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  • DrScience: $AG #CoveredCall The stock moved off the 50 DMA on Friday and is testing the 20 DMA now. Look at an April CC to take advantage of inflation expectation, interest rate pullback, and/or a lower USD -- take your pick. $AG 23-Apr-21 20.00 Covered Call @ 16.33 with 39 DTE --- Cash Settled Account (IRA) ==================== Buy 100 Shares at $17.24: $1,724.11 Sell 1 23-Apr-2021 20.00 Strike Call at $0.92: ($91.50) Capital Required: $1,632.61 Cost Basis (Break Even): $16.33 Maximum Gain: $367.39 Return on Investment (ROI), if exercised: 22.50% Annualized Return: 568.30% Margin Account ==================== Buy 100 Shares at $17.24: $862.06 Sell 1 $20.00 Strike Call at $0.92: ($91.50) Capital Required: $770.56 Possible Cost of Broker Carry at 7.00%: $6.45 Cost Basis (Break Even): $16.39 Maximum Gain: $360.94 Return on Investment (ROI), if exercised: 46.84% Annualized Return: 3543.71% Projected Ex-Dividend Date: unconfirmed Dividend Amount: unconfirmed
  • andygood: @DrScience $AG #CoveredCall the apr 16th $19 can be sold for .90 ~ isn't that a better idea since you tie up your money for less time and make roughly the same?
  • DrScience: @DrScience $AG #CoveredCall There's possibly a dividend announcement sometime between now and earnings release, but it may not happen until after the report. I wanted to take advantage of some price dislocation on the uncertainty and a week of probing the middle ground before trying for the upper Bollinger band resistance level.
  • DrScience: $AG #CoveredCall This silver miner continues to consolidate after the reddit run messed up the chart. Bollinger bands are contracting as the 50 DMA moves to catch up. IV is still high @ 83%, so selling premium is still a possible winner. Here's a ...
  • tommymac: @DrScience $AG #CoveredCall Thank You for posting these trades. I am not a options trader but I'm going to take you up on one of these trades in my retirement account (only account). I will enjoy studying them in the mean time. Cheers
  • joelsg1: @tommymac $AG #CoveredCall Schwab and I think all brokers won't allow option trades in an IRA account. So, you might want to open a separate account with appropriate authorization (3 levels) in preparation for option trade. Takes some time to complete process.
  • tommymac: @joelsg1 $AG #CoveredCall OK, ya thanks. I'll have to look into it.
  • DrScience: @joelsg1 $AG #CoveredCall You can trade options in an IRA. It's all on a cash basis, however -- no margin. But, like you said, you need to be approved for option trading. The only thing you can't do is sell naked calls and puts (level 4), but you can buy calls, and puts, buy covered calls and sell cash-secured puts, married puts, etc. (level 2), and buy and sell call and put spreads (level 3).
  • CraigReynolds: $AG Just added for a full position in $AG. Silver going higher (((I Hope))))
  • DrScience: $AG up 8%, and breaking out after FEB OPEX pressure release and Revenue and Earnings beat. Long-term downtrend line is in the rearview mirror, There's that $25 reddit-fueled high distorting the near-term charts, but the weekly/monthly charts are looking good for pullback buys.
  • DrScience: $AG Rolled a FEB 15 Covered Call to APR 16 CC @ .52 to bypass earnings release set for tomorrow morning. This was one of those low cost basis tranches that got away during the /rWallStreetBets excitement.
  • traderbren: $SLV - poised to move higher from here. Also long $AG which looks constructive.
  • debeers: @ScottT $TMO -i made a rousing 2% as opposed to the $AG position...........'nuff said.
  • debeers: $TMO/$AG-@ScottT-we are focused on returns. One is a mediocre co and one is a world class company. Today, no one cares. $TMO was a blowout. made a rousing 2% and change on it. $AG- in my opinion is a mediocre co. The market is what it is and $AG is already up over 30%.
  • ScottT: @debeers $TMO $AG Agree. "Nuff"
  • gtr89: $AG up 39% pm
  • DavidM: @gtr89 $AG
  • gtr89: @DavidM $AG Thanks for the link
  • nathan09: $AG halted????
  • kbrowe: @nathan09 $AG Yep, on the short squeeze list.
  • nathan09: $AG Breaking out of big cup and handle with good volume. Don't know why.
  • DrScience: @nathan09 $AG Maybe WallStreetBets got wind of their latest production numbers. 🤪
  • DrScience: $AG this Hotdog pattern has Clara asking "Where's the Beef?"
  • DrScience: $AG Otto bought a low-risk entry off the 50 DMA; working nicely today. Will look to sell FEB 14 calls against the stock as IV is 65% and premiums should expand nicely on a move through $13. Earnings are scheduled for 2/18.
  • Explorer: $NET $AMD $NVDA $WBA $AG $MU $XHB $NET $NAIL $PENN -- All running up into the close -- Thanks @Scott for the idea to monitor holding through the close
  • DrScience: $AG Sold some FEB 13/15 BuCS @ .90 and 1.00, bought @ .53.
  • DrScience: $AG #CoveredCalls Rolled some JAN 12 Calls to FEB 12 Calls @ .50 credit, lowering cost basis on this tranche to under 3.00.
  • DrScience: $AG We're not in Kansas anymore, Toto. The stock is continuing to find buyers, breaking out of consolidation after the bull flag failure last week. For a short-term rental on Dorothy's silver slippers for a possible longer-term hold, try the JAN 14 # ...
  • DrScience: $SLV and $GLD, $AG and $NUGT Burl Ives singin' the praises of gubment stimulus.
  • Sher: $AG – Like the silver charts – Day one of phase 3 reversal underway - Opted to go long Jan. $12 calls. $EGHT - PT increase to $40 from $25 - Currently trade, $33.18 – Initiated new position. $PLTR – Better late than never, I think – Put on a few Jan. calls – Chart has that “pinch/pop” look… My better performers, today: $ALB, $BE, $EWW, $FSR, $ICLN, $TDOC, $TECK and $XLE…
  • DrScience: @Sher $AG Hi-Ho-Silv... Don't feel like the Lone Ranger! $AG as been in my portfolio for over a year now. Five hundred days through thick AND thin with Covered Calls since August of 2019. Stock was at 10.50 then, and return on that initial buy's cost basis is over 100% for trading once a month (or a quarter). The company had a number of issues to resolve with Mexico; hopefully, they're in the rear-view mirror. Addition of a dividend next quarter is welcome, too. Now, if we could see the silver metal back up at $40/oz, we'd be "walkin' in tall cotton!"
  • DrScience: $AG Hi-Ho-Silver! Flag breakout. Testing R1, but it could be just the start of a walk up the upper Bollinger band.
  • scottrades: $AG one of the better looking $SLV charts today. Breaking out of a downward slope. A little extended now, but look for a Pullback to support.
  • DrScience: @scottrades $AG $SLV Big picture... I like the long-term chart. We failed at the (albeit, arbitrary) downtrend line during the Summer. But, money has been flowing into the stock for over a year and a half. The recent addition of a (small) dividend should cause some more buying . I'm looking to get paid every month as CC trades have been working quite well.
  • DrScience: $AG Rolled out and up DEC 11/JAN 12 Covered Calls @ .13 CR. This roll extends holding to 513 days and cuts overall cost basis on one tranche to 6.29, and another to 4.30. A new dividend policy to be instituted in Q2-2021 will tack on a bit more going forward.
  • DrScience: $AG good volume yesterday, and moving back above the 50 DMA. Stock has room to grow -- 12, then 14.50. I've been writing covered calls on this stock for several years, but the volatility over the past year has really boosted the yield. Check out the monthly chart. Monthly volume is above average, and accumulation of basic materials is growing. The $12 level is key. If breached on the 4th attempt this year, the stock would put a decade-long downtrend line in the rearview mirror.
  • scottrades: Good morning Team! Stocks are opening lower this morning as the choppy market continues. Looking for the $QQQ to hold above the 50 Day MA and looking for the $SPY to hold above the 8 EMA. Once again I’m staying nimble and looking for stocks mo ...
  • Bwhitty: @JosephM $SPY $PAAS $DRD $SLV $WMT $AG $WMT has PB to previous resistance. It could still takeoff. But I am with you, I got into some to early this morning.
  • JosephM: $SPY...going short small. Today I've been wrong. $PAAS/$DRD/$SLV/$WMT/$ least I'm admitting it quickly now.
  • DrScience: $AG First Majestic Silver, not quite as shiny as gold, is up 8.5%. Me likee that the company reported Q3 EPS and sales results were up year over year. Q3 EPS $0.12 up from $0.06 YoY, sales $125.90M up from $97.00M YoY.
  • lostsheep: @DrScience $AG I took $PAAS on the reversal candles and break of downtrend line. Will probably get a retest to see if it's real
  • nathan09: @DrScience $AG Thank-you for the info. I have been long.
  • scottrades: Some Silver #Miners are setting up nice here guys. $SLV $FSM, $SVM, $AG, $PAAS
  • JosephM: $AG/ $PAAS...similar patterns...break of resistance.
  • jr3345: $AG - gapped up from the 200 DMA. long
  • vatradergreg: Added on to my $SQ position making it full. Started $FB more on the WEEKLY viewpoint. As @bRobert has mentioned, this is acting very orderly and offering a nice entry. Stop at $260.31 Re-started $REGI with its breakout of $44.45 surpassed. I think this stock has room to run a bit. Long $AAPL, $AAWW, $AG, $AMD, $FNV, $FTCH, $GDX, $LIT, $MAXR, $ODFL, $PSNL, $SILK, $SLV, $SNAP, $SQ. Looking to pair down some of these as I have too many positions on.
  • nathan09: $AG - tight squeeze at the 50 dma $KL - looks very tempting Watch Dollar
  • vatradergreg: Started a few this morning; still in the mindset that cash will continue to be my biggest position. $AG-silver play $MAXR-the WEEKLY and DAILY coincide. Still long $ODFL, $AAWW, $FNV, $FTCH, $GOLD, $PSNL, $SILK, and $SLV Hope everyone had a great weekend and good luck on a new week.
  • Mikev200: $AG hit hod
  • DAN: ...
    $AG -- Alert $12.60
    $NLY -- Q3 dividend of .22 cents last Friday. High volume on this GSL stock.
    $WKHS -- Scott covered on Friday . I also covered last week. Working its way out of a squeeze on volume. Good stock to own.
    $PENN -- Squeeze continu ...
  • Brett: $AG looking interesting
  • DrScience: $AG #CoveredCall HI-Ho-Silver! Away! Another fave in the CC Arena. $AG 16-Oct-20 13.00 Covered Call @ 11.32 with 35 DTE --- Cash Settled Account (IRA) ==================== Buy 100 Shares at $12.09: $1,209.00 Sell 1 16-Oct-2020 13.00 Strike Call at $0.77: ($77.00) Capital Required: $1,132.00 Cost Basis (Break Even): $11.32 Maximum Gain: $168.00 Return on Investment (ROI), if exercised: 14.84% Annualized Return: 323.37% Margin Account ==================== Buy 100 Shares at $12.09: $604.50 Sell 1 $13.00 Strike Call at $0.77: ($77.00) Capital Required: $527.50 Possible Cost of Broker Carry at 7.00%: $4.06 Cost Basis (Break Even): $11.36 Maximum Gain: $163.94 Return on Investment (ROI), if exercised: 31.08% Annualized Return: 1581.54%
  • scottrades: Watch $SLV today guys. $PAAS is trying to curl up. $AG sitting right at support. $EXK mentioned last night. $SVM nice volume yesterday.
  • indigo1948: @scottrades $SLV $PAAS $AG $EXK $SVM - good morning Scott. What is your opinion on $WPM?- weekly chart shows consolidation since the end of July.
  • scottrades: @indigo1948 $SLV $PAAS $AG $EXK $SVM $WPM I like that stock as well. Talked about it last night in my video.
  • DrScience: $AG reports tomorrow. Is $GLD getting lighter 'cause it's goin' up. #Silver and #Gold. Didn't Burl Ives sing a song about those?
  • vfr777: @DrScience $AG #Silver I see earnings for $AG on Aug 6 BMO Taking a swing position.
  • Sher: Heavily long Aug. calls in $AG, $AUY, $GFI, $PVG and $SLV - $GFI leading the pack, this morning - Up 10.5% PM...
  • bRobert: @Sher $AG $AUY $GFI $PVG $SLV $14 target 1 Another Renaissance holding They have scaled into a large number of precious metal miners since March
  • goldsheld: @bRobert $AG $AUY $GFI $PVG $SLV Which of these is the Reanissance holding?
  • debeers: @DrScience $AG -Silver is actually outpacing gold and all the silvers are up.
  • DrScience: $AG After a successful lift-off, stock is doing a NASA-like burn for trip to the moon. Producers are definitely reaping the benefit of higher silver prices. But, be mindful... One thing to remember is that producers don't turn the mining machines off and on according to speculation-driven trading. (They just keep digging away 'cause they're in it for the long-haul.) I'm holding AUG 15 Covered Calls sold today and yesterday, and a few AUG 10 Covered Calls that definitely got away from me on this move.
  • DrScience: $AG breaking from the loooong-term triangle. Hi-Ho-Silver! PPS says, "Stay long, Fool."
  • nathan09: @DrScience $AG Thank-you for the post, I was thinking of taking some off the table, but couldn't confirm my reasoning.
  • nathan09: $AG Curious if anyone is taking some off the table here?
  • DrScience: $AG #CoveredCall #Otto rolled JUL 10 Calls to AUG Calls 10 for . 62 CR, dropping cost basis some more on this long-term income generator. Averaging about . 50 per month for over a year, now, as the stock nears the upper bound of the long-term downtrend channel. Silver outperformance could eventually break the trend and we'll have to move up a strike, or two, to sell premium.
  • Bwhitty: $AG watching above 10.80 to add if it want to keep going.
  • nathan09: @Bwhitty $PAAS SILVER - does anyone have a target price for the metal itself $20? Its at $19 now. Long Silver via $PSLV $AG $PAAS
  • Bwhitty: @nathan09 $PAAS $PSLV $AG That's a @brobert question. He will have one for today and one for your great grand kids 🤣
  • Sher: New long positions initiated today: $AG – July $10.00 calls $SNAP – July $26.00 calls $WORK – July $33.00 calls $VIPS – Back in, yesterday, with July $21.00 calls, which are up 104%, currently. $LAKE (Protective equipment) – Nice bullish reversal, past few days – Stock up 6.2%, again today - Held onto underwater July $25 calls, through recent PB, which are up 64%, so far today - About to take out recent ATH.
  • scottrades: My Notes today: COTD: Can this $BOX break open? Watching 21.35. $SPY The Bull is hungry for Moar! $QQQ The Leaders are still leading. $GDX $GLD $SLV Working. #Miners: $GOLD/$KL/$FNV/$AG/$SSRM/$WPM $WORK BO today on good volume. $FTNT Breaking out of a Squeeze $LITE Define your time frame. $NET Tight like a tiger. $VIVO Alert at 25 $DT still in consolidation. Watch 43.45 $NOW Watch 427 $PANW coming out of a Squeeze $DIS Moving off the 50 Day $TSLA I’m out of this now. $SMH High shelf at the Top Bband Homebuilders from @Dan $XHB Trade em all. $TMHC Bought some of this. $MTH Great volume $LEN Not too late. Alert at 66.15
  • bRobert: @nathan09 $PAAS $PSLV $AG $SLV. $22+. target 1
  • issues: I don't know why gold and silver are dropping with the government spending trillions of dollars to create worthless paper money and huge inflation. Maybe it's just profit taking? I know Cramer said gold was going to hit it's high and reverse so I'm not sure whether I will buy more or sell these: $FSM $WPM $AG $PAAS $GDX... maybe I'll just go with Dan's training idea of putting in stops. What are you other doing with gold/silver?
  • AdrenalineTrade: @issues $FSM $WPM $AG $PAAS $GDX I slowly accumulate with the goal of holding for the next decade or two. Don't even watch it, just let it move around and slowly add.
  • issues: @AdrenalineTrade $FSM $WPM $AG $PAAS $GDX thank you Adrenaline Trade. Appreciate your validation/encouragement!
  • nathan09: @issues $FSM $WPM $AG $PAAS $GDX agreed. Doesn't make much sense for Gold - although the Silver chart looked like a pull back was coming. Gold/Silver as a metal $PHYS and $PSLV I own as long term and these stocks are nice vehicles for that because you can actually call for the metal (if need be). The miners though, you have to trade the charts like Dan says and $FNV has pulled back to the 50 dma where as $NEM has broken. So I still hold some, but ditching others. Would love to get @brobert @scottrades opinion on this as well.
  • scottrades: Watching for more fun times on $SLV today. $AG $PAAS and $FSM are all squeezing a bit higher here premarket.
  • scottrades: ...
    Watching some #Gold and #Silver stocks to see some potential movement. $GDX is still under the 8EMA but it's up slightly premarket. $AG is silver stock that I like. Also keep an eye on $PAAS, and $FSM.

    Last night I finished watching The Last Dance ...
  • Auto: @scottrades $CGC $GDX $AG $PAAS $FSM $NFLX #Earnings #Gold #Silver Wack-a-Mole love that game 8>) well said Scott
  • EricF: @scottrades $CGC $GDX $AG $PAAS $FSM $NFLX #Earnings #Gold #Silver Nice job the; just strapped on my Air Jordans!
  • Amykris: @scottrades $CGC $GDX $AG $PAAS $FSM $NFLX #Earnings #Gold #Silver Great stuff Scott. Thank you
  • JoeT: @scottrades $CGC $GDX $AG $PAAS $FSM $NFLX #Earnings #Gold #Silver Thanks Scott! Great stuff to reflect on. Thanks for reminding me to watch that documentary too... been on my to do list and I keep hearing great reviews about it. Have a great day!
  • mustardman: @scottrades $CGC $GDX $AG $PAAS $FSM $NFLX #Earnings #Gold #Silver --very insightful. I too was enthralled, not just what we saw during the games, but how hard he worked and how he inspired the same work ethic in everyone.
  • scottrades: If you bought $SLV, $AG or $PAAS today for a swing trade, consider a stop at LOD.
  • scottrades: My video notes: $SSO Tagged the 8EMA and never looked back. Ok, maybe it looked back 1 time… $QLD Holding above the 8EMA $GLD Above the 8EMA. Watch 163 and 165 $SLV Looking for 17 Next week. $PAAS Mentioned this morning. Working $AG Mentioned this morning. Working. $FSM Mentioned this morning. Working, but not as well as the 2 others. $MSFT Going sideways, watch 187. $UBER Big volume today. $DHR Squeezing on good volume. $MDLZ Squeezing but watch that 200 Day.
  • DrScience: $AG Silver miner play gapping up above $9 resistance to the 200 DMA. I expect follow-through to retest last year's downtrend line at $11 by years' end after buyers -- I'm one of them -- stepped in when the company beat on EPS and missed slightly (1%) on revenues.
  • DrScience: $AG Sold JUL 10 calls @ .55 against stock. Otto added some yesterday, and cost basis for this tranche is $7.38.
  • scottrades: ...
    On Friday in my video I mentioned a correlation between the $SPY and $GLD. I’ve been thinking about this all weekend as I’m swinging a position in $AG. Friday was the first day in a long time when we saw a little break of that correlati ...
  • klarson18: @scottrades $AAL $DAL $UAL $LUV $SPY $GLD $AG $GDX $KL $CCL $RCL $NCLH $STML $APDN #Airlines #Gold #Gold #Covid19 I don't see the key support at 25.80 for $LUV. Can you explain
  • scottrades: $GDX #Miners holding up well here. $BNV $SAND $EGO $AG $FNV $AEM $GFI $IAG $KGC $AUY
  • shoredriver: @scottrades $GDX $BNV $SAND $EGO $AG $FNV $AEM $GFI $IAG $KGC $AUY #Miners ......$JNUG$NUGT........
  • indigo1948: @scottrades $GDX $BNV $SAND $EGO $AG $FNV $AEM $GFI $IAG $KGC $AUY #Miners - holding $SAND and entered $AG this morning - group looks like it will be a good hedge with the market uncertainty right now. Thanks for pointing out $AG Scott. Only wish I had held $GDX.
  • scottrades: @scottrades $GDX $BNV $SAND $EGO $AG $FNV $AEM $GFI $IAG $KGC $AUY #Miners Wow, these are chopping around today. I turned away and saw a big flush.
  • scottrades: Set my stop on $AG and $SAND at LOD. Mining stocks are hard to trade. You can get a big surge and massive move up, fade throughout the day and then a run into the close, meanwhile you're flipping around to 1 min, 5 min and 10 min times frames all day trying to figure it out. So I'm trying not to over think it and just letting it either work or take me out.
  • shoredriver: @scottrades $AG $SAND ...I just roll with $JNUG and $NUGT....hold for a bit and maybe sell fat weeklies.....
  • indigo1948: @scottrades $AG $SAND - my problem exactly-too much over analysis on small time frames. I believe your stop has to be fairly wide otherwise there is a strong likelihood of being "shaken out" which happens to me too often. I am in both of these and will give them some "breathing room."
  • scottrades: @shoredriver $AG $SAND $JNUG $NUGT Those are good as well. I've traded em many times.
  • scottrades: Sold out of $AG. Trying to cut down positions so I can focus on new ideas during our session tomorrow morning.
  • AlexH: @scottrades $AG check out $NET, looks pretty strong for a trade tomorrow earnings on the 7th
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Stock Price $USD 17.88
Change -2.56%
Volume 4,065,630

The Company is engaged in production, development, exploration, and acquisition of mineral properties with a focus on silver in Mexico and owns three producing silver mines, the La Parrilla Silver Mine, the San Martin Silver Mine & the La Encantada Mine.

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