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  • traderbren: $CAR - could be setting up for a run to close the upside gap.
  • champ: $EXPE...@ $107...Expedia is a large #onLine Travel Co., for Airlines, Hotels and Rental cars....has many Revenue sources.....Plus everything is all in one place. ....and as we know, Airliners, Cruise Ships and Hotel stocks are also working. $CPA $JBLU $UAL $DAL $ALK $LUV $NCLH $CLL $RCL $CAR $MAR Recent Upgrades, with price targets up to $200.... ....and B. Riley also just Upgraded on 6/22, with their price target at $160 ~~~~Watch for Entry....really seems like a no-brainer, for the summer and fall Travel seasons, plus many are also booking for the X-mas Holiday.
  • champ: @champ $EXPE $CPA $JBLU $UAL $DAL $ALK $LUV $ALGT $NCLH $CCL $RCL $CAR $MAR #onLine
  • vitoB: @BarryC $APP $AVDL $BILL $COST $CVNA $FLNC $IONQ $LI $LOGI $MBLY $QSR $RCL $SOUN $UPST $Z ... like that $CVNA made it to the list...horrible balance sheet and not a great business model, but the sharks smell blood and i see 68% of the float short. similar to $W getting some positive traction premarket. $CAR another...squeeze day? i like the $Z chart as well
  • vitoB: @sierramp $SIG those numbers are much more practical... lookin at this $CAR and $CHWY as some short squeeze candidates, np thus far. will be adding some $RIOT at the open
  • sierramp: @vitoB $SIG $CAR $CHWY $RIOT I don't know why $CHWY is 24% short. On a personal note, they are fantastic to deal with, the best customer service and they care. They sent flowers to me when I lost one of my best friends and did the same to many others I know. The short interest will have me watching it. Thanks for the heads-up.
  • Zimzala: $CAR Just a trade idea but holding $175 area the past three days.
  • 1993dean: HI, Scott wher would you add to $CAR and $ CECE Thank you
  • Motorman: $CAR Flag trigger
  • majida_perveen: @scottrades Does $CAR look actionable today?
  • scottrades: @majida_perveen $CAR The daily volume is a bit low. You'd want to use yesterday low as your stop level on a starter position.
  • majida_perveen: @scottrades toughts on $CAR & $CLF?
  • scottrades: @majida_perveen $CAR looks like it's basing along the 100 EMA but the daily volume is dropping. I'd want to see it break through 195 on volume. $CLF pulling back to the 8EMA. Resistance right above. I think the commodity trade is a tough one right now.
  • majida_perveen: @scottrades What do you think about $CAR & $CRM?
  • scottrades: @majida_perveen $CAR $CRM Nice to see both green today but super low volume right now.
  • bigbartabs: @scottrades $CAR $CRM ... yes, low volumes... all the index ETFs... DIA SPY QQQ IWM are lower volume again today. Lots of resistance... the shorting crowd could be licking their chops.
  • Motorman: $CAR Flagging if you will, $20 move with trigger above 192, to the $212 ceiling. 200D. ER in rearview. 20W and 50W just above. Have to look at weekly with due respect to @b.
  • Motorman: $CAR Down on ER, Picked up a few with bounce off 50d
  • champ: $CAR...reported a large beat....
  • issues: We bought $CAR today knowing they report earnings on Mon PM. I expect a beat and raise...
  • Mikev200: @issues $CAR I've noticed you say "we" on many posts, who's we? Or is this your preferred pronoun 😂? jw
  • Motorman: $CAR Above 20 day, wedge BO, stop below 20day, small, add with follow thru. ER Aug 1.
  • Motorman: $CAR Bounce off 50Week. Watching. Down today with other transports.
  • bRobert: $LABD. $100 target Intraday pb. bounce. Still long Small worked. best $SOXS. testing. Jan. swing high. $82. Long WEEKLY. >. 50W. ceiling $CAR. the long trade. made. some. money but. never. got the. Big C&H breakout. Morphed into H&S. top. $190 target. np but would like to see a failed bounce $FAZ. WEEKLY. SQUEEZE. BREAKOUT. $32. $SIVB. I was CLEAR about the direction and. low targets. $400/$360. 200W. Easier riding this slide. DOWN than playing the counter trend Failed. bounce to 50d ceiling. was the entry $100. straight. down. $BX. love the company. but $80. H&S. top. FAILED. bounces. closer to a ceiling to enter. this and most. shorts. for. a. lower risk cover just above
  • Motorman: $CAR Bounce off 20week, 50d above. resistance.
  • bRobert: $FLR FLAG Pullback to WATCH for add/entry $SMH retest of the 20d from above $AMD flag retest of 20d from ABOVE $100 is BIG speed bump to clear $115 target if cleared $ARCB flag under the 50d $85 when cleared $CAR flag pullback to the 20d Looking to ADD $330 with flag trigger $450+_ is the prize C&H like target $DDS WEEKLY squeeze breakout and SHORTS 10d Pullback retest WATCH for the bounce to develop $400 potential $BOOT flag pullback from 200d ceiling $105 with break above Big picture reversal triggers above $105 Target $135 WEEKLY move > 20/50w ceiling This stock thrives up there on the sunny side Rarely leaves Consolidation done $190 potential long term My favorite in the space
  • bRobert: $CAR higher. low. Flag. $330. retest with trigger SOON. $450+. potential longer SHORTS. 24%. 5d. WEEKLY. CUP &H. like is the attraction. This has been a huge money maker. on WEEKLY breakouts.
  • bRobert: $CAR First Speed bump $300 4/25 swing high Then $320 4/20 swung high $450 potential $550 with a good wind at the back Short squeeze potential 22% 10d Long partial over earnings Two time winner looking for 3
  • bRobert: @bRobert $CAR Correction Shorts 24% 5d
  • bRobert: $DWAC STop < 20d TRADE $65 potential $CAR Stopped out at $300 with raised stop WATCHING to reload
  • bRobert: $CAR Reloaded Small partial Stop < LOD
  • bRobert: $CAR reload after profits at $300 Again stop < LOD
  • bRobert: $CAR Stopped out small reentry for small loss Nice profit on the pop to $300 STILL watching
  • bRobert: $CAR back in Intraday/Multi day chart firming up $260 retest bounce Hammer bottom forming after rejection low $295 test soon WEEKLY remains BULLISH $450 potential
  • bRobert: @bRobert $CAR SMALL to start MORE when back > $300
  • bRobert: $DDS Going higher Shorts Pullback bounces to add/enter $CAR Healthy multi day consolidation Watching for a run to $300 Well off the LOD Small partial SPEC This has been a very good stock to day trade today
  • bRobert: $CAR Nice $20 intra day bounce Higher low on Multi day 5d This Base can retest $300 WEEKLY is the main event C&H LIKE high base
  • bRobert: $CAR. Record earnings .......pop. ah. Posted lat week that I was holding a partial spec position over BIG cushion. Short squeeze potential 22%. 10days. $450 target potential for a while. C&H. $550 potential with test of. high $320. area speed. bump. This year's. high
  • bugpack28: @bRobert $CAR this could get ugly for the shorts. I literally jumped on the forum to see if you posted about this. To me the earnings look at massive, but we might need some more wise individuals to chime in
  • Motorman: @bRobert $CAR needed some good news!
  • bRobert: $CAR continues to make a multi day reversal base $300 WATCH it WEEKLY C&H like has real deal potential $450+ with resumption of the breakout
  • Motorman: $CAR making a move, nice bounce off 20day.
  • bRobert: @Motorman $CAR Psoted the nice 5d base with $300 potential The WEEKLY is the attraction for me $450 - $550 Very bullish set up Breakout Retest
  • wineinquirer: $CAR @Motorman...........earnings on Mon.
  • bRobert: @wineinquirer $CAR I will be holding a SMALL spec piece over I have a huge cushion trading this stock several times on monster moves Last fall $100 - $500 $150 - $300+ most recently earnings is a crap shoot SMALL works best
  • Motorman: @wineinquirer $CAR Yes, thanks. Options premium pretty high.
  • bRobert: $CAR WATCHING Breakout Falg pullback 20d bounce Rising 50d approaching Not extended np currently Upside potential is huge with resumption of WEEKLY breakout after this retest Very early bounce $450/$550 potential
  • bRobert: $CAR Perfect set up Breakout Pullback retest......Bounce with green candle print Tested Lower risk HIGH REWARD trade $450 target potential $400 interim with flag trigger of Smaller C&H like in handle of daily C&H like reversal base Shorts 22% 5d Long Bullish 5/13 ema still in motion Daily and WEEKLY
  • bRobert: $CAR WATCHING Breakout retest Flag pullback day 3 Still outside the channel Looking to Jump back in
  • wanda1616: @bRobert $CAR sold mine the other day but this shows quite amazing relative strength
  • wanda1616: @wanda1616 $CAR of course if theres money on the table it will be collapsing soon enough
  • shoredriver: @bRobert $CAR .....5/2 after.....
  • bRobert: @wanda1616 $CAR Technically it is behaving VERY well Breakout retest day 3
  • bRobert: @shoredriver $CAR That's an eternity away ;)
  • bRobert: $CAR bounce Still can come closer to $300/$302 but Expect the WEEKLY breakout to hold after retest
  • bRobert: $CAR Breakout retest bounce Keep your eye on it
  • bRobert: $CAR took off remaining profits on failure to hold $300 I was long from $250+ with adds Still WATCHING Trade not over
  • bRobert: $CAR bullish blush within a storm Retest of the breakout Flag pullback daily Still up 11% for the week Next week will be very interesting Took partials Looking to redeploy with resumption of the breakout Daily flag trigger $365 interim if triggered Still f$450 potential
  • bRobert: $SIVB I was clear about selling into the pop ASAP Actually was a low risk short set up with a stop > $580.1 $CAR still acting very well Down 3% on very low volume Breakout retest......Bounce I sold a partial earlier Still holding a good position I will be looking to add next week with breakout resumption
  • bRobert: $MOH WEEKLY flag trigger = $400 $UNH WEEKLY flag $600 $CURE $200 with move > $150 Big cup reversal base $CAR Unleashed Higher highs and lows $340 area next on route to $450/$550 potential Overweight $HTZ $27+/$37 $HCA nh Reports tomorrow $300/$400 WEEKLY breakout Potential retest......BOUNCE $THC WEEKLY breakout in motion TESTED $115/$125 Reported yesterday $URI $400/$500 $HRI $200/$250 ADDS on pb bounces WEEKLY is BULLISH $DE What can I say? $470 daily high base /$600 longer $XOP ditto Holding the course $170 daily high base $300 long term $GUSH $250 with $XOP at $170 $600 long term Overweight the space LEAP calls up 300% YTD XOP 50% $PANW Best chart in space $670/$750 $FTNT #2 $550 WEEKLY breakout target $CRWD $300/$450 $DXCM $675/900 Sweet tooth trade WEEKLY attractive 80% upside Look for move > 200d ceiling soon Long $PODD and $TNDM will work
  • bRobert: @debeers $MOH $MTDR $BX You are leaving out heavy equipment and cyber $DE $CAT $AGCO $HRI $URI $TWI etc $PANW / $FTNT SELECT auto $TSLA WEEKLY inv h&s $CAR Materials $XME and related Chemicals $DOW $ADM $KRO $CC others AG $IPI $CF $MOS etc
  • debeers: @bRobert $MOH $MTDR $BX $DE $CAT $AGCO $HRI $URI $TWI $PANW $FTNT $TSLA $CAR $XME $DOW $ADM $KRO $CC $IPI $CF $MOS. Not leaving them out and will be in a couple prior to easrnings but i cannot manage profitably more than 8 stocks at a time and if i were smarter i'd pin it to 5. We each do what works best for us and it took me forever to figure out what works best for me. i'll try not to bother you any more today but the best stategy is the one that works best for the individual concerned. The best stocks in in favor businesses.
  • bRobert: @debeers $MOH $MTDR $BX $DE $CAT $AGCO $HRI $URI $TWI $PANW $FTNT $TSLA $CAR $XME $DOW $ADM $KRO $CC $IPI $CF $MOS You were mentioning SECTORS I just added some important ones WORKING that you left out You can own whatever number you like I only own a few sectors in industrial weight strength Superior out performance is being concentrated in a select few The stocks were representatives in the sectors NOT to own all You should know that
  • DAN: $CAR breaking out. (started yesterday)
  • bRobert: @DAN $CAR Overweight $450 C&H like target $550 potential Shorts 22% 5d
  • bRobert: $CAR I would WELCOME a pb bounce POUNCE
  • DAN: @bRobert $CAR Ah. Didn't know the short interest was so high.
  • bRobert: $CAR I love a breakout retest Close to $300 as possible LOOK to add/enter with bounce Stop below eg Bounce $302 Stop $299
  • Motorman: $CAR Might be a bounce, added a little.
  • Pokersmith: @bRobert $CAR Driving shorts crazy
  • bRobert: @Motorman $CAR It could test $302 if tiny multi day H&S top triggers Range in place $10 You can plan on ADDING in scales with some here
  • bRobert: $CAR pb BOUNCE Love it THIS WEEKLY IS NOT GOING TO BREAK DOWN $450 measured move $550 potential with tip like last time SHORT SQUEEZE Volume 1.7X yesterday Over weight
  • bRobert: $CAR up 20%+ this week Pb bounces Intraday reversal base $330 potential Again the WEEKLY is my MAIN guide with $450 target
  • bRobert: $CAR I believe it will come closer to $300/$302 with a lower low intraday You can trade around a core with a decent position and build up a cushion Long here from $250+
  • bRobert: $CAR looking for $300/$302 Retest of the breakout is HEALTHY and affords a low risk entry WITH A bounce above the channel Stop below
  • bRobert: $CAR I had a $302 potential test $304 low Bounce Trade far from done I expect weekly breakout retests The stock is still up over 16% for the week Down 3% today on lower volume ( just a touch above Avg) than yesterday's 1.7X $450 target until that C&H breaks
  • bRobert: $CAR. breakout. $300. target 1. $450+. potential C&H. Short squeeze potential Pullback bounces
  • bRobert: $CAR. $300. expected. speed. bump. LOOK for the pb bounce. Retest of the breakout
  • bRobert: $CAR. $300 speed. bump. Now. pb. bounce. watch. to add. LONG $450/$550. potential. Shorts. 22%. 5d Daily weekly. C&H.like breakout
  • bRobert: Tell me where it. $HTZ. $27/$37+. potential Daily reversal base 50%. upside. potential. like. $CAR.
  • bRobert: @bRobert $CAR I will be Adding in scales
  • wanda1616: @bRobert $CAR do we have it coming out of a chart squeeze and also a short squeeze brewing???
  • bRobert: @wanda1616 $CAR YES. Squeeze. squared Powerful move is. coming.
  • kbrowe: @bRobert $HTZ $CAR from Cramer this morning. NP Barclays likes Hertz (HTZ) and takes price target up a buck to $25. Is Stephen Scherr's company an inflation winner? Avis Budget (CAR) upgraded to hold from sell. Analyst "incrementally constructive" on rental car space with rising inflation. Simple or simplistic?
  • bRobert: $CAR. ADDED. as. posted. in the PLAN. WEEKLY. Daily BREAKOUT. Short. squeeze. potential C&H has. TRIGGERED. $450. measured. move target. BOOM Technically Very polite. Breakout. Pullback. retest. bounce.
  • bRobert: $HTZ. Took a piece It. will follow. $CAR. I am. Overweight. $CAR. This trade. started. $250+. Nice. Cushion.
  • bRobert: @bRobert $CAR . WEEKLY breakout last. year. ran up. 7. WEEKS. in a row.
  • bRobert: $CAR. holding. Doing nothing. wrong. Pullback bounces. to add. We. may have. another. breakout retest I have. a full position. Look for. higher. highs / lows to develop moving forward.
  • Jazman0013: @bRobert $HTZ $CAR I added more $HTZ long from $18
  • bRobert: $CAR. out of the garage I have. added. on intraday pb bounces. Making intraday higher highs Now. HOD. VERY POLITE STOCK This was technically. a . GIFT $HTZ. less of a short squeeze potential and less bullish technical set up. BUT it will work. 50%. upside potential CAR has both. a technical pinch breakout AND a strong short squeeze. potential
  • bRobert: @bRobert $CAR $HTZ CAR. potential. small swing high speed bumps just under. $325. from. Nov. Again take. advantage of. pullback bounces. The technical measured move is to $450. 50%. upside is no joke.
  • bRobert: $CAR. Fresh. bullish MACD. cross joining the weekly Bullish 5/13 ema crosses have been in motion for a while on the daily and WEEKLY Early. buy signals were spot on.
  • bRobert: @bRobert $CAR $HTZ. up 7%. Lets have a race with $CAR. (9%+). I own a smaller portion of. HTZ. BOTH with 50% . upside potential. $CAR $450/$550. retest potential with a blowoff like last time $HTZ. $37 potential
  • bRobert: $CAR in high gear up $27. today nearly 9%+. and counting (19% in 2 days ). . $70 in 2 weeks from that. daily breakout retest below( gift). Pullback bounces. This one isn't going away. Overweight. This is the 3rd time I'm driving this CAR. ALL have been for big. $$$$ History does repeat Again technically polite. Gaining MOMENTUM. Short squeeze will flex its muscles
  • veghead: @bRobert $CAR Great Trade! You've kept us all posted. I couldn't pull the trigger. Enjoy your ride!
  • bRobert: @veghead $CAR It's not. done! $450. is a long way up. WATCH for small pb bounces and. take a SMALL piece. That's all you need to participate Once this gets really rolling. you will be able to add in scales. on further pb. bounces. In the past it tends to make higher highs and lows on a daily walk up. once in high gear.
  • bRobert: $CAR. speed. bumps from Nov. tested $320. area. pullback Expected. Posted. earlier. Up 11%. FAR FROM done. Pb. bounces
  • wanda1616: @bRobert $CAR very surprising PE only 14 !!
  • bRobert: @wanda1616 $CAR Follow the price. action. Only thing that matters now. Buckle up. Short squeeze. hasn't begun. Volume will pick up. I wouldn't. mind another pullback closer to the channel breakout .....BOUNCE. Fundamentally. high used car prices goose their bottom line. when they sell members of their fleet. New car production still expected to lag. Rental market will continue to be supported
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Stock Price $114.73
Change -5.21%
Volume 905,102

Avis Budget Group Inc provides car and truck rentals and ancillary services to businesses and consumers in the United States and internationally.

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