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  • Bwhitty: $ABNB PB opp low volume.
  • zimzala: $ABNB At the 20SMA where it bounced last time.
  • traderdl: $ABNB nhod
  • Bwhitty: $Abnb HAVE ALERT AT 150 FOR TRIP TO 50 DAY.
  • lostsheep: $ABNB wow those machines
  • Bwhitty: $ABNB getting attention pre-market.
  • DBones808: $ABNB setting up for a move to 160+. It will happen fast when it goes, float 145 mil 18% short. Ticking time bomb. Bull flag set up at top of BB but dips being bought. Will be waiting for volume to hammer it.
  • mopick: @DBones808 $ABNB, in this one, about even. $150 has been solid resistance. Buying on pullbacks, above $150, should really run imho.
  • DBones808: @mopick $ABNB agree my friend, best of luck!
  • mopick: @DBones808 $ABNB, same to you!!
  • DBones808: $ABNB very nice bounce today. Could move much faster than expected
  • Bwhitty: @DBones808 $ABNB Put a new $ABNB in Plymouth on 2 weeks ago. The whole summer is filled up. So much pent up money and energy that just wants to have fun.
  • Wykeman: @Bwhitty $ABNB I believe lockup ends 6/8.
  • DBones808: @Bwhitty $ABNB that's what I like to hear!
  • champ: @Mnatale $RKT $RAD --- WSB..?..both of these laggers are targets, CopyCat-traders always follow...$BB $ABNB and all the others,...the triggers are the dip buyers.
  • Mnatale: @champ $RKT $RAD $BB $ABNB WSB=Wallstreetbets crowd.. this is one is on their radar as well.
  • champ: @Mnatale $RKT $RAD $BB $ABNB --- Yes..for sure, and I guess I'm in that group. Look at the recent history, on the Charts on $RKT and $RAD...and you can see those bounces, so the same trigger-guys, they are working again.
  • debeers: $ABNB@Babutters-As you know, the highest price for this stock was in February at 219.94 and the close before the weekend was 140.40. Leisure travel in hotels, resorts, and cruise lines has vastly outperformed $ABNB.That having been said,
    The gross bo ...
  • Babutters: @debeers $ABNB yes it does. Recent IPO, so minimal data. Rates are also more expensive than hotels, and you only start saving if you’re in groups or families. Thank you for spending your time looking at this stock, @debeers. Will continue to day/swing trade, and wait for a more clear (re: strong) picture before I decide to hold long term. Again, thank you for your analysis.
  • vitoB: Like the price action and story of $ABNB , good response off VWAP. Starter
  • Bwhitty: @vitoB $ABNB Me too, added to long today. Also holding some July Puts for 130, almost don't even want to hedge them.
  • JohnGalt: $ABNB $SNOW $TWLO $AMAT long July calls
  • vitoB: @Bwhitty $ABNB added
  • lostsheep: $ABNB above 145 may offer some more upside
  • champ: $ABNB...a new month, Work for some but not for others.
  • DBones808: @lostsheep $ABNB looking for this 144.50 retest to hold and I'll double my position
  • DBones808: $ABNB doubling weekly calls here. Looking for a move to 150, looking to sale ~149.5-149.8...short 18.5% as well
  • debeers: @Babutters $VLO $MTDR $RH $BA $GM $F $BOOT $HON $GE $CLF $X $MGM $ABNB $EXPE $MAR -Sweetie Pie of the Day award to you, Babutters.
  • Wykeman: $ABNB Took a starter in this yesterday. We shall see.
  • Ajax4Hire: @Wykeman $ABNB IPO @$146 last Dec10th(Thu), 2020. Near imaginary support line of $134(or so). Good bet it goes up from here. Do you have a Redline/Stop-Loss price? For me, would demand higher-from-here so "Redline=$139.91,$ABNB" just below psychological $140.
  • Wykeman: @Ajax4Hire $ABNB I bought @ 138 my stop is just above that. Probably not technically correct but that's ok with me. If stock rises today so will my stop.
  • Ajax4Hire: @Wykeman $ABNB Yes, $140 is a psychological not technical Redline. $146 should be a distant memory to most who still own $ABNB. $ABNB, like $UBER,$LYFT,$DASH,$GRUB is a next(this) decade company. Both face stiff regulatory winds blown by traditional(hotel,taxi) businesses. But every 20/30-something uses $ABNB,$UBER Clear differences between me and my children. They are all comfortable using these services and somewhat suspect of older, traditional hotel,taxi businesses. $AMZN is the early leader in this model; the $WMT,$TGT shopping for the busy,at-work,pajama-wearing,shop-from-home,introvert,shop-at-work "younger" generation. The watershed moment is when $CZR,$LVS,$HLT,$MAR,MTN,$MGM,$WYNN lists on $ABNB.
  • lostsheep: $ABNB home sales down vacation sales up
  • lostsheep: $ABNB o up on volume
  • zimzala: $ABNB Added more yesterday. Inside day and up so far and just added more with staggered stops.
  • champ: $ABNB...HOD...upgrade this morning.
  • champ: $ABNB....OK...nice move, now we will see how many are watching....and the start of this New leg, could continue, with zig-zags....however for now, this is loaded with traders, the good, the bad and the want-to-be's.
  • lostsheep: @champ $ABNB above 142.25 should start to trigger the next level of stops
  • Babutters: @champ $ABNB I was impressed by the limited drop off when insiders could sell shares. Bought up quickly. Currently above that days high by a few points. Market cornered. Compete against $MAR. FD: long. But one hand on the trigger.
  • DBones808: Took 5 $ABNB calls this morning on wedge break with volume, working very well. Also $TTD dips being bought very nicely for the second day. Opinions on $TTD PT pre split June 16th?
  • mopick: $ABNB, added. RBC with an outperform, $170 target.
  • Babutters: @debeers $VLO $MTDR $RH $BA $GM $F $BOOT $HON $GE $CLF $X $MGM missed the $MGM 800k block entry intraday. Great PB entry. Although I know you’re in from below. If you have free time, at some point, I’d love to hear your thoughts on $ABNB - how it fares against its competitors, and if it’s a stock you’d consider going long. I’ll give my assessment to not come to the table with nothing: 1. Great leadership Pre-pandemic. Admitted to failures during. Made changes to platform for benefit of hosts. 2. Sector is small. VRBO via $EXPE and $MAR is biggest threat. 3. Today 350% average volume. 4. Limited PB after IPO lockup on 18-Mar. 5. Shorter float set up to split down the line. 6. Issues: more competitors come to table. Rising housing costs means rising rental costs means people buying more hotel rooms Vice rentals.
  • debeers: @Babutters $VLO $MTDR $RH $BA $GM $F $BOOT $HON $GE $CLF $X $MGM $ABNB $EXPE $MAR -off the cuff, i'll be stupid--on the cuff thast is give me over the weekend i'll do a well thought out job for you.
  • Babutters: @debeers $VLO $MTDR $RH $BA $GM $F $BOOT $HON $GE $CLF $X $MGM $ABNB $EXPE $MAR thank you, very much @debeers. And please put this on low importance, and don’t go out of your way. I only asked because I like the company and I appreciate your in-depth knowledge you’re able to bring to the forum.
  • champ: $ABNB, up +$8.40 today....and this could also be in play again tomorrow.
  • Pokersmith: Yesterday, Airbnb ($ABNB) announced 100+ new features, including more flexibility for guests to search dates, destinations, and listings.

    But many of the biggest upgrades were saved for hosts:

    Listing a new property was simplified from dozens of st ...
  • champ: @Pokersmith $ABNB $KBH $TOL....real nice posts and #Thanks for taking the time.
  • Pokersmith: @champ $ABNB $KBH $TOL #Thanks 👍👍
  • msing3: @Pokersmith $ABNB $KBH $TOL #Thanks Ditto Champ !......... Thx Dr Smith, watching and waiting for a completion of a base.
  • lostsheep: $ABNB green there has been buying from the open
  • Joe757: @lostsheep $ABNB STO June 130 put for 6.45 4.9% return. I'll gladly take the stock if assigned.
  • lostsheep: $ABNB hourly higher highs and lows on increasing volume
  • Bwhitty: $DIS $COIN $ABNB some possible trips to 8 day in the making. Holding calls in all at the moment.
  • Bwhitty: $ABNB HOD see if it can break yesterdays high. Not going long just trying to sell these calls at the 8 day 😉
  • Babutters: @Bwhitty $ABNB I look fwd to you supporting my $ABNB benefit when you do go long. 🙂
  • Bwhitty: @Babutters $ABNB Had to look, I do have in a long account but not calls. Way the market has been who knows how long it will chop around but I agree it should be up from here.
  • Babutters: @Bwhitty $ABNB I did a research paper on them, and did a review of their company. Was extremely impressed by market share and competition (hint: it’s $MAR). I do like them LT. I just don’t have an account for that.
  • zimzala: $ABNB Took off 90% of yesterday's trade.
  • Bwhitty: $ABNB at key support.
  • zimzala: $ABNB Picked some up at $130.75.
  • Pokersmith: @zimzala $ABNB Why ?
  • wanda1616: @Pokersmith $ABNB good question. lockups exp
  • zimzala: @Pokersmith $ABNB It hit the bottom of the BB and curled up. Only in for the trade.
  • wijimmy: @Pokersmith $ABNB .. Y .. People want to come out and play ...."Warriors, come out to play...."Warriors !!!, come out and play-ay
  • lostsheep: $ABNB came within pennies of yesterday;s low and rallied
  • Bwhitty: $ABNB I do like the tweezer bottom on the daily after earnings with the opening up play. Started a new long small.
  • lostsheep: @Bwhitty $ABNB Hard to find anything red
  • mopick: @Bwhitty $ABNB, added to my position. Love the company, great reopening stock. Long-term position.
  • Bwhitty: @lostsheep $ABNB Bottoms are in. Pick your long horses. Lines are clear. I am being picky and small.
  • lostsheep: @Bwhitty $ABNB above 142.33 and in this environment 148 and the 8ema should come quickly
  • Babutters: @mopick $ABNB agreed. Their competition is $MAR and not other bnbs. Great executive leadership. I started a position today with a tight stop. Leary it might still be looking for a bottom.
  • mopick: @Babutters $ABNB $MAR, yes, also, don't forget Expedia ($EXPE), which owns VRBO/HOMEAWAY.
  • mopick: $ABNB, a bit of caution here. A large tranche of this stock will be unlocked from the post-ipo trading restrictions on Monday! Could be volatile!!
  • MarketMaster: @mopick $ABNB thanks for that. No wonder it was down.
  • teacher5: @mopick $ABNB Thanks. I was tempted to buy, but didn’t. Will continue to watch.
  • bRobert: @Bwhitty $ABNB H&S top. completed to. $130.........bounce. Low risk entry. after. completion. bearish pattern. Swing trade with possible long term benefits np.
  • zimzala: $ABNB Getting closer to $121.50 :)
  • zimzala: $ABNB Off of S3 ($131.67) for a bounce trade.
  • zimzala: $ABNB Out of this trade off of S3 to S2 into earnings. Also covered my short from $180. Lockup expiration should be within 48-72 hours.
  • jj2021: @zimzala $ABNB would you buy at any point?
  • zimzala: @jj2021 $ABNB A lot of pain in that chart to go long. It's a wait and see until the lockup expiration. It did hit it's H&S price target (219H - 173S = 127) after hours.
  • mopick: $ABNB, reports on Thursday after the close. Have a very small position, thankfully. Stock has just been crushed, down 30% since March highs. Big short position, 21%. Anecdotal evidence has been super positive, bookings way up. Marriott, Expedia all reporting excellent results. Looking for that bottom.
  • lostsheep: $ABNB there's a h&s in there somewhere and a retest of 120 looks possible earnings 5/13
  • zimzala: @lostsheep $ABNB Still short. Have not seen an earnings date on their site yet. Last one was on 2/25.
  • lostsheep: @zimzala $ABNB looks to be 5/13 after market
  • Bwhitty: $ABNB just some inside trading. I have a ABNB in Florida and it is booked until September. A lot of pent up energy out there. I believe their forecast will be solid.
  • wanda1616: @Bwhitty $ABNB i think they are both a reopening trade and a covid play. i have a position, currently underwater
  • Bwhitty: @wanda1616 $ABNB I got out and back in. That PB was not fun for sure.
  • traderbren: @Bwhitty $ABNB - definitely a #GOAT (get out and travel) trade in the works. It will be interesting to see what $BKNG and $EXPE report.
  • jr3345: @Bwhitty $ABNB - there is a lot of competition in that sector. Couple of weeks ago I used VRBO to book a Hawaii trip in Aug.
  • Bwhitty: @jr3345 $ABNB Those two make up the majority of my rentals but ABNB is more. I think there is room for both, industry still relatively young to the market.
  • Bwhitty: $ABNB closed my hedge. Volume out the bottom here I am off the train, Same with $RBLX
  • lostsheep: $ABNB 3/5 LOW 161.9 today 161.96 earnings 5/13 2 inside hours and up
  • Bwhitty: $ABNB trying to go green.
  • Mnatale: @Bwhitty $ABNB $EXPE also trying to go green
  • Bwhitty: @Mnatale $ABNB $EXPE IPOs got smashed today too but these are bouncing back better then tech.
  • Mnatale: @Bwhitty $ABNB $EXPE $RBLX and $PATH only IPOs i'm stalking
  • Bwhitty: $ABNB green hammer, nice options interest coming in.
  • lostsheep: @Bwhitty $ABNB I believe the 3/5 161.9 low holds into earnings
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Stock Price $USD 169.36
Change 4.78%
Volume 7,030,370

Airbnb Inc is an online marketplace for travel services and accommodation facilities. The company provides apartments, villas, bungalows, and private homestays, and tourism services worldwide.

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