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November 22nd, 2019
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  • champ: ...
    However I'm currently not holding any tech positions but entries are starting to look a little better now. I did take profits on these small swings this morning, $STNE, $MTN and $LGIH, also on these new Day-Trades, $NTNX and $IIPR. Mostly all my po ...
  • champ: $CLF, insiders buying...posted yesterday.
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $CLF I've posted the option buying the past week has been heavy. Again this morning another 18K Oct 7 calls bought.
  • Nepenthe: $CLF Took a stab. Why not? (probably many reasons). Just playing around. Bounce trade, or whatever else it turns into. Stop below yesterday's sell-off low. Cheers.
  • champ: @Nepenthe $CLF @ $7.00 ---- Yes exactly, why not ...could be or looks like entry, short and long term. You could sure be looking at entry, #great-post, for a bounce-trade.
  • CraigReynolds: @Nepenthe @champ $CLF #great-post Yesterday in both the $6 calls (37K contracts) and $7 calls (37K contracts), Oct time frame. Today heavy again in both at 1.5K contracts, Oct time frame. Some big money bets something will happen and going up.
  • champ: @CraigReynolds $CLF #great-post --- Remember....if it works, thats great and if it doesn't, this is only a trading position, for now, not really an investment position, at this time but it could turn into one.
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $CLF #great-post That is really all I'm saying. Just interesting how traders trade, options are not for investment I don't believe. Been tracking about 25 stocks where option plays are unusual as Najarian's say. To date reviewing there unusual option trades, about 64% seem to work out. Of those the past 8 weeks, of the 64%, 16% doubled plus. It's a learning game with me. Most of the time during the trade time limit, the stock breaks out and you need to be ready to act because they fall back fast. I know this is not an option site but testing to see how stock reacts to the unusual option plays. In the case of $CLF, watching stock to see what happens at option expiration or before. Just enjoying life.
  • champ: @CraigReynolds $CLF #great-post --- Exactly, just enjoy life, thats about all we can do, we just need to always stay on the fun-train.
  • Nepenthe: $CLF Interesting how much insider trading there was in August, all mostly above 8.00; I wonder if they'll start buying more once it hits 6; oops, almost there. Eyeing 6.30 and 5.60 now. NP. Cheers.
  • CraigReynolds: @Nepenthe $CLF Look at the option buying today. This Fridays exp, the 7 calls 7K; 7.5 calls 3K; the 8 calls 1K, then the Oct exp 6 calls 33K and 7 calls, another 33K. Alot of buying near and future months.
  • tnt:

    $CLF has pulled back to trendline support level that has held for years going back to 2016. CEO, CFO, directors all in the open market buying ...
  • cb: $ISRG $CLF bought some here
  • cb: @cb $ISRG $CLF great buys both moving
  • tnt: $CLF turns green with a bullish dragonfly doji. CFO buying more shares on the open market today. Buying alongside the CFO is just about as clear as a buy signal you can get without have illegal inside information. He knows the books best.
  • cb: $CLF Moving Up Also
  • cb: $BOOT $EL $LABU $CLF Picked up some of these
  • cb: $CLF possible bounce off the vwap
  • Nepenthe: @cb $CLF Are you looking at this for a day trade? Or longer? I jumped back in yesterday--as I've been in and out for quite awhile--with a tight stop as I don't see why this can't go down to 7.40-ish after it fell below 8.46. Keeping a wary eye on it. Cheers.
  • cb: @Nepenthe $CLF LONG Term Hold think Small Build a Pos Slowly. Could go lower if so I will add more when it settles a bit
  • tnt: From $GS last night-- "Boosts Iron Price Forecasts As Market ‘Remains Tight’ IO will Rebound To $115/Ton In 3 Months-Iron Ore Prices Needs To Rise To Balance Market" $CLF holds top position as largest iron ore producer of pellets in North America & 1 of the lowest cost producers in the world. $CLF stands to benefit the most from the surge in Iron Ore
  • tnt: $CLF CFO buys 30,000 shares on the open market yesterday. 25% of float sold short. Double bottom bounce off long term support level.
  • tnt: $CLF two more insider open market purchases today on top of the large buy from the CFO yesterday. $CLF buying back stock and 25% short interest for #jetfuel #infrastructure . Float is tightening up nicely for a squeeze higher...
  • tnt: Steel stocks are on fire sale today. I am buying back a large position in $CLF after taking profits after earnings. Anything under $10 will be a great buy longer term. HBI plant coming online next summer going to make $CLF a free cash flow money machine.
  • tnt: $X dipping a toe in long here. Looking forward steel prices have already starting marching higher. $CLF
  • Nepenthe: $CLF Quite a nice run since 10:15. Sill hold a 1/4 position; 25% short float. Looking to add if this action today continues. Cheers.
  • tnt: $CLF constructive action using the 20 day sma as support on this pullback. I am reentering $CLF long here $10.83 looking for a move back to post earnings highs and beyond
  • bRobert: $CLF 20d bounce Repeat performance. $12 next target Zig zagging higher
  • tnt: Selling most of my stake in $CLF today with plans to buy back under $11. Seeing some better opportunities elsewhere for my cash near term. It has been a nice run. I will get back in later.
  • bRobert: $JJC Copper bottoming action $FCX Copper AND gold $14 target $SLX reversal base Many names poised to move higher $NUE $X $CLF
  • martyrb3: $CLF Reported pre-market this morning. Earnings and Revenue surprises of 21.15% and 21.31% respectively. Long
  • bRobert: @martyrb3 $CLF Long LEAP calls $17+ WEEKLY target
  • tnt: $CLF earnings beat and stock trading well. I see $CLF going to $15 in the coming weeks. 71 million shares sold short for dynamite.
  • bRobert: @tnt $CLF Word
  • champ: $STLD...climbing, they will be reporting earnings after the markets close on Monday 7/22. I have a position, looks like entry off of $CLF.
  • gwenzee: @champ $STLD $CLF Want to get into STLD and have been waiting for a B/P to my entry price. Maybe on Monday, or not.
  • bRobert: @champ $STLD $CLF Bullish upside technical targets . The info is out there Heavy metal trades working precious and not so much
  • champ: @bRobert $STLD $CLF --- Yep, I agree...I'm also holding these positions $CMC, with size and $SCHN. Plus I'm watching all the other names in the sector.
  • tnt: $CLF just reported an earnings beat and the rally is just heating up. $CLF has significant tailwinds with soaring iron ore prices and bottoming steel prices. Insiders are buying the stock and $CLF has a company buyback. HBI plant is coming in on budget and ahead of schedule. Also, short interest has grown to a whopping 25% that will need to be covered as $CLF continues to climb. $CLF is still very undervalued. Chart shows $CLF above a multimonth resistance line and $CLF looks headed to last summer's highs at $13. I am long for a position trade and will be adding on a dips.
  • tnt: I am adding here to $CLF to hold through earnings on Friday. 25% of the float is sold short setting up for an explosive move higher. Shorts have been trying to call a top on iron ore for months and it continues to go parabolic higher. $CLF's main product is mining and selling iron ore. Check out the chart of iron ore with link here below.
  • bRobert: @tnt $CLF Long leap calls
  • martyrb3: @bRobert $CLF Just now jumped higher. Long July calls getting more profitable.
  • DAN: $STLD $AA -- alerts just went off. Both breaking out. Steel stocks are working. $CLF also at resistance.
  • tnt: @martyrb3 $CLF Looking at the price chart of iron ore is as close as it gets to having the answers to the test ahead of time. All that is left heading into Friday's earnings are natural buyers and short covering. (71 million shares worth)
  • tnt: @DAN $STLD $AA $CLF a push through $11.09 from last week should bring in a whole new wave of buyers
  • tnt: @bRobert $CLF Let the winners run!
  • debeers: @DAN $STLD $AA $CLF -So you think that the governing bodies of this country who cannot even agree on what day it is will suddenly come together in a cumbaya moment and decide to repair bridges, airports, crumbling buildings???
  • tnt: $CLF new highs. Only natural buyers and short covering are left. #rocketshop #shortsqueeze
  • champ: @tnt $CLF #rocketshop #shortsqueeze ---- Back in the days, before all the real idiot's (EPA) took over, this stock was at $100, in 2011. This stock is going higher...just a matter of time. Just put this one and maybe all your other investment position's, in the bank. Everything just takes time, as you and I know. I'm also holding $CMC and $SCHN and I was building on those flash drops, and I'm still adding.
  • bRobert: $CLF $20+ WEEKLY target Long Leap calls
  • tnt: @champ $CLF $CMC $SCHN #rocketshop #shortsqueeze $SCHN is one steel name I almost forgot about. Thanks for the reminder to put back on the list
  • DAN: @debeers $STLD $AA $CLF No.
  • bRobert: $EW add stop just below 20d on add $X $17 reversal target Long calls $CLF Long leap calls
  • tnt: $CLF new short interest a whopping 71.6 million shares or 25% of float sold short. $CLF has insider buying and company buyback in place. I think $CLF rallies into earnings which are July 19th. $CLF sells iron ore which has been on a monster run this year so earnings should be very good.
  • tnt: $CLF held yesterday's lows. Uptrend. Above all major moving averages. 20 day sma acting as support. 23% of float sold short. Adding here.
  • tnt: @tnt $CLF here is my chart on $CLF. Successful retest of 20 day sma support as well as previous trendline resistance is now acting as support.
  • tnt: I posted an opportunity to take some profits with $CLF at $11. I am now buying those shares back at double support level on a retest of previous trendline resistance which is now support and the 20 day ma. $CLF is in an uptrend above all the major moving averages which are also turned higher. CEO and CFO are buying shares on the open market and the company also has a robust buyback in place for additional support.
  • Nepenthe: @tnt $CLF Good timing! I had just noticed a bounce off the 20ma, and thought "hmmm..." and that's as far as the thought traveled, and then I saw your post. I cut back also, but kept a comfortably sizable position. I appreciated your weighing in. Cheers.
  • tnt: @Nepenthe $CLF I think $CLF smashes the earnings estimates, CEO just bought shares and has done a few recent interviews touting bullish prospects for $CLF and the bull case for iron ore. I just take a look at this chart of iron ore whenever I think of selling $CLF .
  • CraigReynolds: @tnt $CLF Own $CLF since early June in LT account and lost track of the commodity price. Heavy buying July 9 calls today Thanks.
  • tnt: I am trimming some $CLF today into strength with hopes to buy back later on a pullback. $CLF has had a monster move and hard to not take some off the table.
  • bRobert: $ARNC . nh . I missed the entire move. Pity . $CLF . $12+ . reversal target 1 $JJC .WEEKLY double bottom bounce Watching for move >50d . Broader implications to this metal.
  • tnt: $CLF is trading just like we want. Climbing the wall of worry in an orderly fashion right up the upper bollinger band. Iron ore is screaming higher & a quarter of the float is sold short & needs covered. Insiders are buying and company is buying back stock. #shortsqueeze coming
  • bRobert: @tnt $CLF #shortsqueeze Agree 110% Long leap calls
  • tnt: @bRobert $CLF #shortsqueeze This iron ore price chart is a beauty! For those who do not know, $CLF is the largest iron ore producer in North America, so higher iron ore prices go right into fattening up their margins.
  • tnt: $CLF pushing on last week's highs. If we can close above $10.70 this should take us to $13 in the coming days
  • champ: @tnt $CLF --- Positive China, News will bounce this stock, for sure...I'm also holding a position.
  • Nepenthe: @champ $CLF Above average volume today also. Cheers.
  • champ: @Sluggo ---- #Weekly-Recap -- $OC $Z $ZG $HD $GVA $USCR $SUM $EXP $TREX $LGIH, Thanks, and I will take a look at your positions. Yes, these are the positions, that I'm currently holding in the housing sector, but a few are in construction. However ...
  • tnt: @champ $CLF Keep your posts coming champ. You and I are looking at a lot of the same stocks.
  • tnt: @Nepenthe $CLF yep, 2nd highest volume in the past two months
  • tnt: $CLF has definitely pushed through downtrending resistance and looks headed back to $13+ which is the 2018 highs. CEO, CFO, and other directors are buying stock on the open market all while the company continues to increase the amount of shares authorized in the buyback. $CLF is a free cash flow machine as they take advantage of surging iron ore prices. $CLF could be a takeover target for the likes of $MT and $NUE who would benefit by locking in their input cost for iron ore. 23% of shares are sold short and need to be for covered which adds #rocketfuel #shortsqueeze
  • tnt: $CLF previous resistance is now support. $CLF retested the trendline breakout level which coincides with the 200 day ema which is now support and turned higher. Insiders are buying shares and $CLF has a share buyback in place for extra support. US infrastructure needs rebuilt with or without an infrastructure bill. I think $CLF is a $20+ stock in 2020. I am long $CLF as my largest holding.
  • tnt: @tnt $CLF 64 million shares sold short for #rocketfuel, company buyback, insiders buying. Perfect storm for bulls!
  • Forexpro: @tnt $CLF #rocketfuel

    Dunno, TNT,

    This ticker has shown large short interest for a while now, and several potentially positive developments have been mentioned here in the past few months. With that said, since the close on the company's Feb 8 ear ...
  • tnt: @Forexpro $CLF $SPY While I appreciate the acknowledgement of past performance in a stock, we both know that this really has no bearing on future performance. I care not where a stock has been but by where it might go. The chart I posted here for $CLF shows a breakout above a downtrending resistance line and a now successful retest of what is now support (previous resistance)and happens to coincide with a long term moving average (200 da ema) which is now starting to turn higher. This give a nice entry here with a stop just below for risk management if one chooses. Have a good evening.
  • Forexpro: @tnt $CLF $SPY

    Understood, TNT,

    Thanks. My point, really, is that you've been pounding the table, loudly, on this stock through good times and (mostly) bad, without any obvious reference to any form of analysis except your enthusiasm. There was a ...
  • CraigReynolds: $X $CRC $NUE $CLF $CRS $EXP $OSB Spec trades. These are companies that contribute to the construction plays in road and commercial buildings. Both road and commercial construction are big growing construction phases in the USA. Look for good entries. They are Speculative Plays so enter wisely but the construction in these areas are needed and have to be done.
  • lostsheep: $CLF - nice bounce off the daily 200 ema
  • CraigReynolds: @Sher $X Was in and bought more July 15c first thing today -- double already. Commercial construction is a boom industry. $NUE $CLF $CRC $SCHN $STLD Most companies that supply roof metal decks or even metal roofs for homes/commercial buildings (USA made) have major backlogs. Commercial construction projects like schools are being constructed all over the county. Decking and roofing require 3-4 months before delivery. Road work requiring steel is happening, no choice, has to be done all over country. Watch $OSB. Big up day 6/14 and believe more to come. This is from Canada and trade deal was holding it back. Majority from Canada also produced in USA.
  • spmeyers: @lostsheep $CLF textbook chart pattern: break of downtrend, pullback to breakout point; for me the phase 3 move is not yet confirmed however; maybe tomorrow
  • Nepenthe: @tnt $PE $XOP $APC $OXY $CVX $FANG $PXD $NBL $CXO Unrelated, $CLF, are you still in this? I sold on its most recent pop, keeping a partial position, and curious now to see what it will around do around the 50/20 ma's. Cheers.
  • tnt: @Nepenthe $PE $XOP $APC $OXY $CVX $FANG $PXD $NBL $CXO $CLF Yes, I am still in $CLF. I have a core position as a long term holding and trading around it. Nice move on selling the pop. I am actually adding to $CLF here under $10
  • tnt: $CLF has seen consistent buying throughout 2019 by the insiders including both the CEO and CFO. $CLF recently pushed through trend line resistance and rallied for a few days before pulling back here to retest the breakout level. I am buying shares under $10. Previous resistance is now support. Also, there are 68 million shares sold short for recketfuel.
  • bRobert: @tnt $CLF Long leap calls. Patient. $FCX $X many others with high % upside potential
  • Nepenthe: @tnt $PE $XOP $APC $OXY $CVX $FANG $PXD $NBL $CXO $CLF Thanks for your response, as always much appreciated. I, too, am looking to add. Cheers.
  • champ: @scottrades $X --- The $XME, sector started to turn on 6/1...$CMC $SCHN $CLF $STLD $NUE ....Metal's are working, always need watch for sector turns. Watch forum post, for these entries...they were all posted.
  • Nepenthe: $CLF Could this be the day? Breached the 50/100/200 ma all in one swoop. High short interest. Of course, if it holds above all those, and continues, I'm under-invested, trying to be cautious in this strange market. And so it goes...
  • indigo1948: @Nepenthe $CLF -I am in with a fairly decent sized position but watching it for an addition if it proves to have a continuation of this move. All the best.
  • Nepenthe: @indigo1948 $CLF Thanks. Wish you the best also. Cheers.
  • bRobert: @Nepenthe $CLF Very good set up Long leap calls $12/$17+ LONG TERM
  • Sher: ...
    $CLF – Doubled down on June $10 call position in anticipation of breakeven status by OpEx (hope trade).

    $QCOM – Rebound spec. trade – June $70 calls…

    New positions, EOD: $STOR, Oct. $35 calls; $VNQ, Sept. $89 calls; $SQ, J ...
  • Nepenthe: @tnt $CLF, or anyone else who'd like to chime in. Out when it dropped below 9, back in two days ago for a "spec" position, then added yesterday, and then sold half today. Don't know if it's setting up for a "short" scenario or the much anticipated short squeeze; but then I don't know much about anything market related these days other than risk/reward. Any thoughts from the cognoscenti? Cheers.
  • Nepenthe: @Remington $CLF I read that also. I appreciate your response. Now holding too what I consider a "core" position. Cheers.
  • Remington: @Nepenthe $CLF All I can add is CEO said HRC "hot rolled coil" (made mistake before called it cold rolled)prices are going higher in 2nd half of year. Take with grain of salt but he has been pretty spot on and a very good captain of that ship. I own at much lower levels from 2 summers ago and added around 6$ in Feb also added a little last week below 9$ will shed some at 10$ but keep core pos, its been good to me.
  • indigo1948: @Remington $CLF - I own also with a core position. Know the background of the CEO and you are correct -he is quite sharp and knows his markets.
  • Nepenthe: $CLF It's green! I actually have a "green" holding! Happy days are here again, the skies above...
  • Nepenthe: $CLF Aren't the "shorts" supposed to be squeezing by now? Looks like it might leak southward out the "box." Hmm...cheers.
  • tnt: $CLF green and running. $VALE warning of another dam collapse. Iron ore ripping. Perfect setup for a #shortsqueeze. 68 million short. $CLF is my largest holding
  • bRobert: @tnt $CLF $VALE #shortsqueeze Running green is not good in my business. ;)
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Cliffs Natural Resources Inc. is a mining & natural resources company. It produces iron ore pellets, fines and lump ore, and metallurgical coal.

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