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  • gvianello: ...
    I have open positions, losing money, in shares of companies that I consider very good such as $AMZN, $MA, $V, $MSFT, $PEP, $CSCO, $PYPL ... do I have to resign myself to close them at this time? I honestly can't find what to do.
  • cmaxwel1: @gvianello $COUP $AMZN $MA $V $MSFT $PEP $CSCO $PYPL (what is your time horizon?) I have a long term portfolio that I only sell on fundamental bad company actions. AKA accounting or bad mgt. (If you don't need the money right away, all of these are good companies) I own $AMZN, $V and will not be selling for 10 or more years. $PEP $CSCO $MSFT $MA are all good steady players. Hope that helps.
  • DAN: @gvianello $COUP $AMZN $MA $V $MSFT $PEP $CSCO $PYPL Hi gvianello. I can help you. In no particular order,

    1. You should not have lost money "miserably" in Coupa. Any position that you open should be super small. I sold my COUP today ...
  • gvianello: @cmaxwel1 $COUP $AMZN $MA $V $MSFT $PEP $CSCO $PYPL Thank you for your answers. My time horizon for these companies is months, if they go reasonably well I could have them forever. My doubt is that @Dan always says not to tolerate losses beyond 4% or ...
  • DAN: ...
    $AMZN – testing 200-day MA. It’s rangebound and the trend is nonexistent.
    $MA – still doing ok…but notice the lower low and lower high.
    $V – same pattern as MA
    $MSFT – falling out of the channel.
    $PEP – ...
  • champ: $AMZN, is hanging around HOD.
  • jonwest88: $AMZN aok on the bounciness. Added some back. Stop $1745 below recent low. 200 day@1750 risk 2.25%
  • kt4000: added small tracking position in $ZS - Also a Bull Put on $ZS, added $CLDR stock to the longer term accounts also. Trying to stay away from $AMZN
  • champ: @riskmanager $AMZN $FDX --- #News-on-Tariffs --- We all must remember, we are in a #Trade-War, with China, comments and words really do matter, for both market-directions. Some days are positive and other days are negative. This is #Not going to end ...
  • DAN: @champ $AMZN $FDX #News-on-Tariffs #Trade-War #Not #cease-fire #however I think that the thing to keep in mind re/ the trade war with China is that China has every intention of waiting out the Trump presidency. If I was an odds maker, I'd place abou ...
  • billfumick: Yesterday late afternoon I purchased $AMZN #Calls I was apprehensive to hold them overnight fearing "a Tweet" that could throw a wrench in the works. So far? They are working and I fully intend to sick with them until they don't. Sometimes you just need "confidence" in your ability to trade.
  • champ: $AMZN, #Day-1....this move could continue.
  • jwstich: @billfumick $AMZN #Calls Congrats on your trade. Very difficult for me to trade with so much volatility when a tweet or other event can move the market so much.
  • champ: $AMZN...HOD.
  • billfumick: I sold 1/2 my $AMZN #CALLS.... I really didn't want to BUT Its the prudent thing to do. Ill stick with 1/2 through tomorrow hoping for an opportunity to buy the 1/2 I sold back....
  • kt4000: Doubled up on $AMZN, $MA Stocks this morning - good feeling - finally took a look - stocks - $ULTA, $VIAB, $WEX - options, $AMZN, $ABT, $TWLO - Awesome day.
  • debeers: $AMZN and $FDX are no longer buddies. So who would be doing the last few miles?
  • bknpdx: @debeers $AMZN $FDX I think $AMZN is building its own fleet for the last mile using IC's
  • bknpdx: @debeers $AMZN $FDX Here's an article from last year on this.
  • JohnStockNewb: @bknpdx $AMZN $FDX USPS is still doing a lot of the deliveries. UPS and Amazon's delivery franchisers also doing a lot. From what I understand the speedy delivery is still costly no matter how they do it right now.
  • debeers: @bknpdx $AMZN $FDX -Thank you SO much! Really appreciate your help.
  • debeers: @JohnStockNewb $AMZN $FDX -true but the papers have been served and they are getting a divorce.
  • billfumick: Im long $AMZN Calls.... If Trump tweets something tonight and messes with my trade, Im NOT voting for him again!!! lol
  • traderbren: @billfumick $AMZN ;-)
  • DAN: @billfumick $AMZN Ha!
  • riskmanager: @debeers $AMZN $FDX Awhile back, I pulled into my driveway just as an Amazon independent contractor delivered a package. The IC was standing outside his personal car photographing my house with his Iphone. I was told the photo was proof of delivery. We had a lengthy discussion regarding the merits of this approach relative to his personal safety. Perhaps at some time in the future, everyone will be accustomed to having drones fly over their houses or strangers taking pictures, but I am not there as of yet. Amazon really needs to think this process through.
  • riskmanager: @billfumick $AMZN Funny! Orange man cost me in 2017 when he made some comment regarding $FDX I was a victim of premature stopulation. Haven't forgiven him yet.
  • debeers: @riskmanager $AMZN $FDX - You and me both. That would really freak me out. I would probably take a picture of him and call the police.
  • debeers: @billfumick $AMZN -I always knew you were a secret Bernie fan! LOL
  • champ: @riskmanager $AMZN $FDX --- You know, the new Tariffs are expected to bounce to 25%, if China, doesn't meet in the U.S. This is what the China, news-media said today and they are right. They don't understand, that the President always pushes back, they keep reading him wrong. Next move is now up to China, if they say No-meeting, that is when the next bounce, will occur....#Be-Aware.
  • shoredriver: @riskmanager $AMZN $FDX ..Do you really think there is virtually any privacy today...If so, think again.....
  • DAN: ...
    14. $AMZN – bouncing.
    Requested Videos
    $TTWO – great momentum here. Risky entry.
    $MDR – analyze this. No averaging down.
    Earnings. None. -80%, N/A, –96%, N/A
    Revenues: +139%, 189% 264%, and 23%.
    Anything can happen. ...
  • jlutzkanin: $AMZN thru the VWAP $SQ rejected
  • rsh1cpa: $amzn added at 1773. Working sofar.
  • rsh1cpa: @rsh1cpa $amzn Slow erosion on recent support. I'm out.
  • Forexpro: @JohnStockNewb $NUGT $MSFT Hi, JohnStockNewb, $AMZN had it won, but the President isn't an admirer of Mr. Bezos, and new Defense Sec'y Esper is "examining" the deal. So, $MSFT is once again a contestant, having been the runner-up, and $IBM and $ORCL could have an outside chance. Then again, perhaps Mr. Bezos' legendary charm (and Amazon's acumen) will see the original result validated. I don't know what the timing expectations might be. Hope you're doing well; all the best!
  • JohnStockNewb: @Forexpro $NUGT $MSFT $AMZN $IBM $ORCL I had heard Amazon had won it, but I cannot believe President Trump will allow that to happen.
  • JohnStockNewb: $AMZN when you look how Amazon's stock has dropped when the market rebounds do you expect this will be a HUGE rebound for Amazon's stock???
  • Henry: @JohnStockNewb $AMZN Cramer's Fibonacci Babe, Carolyn Borodon predicted the low would be last week with support at 1815. I think it hits that little red line at 1739 first. From June 4th to June 11th it went up $200. In options that would be huge, but you can easily be right in the direction of Amazon and still get your face ripped off with options. The pain of being wrong for a couple days by 50 or 100 is too much.
  • Henry: $AMZN never heard of MKM Partners but they have a pt of $2350. You wouldn't know it by looking at the chart
  • bwcarnation1: @Henry $AMZN maybe they had the chart upside down!
  • billfumick: @bwcarnation1 $AMZN lol
  • kt4000: added a small position in $MA - covered my Bull Put spread on $OLED tracking $WEX, $TWLO, $AMZN, $MGI (on starting a short squeeze), and looking for a time to add $NVDA
  • traderbren: $AMZN -- may be finding a bottom here.
  • champ: @Sluggo $SSO $XRT $GOOS $LULU $NKE ---- $GOOS, has exposer everywhere. They also have 2-new retail locations, that had nice openings, in China. However, they are a huge on-line retailer, with their own on-line platforms, thought out the world. They a ...
  • bRobert: $MA bounce off 50d ADD $AMZN $1850 h&s top target acquired Bounce
  • Wolf: $AMZN Added @ 1860.
  • bRobert: $AMZN . H&s top target $1875 . area . Watching . np
  • billfumick: Trying "a little" $AMZN here...
  • gvianello: @billfumick $AMZN Do you know why is down today? Because I bought on Friday at $1939...
  • debeers: @gvianello $AMZN -@gvianello. Had no idea you were such a big player! LOL
  • bRobert: @gvianello $AMZN It was a Technical h&s top . short . $1875 . Not you
  • Ajax4Hire: $AMZN, $GOOGL, $FB, $TWTR and the US Government investigation. $AMZN should be safe as this is just commerce. Hard to complain about someone lowering prices on stuff and the US loves it stuff. $FB, $GOOGL and $TWTR provide public forum for idea presentation and discussion. All three have been rightly accused of suppressing specific viewpoints that are politically motivated. $TWTR - Shadow-banning $GOOGL - de-monetization youtube channels $FB - accused of election interference There is no path to victory. Attempt to balance content results in constant content review and suppression. "Open to all"(Free Speech) results in vocal minorities claiming hate speech, need to protect the children.
  • Henry: $AMZN pt's 2180 and 2200 from Barclays and Sun Trust
  • Joe757: $AMZN Maybe an opportunity for an oversold bounce.
  • riskmanager: @Ajax4Hire $AMZN $GOOGL $FB $TWTR Free speech. Otherwise the government defines appropriate speech. Not good.
  • DAN: @riskmanager $AMZN $GOOGL $FB $TWTR But, um, isn't that the government's job? To help us learn what's appropriate and what's not? We'd be lost if left to our own devices. ;-)
  • DAN: $AMZN $GOOGL $TWTR -- I'll be looking at trading some of the big movers this morning during the first 30 minutes or so. I'll post here. OMMers -- consider bull put spreads and bear call spreads on these stocks ONLY after they've shown their cards. Weird market, with a big underlying bid. Dip buyers are being rewarded. Dan
  • MarketMaster: $AMZN bought a little at 1930
  • jan2138: @wijimmy $BCSF It very well could be. I don't pay much attention to what Zacks has to say, but it will be interesting to see what the company reports on 8/7/19. Some of these equity gurus are not very familiar with what is really important with these high yield companies. They judge them with a set of standards they use for the $T, $AMZN, and other giants in their fields.
  • wijimmy: @jan2138 $BCSF $T $AMZN ...Agreed... I just like an explanation (reason) of price drops... such as cut div, bad earnings report... or in this case maybe bad press...
  • shoredriver: @bRobert $TTD....doing TV ads for $AMZN......
  • RedLeaf1: @shoredriver $TTD $AMZN Thanks, I was having trouble finding the news.
  • rachel: ...
    3. $AMZN—as noted Thursday…this is probably a buying opp for longer term holders.

    4. $GOOGL – peaked at 9:50 am.

    5. $TWTR – Could be a breakaway gap. Alert $43

    6. $AUDC – nearing top of cha ...
  • DAN: Good morning. Long note this morning because there are a lot of things going on.

    If you refer back to yesterday's note, I suggested that the plethora of negative headlines would give us a chance to test the resiliency of the market. With so much b ...
  • bRobert: @DAN $IWM $MDY $COUP $OLED $TSLA $AMZN $GOOGL $TWTR $NOW $EHTH $TEAM $PYPL $IWM was mentioned as a catch up trade . Late to the party but bringing booze and chips Long calls
  • DrScience: #TOSTradeFlash Something to whet your earnings trade curiosity going into the close... $AMZN +32% YTD $INTC 14% YTD $GOOGL 9% YTD $SBUX 42% YTD $DECK 40% YTD $EHTH 123% YTD $MGM 23% YTD
  • MarketMaster: $AMZN what is the quickest way to hear the earnings numbers for Amazon?
  • jan2138: @MarketMaster $AMZN Try their website.
  • Henry: @jan2138 @Marketmaster $AMZN I don't know about AMZN but some companies do not immediately post their earnings while releasing it to the financial press. Think or swim is pretty quick. If you don't use that Titter search $AMZN and keep refreshing.
  • MarketMaster: Thanks@Henry $AMZN
  • Henry: @MarketMaster $AMZN I guess people know they can change their charts to show extended hours trading? in TOS
  • traderbren: #Big_tech: news the hit the wires just before the close, which caused $AMZN and others to drop before the close. -- Eight state AGs meet with U.S. attorney general to discuss tech giants -Texas AG office
  • Henry: @MarketMaster $AMZN The computers don't like them Announces Second Quarter Sales up 20% to $63.4 Billion SEATTLE--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- July 25, 2019 --, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMZN) today announced financial results for its second q ...
  • MarketMaster: Thanks. Mixed results@Henry $AMZN
  • traderbren: #Naysayers -- interesting to note how many "talking heads" were counting out $GOOGL prior to earnings, and talking up $AMZN. Well, we got a good number in $GOOGL and a miss on $AMZN. Who would have thunk! ;-)
  • GOOSE: $AMZN -30, RHRN
  • billfumick: @traderbren $GOOGL $AMZN #Naysayers When they are priced for perfection? Its easy to disappoint. When the bar is set low? Its easy to surprise. I cant stand Jim Cramer BUT he called AMZN and GOOG yesterday.
  • bRobert: @traderbren $GOOGL $AMZN #Naysayers I've been long $GOOGL from below. Held as . a . long term value play. Too cheap given its growth and many levers to pull Spin off the pieces and it would be worth a lot more.
  • billfumick: $AMZN $GOOG The question now is do we short the $GOOG gap tomorrow OR buy the $AMZN dip? We shall see! GN!
  • champ: @GOOSE @CraigReynolds...$GOOS, works off of rev numbers ----- $COLM, beat on ER and Revs, plus they are guiding above consensus. $AMZN, also beat on revs. Investors always watch the rev numbers.... these numbers are clues for $GOOS, on their rev numbers. $AMZN, also sells $GOOS products. Both of these earnings reports are also positive for $GOOS, could be one of the reasons why this stock fell back, going into other retailers earnings. $DECK, also beat on their Rev-numbers. Retail sales numbers are growing, that is what is important for $GOOS and the only thing that really counts. Profits depend on each company....but #Sales-are-Climbing, not dropping and that is always positive, for other retailers.
  • champ: @billfumick $AMZN $GOOG --- $FDN --- That is hard question but it might be easier to watch other companies, that might work off of these reports. In the tech space, clouds are moving around. Their earning calls, will or could effect others, look at this ETF....$FDN, check-out their holdings for other stock-idea's.
  • bRobert: $AMZN . 20% . of $RTH . coming in a bit $MHK . Floored ah .
  • rachel: ...
    2. $AMZN – Earnings. Down just 1.5%. 50-day MA should hold at 1900. Be a dip buyer, but don’t focus on AMZN. I wouldn’t be surprised to see this stock trade higher tomorrow. It’s that kind of market.

    3. $KTOS ...
  • MarketMaster: $AMZN seems to be resurrecting AH. Looks like back into growth mode they had in 2017 based on rev guidance today Hard to turn a $triillon co into high growth with regulatory issues.
  • GOOSE: @champ $GOOS $COLM $AMZN $DECK #Sales-are-Climbing Hi champ, Thank you for your comments. Appreciate your time. GOOSE
  • sniper: out $tqqq+.52%,timed out was looking for ramp before earnings,out $amzn --1.14%b, $bynd out 1.61% 1100 have to go to work
  • tnt: Starting a long positon in $RLGY here $5.59. Will add more if gap fills from $AMZN announcement. Otherwise, add on dips heading higher or stop out on new lows.
  • kt4000: Great trade with $KKR - just took profits on 1/2 of the positions nice gains... thanks @bRobert.... also sold all of my $CAT yesterday except 100 shares..... all good.... $MRVL kicking tail keeping that - sold 1/2 positions in $AMZN leaving option positions on during earnings, also $MGI doing great, and $PAYS which I picked up yesterday on a full position under tight stop low risk...... Wow thanks @Dan!
  • tnt: $RLGY I think we have seen the lows for the day. Anything $AMZN touches turns gold and we get a great buy spot here for $RLGY near all time lows
  • bigbartabs: @sniper $tqqq $amzn $bynd ... stay with $QQQ $TQQQ... there are no losers. All winners... with no reason to sell.
  • kt4000: sold $CAT (took Div & a gain) this morning, sold $NFLX on uptick adde more covered Calls on my $TWLO holdings, Looking to add more $WEX on volume. Full positions in $KKR, $MRVL, $MGI, $AMZN (both options and Stock), small position in $ULTA and want to expand after earnings.
  • champ: $RLGY ...up over 18% today and I'm swinging 1/2. News that they are teaming up with $AMZN.
  • traderbren: #DOJ - U.S. justice department to open new antitrust review of big tech companies - The review is geared toward examining the practices of online platforms that dominate internet search, social media and retail services, including Facebook Inc($FB), Alphabet Inc's($GOOG) Google, Inc($AMZN) and Apple Inc($AAPL) -- all down AH.
  • Aksportsman76: @traderbren $FB $GOOG $AMZN $AAPL #DOJ ironically I was going to sell my $AAPL calls and pick up $NVDA calls which are up after hours....hesitated but can’t predict this stuff, they should have to release it during market hours
  • PhilHarmonic: @traderbren $FB $GOOG $AMZN $AAPL #DOJ Its about time....
  • traderbren: @Aksportsman76 $FB $GOOG $AMZN $AAPL $NVDA #DOJ - no one can predict this BS....unless you working for the DOJ. ;-) For now, this is noise, but watch how the stocks trade as that's the most important thing in the scheme of things. Its been coming for a while, so I'm not surprised. Its just a dark cloud over the group.
  • champ: @traderbren @Aksportsman76 $FB $GOOG $AMZN $AAPL $NVDA #DOJ --- It is against the law for anyone to post and the DOJ or the FOMC, or other departments only post this type of News in the after market, (AH) they never post this type of news in the reg market, it would effect the markets. If an employee, post or trade this type of news, before the official news is released, they would be prosecuted. That is just how it works, now everyone has the same chance, to sell or trade, in the morning.
  • Aksportsman76: @PhilHarmonic $FB $GOOG $AMZN $AAPL #DOJ I agree with that, first amendment has been under siege
  • champ: @PhilHarmonic $FB $GOOG $AMZN $AAPL #DOJ ---- It sure is, but now they have a new Sheriff in town, who enforces the laws.
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