colleagues. It may replace. the gold standard open procedures for carotid occlusions. with potentially. a lower morbidity and mortality
  • debeers: $AAXN@ScottT- The nicest thing about this order is that it follows another huge order from our U S Customs about 2 weeks ago: Axon Partners with U.S. Customs & Border Protection to Support Agents with Body Cameras & Digital Evidence Management System 7:30 AM ET, 09/30/2020 - PR Newswire SCOTTSDALE, Ariz., Sept. 30, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Axon (Nasdaq: AAXN), the global leader in connected law enforcement technologies, today announced that the U.S. Customs & Border Protection Agency (CBP) signed a $13 million contract to equip 3,800 border patrol agents with Axon Body 3 cameras backed by Axon Evidence. SHORT FORM:the tentative earnings date is 11/5. The very best thing for which i can hope is than any company i own, going into earnings has 2 huge orders to discuss with analysts.
  • debeers: @bRobert $AAXN $SILK - not me but good to know. How is the big hat shopping going??
  • bRobert: @debeers $AAXN $SILK they were all too small ;)
  • ScottT: @debeers $AAXN. You are so right on this one. I expect the taser to become the norm for most police departments and law enforcement. Take care and have a great weekend. Always enjoy your posts.
  • Orange-Green: Hey @Dan - I could use some technical support on $AAXN.. You mentioned this one a few days back and been working.. Rough day today but Im watching the stock appear to hold support at the 100 day MA.. Is this pinching BB and support level technically a strong place for a pinch/pop or a weak support line? Thanks for the help
  • DAN: @Orange-Green $AAXN I wouldn't do anything with it right here. It is holding up in a crappy market, but I wouldn't buy it now. It's not THAT great. Still consolidating, and I don't look at it as something that's really "pinching." It's just basing.
  • Orange-Green: @DAN $AAXN cheers thanks buddy!
  • DAN: @Orange-Green $AAXN Thanks for putting some meat on the bones of that question so that I had something to chew on. ;-)
  • DAN: Watch $CSTL $DKNG (I'll be adding that back on to the GSL list this morning) $PENN $AAXN (close to breaking out).
  • DAN: ...
    $AAXN -- Not in my wheelhouse.
    $GME -- Big short interest. This is a short squeeze. Alert $9.00
    $CHWY -Not worried about the floor. I’m looking at the ceiling.
    $AWK -- Not much potential here.
  • champ: $AAXN,.... News about #Axon-Air program. I guess the CEO was on #CNBC, #don't know what he said, I'm still holding my position, I added. Probably about that New Drone technology, with a partnership with Fotokite, this is all about #aerial-systems.
  • champ: $AAXN, Day-2-now, trailing
  • champ: $AAXN, is this going to make a right turn, up that hill, I'm watching and my Car-Cam is on.
  • champ: @Pcdentist $AAXN, @ $83.88 --- #Re-Capping this trade. This fell back to where I started, @ $82.50, on around 8/3 this morning. I did lose on my Paper-profits, on my partial-swing position, that I held into earnings, I gave that part of those #Paper- ...
  • champ: ...
    ......$AAXN, going into earnings.
    ......$HOV, who knows, a trading swing position.
    ......$NUGT and $GUSH, watching these ETF's, now only holding small positions, alerts are set, many other alerts are also set.
    Other trading positions and a nice Wa ...
  • HGIGuy: $AAXN $GWPH Taken down AH
  • champ: $AAXN,...Yes, a small miss and I'm holding a small-swing and they #guided down by only $900K...this first flash-drop, looks like an over-reaction but this happens all the time, on earnings ...and I can't go back and ask for a refund. .....Now the ER-call will be in play, first miss, out of the last 8, this ER cycle.
  • HGIGuy: @champ $AAXN #guided Yes, and sometimes it goes the other way with a big pop AH on the report and a drop after the call., i.e. $TREX.
  • champ: @HGIGuy $AAXN $TREX #guided ----On $TREX, I didn't have a swing....but on $AAXN, I do and I will be holding this position...because both Congress and the Senate, they both have Body-Cams requirements in both of their Law-Enforcement bills,... looks like an add-on now...but that is really just too early to know that.
  • HGIGuy: @champ $AAXN $TREX #guided Exactly. Should still be plenty of demand for their products. On $TREX, I sold out of my not huge swing position close to the HOD ahead of earnings and then felt like a jerk when it popped AH. That feeling subsided when the longer term reaction set in. LOL
  • champ: $AAXN, HOD, this is an earnings move..posted info.
  • jr3345: $AAXN - making nice move off support, this is day 3. Traders believe we may get some type of Police Reform bill. AAXN mfg tasers & body cameras. long
  • champ: @jr3345 $AAXN --- A nice move, the #Forum-Posts, for entry-timing idea's...confirmation of their earnings date, is entry for certain earning movers, for new stock positions.
  • jr3345: @champ $AAXN #Forum-Posts -- Thanks. I do and appreciate your posts. I posted on 7/29 noting a low cost entry.
  • champ: @jr3345 $AAXN #Forum-Posts --- Great I hope everyone followed you...#Nice-post, I posted also....and I remember your post ,maybe I followed you, and #Thanks for all of your #alert posts.
  • champ: @jr3345 $AAXN #Forum-Posts ---- My entry-trigger was the #Companies earnings #confirmation announcement post, early before the open on Monday morning, I just looked, we were both on the same track but your entry was better than mine was, I waited too long or I was too early, because this stock dropped on the open, then bounced ....#Good-Work
  • jr3345: @champ $AAXN #Forum-Posts #Nice-post #Thanks #alert -- Thanks. I have traded this name many times. I believe the real thanks goes to our friend @Debeers
  • champ: @jr3345 $AAXN #Forum-Posts #Nice-post #Thanks #alert--- I have been in and out of this stock since the start, I could write a book on this stock. I have so-many past posts on this stock, it would fill-up more than a few books. This is the old $TASR stock, as we all know, out of Scottsdale, Az, even these old Forum-posts, go all the way back. ......They really have a #smart-CEO, he even spend a year making sales calls in all of the major cities in Europe, he walks, the walk, a really hard worker...and he gave every city samples and free service and that really did paid-off. Take Care..LOL
  • Pcdentist: @champ $PLCE $CRI Your $AAXN trade is working well
  • champ: @Pcdentist $PLCE $CRI ----- $AAXN, this sure has room now and the city of Baltimore just gave them a big win, based on they announced that RMS win, subscription software revenue growth, earnings will be on Thursday 8/6/after/confirmed. ......Needham just raised their price target to $105, on 7/20, because of that #News.. LOL
  • champ: $AAXN, they just announced earnings this morning and as usual the stock bounced, off of that announcement...8/6/after/now confirmed. This is what I call.....An earnings news #confirmation-bounce and this happens all the time.
  • champ: $AAXN +6%, HOD, they announced their earnings date this morning.
  • champ: $AAXN, I'm guessing that the New shorts are going to have to move off of this position also.
  • jr3345: $AAXN - low risk entry. Earnings on 8/6 AMC. Stop @ 83.45. long
  • champ: $AAXN, LOD was $85.15, earnings will be 6-trading day from now, on 8/6/after/confirmed. They had a real nice #RMS-Win in in the City of Baltimore, the 30th largest City in the U.S., that will kick up software revenue above 20%, per Needham, on 7/20, their upgrade date, with a New Price target at $105.00. This could be Entry-timing... for earnings-move, before earnings, is my guess, I'm back-in.
  • bogiedog1: $AAXN Glad to see it has roughly been using $100 as support. 50ma coming in to range, looks to be setting up to break from the high flag pattern now the new shares have been absorbed.
  • champ: @gt $CARR #proper-ventilation #Back-to-Work --- A year from now, this stock could even be a double but that time-line is never clear. This is an #investment position, for sure. $GO, $OSB, $CMC, $FRTA, $AAXN, $USCR, $HOV, $BZH, $LGIH, $GPS, $CLX, $LUV $ECHO, $TER $AMZN so are these stocks, for me, all also have trading positions, when needed....Core and Trading positions.
  • debeers: $AAXN-2ndary now fully absorbed. Earnings not for another month. Now they have enough with the 300 million capital raise that they had to fill the backlog of body camera orders.A buck away from ATH. LONG
  • Ajax4Hire: @debeers $BA $DFEN For anyone who wonders what is $DFEN (Defense, Defense, Defence, gooooo defence!): Hold% $DFEN Direxion Daily Aerospace&Defense Bull 3X Shares - Top 15 holdings 19.39% $BA Boeing Co 18.50% $RTX Raytheon Technologies Corp 8.04% $LMT Lockheed Martin Corp 4.96% $GD General Dynamics Corp 4.90% $TDG TransDigm Group Inc 4.77% $NOC Northrop Grumman Corp 4.46% $TDY Teledyne Technologies Inc 4.41% $LHX L3harris Technologies Inc 3.50% $TXT Textron Inc 3.35% $HII Huntington Ingalls Industries Inc 2.86% $HWM Howmet Aerospace Inc 2.77% $AAXN Axon Enterprise Inc 2.70% $HEI.A HEICO Corp 2.54% $BWXT BWX Technologies Inc 2.11% $MRCY Mercury Systems Inc Data from:
  • champ: $AAXN, @ $100.00, was working on a down-day earlier this morning, yesterday LOD was $92.40, on a nice up-day. Over the last 2-days, this stock had 2 - different type of traders, which type are making profits. Posted yesterday.
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $AAXN Axon Enterprise Inc.. Click here to view associated video clip:
  • debeers: @champ $BAC $JPM $SIVB --if it looks like the techies will prevail, $SIVB is the ticket IMO--but when you have $AAXN and $AMRC--why?
  • debeers: $AAXN-one side wants them to prove that they didn't break the law, the other side to prove they did-its a win/win for a company already up 36.46% for the year.
    $$AMRC- A sustainable energy contractor. Only up 58% for the year--but then again we are o ...
  • bRobert: @debeers $AAXN $AMRC $TIF $NVDA $NVAX $MSFT $AAPL $CDW $NAIL $TOL $PAAS. ;)
  • Spotdog: @debeers $AAXN $AMRC $TIF $NVDA $NVAX $MSFT $AAPL $CDW $NAIL $TOL No mention of our painted pony??$ZBRA
  • debeers: @bRobert $AAXN $AMRC $TIF $NVDA $NVAX $MSFT $AAPL $CDW $NAIL $TOL $PAAS - Make new friends but keep the old: one is silver and the other one gold.
  • bogiedog1: $AAXN Would the monster volume spike on June 26 be that 3 million shares @ $92 coming on line? If so, no big deal on the stock price. Although, I would imagine the stock would be much higher without that offering.
  • debeers: @bogiedog1 $AAXN -You take the average number of shares traded in a day and divide that by the amount that came to market and that's about how long it should take--@issues figured this out for us.
  • bogiedog1: @debeers $AAXN Thx for that formula. Daily average volume is a hair over $1 million, so no big deal really...
  • DAN: ...
    $AAXN -- Alert hit. Needs to tighten up quite a bit more before it can sustain a breakout.
    $FB -- held at the 50-day MA. For a long term holder, this is a buying opportunity.

    Diagnostics & Research:
    $DXCM -- In GSL. Same industry as these ot ...
  • joelsg1: @debeers $AAXN $AMRC $TIF $NVDA $NVAX $MSFT $AAPL $CDW $NAIL $TOL Was that you on Cramer pushing $AMCR?
  • Brock: @joelsg1 $AAXN $AMRC $TIF $NVDA $NVAX $MSFT $AAPL $CDW $NAIL $TOL $AMCR I just saw that pop too. 13% jump AH
  • champ: $AAXN, nice add-on off of LOD, looks like that was only #CopyCat-sellers, giving traders new $$$.
  • DAN: ...
    $AAXN -- Issue here is the steepness of the pullback. But stock is in a $10 range between $90-$100. Alert $100.00
    $CRWD -- Strong uptrend. 8-day EMA is your support line.
    $LAKE -- Big breakout. Adding to Russell 3000 on June 29th.
    $CODX -- Held u ...
  • champ: $AAXN, +$3.40 RHRN...was higher but fell back a little. The #Policing-Bill, is in the Senate and the Democrats are strongly signaling that they will filibuster/Block the Bill, see that #News, per Everything is about Politics,....however both sides are for #Body-Cams.
  • champ: $AAXN, nice move and the Orange County Sheriff in California, just just on Fox, that all Law Enforcement first responders, need to have Body-Cams. He also said all Law Enforcement Departments, need more $$$'s, not less, to equipped their police-forces properly. ......The new Policing-Bill is in the works and should be voted on by both Houses...with new tactics and procedures, sometime soon, maybe a week or more, don't really know. Body-Cams are in both bills.
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $AAXN Good luck with that, pray it passes. Bought a few 100 call options this morning on unusual activity, already up 60% for the day. I was not sure why. Thanks for post.
  • Herb: @champ $AAXN Thanks Champ. Long a july 105/110 call debit spread.
  • debeers: $AAXN- for the newbies- i posted on this immediately after the Floyd shooting 3 weeks ago. Here's what i saw and the departments themselves see it as well:
    $AAXN- If i were a chief of police of any city, i'd be thinking to myself
    1. "Self, ...
  • debeers: @CraigReynolds $AAXN -This is a win-win if you think about it: one side will claim it is protecting the public from irresponsible police and the other side will claim that the cameras back up the police version of the investigated incident. in my opinion.
  • CraigReynolds: @debeers $AAXN Believe you are correct, only win-win will work today as long as both sides are correct. Remember when you posted June 1 about $AAXN.
  • Herb: Bought a little $WRTC at 20.05 on its second surge through 10 on the theory that the second mouse gets the cheese. I think the president is the cofounder of $AAXN when it was called Taser.
  • kbrowe: @Herb $WRTC $AAXN Yes, same guy from Taser to Bolawrap.
  • debeers: Today lagging in my port:/$AAXN/ Leading: $AAPL/$ADBE/$DDOG (woof!!), $LAD (fyi May sales waay upafter a dismal April), $MSFT, $RH, $RPRX
  • debeers: $AAXN-remember it has a secondary coming at 92. Not selling but rather waiting to add as the secondary is to buy materials to fulfill orders in the company whioch hasn't missed omn earnings and has NO debt..
  • shoredriver: @debeers $AAXN .....No date for offering...but 60 million out there so 3m should not be too big of hit.....If at all ....likely would be hoovered up
  • debeers: @shoredriver $AAXN -Hey baby, you know that is the price for the underwriters and not us!
  • champ: $AAXN....added this morning.
  • shoredriver: @debeers $AAXN ....yup.....
  • debeers: $AAXN-@shoredriver--damn, they figured it out!! No stopping it now. Big payoff on next earnings or before if the laws are implemented like i think they'll be with the mandatory camera requirement .
  • kbrowe: @debeers $AAXN Add $WRTC to that list, starting to get some attention (orders) also for the BolaWrap.
  • champ: $AAXN, still zig-zagging but that will all come to an end, when the Senate passes a New #Policing-Bill, that is going to include Body-cams and Car-cams for all Police, Sheriff, Border Patrol Depts. and all the other Policing type business. .......All of these are also great earnings streams, Tasers, Training and especially Keeping Evidence Files and Records, for all of the Cameras, for Prosecutors and Public Defenders. Commanders and PD Chiefs, can follow all of their First-Responders. ......The Tax-Payers will be paying for all of this New spending, that will be in this new Policing-Bill, that Congress and the Senate will be voting on soon.
  • Ashash: @champ $AAXN #Policing-Bill I don't think, objectively, it will pass the senate
  • champ: @Ashash $AAXN #Policing-Bill --- Well that is a new Opinion that I haven't heard before. Body-Cams are in both Bills, that #Congress and the #Senate are working on. I believe it will be some-type of #matching-payment, that all Policing Depts., will have to make. They can't force it on all Departments if the government doesn't pay partial or full, is my guess. That is the current Research-News, that I have been reading. .....I don't think that the House and the Senate, can just be all talk again, without spending New Policing $$$'s. All-Talk and No-Action, is in the pass now, IMO, they will not kick-the-can down the road again... this time around, those days are Over.
  • champ: @Ashash $AAXN #Policing-Bill --- However...until that Vote-happens as you can see, this is a trading stock.
  • PRK: @champ $AAXN #Policing-Bill Ohio governor is calling for all police in the state to wear body cams.
  • Herb: @champ $AAXN #Policing-Bill Have a july 105/110 call debit spread on.
  • Herb: @champ $AAXN #Policing-Bill 92 was the 2ndary price recently.
  • champ: @PRK $AAXN #Policing-Bill --- It will be mandatory, just don't know where all the $$$'s will be coming from, with all the Noise about defunding Police Dept...the Feds, States or Local $$$'s..
  • champ: @Herb $AAXN #Policing-Bill --- Yes I saw that.....#Thanks.
  • sniper: @champ $AAXN #Policing-Bill thanks
  • debeers: @Ashash $AAXN #Policing-Bill -If bodycameras are presented as an aid to the police so that they can prove their innocence or extreme provocation, you bet the Senate will endorse it in my opinion. The real beauty of it is that BOTH soides can claim vicotry.
  • Cokeman1959: @champ $AAXN #Policing-Bill #Thanks Even without the passing of a funding bill, it’s at the bottom of the $90-$105 range with a rising 20 day MA under it. Low risk entry, and the cherry on top....good traders like @champ, and @DeBeers like it. I’ll be starting at tomorrow’s open.
  • Herb: $AAXN 3M shares at 92: 2ndary.
  • debeers: $DDOG- yeah you could be in Crowstrike or you could be in Best of Breed in my opinion. $AAXN- I couldn't figure out why this didn't go over a hundo and then i found out that they priced a secondary for the underwriters at 92 as a capital raise to produce more cameras so the police can help police themselves. It may go to 92 but Underwriters being the selfish bastasrds they are (again in my opinion) i can't see the price going below that so i took a small flier this am to absorb maybe a 2% loss but i don't think so because not being able to keep up with orders is a high class problem.LONG (again)
  • debeers: @Herb $AAXN -that is why i decided i could absorb a couple of per cent. i thought that if you need money for debt that is one thing but if you need production money........
  • Herb: @debeers $AAXN Does it feel a little like last year's $GNRC? Pretty timely. . . . .
  • debeers: $AAXN/$ADBE/$DDOG/$HD-contractors driving semi new pick ups out the door lines at 6 am/ $KMX/$LLY brecause they have the newest breast cancer drug and migraine drugs/ $MSFT i could do without his pontificating wife but i'm not voting my bucks with her--i'm voting with Azure/$NAIL/$RH.
  • debeers: $AAXN-just so you know, i had called the co last week about their debt which is 0 and IBD verified it.LONG
  • debeers: $AAXN-onem of the ss's said to look for it at 100 or above. Blue skly. Camera sales for the police should rise a bunch and tasers use over bullets should be the direction the depasrtmentrs go in my opinion. LONG
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Axon Enterprise Inc offers a network of devices, apps, and people that helps law enforcement become smarter and safer. Its products include the connected body cameras and evidence-management cloud, and TASER Smart Weapons.

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