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  • woodman: @champ $WDC #Semi-conductors #semiconductors---- Check out $HIMX (semiconductors) and $ACMR (semi equip/materials).
  • CraigReynolds: @woodman $WDC $HIMX $ACMR #Semi-conductors #semiconductors---- Wish I knew about these yesterday and they would pop like they did. Watching and see how they trade at day end. Thanks.
  • Ajax4Hire: ...
  • champ: Wide range breakouts ....on strong volume above resistance ....$CPE $CXO $DISCK $DNR $HIMX $I $MOS $NYT $PRSP $PXD $QEP $SM $SPN $TBT $TRGP $TSRO $UCO $USO $UWT $VLO $VRAY $WRD $XES $XLNX $XOP $ZTS....here is a little homework.
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $CPE $CXO $DISCK $DNR $HIMX $I $MOS $NYT $PRSP $PXD $QEP $SM $SPN $TBT $TRGP $TSRO $UCO $USO $UWT $VLO $VRAY $WRD $XES $XLNX $XOP $ZTS Only 25, why not 50. I know you keep some for yourself. All kidding aside, thank you for posting. On my list of your 25, I have only 4 I'm in. Small positions in $XES; $VLO; $MOS Full in $DNR Refiners are my heavy positions. Been following your posts on refiners. Saw your post on $OSB. Have no idea what is going on with this stock. Had no stop. Probably should have sold back 9/21/18 but did not. My big loser to date.
  • bRobert: @champ $CPE $CXO $DISCK $DNR $HIMX $I $MOS $NYT $PRSP $PXD $QEP $SM $SPN $TBT $TRGP $TSRO $UCO $USO $UWT $VLO $VRAY $WRD $XES $XLNX $XOP $ZTS Good list of interview candidates to browse through and select future employees. Wait for pullback/bounces to add/enter Thanks
  • tjv821: $himx anyone liking it here?
  • tjv821: $himx also looking good here
  • Squid: $HIMX up 5% today. Low for year 5.95 on 3/29 Previous high 13.95 on 11/30/17. fabless semiconductor mfg. for tv. phone and electronic devices. A moneymaker in the past. Yearly dividend in July-August. Started new position today.
  • tjv821: $himx coming off a bottom
  • tjv821: $himx is looking interesting
  • Geewhiz: $HIMX Out of stock at 12.8 and 11.4. Purchased at 9.50. Thank you @jbed 20% in less than two months.
  • efrain007: $HIMX moving out of flag to new high
  • efrain007: $HIMX flagging
  • efrain007: $HIMX testing descending trend line from Sep.
  • JBed: $HIMX This name crashed 2 days ago while forming a cup and handle, on news of a delay in a lucrative deal. It now looks to be bouncing. If it regains levels from just 2-3 days ago, there is a lot of upside. Long stock.
  • MattB: $HIMX would this be a flag or pennant with support at the 20EMA?
  • Dan1946: $HIMX: anyone have any thoughts on this stock?
  • tejas7: $HIMX still running
  • Bridget: $HIMX broke through $11 and keeps going. Seeing increasing volume day after day on this rally. Hard to buy it here though.
  • tjv821:
  • Bridget: @tjv821 $HIMX darn, sorry, hate when that happens.
  • tjv821: $himx still running
  • tjv821: $himx anyone know why this is gng up like rocket ship?? Not sure if I should sell into it or not??
  • SADL: @tjv821 $himx i dont know why is is going, but I am keeping a trailing stop on it
  • Mpower27: @tjv821 $himx probably due to the recently announced Qualcomm deal
  • Bridget: $HIMX breaking out of this channel on volume.
  • tjv821: $himx turning around
  • Bridget: #Notes: Lots of breakout today but only a few with higher volume. $XLK $SMH - is starting to look ready to run higher, $MSFT $ADI $MU $HIMX $ATVI and $EA both broke higher, but not on above average volume FAANG stocks all looking good today $SHOP - up at a new high $BOBE - up big after earnings Trucking stocks up today, hurricane trade $CHRW $SNDR $R $JBHT $LSTR Big movers on volume, mostly construction $CLMT $SC $USG $USCR $CBPX Bio-tech $XBI $INCY $IMGN $BIIB $CORT IPOs working $MTCH - up big on volume $VERI - continues rally since 8/21, good volume $CISN - new high
  • Bridget: $HIMX day 2
  • Bridget: #Notes: earnings moves today: $QCOM $KMI - gap and run down $AXP $PM $AA - unchanged $BX - down a little $SNA - bearish engulfing candle $ABT - breakout $CHKP - gap down $XLE - small pullback today $XLV $XBI - breaking out $GILD - moving higher after flag, expected move to $77 $JNJ - back up to highs $JAZZ - trying to breakout breakouts: $ABBV $FIZZ - phase 3 $THC - day 2 $RCL - new high $AGN - almost holding above $250 $MTSI - nice volume today $ESIO $HIMX - day 2 $HD $LOW - down on news $AKCA - #ipo on a tear $RACE - hitting $100 earnings after close: $V $MSFT $ISRG $EBAY $SLB
  • Bridget: $HIMX breakout
  • Bridget: #Notes: $SPY - up again on lower volume $QQQ - new all time high $IYT - transports were the only sector I saw that were down $OIH - getting a bounce in oil, $MPC new high $HACK - cyber security stocks doing well today $FTNT $PANW $FEYE $XLB - new all time high $KEM - continues, very extended now $AAOI - up again $CHKP - breakout, ER tomorrow $TTD - breakout, you can buy tomorrow near $54 $ADBE - continues to climb $NTRI - continues $HIMX - attempts to breakout $SYMC - continues $LOW - at a good buy point $CIEN - at a good buy point, coming off support $CSX - breaking down $IBM - at lows $GWW - breaking down IPOs $RACE $PLYA $AKCA $CVNA - in a squeeze $BL $TRVG $SOI $HCC
  • tjv821: $himx what to do w this??
  • Henry: @tjv821 $himx It got downgraded. Digital display IC's. Ok, that exhausts my knowledge on the subject. I see nothing compelling in the chart to buy or hold it.
  • JBed: $HIMX gets downgraded, PT cut in half, and it suddenly heads to the moon?
  • Henry: @JBed $HIMX They Fly reports the company is fighting back calling the downgrade suspicious and misleading. #fakedowngrade? http://tinyurl.com/yanhbaj5
  • tjv821: @Aragorn $QCOM $AAL $FDX $UPS $VRTX $ATHN $SQ $IRBT $GBTC $IWM $CBI $DECK you forgot $himx
  • Aragorn: @tjv821 $QCOM $AAL $FDX $UPS $VRTX $ATHN $SQ $IRBT $GBTC $IWM $CBI $DECK $himx LOL I saw that today nice move no position but 50 sma resistance and 200 it appears like that for now but worth keeping an eye on it $GBTC going back up
  • tjv821: Aragorn are you on the hunt for red $Himx ??
  • tjv821: $himx broken
  • tjv821: $himx Aragorn your not in this right??
  • Aragorn: @tjv821 $himx day trade off the lows earlier flat now. Break below 8ema I am not one to be there long also 8 crossed 21 but at 200 support so this is not a bad place to take some bounced right off it but nope not doing it other than day trading it now
  • tjv821: @Aragorn $himx ty for your reply
  • tjv821: $imgn and $himx pukefest continues
  • tjv821: $himx @aragorn you don't have any skin in the game do you??
  • tjv821: $himx still running possible double top???
  • Aragorn: $HIMX bounce off the 21ema
  • tjv821: @Aragorn $HIMX u back in with the bounce ??
  • Aragorn: @tjv821 $HIMX yes
  • Junior1: @Aragorn $HIMX Edit: Now breaking out... beautiful intraday chart From earlier: Tight VS rhrn on the 1 min chart Position: Long 19May17 7/10 Call spread
  • spmeyers: @Aragorn $HIMX stop under today's low?
  • Aragorn: @spmeyers $HIMX yep that is the 21ema
  • champ: @Aragorn $HIMX ---- I guess you saw the news...wound't you know, I got stop out yesterday on that drop...with profits...might be too late for me to get back in...watching.
  • Aragorn: @champ $HIMX 10:06 AM EDT, 03/31/2017 (MT Newswires) -- Himax Technologies (HIMX) is down nearly 3% although DigiTimes reported late Thursday the company will be among the component suppliers of Apple (AAPL) for its OLED iPhone that will feature a built-in 3D-sensing module to enable augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). Himax is already involved in Lumentum's supply chain, which also includes STMicroelectronics (STM), sources reportedly said.
  • champ: @Aragorn $HIMX --- You trading, holding or watching....??....NP at this time....because I'm watching the markets drop.
  • Aragorn: @champ $HIMX holding rebought today will add on Monday if goes above todays hammer that is forming 21ema support
  • champ: @Aragorn $HIMX---- OK...Thank, for the help...
  • tjv821: $himx Aragorn u still in this ?? Taking a dump last few days after a nice uptrend
  • Aragorn: @tjv821 $himx no the shooter then countered hammer did not hold so got out 9.40 came a long way looking to reload closer to 8 if I can
  • Aragorn: $HIMX holding up off the highs but solid performer $NLNK stopped out yesterday below the 8ema looking ot see what happens around the 21ema
  • SADL: $HIMX I added a little and moved my stop to below the opening low
  • SADL: $HIMX on fire right at the opening
  • champ: @SADL $HIMX A2 $8.80 --- Great chart and it seems like the stock is getting upgrades almost daily after their last earnings....the news flow is really hard to miss ...I double my position size on Thursdays.....stock can't help but to climb higher with all the analyst behind it....should just keep slowly climbing.....this is one of those stock that should be a buy and hold, for the next earnings report on 5/11. I'm guessing it will be 20-30% higher by then and might even run hard going into earnings...IMO why wait....to take a position.
  • SADL: @champ $HIMX Thanks for your analysis champ. I added to my position early this am. I am now at a full position
  • champ: @SADL $HIMX ---- You @Aragron and others were on top of this stock. I only added my 2 cents into the mix....Good Work.
  • SADL: $HIMX up 4% despite the tape
  • efrain007: @SADL $HIMX Bummed on this one. Had an alert a couple of days ago over $8.05 and didn't pull the trigger. Hoping it pulls back and holds 200.
  • tjv821: @SADL $HIMX ty for. Ringing my buddy bk to my attention
  • SADL: @efrain007 $HIMX i had the same alert and pulled the trigger on a starter position. I am now looking to add and raise my stop, but not in this down market
  • Aragorn: $HIMX - I have been mentioning this of late if not on your radar you might want to put it there making moves again FD long. Inside day and up
  • SADL: @Aragorn $HIMX See my post at 10:48; some of us are on to this one
  • Aragorn: @SADL $HIMX great love the company
  • Aragorn: $HIMX inside day up and looking like it is its way to a measure move of about 9.00
  • tjv821: @Aragorn $HIMX ty for bringing this bk to my attention made money on this and totally forgot about it
  • Bridget: My swing trade in $HIMX is working. Looking to sell around $6
  • tjv821: $himx anyone know why this is getting crushed today??
  • eacain: @tjv821 $himx Sorry for the late response but all I could find was a downgrade from Nomura (Buy -> Neutral) and PT adjusted down from $12 to $10.20...on the weekly chart it's right at the 50-session MA, and intraday low of 8.33 looks like past resistance. Are you considering a trade at these levels?
  • Aragorn: $HIMX - 8ema support this is going higher IMO
  • Aragorn: $HIMX is showing us some Strength today
  • Aragorn: $HIMX moving up today anyone have any news?
  • PhilHarmonic: @Aragorn $HIMX $SMH doing well.
  • Aragorn: $HIMX continuing the move up
  • Aragorn: $HIMX - I am really like the price movement on this stock it has broken a descending trendlne with above avg volume. It is getting extended and up 25% in 5 days, long a small starter, but this can go up a lot mroe
  • Bridget: Notes: $LN - working $X - getting a bounce $HIMX - day 3, wait for pullback but then enter $EBIO / $SGYP / $TWLO - inverted hammer, this rally just might be an exhaustion $KITE - working $V - breaking out, look at weekly. I like the Oct $80 calls $AAPL - working $FIT / $CNX - like the stocks that are moving higher out of flag patterns right now $ALL / $MCK - in a squeeze $MPEL - breaking the downward trend $TPB - another IPO working $FDX - making a move $GS - moving higher now
  • Aragorn: $HIMX on the move. OK have a good weekend everyone
  • tjv821: $himx breathing some life
  • Aragorn: @tjv821 $himx Maybe, Inside day setup go along above yesterdays high or short below yesterdays LOD. Still below the 8ema this just might be a bounce back
  • captron: @Aragorn $himx I like the volume yesterday.
  • Aragorn: @captron $himx still an inside day waiting for a signal
  • tjv821: $himx safe to get back into the pool??
  • tjv821: $himx to late to sell??
  • PhilHarmonic: @tjv821 $himx On the weekly chart, it looks like it has support at the 200 period moving average. Could be a buying opportunity. Would watch this and see how it performs at this key longtime average. There are many other stocks that are better buys right now.
  • tjv821: @PhilHarmonic $himx ty should have sold a long time ago
  • tjv821: $himx why is this been getting crushed
  • Squid: @tjv821 $himx Almost 12.75 million shares sold today. 90 day average is 3 million. appears to be large stakeholders are either reducing or liquidating their position(s). Other than a dividend declaration of .13 for the year there is no news published at this time.
  • tjv821: @Squid $himx try for the update
  • woodman: #Semiconductors #SemiconductorEquimpent - independent from Dan's weekend videos (which I didn't see until this morning), over the weekend I noticed tech and semiconductors having nice charts and perhaps a revival ($SMH) or some consolidation at a key moving average after a pullback ($XLK). So, I looked through the semiconductor and semiconductor equipment stocks and came up with the following tickers: Semiconductors: $HIMX $IDTI (on move above 200 day) ​$QRVO ​$SIGM $AMKR ​$SIMO​ $LSCC $NPTN $EXAR $MPWR $TSM ​$CY​ ​$AOSL​ $TXN $​NXPI​ $MRVL (on move above 50d) $MXIM. (My current favorites among these are: QRVO SIMO CY AOSL NXPI). Semiconductor equipment: $AMAT (big move; hard to buy; viewing $21.70 as new support) $OLED $LCRX $ENTG $SNPS. ($SNPS is my favorite.) All of these are subject to change as the week progresses.
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Stock Price $USD 8.29
Change 2.71%
Volume 1,358,420

Himax Technologies, Inc., designs, develops and markets semiconductors that are critical components of flat panel displays. Its main products are display drivers for large-sized TFT-LCD panels.

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