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Market Overview June 21st, 2013

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  • DrScience: #Airlines $ALK $JBLU $AAL testing the 200 DMA from below. $LUV has broken through to the upside. $UAL still the best in a bad neighborhood, while $SKYW and $ALGT have yet to achieve takeoff speeds. $HA reports tomorrow.
  • DrScience: $UAL $DAL $HA $ALGT Airlines are a mixed bag today, after Hawaiian Air announced (yesterday) that 4Q revenue would be down 3 to 5% instead of up. That tidbit was good for a 12% drop in the stock price, while Allegiant is working phase 3 of a volatility squeeze breakout with a move off the 8 EMA. The larger carriers are a tad more muted than their smaller brethren. $DAL $UAL getting some buying interest and I have closed Bear Call Spreads in both. Now just watching.
  • champ: $ALGT ....@ $122 far this is working....
  • champ: $ALGT....bounce-trade...still bouncing.
  • champ: #Airliners are working today...but like all stocks... they need help from the markets...$UAL had a great add-on entry off the dog news...$DAL $SAVE $HA $ALK still holding all...long term...2018 positions.. and I took profits on $ALGT.
  • Workinman: @champ $UAL $DAL $SAVE $HA $ALK $ALGT #Airliners Added to my $DAL position. I like the little 2.17% dividend kicker. Is there and airlines ETF that has caught your attention @champ?
  • bigbartabs: @Workinman $UAL $DAL $SAVE $HA $ALK $ALGT #Airliners ... I have used ETF JETS in the past. Be sure to look at the daily volumes to make sure it isn't too thin. I can't recall if this one is a problem or not... Good luck...
  • champ: @Workinman $UAL $DAL $SAVE $HA $ALK $ALGT #Airliners ---- ETF's are great trading instruments when the markets are working because the markets will move sectors. I don't have a position in $JETS but day and swing trades might work. I'm holding these ...
  • champ: $UAL @ $71.00 ---- #Airliners ---- This Is a very #StrongBuy going into the $JPM Aviation and Transportation Conference on Tuesday 3/13...the News is that today $JPM upgraded this stock, going into their #own conference and they said today that they ...
  • champ: $ALGT @ $173....#Airliner ....up $60 off the low...still holding.
  • champ: $CPA @ $129 and $ALGT @ $163....a couple of airline stocks to take a look at. $CPA reports earnings on 2/21/pm/confirmed, could and should move-up, going into earnings. The NewsFlow on both, is very positive and both dropped with the markets. I'm back-in both with new positions. Need to look at their WebSite, for info and the type of aircraft, that they have in their fleets, you will be surprised...and routes, $ALGT has 377 routes. Both of these stocks are zig-zaggers.
  • champ: @mopick $DAL ---- I have a position and a positive earnings report tomorrow from $UAL, could give it a kick...I have positions in $UAL $AAL and $JBLU also...and I believe all will slowly keep climbing. The sector is strong and has turned....however, ...
  • champ: $ALGT up $7.00 --- Airliner new upgrade....still holding this position.
  • champ: $ALGT -----Out....taking profits....
  • champ: $CPA @ $137 ---- Airliner that is located in the Republic of Panama. $JPM has this stock rated, at OverWeight and Schwab has it...Strongly OutPerform at A - 2, right at the top, this is how they word this rating A-2. They have one of the newest fleets in the world. Hurricanes and the 9/15 earthquake near Mexico City, all of these events cause major power outages and that cause many flight cancellations, over 450. Take a look at the positive #NewsFlow and their WebSite..for info. This airline is expected to have a big beat on their next earnings report, is what I'm reading. Thinly traded, low volume...just like $ALGT...and I have positions in both.
  • champ: $ALGT.....OUT @ $152....this morning...because they had a little news...that I didn't like.
  • champ: @traderbren $ALGT $LUV #Airliner --- #NewPosition in $LUV today...I followed you in....took profits on $ALGT and rolled into your airliner. This sector is going much higher. I'm also watching others, for News and I'm holding 5 positions now and I'm also adding trading positions.
  • champ: $ALGT ....Airliners... could be getting the rotation, that I have been posting about....$HA $ALK $SAVE $UAL
  • champ: $ALGT @ $152...up over 7%....#Airliner.
  • traderbren: @champ $ALGT #Airliner - yep, they are all flying high! Luckily, took positions in $LUV, $UAL yesterday.
  • champ: @traderbren $ALGT $LUV $UAL #Airliner ---- Good move and $LUV is also kicking xxx today.
  • Joe1927: #Airliners $ALK $HA $SAVE $UAL $ALGT

    From Business Travel News, a monthly trade publication

    Morgan Stanley Survey: Buyers Expect Higher Air Volume & Limited Fare Increases in 2018
    By Michael B. Baker / November 20, 2017

    More than two-thirds of ...
  • champ: $HA @ $39.75 HOD --- All the airline stocks are moving up today and I'm also holding, these positions.. on or near the lows $ALK $UAL $SAVE and $ALGT... has news today. I'm still looking for the sector to bounce off the lows...I have a few post on why I'm looking for rotation, into this sector..
  • champ: #Airliners --- Theirs an article this morning in the Washington Post, about a interview that David Koenig from AP, had with the # 2 man at $AAL...president Robert Isom, said at their headquarters in Fort Worth, Tx....and these #comments are in his wo ...
  • champ: $ALGT @ $136 HOD ---- Leisure travel company, this Airliner had a impact from #Hurricane Irma in Florida and it significantly had a negative effect on operations, in their Florida network....From September 6-12, they had to cancel more than 455 fligh ...
  • champ: $TRHC @ $34.30 --- I posted on this Health company, a small cap growth stock and it keeps climbing and volume is always thin and if you were to look are all the small/mid cap growth stocks, that I have been posting about, with thin volume, all are higher and some are much higher...these are a few $OSB $LGIH $TREX $GVA $USCR $EXP $BECN $GNRC $CBPX $VMC $MLM $ALGT ...I'm just saying just because volume is thin, it doesn't mean that the stocks can't move up. I'm holding most all of these positions and on a few, I'm coming in and$MLM $VMC $USCR and their are others.
  • DAN: @champ $TRHC $OSB $LGIH $TREX $GVA $USCR $EXP $BECN $GNRC $CBPX $VMC $MLM $ALGT The thinly traded stocks can sometimes the the stocks that go up the most.. There is risk in buying the thinly traded stocks. But if institutional traders start to buy, a small cap, thinly traded stock can make very very big gains.
  • champ: $ALGT ....nice move....
  • champ: @DAN $TRHC $OSB $LGIH $TREX $GVA $USCR $EXP $BECN $GNRC $CBPX $VMC $MLM $ALGT ---- I said something like that this morning. Thanks, for saying it correctly.
  • jetace: $COL here is my latest list of WEEKLY CHART Cup & Handle stocks which either are about to breakout or have broken out of the right side handle $WM $HE $DLR $FB $CCL $HD $AMZN $XLI $WCN $HST $CLI $NSA $XME $DFT $FISV $CHRW $TSM $COP $CBRL $CF $ALGT $COST $SHW $SBS $EBAY $NVDA $CNO $RDC $VMC $BTG $CLF
  • champ: ALGT $208.75 - I have been doing some research in this airline stock and I'm finding out they they focuses on smaller cities and have been doing very well in that market because no real competition. Now targeting medium size cities. They focus primarily on leisure travel to vacation destination like Las Vegas , Orlando ect. $ALGT also offers hotel rooms, rental cars and attraction tickets. They had strong earnings beats in Q4, Q1 and Q2 and are one of the biggest beneficiaries of falling jet fuel prices because they are not hedged. They operate in markets with little to no competitive service. Average daily volume is small at around 235,000. I have a swing starter position. $PSX new position this morning in this stock. I chased and had a good entry at $77.60.
  • champ: @champ $ALGT Follow-up - This stock dropping with oil rising here....not liking this at all.Howeve starter position is very small...but still no excuse. Probably going to be too hard to hold. Stock really Zig- Zags with oil. Not believing this oil spike here....might need time to settle in...? Stocks like $CVX and $XOM are flat with oil up today. However $FANG is up. I change my mind and sold all my oil stocks and took profits going into the weekend on only swing in this sector was $ETP and $CIE. I'm just only going to trade ETF"s like $UCO and $XOP ...many to choose from...could be a lot of risk in this sector after this bounce from $37 to $48 IMO. Just going to watch for a while.
  • janner0814: ...
    Regional Airlines: $SKYW 3.73%, $JBLU 3.20%, $LUV 2.22%, $OMAM 1.81%, $RJET 1.69%, $ALK 1.37%, $HA 1.25%, $ALGT 0.72%, $RYAAY -0.05%, $CPA -0.73%, $GOL -0.78%, $ERA -1.50%, $LFL -2.59%.

    On a side note, could be my imagination and a one hit wonder ...
  • GreenGhost: Airlines It's hard for me to see how this gets any real traction, especially with the change in the Senate in January, but stranger things have happened. Being one of my home state senators, I cringe when he comes out with sound bite causes like this and JSMH, but then he wouldn't be a Senator would he. I think he started this latest crusade last week. The sector seems to be shrugging this news off. More noise about airfares Senator Charles Schumer calls on the DOT to probe the airline industry for the high level of airfares despite the drop in jet fuel costs and booming airliner profits. By most tabulations, airfares have held steady over the last few weeks. Previously: IATA: Profits to rise 26% for airliners in 2015 (Dec. 10 2014) U.S. carriers: $LUV, $UAL, $DAL, $AAL, $JBLU, $ALK, $HA, $SAVE, $ALGT, $RJET, $VA.
  • vazv: Huge Earnings week highlights – Stay sharp! Many market movers! 4/21 – 4/25 - (confirmed unless noted) 4/21 Monday am - $HAL - pm - $NFLX, $RMBS, $HSTM 4/22 Tuesday am - $CMCSA, $SBNY(unconfirmed), $LMT - pm - $DFS, $GILD, $ILMN, $ISRG, $MANH, $PKG, $NBR, $SWKS, $VMW, $IRBT, $JNPR, $CBST, $YUM 4/23 Wednesday am - $BA, $BEAV, $BIIB, $MDCO, $TMO, $JAKK, $DAL,$SIX, $MDCO - pm - $AAPL, $ALGT, $FFIV, $FB, $QCOM, $CLB, $NXPI, $ALGN, $ORLY, $XLNX 4/24 am - $ALXN, $MMM, $CRR, $CELG, $HOT, $ODFL, $RTN, $HP, $LAD - pm - $AMZN, $BIDU, $V, $AFOP, $MAS, $SYNA, $CUDA, $GIMO, $HWAY, $WYN, $SBUX, During - $BBD, (unconfirmed) 4/25 am - $ALK Source - I did my best but please reply with corrections if you find errors.
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Wednesday's close $AEM, $AIZ, $AKAM, $ALGT, $ANGI, $ASGN, $AVB, $BDN, $CAKE, $CDNS, $CLGX, $CMO, $CMRE, $CTXS, $CVA, $EFX, $EGHT, $EQIX, $ESV, $ETFC, $EVR, $FBHS, $FFIV, $FIO, $FOE,FTNT, $GGG, $HRC, $INFN, $KFN, $LOGI, $LRCX, $LSI, $MLNX, $NOW, $NXPI, $ORLY, $PLCM, $PLXS, $QDEL, $QTM, $RE, $SCI, $SGMO, $SKX, $SLG, $SRCL, $STMP, $SUSQ, $SWFT, $SYMC, $T, $TAL, $TCBI, $TER, $TEX, $TMK, $TQNT, $TRIP, $TSCO, $TYL, $VAR, $WLL, WRE
  • scgaryinv: $DGI $SIMG I got long after hours. Not at a good price either. I hope I get lucky on these two earnings plays. $ALGT had a really good day yesterday I will be watching to see if there is some follow through on this one.
  • dlylis: $ALGT - Allegiant Travel's (ALGT) Allegiant Air unit will become the latest to charge passengers for using the overhead bins on flights, as it institutes a $35 fee beginning Wednesday. This may be an opportunity for a revival of the Nik-O-Lok company with a new twist on the old pay toilet concept ;-)
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Allegiant Travel downgraded at Deutsche
    $ALGT was downgraded from Buy to Hold, Deutsche Bank said. $54 price target.

    Alaska Air downgraded at Deutsche
    $ALK was downgraded from Buy to Hold, Deutsche Bank said. $80 price target.

  • GARY: ...
    $ALGT * Allegiant Travel Company * gapped up
    $BGG * Briggs & Stratton Corporation * gapped up
    $BK * Bank of New York Mellon Corporation (The) * gapped up
    $ICUI * ICU Medical Inc. * gapped up
    $LXK * Lexmark International, Inc. * gapped up
    MPS * ...
  • ronaldrussell: Institutional Money moving. I was watching football and messing with some screens to tell me where the money is going. Found on fidelity they have Institutional movement this Qtr vs. Last Qtr. I ran a screen with the following parameters: Mkt Cap>$750M - % Inst. ownership current qtr vs. prior qtr<-20% - % Inst. Ownership>50% - Price>$12.00 Here are the results: = Net change in ownership this Qtr $UFS -948% $FAS -285% $OIH -58% $KBE -50% $XLV -39% $XLF -38% $IBB -36% $VFC -32% $XLE -29% $ALGT -24% $GMCR -21% What surprised me is most of these are still moving up. I will update this with biggest increases for the current Qtr. $DGI +100% AAJX +73% $NE +68% $DNDN +57% $TYC +43% $STI +40% $BAC +38% $TWX +36% $WRI +32% $PVTB +32% $AGO +31% $DIA +30% $TC +30% $KIM +28% ARST +27% $X +27% MXB +26% $UIL +25% $DOW +25% $ASIA +23% $IPI +23% $GXP +22% $PFG +22% $PL +21% $STLD +21% $RWT +21% $MS +20% $FNFG +20%
  • Gabe: ...

    Out of ...
  • Gabe: ...

    These are all the stocks that I could find that remind of an uptrend, are above $5, aren't too thin, and are not inverse ETFs. Some ...
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Volume 55,857

A leisure travel company, which is focused on transporting travelers in small cities to leisure destinations such as Las Vegas, Nevada, Phoenix, Arizona, Orlando, Florida, Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida and Ft. Lauderdale, Florida.

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