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  • Henry: #Earnings $CX $ADT the place I look at for earnings is I have not looked at either of those stocks in ages. I didn't realize CX had fallen to penny stock status and ADT is heading there.
  • Bridget: $ADT high base, strong momentum. Low risk entry where you know where recent support is.
  • cdmdave: $ADT big move
  • DrScience: $ADT Partnering with Google. Gotta protect all those Amazon packages on your doorstep!
  • joelsg1: $NLOK Bought today. If $GOOGL can buy piece of $ADT, why not $NLOK. And chart looks ripe.
  • debeers: @issues $RGR $AAXN $WRTC $SWBI $ADT -covered this days ago and did a complete write up on it. i think it has the most promise and i detailed why.
  • issues: Anybody buying gun stocks? Gun sales are going up with the riots. NP Ruger $RGR shot up (sic) and is falling down now... In this group (IBD industry group 54; the best gainers in the past 10 days are : $AAXN $WRTC $SWBI $ADT I put in a limit order for $AAXN at $80.85 for a starter position. Hope for a drift down to my hook to catch this big fish!
  • Henry: @issues $RGR $AAXN $WRTC $SWBI $ADT Gun sales really went up with the Covid lockdown. Maybe those people were wise enough to foresee civil unrest. Now people who never wanted a gun realize the police may not be there to help. There are other international players in the home defense area, so the choice is much greater than S&W or Ruger Looks like a lot of fast money is in these stocks. They remind me of covid stocks. I'll sit this one out.
  • stairm01: @issues $RGR $AAXN $WRTC $SWBI $ADT I don't own any of these, but watching the pullback. You can add $VSTO and $MACE to the list.
  • issues: @stairm01 $RGR $AAXN $WRTC $SWBI $ADT $VSTO $MACE "$MACE" are you sure this is the symbol?
  • spulver72: $ADT Nice Cup and Handle pattern, if you are in this stock already, how you you handle your stops? Right now, it feels like anything below $8 tells me it isn't working any more, but that almost a 8% decline. When do you take profits, got in around 7.75
  • mogo: $ADT Still waiting for that breakout.
  • mogo: $ADT might be setting up for breakout. I'm in early for a speculative play.
  • Wolf: $ADT Set higher low and is now testing the top of the channel. If it breaks 9.70, I expect it to run past 10.50. Long starter position.
  • DrScience: $ADT down another .25 today, breaking through $7, round number support.
  • DrScience: $ADT Is it safe? Looks like a short on the break below support. Maybe the company will even monitor the position for me. :-)
  • Wolf: $ADT #IPO 1/18. The home security guys. Analysts are pushing it. Near the bottom of it's range if you are a believer. No position yet. Volume is now around 2 - 5M shares/day.
  • geotheo: @champ $AGN Was in this one for awhile but I got knocked out by too tight a stop. Still in my what I call my "A" trades, $ABC and $ADT.
  • champ: @geotheo $AGN $ABC $ADT ....Took profits...I sold 90% going into the close....but looking to buy back
  • issues: Cramer Wed suggested these stocks for long positions: $EPD $ETP $LNG.The chart patterns all look similar - descending channels. From what I see they all would make good shorts right now. The others were $OLED $KMI and $ADT (at a top).
  • Iceman: $ADT $CBI $DOW $SBUX #ShortPuts #ManagingWinners - covered all these options at minimum value well before expiration. Bought 1 ADT Jul 17 2015 29.0 Put @ 0.05 - totally out of this stock now Bought 1 CBI Jul 17 2015 27.5 Put @ 0.05 Bought 1 DOW Jun 19 2015 38.0 Put @ 0.01 Bought 1 SBUX Jul 17 2015 32.5 Put @ 0.01
  • El_Tuito: $ADT ...speaking of potential squeezes, $ADT may be ready to go! Somebody just did 1.2 M in one click. Up, there may be some action here... long calls
  • El_Tuito: $ADT BTO Jun 39 calls. Big buying all day. 6000 contracts at the 39 strike. The IV is a little high but I'm takin' a shot. Wow, just looked at short interest ..this could run or tank. I'm thinking positive.
  • GreenGhost: ...
    $ADT favorable R/R entry here new media campaign/ increased add spend may be crating stock buzz bullish catalyst. And there's this: ADT to Host Analyst and Investor Day Meeting on May 14, 2015
    Nice bounce off support. ...
  • Iceman: $ADT #ShortPuts #FallingKnife - Bought to close ADT Apr 17 2015 31.0 Puts @ 0.05 to close out this position at minimum value a month early. Originally sold 12/1 and 12/8/14 at 1.10 and 1.25
  • Iceman: ...
    $ADT Mar 20 2015 45 Calls
    $ALTR Mar 20 2015 28 Puts
    $APC Mar 20 2015 89.5 Calls
    $BABA Mar 20 2015 70 Puts
    $BOIL Mar 20 2015 28 Calls (Covered)
    $BOIL Mar 20 2015 55 Calls (Covered)
    $CLDN Mar 20 2015 15 Puts
    $CONN Mar 20 2015 18 Puts
    $CONN Mar 20 2015 ...
  • Forexpro: Re: $ADT

    Hi, Friends,

    This came up in a ToS scan of stocks showing unusual option volume. In this case, options rarely trade, but 1,836 calls (against 32 puts) have gone through thus far this morning. A large chunk of those (831) traded at or bel ...
  • GreenGhost: @Forexpro $ADT little delayed ( 15 min) but who wants to actually pay for that stuff) Bullish Call Flow Stock Calls xNormal onAsk MDVN 1777 2.15 97% LLTC 5087 4.91 87% $ADT 6145 4.41 69% ZU 2970 2.43 68% PCYC 5332 2.07 32% MAC 6202 3.72 10% SIX 1619 3.42 0%
  • Forexpro: @GreenGhost, $ADT Thanks, GreenGhost, If I can get filled at 0.75 for an Apr 38/36 bull put spread, I'm going to give it a whirl. I'll probably be waiting for a while, given that the spreads are 1.05/1.50 and .40/.65, respectively. :) Hope you're thriving; all the best.
  • GreenGhost: @Forexpro $ADT FWIW many many times I have a bid in that just sits there; then I'll switch it to market and I usually get a fill lower than my bid ; can't explain it I know it happens to me virtually every single day.
  • Forexpro: @GreenGhost, $ADT Thanks, GreenGhost, And thanks for the $FB call idea. Yeah, the ways of market makers are such that there's a better chance of getting something done in the final hour, when they presumably are more inclined to take half a loaf, and head out the door. There just aren't many puts trading today, even though call volume is through the roof. Funny business; I enjoyed it more, in some respects, when I was the market maker. As one of my chief dealers used to yell in the heat of combat "There's a price for everything, but it's my price!" All the best!
  • Forexpro: ...
    There are specialist sites, paid and free, that offer short interest readings. One of them, Nasdaq, offers a free site that is, in fact, updated twice a month. Here's the page for a current interest of mine, $ADT: ...
  • Forexpro: ...
    $TKC, $TFX, $CCG, $ASPN, $ADT

    There were also a few downgrades:

    $JWN, $IMAX, $RYN

    Northland Securities (?) initiated coverage of $GPRO with an "Outperform" and a $70 target. Bernstein took a look at $REGN, and gave it an initial "O ...
  • Iceman: #ShortPuts #FallingKnife - mostly non-Oil/Oil Service names. These are long term plays. I will not be trading out of these for several months. In fact, I will be looking to add to these at higher prices. Sold 1 $ADT Jul 17 2015 28.0 Put @ 1.30 Sold 1 $CBI Jul 17 2015 32.5 Put @ 1.10 Sold 1 $COP May 15 2015 55.0 Put @ 1.65 Sold 1 $CRM May 15 2015 45.0 Put @ 1.39 Sold 1 $FCX May 15 2015 22.0 Put @ 1.30 Sold 1 $FSLR Jun 19 2015 32.5 Put @ 1.53 Sold 1 $GME Jul 17 2015 24.0 Put @ 1.10 Sold 1 $IRM Jul 17 2015 32.5 Put @ 1.10 Sold 1 $JEC Jul 17 2015 37.5 Put @ 1.25 Sold 1 $KSS Jul 17 2015 45.0 Put @ 1.25 Sold 1 $LOCO Jun 19 2015 17.0 Put @ 1.30 Sold 1 $MNST Jun 19 2015 75.0 Put @ 1.20 Sold 1 $MPC Jul 17 2015 65.0 Put @ 1.60 Sold 1 $PSX May 15 2015 55.0 Put @ 1.35 Sold 1 $SBUX Jul 17 2015 70.0 Put @ 1.32 Sold 1 $SCTY Jul 17 2015 30.0 Put @ 1.35 Sold 1 $SE Jun 19 2015 32.0 Put @ 1.15 This is the easy way for me to play a falling market.
  • Iceman: $ADT #ShortPuts - Sold 1 ADT Jul 17 2015 28.0 Put @ 1.20. You'd think this was an oil stock the way it is acting.
  • Iceman: ...
    Sold 1 $ADT Apr 17 2015 31.0 Put @ 1.10
    Sold 1 $APC May 15 2015 60.0 Put @ 1.46
    Sold 1 $BTU Jun 19 2015 9.0 Put @ 1.10
    Sold 1 $CAM May 15 2015 40.0 Put @ 1.10
    Sold 1 $CHK Jul 17 2015 17.0 Put @ 1.25
    Sold 1 $CNX Jul 17 2015 30.0 Put @ 1.10
    Sold 1 $CO ...
  • Tricia: Notable earnings before Thursday's open $ABFS, $ABMD, $ADT, $AIT, $ALXN, $AN, $ARG, $ATK, $BC, $BEAV, $BEN, $BLL, $BMS, $BTU, $BX, $BZH, $CAH, $CAM, $CARB, $CELG, $CEVA, $CL, $CMS, $COP, $CRR, $CRS, $DFT, $DGX, $DOV, $DST, $EPD, $ERIC, $ESI, $HAR, $HGG, $HOG, $HP, $HSH, $HSY, $IVZ, $KELYA, $KEM, $KMT, $LLL, $LLY, $MAN, $MD, $MMM, $MO, $NOC, $NVO, $OSTK, $OXY, $PBI, $PHM, $PLD, $POT, $RGLD, $RTN, $RYL, $SHW, $TE, $TEN, $TKR, $TMO, $TWC, $UA, $UPS, $UTEK, $V, $VIAB, $VLY, $WCC, $WHR, $XEL, $XOM, ZMH
  • MrsGeorgeClooney: VRNG-Judge awards little troll $VRNG a royalty of 6.5% of predetermined base, finds Googs argument that they have a workaround bogus (different colored pony on same Tshirt) , about 20-30% of float is short. $VRNG also settled a case against $ADT this morning and filed a complaint against TYCO this morning in Germany. Busy little troll. Goog will of course appeal, but as @Jeff Probst says, now we know what we are playing for. Stock halted.
  • :
  • bxshin: ...
    Earnings releases out this morning include the latest numbers from $ADT (ADT), Deere & Co. (DE), J.C. Penney (JCP), Lowe's (LOW), J.M. Smucker, and Staples (SPLS). Green Mountain Coffee (GMCR) is among the companies out with quarterly earnings after ...
  • captron: $ADT - I don't trade this ticker but it showed up on one of my scans this morning. Nice bullish engulfing pattern possibly signaling a reversal.
  • BuffaloBill: @scotto What is the meaning of Recent? I wrote a scan called Scotto using 10 period ( in the last 10 days did stock hit a 50 Day Low ) with the rest of your criteria. I used a BollingerBarWidth 2 day Up showing volatility expansion. Now showing $TOL DHI $ADT WMT $PEP AVP $SPG added volatility
  • Tim S: ...
    # I hate those guys, man.#
    The fact is that it has gone too low to sell # and the two worst charts out there are $VALE and $ADT
    Every time $ADT tries to rally after the earnings selloff, the technical aspects keep it from breaking higher
  • Tricia: Earnings before: $ABFS, $ADT, $AUDC, $BA, $BAH, $BOH, $CEVA, $CVLT, $HCBK, $HES, $LLL, $MPC, $MTOR, $MWV, $NOC, $NYCB, $PSX, $ROK, $SO, $TCB, $VLY WEC
  • G421: $ADT A perfect example of @Dan's IPO strategy.
  • Tim S: $ADT - that's just a beautiful chart. Congrats if you're long!
  • KBeachy: $ADT it has two of the patterns @Dan often speaks of; the IPO strategy and the continuing higher intraday lows. Might could still enter with the stop at the previous day's low. . . (No position)
  • boba: $ADT - It seems to me that there is a lot of competition in this field. ??
  • orion: $ADT - Their new home security products are wireless - thus less costly to install than older technology wired products. Result, same home security sale is Much more profitable going forward than their older wired generation products. Increasing profit margins . . and @DAN's ipo ... result is nice stock price advance.
  • dagdog: $ADT @tennisaddict, thanks for ticker. I like these. Too bad I missed it earlier. I'll hope for a pullback. Are you in?
  • ccrown4: $ADT anyone in this IPO. I think it meets @Dan's criteria. Any feedback?
  • tennisaddict: $ADT @ccrown4: I have a position at $44.12, added some more today. New high today. I like how this IPO is acting based on @Dan's theory.
  • Henry: $PAYX The post on $ADT made me think of $ADP which is a competitor of PAYX. I feel like Guy Adami and his loose associations, they have nothing to do with ADT. Anyway I am long PAYX. It has made a higher low on the weekly and the daily. I am curious how @Hwyflier would draw the support line on the monthly. The optimistic view, ignores 3 months below the line. If it breaks 34.7 it's going to the moon-Alice. The pessimistic line is a low of 27.7. yuk. @Henry long PAYX
  • G421: $ADT seems to fit @Dan's IPO strategy. Any comments?
  • bxshin: ...
    In a quiet day for earnings, home security firm $ADT [ADT] and food manufacturer Ralcorp [RAH] will report earnings before the start of the U.S. trading session. Green Mountain [GMCR] will post earnings after the closing bell.

    # By's K ...
  • southern: ...
    $TYC the parent up +5% the spinoff $ADT up 12%

    Other points they made which were interesting :))

    "Another key point to mention is that there shouldn't be any issues in terms of a shift in management. $WWAV won't be looking outside to fill in ...
  • mainesurf: $MTL According to my Fidelity Pro screen, $MTL is going to have a 3:1 stock split on May 20th. Since I could not find a news release, I contacted the company via e-mail and the following was their response: "Dear @Tim, we are working on a process of changing $ADT to ordinary ratio from 1:3 to 1:1, which can be treated as a form of split for ADR holders. So far I do not have final confirmation on the date of effect from NYSE, so we hold the press release. As soon as the date is confirmed, we will announce it immediately. ? ????????? / With best regards, Alexander Tolkach Head of International Affairs & Investor Relations Mechel OAO Tel.: +7-495-221-8888 (*) 2543 Fax: +7-495-221-8800"
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Stock Price $6.36
Change -1.55%
Volume 4,127,050

ADT Corporation is a provider of electronic security, interactive home and business automation and related monitoring services. The Company currently serves more than six million customers.

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