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AMD Weekly Chart

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  • DAN: ...
    I have been saying for a while that new positions should be few and small, and that the market is likely to pull back further. The secular uptrend is intact, and Q1 was pretty darned good for most stocks. But we're in a different phase of the mark ...
  • PTinME: Scott, Do you think buying $AMD on weakness and putting a stop at LOD would be reckless?
  • scottrades: @PTinME $AMD It's made a lower low on the day, so I'd wait for strength. It's kind in no mans land right now, under all the major MAs.
  • Henry: @PTinME $AMD I think it's right at support and has traded 25% of average volume so far today. The chips are having a hard time and I think AMD is less favored these days. I am holding but it close to one of my buy points. I would not add today.
  • PTinME: @Henry $AMD Thanks for the chart! I thought that the low 160' had been an interesting level but obviously did not see it with the 21/50/ or 200.
  • phgruver: @Henry $AMD An interesting conundrum. China is threatening to ban all US chips, but almost all US personal computers (and servers) run on either an $INTC or $AMD cpu. As China manufactures almost all the mother boards, how's that going to work? Long term, I think $AMD and $INTC are going to do just fine, but right now, there's a lot of turmoil in semi's.
  • bigbartabs: @phgruver $AMD $INTC ... and with Tawain at a continual risk of a China move... the chip sector is under even more turmoil.
  • RD: @bigbartabs $AMD $INTC $AMD back above opening price.
  • RD: @RD $AMD $INTC never mind...
  • phgruver: @billyzeke $SMH $NVDA is over 20% of $SMH, so keep that in mind. Chips, as a whole, seem to be in consolidation. Some chips, such as $AVGO, $TSM and $TXN are holding up pretty well. Others are doing a bit worse. $AMD has pulled back 27% from it's high, as has $INTC. That's correction territory! If the economy doesn't tank, though, I think semi's, and technology as a whole, are going to do OK. In fact, I would expect technology to lead any new surge higher, I just don't know when that will be.
  • billyzeke: @phgruver $SMH $NVDA $AVGO $TSM $TXN $AMD $INTC Yep, NVDA was the one I really had my eye on and it was falling off a cliff. The SMH is still okay and in it's sideways trend but I was beginning to get worried there when it looked like it was going break below that 219 level . Semis usually seem to lead the market both up and down so I keep a pretty close watch on them.
  • DAN: ...
    $AMD -- That 181.30 entry idea on Wednesday got stopped out pretty quickly...and on heavy volume. (It tends to pay to start a trade on the small side because you've got no cushion. You're flat at the start, so any adverse move puts you in the loss c ...
  • kenb: @DAN $SPY $QQQ $VIX $AMD $NVDA $UBER $CYBR $MSFT $AMZN $NTNX $DKNG $HUBS $ANET $IBIT $COIN $META $MSTR I agree with this, the market mood has changed as you point out. "Take notice that the breakouts aren't working well, and the "pinch and pops" are pinching, but not popping. They're more like pinch and plops." You have given us pearls with this.
  • DAN: @kenb $SPY $QQQ $VIX $AMD $NVDA $UBER $CYBR $MSFT $AMZN $NTNX $DKNG $HUBS $ANET $IBIT $COIN $META $MSTR Thanks Ken. I'm glad that this makes sense to you.
  • Angdionk: $AMD possible bearish engulfing?
  • Henry: @Angdionk $AMD It's already been in a downtrend since 3/8
  • curtis: $AMD stopped out.
  • bb_b: $AMD, etc. down because of earthquake in Taiwan?
  • PTinME: What a market! Was down about 1 percent around the open and was thinking of closing most of my positions and waiting the price action we saw in the first quarter. Now i'm up 2 percent so a 3 percent move in my account in about half an hour. Think I will just the stocks work.........$MSTR, $COIN, $AMD, $NVDA. Still at support and as Dan said earlier, a lot of support IF we pull back 2 percent.
  • joelsg1: @bigbartabs $DNUT $MCD #a-down-the-road-position Don't think most fast food workers are teenagers anymore, except at In N Out. But will accelerate AI-based ordering and even robotic food prep, good for $NVDA and soon $AMD.
  • jonwest88: @joelsg1 $DNUT $MCD $NVDA $AMD #a-down-the-road-position Yeah here in Md and Va I have heard people would rather work in Mikey D's than Kroger or another grocery, because they get better pay and hours! Hmm so that is why the deli is closed by 4, if even opened today, and the seafood counter is closed by 5. Thank God here in California Maryland, just south of Hollywood Md, the Harris Teeter and GiantFood stores have adequate staff in both the deli and the way the steam the shrimp and crab legs for us Yum
  • scottrades: $AMD looking good here
  • bill52: $AMD attempting to curl upwards after hanging out around the 50ema for a number of day. small add.
  • MongosPawn: $AMD Support at the 50 dma. Starter taken.
  • Angdionk: $AMD getting some volume
  • kenb: @Angdionk $AMD hovering around the 50d MVA looking for support.
  • Henry: $INTC $AMD $MSFT down in pm. China wants to limit foreign chips and Windoz
  • PTinME: $AMD Bought some on the pullback at 173. Seems like its that area has been support for about two months.
  • traderbren: $AMD - nice reversal off the bottom this morning. Opened a trade for a bounce.
  • vitoB: @Cjauger $NVDA yea anything above 927 would be a new closing high...and I'm struggling to find a way $AMD can ourperform $NVDA
  • billyzeke: $AMD seems to be getting a bid finally. Let's see if it can do better crossing up and over the 50 day than it did holding it on the way down.
  • billyzeke: $AMD picking up steam.
  • curtis: @billyzeke $AMD (adding small again).
  • billyzeke: @curtis $AMD I go grab a cup of coffee and all steam has been lost...
  • Henry: $AMD no joy here long
  • Angdionk: $AMD having a tough couple weeks not sure the 50dma will hold
  • billyzeke: @Angdionk $AMD I thought for sure it would pop today, took a small postion early this morning but had to let it go.
  • bill52: @Angdionk $AMD its testing my patience as well, but the50d is still holding. if it fails that, I'm gone.
  • Angdionk: $AMD looking weak
  • PTinME: @Angdionk $AMD Looks like some support in the Upper 170's. Money not going into NVDA or crypto either. It's a mystery.
  • billyzeke: $AMD trying to hold the 50 day. No position
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Short slope $QQQ Short slope $IWM Above the 50 Day $DXY Watch tomorrow $TNX Watch tomorrow $GLD Watch tomorrow $SMH at the 21 EMA $XLK Upside reversal $IBIT At the 21 EMA $NVDA Lower High $AMD at the 50 Day $MSFT Along the 8EMA $AMZN Base $META Base $TSLA Cramer thinks its the bottom $ANET Nice rebound $UBER Above the 50 Day. $MLM Short flag $AXON Short Wedge $RCL Resistance $TGT Tight channel break. $COIN Off the 21 EMA $MSTR Owns 1% of all the Bitcoin
  • Mars: Dr. Mike: Like to cover $CRWD, $AMD, $RCL, as have small positions. Merci.
  • billyzeke: $NVDA $AMD $SMH Semis recovering and showing some stregnth, that's always a good thing for the market.
  • tnt: $AMD bouncing off converging trendline and 50 day ema support.
  • mikeo561: $NVDA $AMD $IBIT $SMH Hi everyone. I've not been contributing here very much lately, but I have been lurking and watching all y'all. At the same time I've been busy moving funds around and preparing for the TOS, TDA, and Schwab transfer/merger business..... a bit more painful than I like. However, after closing out some positions in $IBIT and $SMH that ended up being profitable, I'm on the sidelines, all cash as of today. Question: What signal(s) should I look for for re-entering trades in the aforementioned stocks? Any opinions or commentary will be appreciated, and don't worry, I know that I own my trades. Thanks in advance for your ideas. (Note: "all y'all" is the plural form of "y'all.")
  • tnt: @tnt $AMD Almost forgot horizontal breakout support line. Previous resistance now support. Bouncing off what was resistance until Feb 29 breakout
  • champ: @vitoB $SMH #Pre-earnings #Pre-earnings ....could be but I don't really know about that......because chips are working and today really does look like a real nice set-up..for #next-week...... ....and $AMD is looking really nice, as it try's to moves back-up, to its ATHigh....... ....and $NVDA is hanging in nicely, for an Options Day...........
  • bb_b: $AMD outperforming NVDA today
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY/ $QQQ Did they save it in the last hour? $IWM Under the 21 EMA $DXY Pop $TNX Pop $GLD Holding the 8EMA $GDX Needs to tighten up $SMH New Weekly Low $XLK Basing $XLE Going $NVDA Consolidation $AMD Consolidation $ON Consolidation $HOOD Active Traders watch the gap. $GFF Holding the 21 EMA $MLM Still ok $TJX Above all the MAs $DIS Bounce off the 21 EMA $PPC At Multi Year Resistance. $XOM Mentioned a few weeks ago
  • DavidK: $AMD / $NVDA - well I feel into the chase trap and bought $AMD calls yesterday . Ouch . There was report on Fox Business this am about a slowdown / cancellation of AI building ( construction ) projects . I didn’t hear the entire report . Maybe the reason for the big selloff in these
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Still in trend $QQQ Nice bounce off the 21 EMA $IWM Above the 8EMA $DXY No follow through $GLD Good volume into the close $GDX Bounce near the 8EMA $SMH In trend $XHB Holding the 8EMA $IBIT Wear a Seatbelt. $AMD Watch today’s low $NVDA Not done yet $SMCI Still in trend $ON Basing $META Support at the 21 EMA $ANET Support at the 50 Day $BLDR Support at the 50 Day $TOL IN trend $PHM Support at the 21 EMA $DHI Alert at 157.25 $TDG Flag $RCL Looks about to leave the port. Watch 130 $VLO close to a breakout spot $MSTR Wear a Seatbelt
  • curtis: @BarryC (Good Morning... new week with more cash sitting ready to deploy) Last Thursday/Friday was harvest time on $NVDA $AMD $SMCI $FBTC . Waiting on sidelines....
  • DAN: ...
    Look at $MSTR, $NVDA $AMD $SMCI -- All good. But $TSM? Missed that one.

    Hope you didn’t.

    Speaking of $NVDA. It was up $20 bucks in after-hours trading last night at $944.50. It is now at $954 and climbing. Yesterday I noted that this st ...
  • moneybag: $AMD $CAVA
  • shoredriver: @moneybag $AMD $CAVA ....and.......
  • Angdionk: $AMD feels like a blow off top
  • Cjauger: Kept a small position in $AMD It is my top performer today
  • DAN: ...
    $AMD -- intraday reversal. Consider taking some off now. Up about 13%. Good trade in a short period of time. Raising stop to 199.10.
    $ANET -- Stalling here. Up $8. Being patient.
    $ARM -- Patience…but discipline.
    $COIN -- Still going. U ...
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY All Time High $QQQ Near the highs $IWM Buyers into the close $DXY Breaking down $TNX Watch tomorrow (Non farm Payrolls) $GLD Going $GDX Above the 200 Day $SMH Extended $XHB Trying to break out $IBIT Don’t sell before the halving $ETHE New 52 Week High $NVDA Working $META Working $AMD Working $GOOGL At the 200 Day $SMCI Built in buying $ANET Trending $COIN extended but working $NET Thanks to Barry $HOOD Above the 8EMA $MSTR Working but extended $TDG Flag
  • Sanelan: $AMD good start to the morning.
  • DAN: ...
    $AMD -- Gappy, but not crappy. Up 14%. Stop now at 184.50. I'm de-risking the trade to ~ break even. It's now basically riskless.

    $SMCI -- Up 12%. Stop now at 975.00.

    $ANET -- Up 6%. Raising the stop to 259.00.

    $ARM -- Down 3.2%. Current s ...
  • Cjauger: $NVDA $AMD and $ANET Strong close
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY / $QQQ Short term cautious $IWM At the 8 Day $TNX At the 50 Day $DXY At the 200 Day $GLD Breaking out $IBIT Leverage Flush $NVDA Didn’t get sold today $AMD Held up well $SMCI Still ok $META Still in trend $GOOGL Near the 200 Day $ANET Above the 8EMA $CELH Extended $CRWD Watch tomorrow $MSTR Gap Filled $HOOD Still ok $VNOM Working $TMHC Still in trend $TXRH Still ok $MAR At the 21 EMA $IR Not yet
  • DAN: ...
    Super Micro Devices ($SMCI) has been added to the S&P 500 (as has Deckers ($DECK)). SMCI is up 3% in pre-market trading and it's looking like the stock is going to push through the pivot at 1077.87. Frankly, if the stock does push through that ...
  • curtis: @BarryC (Good Morning BarryC). $AMD friday, looks like 200 to me
  • billyzeke: @curtis $AMD Giggity, long from 164
  • Max115: $AMD Don't recall seeing AMD on the ATL, did I miss something?
  • billyzeke: @Max115 $AMD No, it's not on the ATL. It's just something I gambled on and grabbed when it dropped after earnings. @Scott has been talking about it lately in his strategy videos though.
  • Max115: @Max115 $AMD It just popped up on the ATL trade date 12/11/23. Don't remember seeing it
  • BarryC: Hi Everyone!! I'm currently #Long: $ALLY, $AMD, $BX, $CART, $CTVA, $GLD, $IBIT, $TNA, $TPX & $XBI I also have a bunch of alerts set and will post ANYTHING I do, AS IM DOING IT. Have a GREAT DAY!! :-)
  • Kid2old: @Max115 $AMD Yes, Dec 11
  • Henry: @Max115 $AMD It's on there now I misread the date. I have owned it for a long time, and don't keep SMM emails that long.
  • Max115: @Max115 $AMD Wasn't on the list during Monday's live training. It was just put on.
  • Vineet: $AMD I thought I was being prudent after chase entry on $amd yesterday at $188 by selling covereds at 192.5 expiring today...seems like it may be ok to buy back, close the short calls and hold the $AMD, seems $DELL earnings reveal their chips are in use - any suggestions?
  • DAN: ...
    $AMD finally broke out yesterday above $185 on very high volume -- almost double the average volume. the stock had been grinding around since late January and was never able to get past a hard ceiling at $185. I like the breakout and was able to a ...
  • billyzeke: @Max115 $AMD Had to to have just been put on, wasn't there last I looked yesterday.
  • Henry: @billyzeke $AMD 2 years ago I would have joked that the Russians did it, now....the CIA
  • oldtimer: @DAN $AMD $NVDA $GDRX $ANET $COIN $EDU $ELF $IBIT $META $MSTR $PSN your not the only - at least I am in good company . .
  • DAN: @Max115 $AMD It was a trade that I opened back in December at 133.59. My apologies for this. I think that I just mixed up the trades I keep in my personal trade tracking app with the list of ATI stocks. It is a longer term position for me, but I'm actually pretty sure that I took it off the list a week or so ago because it was just stagnating. And that was a mistake. On the 20/21st, the stock actually undercut the prior low. That was actually a healthy event because it resulted in a shakeout that ultimately allowed the stock to run higher. Here's what I'll do to avoid confusion. I'm going to archive that trade and just create a new one with today's opening print of 197.91. I'll just treat it as a distinct and new trade. Make sense?
  • DAN: @Henry $AMD LOL. You're a conspiracy nut! ;-)
  • billyzeke: @Henry $AMD LOL I'm right there with ya!
  • DAN: @oldtimer $AMD $NVDA $GDRX $ANET $COIN $EDU $ELF $IBIT $META $MSTR $PSN Good to oldtimer to another.
  • Henry: @DAN $AMD #OT Conspiracy nut?
  • Max115: $AMD @Dan Thanks for clearing this up, I enjoy "Trading along with Dan" at times. I was confused about the $amd addition to ATL, Although I did get in yesterday on your heads up post. Thanks
  • DAN: @Max115 $AMD Sure. Sorry about the confusion. We'll just get another one started today. Since I did post the breakout yesterday, I'll use the price at that time. I think buying it right now, not a great strategy. Seems like it might be having trouble at $200 and would be best to just wait until next week to see how the stock trades. (Just my opinion, of course.)
  • DAN: @Henry $AMD #OT LOL.
  • BarryC: @TeslaCoil #FWIW JUST ONE Example.... I'm long $AMD and bot (same amount) $AMD 195 PUTS...
  • TeslaCoil: @BarryC $AMD #FWIW oh, I see. I thought you bought QQQ or SPY puts.
  • PTinME: @BarryC $AMD #FWIW Hi Barry, very good call on AMD..........i sold into strength at 185. I looked at the chart back at 185 and realized this was the time to buy. At least I'm understanding how to look at those things. Can you give me your take....or tech take on MARA? Looks broken in some ways but it should be fine if it stays above 25?
  • scottrades: ...
    $AMD along the 8 EMA. Looks actionable as long as it holds the 21 EMA
    $IWM Watch for breakout to hold above 204

    Let’s have a great day!


  • BarryC: $AMD Worth Watching!
  • scottrades: @BarryC $AMD Boom! Right to resistance
  • BarryC: I bot $AMD, hard to chase here so only bot 1/2
  • romanalexk: $AMD Can it go above $185
  • Sanelan: @BarryC $AMD - well done!
  • DAN: $AMD -- breaking through pivot at 185
  • MongosPawn: @DAN $AMD Starter taken.
  • debeers: @DAN $AMD -Yup but her cousin, Jensen Huang has the better company IMO---- $NVDA
  • DavidK: @DAN $AMD so what did $AMD do overnight that warrants this move ? Discover the true fountain of youth ? Or is it just more buyers than sellers😂 not chasing
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Volume 50,770,800

Advanced Micro Devices is a semiconductor company with manufacturing, research and development, and sales and administrative facilities throughout the world. It provides processing solutions for the computing and graphics markets.

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