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  • manoli77: $AI looks good as well.....very similar looking to the $SQ chart
  • DAN: ...
    $AI -- stocks coming out of bases have a lot of shakeouts.
    $SNAP -- Probably the best example of why it’s not wise to hold over earnings. Snaptwitters are having a bad day.
  • manoli77: $AI chart looking interesting....similar looking to $ZM @scottrades thoughts?
  • Fredjo: Stocks on my watchlist for a swing trade : $ALT - good volume , close above MA50 & 8EMA crossover with 50MA $DBX - good volume , close above MA50 and 8 EMA crossover $AI
  • gt: $AI #dumpster-diving not buying here. waiting to see if it forms bottom.
  • vitoB: $AI would have been q good 59min trade...
  • Babutters: $AI the market is the market. Off 75% from the years highs. Lots of bag holders. interesting they signed a 5yr/$500m DoD contract which represents 14% of their current market value and sell off. I started a small position RHRN.
  • manoli77: $AI up huge afterhours ....~25% as US Department of Defense Awards C3 AI $500 Million Agreement. Not bad for a company with a market cap of $3.3B before the announcement. ~17% short of float. Stock may take off tomorrow due to short covering. https://www.businesswire.com/news/home/20211209006092/en/Department-of-Defense-Awards-C3-AI-500-Million-Agreement
  • RoderickKnoll: $AI $BA $ARKK $URI $MARA Added March debit call spreads today. $URI $360/380, $AI $30/35, $ARKK $100/110, $BA $210/225 $MARA had the dumb luck of buying back short legs this morning prior to pop. What is that saying about the blind squirrel? Pardon me, vision impaired squirrel.
  • sgiseller: $AI Continues it's move up, 10% over last 5 days after a very long base
  • Motorman: @sgiseller $AI ER today AMC
  • kbrowe: @scottrades $ZM $CRWD $FUTU $LI $CHWY $AKTS $CTLT $CLDR $DOCU $CHPT $AEO $NTES $AVGO $AI $STNE $SWBI $OKTA $DBI $FIVE $SIG $CHS $NDSN $VEEV $BNR $PLAN $PVH $SOL $ASAN $CIEN $AMBA $CPB $DAO $AMWD $CONN $MCFT $NTNX $CAL $VRA $TTC $REX $DOOO #earnings Many thanks, I find this ER summary format very helpful in planning for the week.
  • gt: $AI watching this carve out potential bottom.
  • zimzala: $AI Starter off the 8EMA.
  • BocaRick: $AI earnings after the close, continues pop over 50MA on good volume
  • mradams0621: $AI Volume
  • Motorman: @mradams0621 $AI Yes, saw it in am up 2-3 % now up 13%. ER tomorrow.
  • Motorman: @MRadams0621 $AI 16%short ER tomorrow AH
  • mradams0621: #Bottompicking $AI IPO enthusiasm high$182.95, now on sale for a third of that. What a bargain! (maybe)
  • Pokersmith: ...
    In particular, he says that investors are losing their appetite for the fastest-growing, highest priced shares, with companies growing north of 30% down almost 30% for the year to date. Fast growers like Coupa Software($COUP) , Palantir Technologies ...
  • bRobert: @Pokersmith $ZM $DOCU $MSFT $COUP $PLTR $MDB $RNG $AI #BS $PLTR small W $22+ potential 50d ceiling np
  • gpburdell17: $AI finally remounted the 8-day EMA on volume.
  • mradams0621: #Bottom picking $AI good weekly and daily chart
  • sierramp: @mradams0621 $AI #Bottom Good vol and technicals except for MAs. I started a small position to keep an eye on it.
  • Motorman: @Motorman $COIN #Schwab But good catch on $AI traded it in past ;)
  • mradams0621: #IPO #Bottompicking #zig-zag #channel-trading $AI @Yuls, are you still in this? Time to add RHRN?
  • Yuls: @mradams0621 $AI #IPO #Bottompicking #zig-zag #channel-trading Only had one-day trade , tight stop got hit on the rest. Now will watch for potential entry, thanks for the reminder
  • Yuls: @mradams0621 $AI #IPO #Bottompicking #zig-zag #channel-trading broke down the channel, found support at 65d ema, but not much buying interest so far...
  • gt: $AI moving well
  • scottrades: @gt $AI Looks like it's trying to move out of it's range.
  • scottrades: Mentioned by @gt below but in case you missed it, $AI is moving here, trying to breakout of it's range.
  • mradams0621: #IPO $AI working but pulling back. If it bounces RHRN at the 8 it could break out for a run higher. But it could pull back further and bounce off the 20 first also. Or it could drop like a rock and die like a sick dog. Who knows. Do like the sector and the chart, so far so good.
  • mradams0621: $AI Setup with trigger and volume
  • tartan: I subscribed to IBD last night I use to years ago but got away from it $AI caught my eye Bot this morning and just sold it after a nice multi point run up I have always been a sucker for IPO's
  • tartan: Reason I sold $AI Looks to me like there was a battle between 160 and 170 between the Bulls n Bears Looks like the Bears won the first round Tested it a few days ago and Bulls ran back before they got their BUTTS kicked again They will return but not with me
  • mradams0621: #IPO $AI gap up on news. Also interesting that the float is 60m and insiders buying 27m in the last 3 mo. per Schwab data.
  • Yuls: $AI nice intraday look so far if it holds
  • Yuls: @Yuls $AI oh no, i meant $AFRM :)
  • mradams0621: #IPO $AI moving with volume on news. Also, interesting that the float is 60m and insiders buying 27m in the last 3 mo. per Schwab data. How much of a factor is that? Not sure how accurate that data is or how often revised.
  • mradams0621: @mradams0621 $AI #IPO @Scottrades. Do you look at insider activity much for swing trades? Is there a good way to verify the data?
  • scottrades: @mradams0621 $AI #IPO You can look at SEC filings to see what people are doing. I use Marketsmith mostly to see the percentage of ownership.
  • mradams0621: @scottrades $AI #IPO Thanks, but that does not speak to major increase in insiders buying in the short term recently. Cramer often says management sells at various times for lots of reasons, but they only buy when they know something good is coming.
  • mradams0621: #IPO $AI Trying to get above prior day close. If it clears HOD could be starting next leg up. Long from lower and watching to add.
  • mradams0621: $AI Nice aft hrs move up on news. Watch at the open tomorrow.
  • Yuls: Some IPOs to keep an eye on $AI $AFRM $DRVN
  • scottrades: Nice Daily chart on $AI. Watch above 148
  • Kckc: @scottrades $AI I don’t understand the chart. Is it an iPo?
  • gt: $AI moving well
  • mradams0621: $AI IPO, ZIG TO ZAG?
  • gt: $AI holdings it gains so far
  • Motorman: $AI Glad Somebody likes it.
  • Yuls: $AI $AFRM $WISH may be setting up, keeping on radar next few days
  • Yuls: $AI > 145, up PM, so watching on a potential PB to yest HOD/145 $SPG > 89.30 nice BO yest, watching for continuation $MP > 35.30 $JD > 91.60 $XL > 23 $JMIA continuation watch, would add on a pullback
  • mradams0621: $AI 60MIN chart break out w/ volume
  • mradams0621: $AI recovering nicely. Anyone have long term holdings in artificial intel. field?
  • mradams0621: $AI @Scottrades Like the 30 min volume chart. Like the sector. Watching for IPO set up but considering get an early cheat. Take a look when you get a chance. Your thoughts would be appreciated.
  • scottrades: @mradams0621 $AI I see what you're looking at. I actually think the 10 min tells a better story. Nice volume pops and moves back to support within the uptrend.
  • traderdl: $AI bulls stepped in at lows - 25 pt recovery - pushing ath
  • Motorman: @traderdl $AI Saw it moving just could not add, have a few from below.
  • traderdl: $AI round trip -
  • martyrb3: $AI Hot IPO keeps going up. Watching with small position.
  • traderdl: $AI nonstop from last week - hope you got in
  • jjohn: $AI New high today. sold half of my position #IPO
  • traderdl: $AI - approaching recent IPO high
  • jjohn: $AI Close to the high #IPO
  • traderdl: $AI breaks IPO high
  • traderdl: $AI - 6 pts since 1st post
  • jjohn: @traderdl $AI It just ran away. Watching for pullback
  • traderdl: $AI continues higher
  • Yuls: $AI trying to stay above hourly down trendline
  • Forexpro: ...
    Better Strategy Session even than usual from Dan, with a number of pertinent cautions and reminders. I was glancing over things this morning, and as a former (reformed?) currency specialist, I couldn't help but notice that the Pound Sterling (GBP) i ...
  • antonygrk: is $AI a gamble at this point?. Wanted to buy some yesterday in the mid $90 but didn't pull the trigger.
  • scottrades: @antonygrk $AI It's not really my kind of trade. I like them to establish a base of some kind first. Sorry I can't be more helpful.
  • ReneeH: @antonygrk $AI it's Tom Siebel's new company, been around a long time...but buying an IPO early out of the gate like this is risky. fwiw, I'd consider buying/owning these guys after the price settles down for a while. food for thought.
  • Bert953: @scottrades $AI could take a marker of 2-5 shares and add on strength.
  • antonygrk: @ReneeH $AI Thanks :)
  • scottrades: @Bert953 $AI Yep, that's one way to keep your eyes on it.
  • greenpatrol: @antonygrk $AI C3.ai, Inc. (C3.ai) is an enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) software company. The Company provides software-as-a-service (SaaS) application that enables deployment of enterprise-scale AI applications. C3.ai provide two families of software solutions: C3 AI Suite and C3 AI applications. Its C3 AI Suite is an end-to-end platform-as-a-service allowing customers to design, develop, provide, and operate enterprise AI applications. The Company's customers can utilize the C3 AI Suite to build and operate their own enterprise AI applications. Its C3 AI applications is a portfolio of turnkey cross-industry and industry-specific enterprise AI applications, which is built using the C3 AI Suite that can be installed and deployed. The Company offers turnkey enterprise AI applications to serve the needs of a list of vertical market segments including oil and gas, chemicals, utilities, manufacturing, financial services, defense, intelligence, aerospace, healthcare, and telecommunications.
  • antonygrk: @scottrades $AI sounds good, the rush of IPO's is distracting, feels like I'm late, and need to catch up, which leads me to forget about sticking to a trading strategy :)
  • HGIGuy: @greenpatrol $AI I think I can use a non-AI intelligence boost. LOL
  • greenpatrol: @HGIGuy $AI Hahaha! I hear you... me too. $VERI has been doing well for me. That is also an AI software company.
  • martyrb3: $AI New IPO "rocket ship". Up 31% now. C3.ai, Inc. operates as an enterprise artificial intelligence (AI) software company. The company provides software-as-a-service applications for enterprises. Its software solutions include C3 AI Suite, a platform-as-a-service application development and runtime environment that enables customers to design, develop, and deploy enterprise AI applications. Appears to provide AI support for many dimensions of business. NP but want to know more.
  • antonygrk: @greenpatrol $AI awesome thank you!
  • sweeper240: $AI ipo just now.
  • rnrdallas1939: I have noticed a few posts about #YEILDHOGS so I thought I would post the last list that jan2138 posted on the SMM website. I have culled a few that are no longer listed or dropped the div . $AGNC $AI $ARCC $BCFS $CIM $CLNY $CNSL $LUMN (was CTL) $DX $ERN $ETJ $ETW $ETY $EXG $GSBD $HRZN $IVR $LADR $MAIN $MRCC $NEWT $NLY $NMFC $NRE $NRZ $NYMT $NYMTO $OFS $OXLC $OXSQ $PNNT $PSEC $SAR $TCPC $$TPVG $TSVG $TWO $UNIT $UTF $VGR I have others, that I use, but this was jan2138 list. Now remember this is just a list not a recommendation just a place to start. The system is simple buy, get div, sell "rinse wash repeat". There is more to the process but it has to your process.
  • Forexpro: @rnrdallas1939 $AGNC $AI $ARCC $BCFS $CIM $CLNY $CNSL $LUMN $DX $ERN $ETJ $ETW $ETY $EXG $GSBD $HRZN $IVR $LADR $MAIN $MRCC $NEWT $NLY $NMFC $NRE $NRZ $NYMT $NYMTO $OFS $OXLC $OXSQ $PNNT $PSEC $SAR $TCPC $TPVG $TSVG $TWO $UNIT $UTF $VGR #YEILDHOGS Thanks, MrDallas1939, Be it noted that "BCFS" should be "BCSF" (for "Bain Capital Specialty Finance") which I've been long for quite some time. It went ex- a dividend of 0.34 today, and continues to pay out north of 12 percent. I will admit that the folks at the fund whose portfolio manager first mentioned the ticker to me refer to it as "(S)inking (F)ast", but that isn't fair on most days. The outfit continues to own quite a lot of shares. Here's hoping that you're doing well; all the best!
  • Ajax4Hire: @TopCat1000 $NRZ #YieldHogs and #ScotTrades What is your analysis on $AI - Arlington Asset Investment? 21.8% APR Dividend(suposebly!) Chart shows nice under-damped decay to 50day-MA. For me, under $10(@$5.83) is a warning I do not ignore. What say you?
  • scottrades: @Ajax4Hire $NRZ $AI #YieldHogs I see a 15.4% Yield. One thing I've learning about Dividend Stocks is typically, the Higher The Payout The Riskier The Stock. The Fact that $AI hasn't been above the 200 Day MA since 2017 is troubling. I think you want them to chop sideways or go up.
  • 86944T: @Ajax4Hire $NRZ $AI #YieldHogs #ScotTrades I keep a log of all @jan2138 notes on the yield hog stocks back to 2018 and have an avoid list. $AI is on it.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $AI Initiated at Buy by JonesTrading. Price target $7.25. This surprises me. After the last ER, I don't see why anyone would buy this except for a short term play. My post on 11/22/19 goes into more detail.
  • Ajax4Hire: @jan2138 $OXLC uuuggg, below $10 and in the penalty box chart-wise. Yes, $0.135/month/share * 12months/year * 1share/$8.28 = 19.54% APR My bet is $OXLC will next go to a variable payout to mitigate their slow slide in liquidity and value. For example, look at: $AI - Arlington Asset Investment Corp. Also a very high APR with monthly dividend. I owned $AI for a year watching dividend cover the value lost. I will not be seduced by the easy Dividend again, Beware. $OXLC Dividend: $0.135/share/month http://ir.oxfordlanecapital.com/file/Index?KeyFile=400744526 Monthly dividend payment.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs #Ex-Dividend In addition to $NRZ, the following are ex-div. today: $NYMTO, $CIM, $CLNY, $EARN, $MITT, $GSBD, $BCSF, $UNIT, $AI.
  • RedLeaf1: @jan2138 $NRZ $NYMTO $CIM $CLNY $EARN $MITT $GSBD $BCSF $UNIT $AI #Ex-Dividend Thanks for the posts. Received my dividends in $NEWT today. Nice.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $AI reported AH on 11/7/19. GAAP Net Loss was (.23) per share vs. (.67) in Q-2. Core Operating Income was .18 per share vs. .23 in Q-2. This trend has been .60, .58, .52, .58, .57, .59, .47, .44, .32, .23 and now .18. Do you see a trend h ...
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $AI $GSBD $IVR $LADR $MAIN $UNIT $WHF report on Thursday, 11/7/19.
  • jan2138: @yieldhogs $AI will report AH on 11/7/19. CC scheduled for 9:00 a.m.on 11/8/19.
  • jan2138: @wildfire3d #YH List : I am long or track. Those with the $ in front, I am long. Those that do not, I track. $AI; $BCSF; $CIM; $CLNY; $CNSL; CTL; EARN; $ETJ; $ETW; $ETY; $EXG; $GPM; $GSBD; $HRZN; $HTGC; $IVR; $LADR; $MAIN; MCC; MFA; $MITT; $MRCC; $NEWT; $NMFC; NRE; $NRZ; $NYMTO; $OFS; $OXLC; $PNNT; $PSEC; $PTY; $SAR; $TCPC; $TPVG; $TSLX; UNIT; $UTF; VGR; $WHF; $WMC; AGNC; ARCC; DX; NLY; NYMT. A few that I am long, are tracking positions only too.
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Stock Price $34.49
Change 6.93%
Volume 27,348,600

Arlington Asset Investment Corp., is an investment firm that acquires and holds mortgage-related and other assets.

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