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  • Ajax4Hire: ...
  • tnt: $APA is an oil and gas exploration company with several strategically important assets including the Permian. $APA just printed a W bottom pattern and several insiders have been snatching up shares the past couple months. I am long stock. https://www.tradingview.com/chart/APA/r4EEYMkr-APA-W-bottom-clears-the-way-for-a-move-to-38-in-coming-weeks/
  • tnt: $XOM $CVX $OXY all have cash burning a hole in their pocket heading into the weekend with M&A hot in the energy space. I am long $EOG $FANG $APA $PXD $CXO. There is nothing like the feeling of waking up to a 50% buyout premium on Monday morning.
  • champ: @tnt $XOM $CVX $OXY $EOG $FANG $APA $PXD $CXO ----- $XOM have said, there is No-M&A, in their future, they did that already...NP. $CVX, is a buy, off of No-M&A and they will pick-up, $1..billion $$$$'s, from $OXY, for stepping to the side, I have a position. $EOG, beat on earnings this morning, opening up entries on others, who are also now going into their earnings reports...like ...$FANG $PXD $XEC and others...but like you said.... their are many M&A candidates on the list out there, for sure, there are 53 names on that list.
  • michaelH: @champ $XOM $CVX $OXY $EOG $FANG $APA $PXD $CXO $XEC Does $cvx take another stab at APC and tank its stock further? Is this overhang on the shares?
  • champ: @michaelH $XOM $CVX $OXY $EOG $FANG $APA $PXD $CXO $XEC $cvx --- Sure could happen, that is holding back the stock, however, my guess is that will not happen ...because the CEO at $OXY.... she very smart and has a lager offer in and #Warren-Buffett, is backing $OXY...will investment $10 billions $$$$'s, if the deal happens and he gets $50m, when $OXY, signs the deal....I believe the deal is going to be $OXY, $APC and Buffett, game over. $CVX...X-Date is 5/16.
  • tnt: Many energy names have fallen back to support levels from pre $APC buyout news. My favorites are $FANG, $EOG, $PXD, $APA
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $APA Apache Corporation. Click here to view associated video clip: http://stockmarketmentor.com/stockanalysis.html?ticker=APA&clip=110863
  • rachel: ...
    $APA – Stop below 50-day MA. Alert $36.30
    $VLO – coming out of base. Alert $87
    $PSX – choppy still. Alert $100
    $HES – breakout on volume. Stop below $60. Alert $63.20
    $BZUN -- Phase 2 buy above 200-day MA. Sho ...
  • traderbren: $APA - about to break below the 50d.
  • CraigReynolds: Energy looked great early, took 1/2 profits in $APA $WPK $XOP $XLE. Nothing wrong in sector I can see/read. Fun to hit sell button and book profits.
  • CraigReynolds: $SLCA $APA $DVN nice performers today
  • champ: @CraigReynolds $SLCA $APA $DVN ---- You are watching the sector turn and it is working...but inventory numbers tomorrow, after the close... #API and then $EIA Wednesday morning. This could be the #sector-spoiler, for a day or 2...be aware....but those numbers could even give the sector another large kick..#guess-work is in play...but those numbers, never like to make traders or investor happy....never.
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $SLCA $APA $DVN $EIA #API #sector-spoiler #guess-work Very heavy $XOP option call buying in Apr 12 & Apr 18 calls betting (gambling I guess) on oil.
  • bobbybwana: @woodman $WLL What do you think of $APA? Thinking about adding at a break above yesterday’s high. Earnings on 27 February.
  • KemoSabe: @bobbybwana $WLL $APA - Probably should direct this question to debeers. She is the SMM guru on this stock ($APA).
  • woodman: @bobbybwana $WLL $APA - chart wise, it's complying nicely. Perhaps getting a little extended.
  • bRobert: @woodman $WLL $APA LOVE @WLL chart. $40 handle with move >$30
  • debeers: $APA-LONG FORM- Fundies and politics (not ours, Venezuela')
    What if i said you could get an energy sock that is growing at 82.56%, with a 3.23 divvie and a dirt cheap p/e of 12.34 with 97% insti support? A nd what if i told you that with Maduro vs th ...
  • 1winkie: ...
    $APA - was started as Underweight and assigned a $29 price target (versus a $31.75 prior close) at Barclays. The stock has a 52-week range of $24.56 to $50.03 and a consensus target price of $39.17.

    $CPE downgraded to Equal Weight from Overweight ...
  • debeers: $APA@1winkie- Well, way to go Barclays. When you are wrong the classy thing to do is admit it and move on. When I bought at 27, the 38-39 was my target as well with oil stabilizing. $BAC vs.$GS ---$GS bought back their stock at a 40% premium to what they should have done.(Boo Hiss). By contrast, $BAC bought their stock back at $26.92. $BAC focusing its energies on internet banking but not leaving out any segment. They also had the highest customer service ratings of any of the large banks and having just been victimized by another Wells Fargo screw up, i can certainly appreciate the efforts B of A is making.
  • tjv821: @1winkie $APA $CPE $XEC $CZR $COLM $DELL $DVN $HPE $INCY $NTAP $JWN $MET $PCG $PTC $SC $SM $SNAP $VBIV $WFC ty for the list
  • debeers: OT (or maybe not) -"Old age and treachery will always beat youth and exuberance." - David Mamet ... There's a lesson here. When the Pats coach was asked how he prepared, he said that he expected the other team to do what they always did. And he prepared for them accordingly. Stocks and people are really not all that different. People panic out at exactly the wrong time. If a company knows how to make money, skeered money will almost always lose. I'll be working on developing patience with an extremely difficult patient . You all have a great day. LONG: $AMED,$AMZN,$APA-from 27/ $BA/$BOOT/$LULU/$NKE/$RH/$SIVB bought on a gutter day from folks who don't know 1 bank from another. healthcare: $DXCM/$BHC Incidentally, if China exposure freaks you out, Amazon doesn't have any.
  • debeers: $APA- So today Bloomberg, who knows as much about the oil business as it does about anything else, blanket covered the oil stocks. No one told Apache, its up again.
  • debeers: $APA versus $CVX- Suppose i told you that one of these was up 17.64% year to date and 1 was up 3.95%, 1 paid a 3.23% divvie and 1 paid not a lot more at 3.95%, and that On down days, 1 averaged point.25% down and one averaged 1% down I bet you'd guess that the all around better energy stock is the energy stock on which SMM is fixated. As Gomer Pyle used to say, "surprise, surprise, surprise!!!" $CVX is the SMM stock. But the stock that is up 17.64% YEAR TO DATE is the debeers stock: Apache . So if making point 72 % divvie is worth giving up 14.41% of return is worth that, by all means you just run along and stay fixated on the SMM choice. For me, I don't need to be "right" all the time. I just wanna make money.
  • CraigReynolds: @debeers $APA $CVX Have small position since first of year in $APA. You bought this I believe to attention earlier.
  • debeers: $APA-Baillie Gifford takes a 6.42% pasive stake.Long
  • debeers: $APA-bought at 27, now 29 $BA closed 340.53 +12.42 $AMZN closed 1656.55 27.07 $CYBR--up again $RH, $NKE, $LULU, all up $BOOT-@jslm who was really not nice about this one is 12 cents shy of 20 bucks Not one of these moves would have been able to have been made without a cooperative Fed. Can POTUS undo the whole thing? Sure he can. Has he learned anything from the last time he was pugnacious(-your word for the day)? Who knows? Only the fools and the liars.
  • Robert1965: @champ are looking at $APA and $APC
  • champ: @Robert1965 $APA $APC---- Know not really but I like both and I have done the work on each...and I'm watching others....but entries were this morning....and everything looks really positive on this turn, for now. I'm not really swinging very many positions, in the energy sector, for now and as you know I follow all the News in this sector very closely....and if I do swing, they will all be small in size....but I'm holding size for now. My problem is I have many targets in the energy sector. This is only Day-1 on $ERX and $UWT, for me. You and I have really did well in the energy sector, in the past. For now, I'm mostly swinging positions in the Retail sector. However, I have been posting about my high risk China positions...$FXI $TCEHY $KWEB and $BABA....and all are working today.
  • champ: @Robert1965 ...$ERX and $UWT these Oil ETF's are both turning ...off the Oil chart....profits should be harvested, on 80% of the remaining positions, after taking profits on the high turn earlier, is how I played these positions. I will have to do more work on my #Buy-List, for any new potential entries.....I will take another look at $APC and $APA, #Thanks, for the tip. However, for now.... traders are working the sector.
  • bsafriet: @debeers $HES $APA $EOG $BP $OKE $HFC $OXY #Oil #NG #LNG #Tarriffs #2 #Thanks #2 #3 #update Txs @debeers. I’ve put it on my list, waiting for an entry. Best wishes!
  • debeers: @bsafriet $HES $APA $EOG $BP $OKE $HFC #Oil #NG #LNG #Tarriffs #2 #Thanks #2 #3 #update -Consider $OXY-the oiliest of the oils. Not glam, just solid
  • bsafriet: @champ $HES $APA $EOG $BP $OKE $HFC $AMZN $FANG $PXD $CXO $ERX $ANZN $DJI #best-trading-position-has #experienced-traders-only #News #Prime-Day #might #no-way Looks like we had a good day. I’m just sorry that I didn’t jump back in with $GUSH $ERX. My only loser today was $TWTR, but re-entered after the turn. Didn’t have any oil service companies at the open today, but did pick-up some $WFT for a swing trade. Re-entered $APA and $HES, Added to $EOG, new positions in $FANG and $MRO. STO calls on my long shares of $MSFT and $MU, picked up some $INTC as it moved up into the gap, and re-entered $PRLB after it filled the gap. Held over my long calls in $IWM and $STMP. Busy but profitable day — hope yours was as well.
  • bsafriet: ...
    Txs for getting back to me @champ. I don’t have an account with Schwab, but will try to access the video you referenced. Like you, I’m also holding some energy positions, but was stopped out of $HES and $APA 7/2 when my aggressive stop ...
  • champ: @bsafriet $HES $APA $EOG $BP $OKE $HFC ---- $AMZN---- Less news is positive, know news on Tariffs, would be even better. IMO, NOKO is a non-event, for the markets but the news media, would like to make something out of it. I'm have been trading...$FA ...
  • bsafriet: @wineinquirer Riding the wave in oil and some of the exploration and producers. Holding $UWT, took profits in $GUSH and $ERX, and started $APA and $EOG. Will add others if move continues. I’m thinking this price move is fleeting and keeping everything on a short leash. I believe that the logic that the US sanctions on Iranian crude will have a significant impact on supply is faulty. The rest of the world is honoring the treaty and have no intentions/desire to support the US — why should they? Payback is a bitch as POTUS is about to find out....... not political - just the facts. Liking cash more every day!
  • Robert1965: @champ $USO $GUSH $UWT #Oil-Reports Check $APA up 6%
  • grcjr: $APA has made a nice move but appears at this point to be at the top of the recent range. Tough for me to buy at this point.
  • champ: @Robert1965 $APA ----- @ $45 HOD ----#Day-6 ....this really strong and is moving-up thru resistance....Upgrades...plus earnings were positive and they guided higher....they raised their production numbers and N-Gas is also turning-up.....#Really-Strong and I have a position and I added today..
  • singlemalt: @PJMR11 $GUSH Personally, I think it's an over reaction to a drop below $70. Russia for sure doesn't want lower oil prices, neither does Saudi Arabia. Even at $60, the vast majority in $XOP are quite profitable, and are investing in infrastructure, leases, as well as drilling. I think other countries see how "The Art of the Deal" is working, and employing the same tactics. I'm buying the dips. Bot some $GUSH, $CRZO, $OAS, as well as $PYPL, $VRX, ans $MU, all calls. More on my shopping list: $MRO, and (maybe) $APA (Alpine High has more proving to do, plus infrastructure)
  • PJMR11: @singlemalt $GUSH $XOP $CRZO $OAS $PYPL $VRX $MU $MRO $APA Thanks for your thoughts.
  • singlemalt: @PJMR11 $GUSH $XOP $CRZO $OAS $PYPL $VRX $MU $MRO $APA On further thought, I'm taking $APA off the shopping list. It's just never shown any particular strength. Instead, insert $APC. It's got heavy Permian basin exposure, and that small patch of land in West Texas probably has more oil than Saudi itself
  • Iceman: $APA #ShortPuts - Bought to close APA Jan 19 2018 37.5 Puts @ 0.01 $CVS #ShortPuts - Bought to close CVS Jan 19 2018 65.0 Puts @ 0.01 $GWW #ShortPuts - Bought to close GWW Jan 19 2018 155.0 Puts @ 0.05 $NOV #ShortPuts - Bought to close NOV Jan 19 2018 27.5 Puts @ 0.01 $NFX #ShortPuts - Bought to close NFX Jan 19 2018 28.0 Puts @ 0.05 $TAP #ShortPuts - Bought to close TAP Jan 19 2018 75.0 Puts @ 0.05 $UHS #ShortPuts - Bought to close UHS Jan 19 2018 90.0 Puts @ 0.05 All trades were at the minimum value for the respective contracts. Removing #TailRisk and freeing up margin.
  • optionswealth: @Iceman $APA $CVS $GWW $NOV $NFX $TAP $UHS #ShortPuts #ShortPuts #ShortPuts #ShortPuts #ShortPuts #ShortPuts #ShortPuts #TailRisk I've always wanted to ask, are these naked puts that you sell.
  • Iceman: @optionswealth $APA $CVS $GWW $NOV $NFX $TAP $UHS #ShortPuts #ShortPuts #ShortPuts #ShortPuts #ShortPuts #ShortPuts #ShortPuts #TailRisk - Yes they are naked puts. Same risk reward as covered calls on the same stocks at the same strike prices, but without the execution headaches. I've laid out my rules for selling these many times.
  • geotheo: @cmaxwel1 $RDSA $DVN $XLE $EOG $RDS $CVX $AMLP I've been buying some bottom dwellers lately. $ESV, $SND, $HK, $SWN, $EMES, $APA. Also, nibbled at $TOT for the 5+% dividend. All are up nicely. Hard to keep myself from thinking I'm a genius.
  • champ: @geotheo $RDSA $DVN $XLE $EOG $RDS $CVX $AMLP $ESV $SND $HK $SWN $EMES $APA $TOT --- Funny... but thats where a lot of $$$$ hide-out... in many targeted names. Don't tell everyone....but I also read.. buy low...sell high
  • champ: $CRR $EMES both of these are OutPerforming in this sub - #Sand sector...up around 7%.....and $XEC is having a nice day but all of my position are up...I'm watching this lagger $APA, move up..but NP
  • singlemalt: @champ $CRR $EMES $XEC $APA #Sand Good to see $EMES make two good high volume days, especially today. Added $GEOS, a micro cap that provides seismic equipment, both onshore and offshore. Also adding to $RIG. With more coastal areas opening up and Anwar, there will be a need for both.
  • geotheo: $WLL $SWN $STO $QEP $NE $NBR $GPOR $ESV $CHK $APA Some Energy stock that haven't run a bunch (a.k.a. laggards) that I'm watching. Most are hanging out just below the 200ma, 50ma, or have multiple bottoms. Most need a little pull back for safer entries. Energy working. Maybe these boats will be lifted.
  • Iceman: $APA #ShortPuts #FallingKnife - Sold APA JUL 20 2018 32.5 Puts @ 1.49 with the stock at 39.42
  • Bridget: Earnings after the Close: $FB $GPRO $RIG $QCOM $YELP $TSLA $SHAK Earnings before open tomorrow: $APA $YUM $CHK $BABA $RL
  • Iceman: $APA #ShortPuts #OptionLadder - Bought to close APA Oct 20 2017 42.5 Puts @ 0.50 to avoid possible assignment of this ITM position. Sold these in April at 1.37 and again at 1.57, so still a nice gain. Still short today's 40 Puts, plus Jan 37.5 and 35 Puts, and April 32.5 Puts for a nice #OptionLadder
  • steve71: $APA Apache is off to a good start today. In July, $APA was making a series of lower lows. Barron's ran an optimistic article then, suggesting potential upside. The following is my summary of the article, not actual quotes. "Potential double from 45 IF oil prices move up. After 3 years of losses Apache should return to profit in 2017. Acquired huge Eagle Ford acreage, and able to profit on natgas as low as 10 cents/million BTU. Eagle Ford holdings include both 75T feet of natgas and 3B BBL of oil. Apache also holds big tracts in the Permian and other assets."
  • Iceman: $APA $RRC $UAA #ShortPuts - all falling knives for now Sold 1 APA Apr 20 2018 32.5 Call @ 1.67 with the stock at 38.50 Sold 1 UAA Jan 19 2018 15.0 Call @ 1.11 with the stock at 16.50 Sold 1 RRC Jan 10 2018 16.0 Put @ 1.40 with the stock at 17.50
  • Iceman: $APA #ShortPuts #FallingKnife - Sold APA Jan 19 2018 35.0 Puts @ 1.33
  • bRobert: $APA . $APC Adding to call spreads. APA target 1 $55
  • Bridget: $APA now moving above $50 after seeing some bullish divergence
  • Axiom3: @Bridget $APA There is a great fundamental story on APA in Barron's recently as well.
  • bRobert: @Bridget $APA Long Sept 50-55 call spread
  • bRobert: $APA Double bottom. Bounce off 50d. Target 1 $55 . Long calls
  • bRobert: $EOGL $APA . $MUR . $HAL Except for solar I'm not invested in the energy sector. That being said, I'm looking at some of these names as they pullback to test the 50d. The pullback has been on lower volume. This may present a low risk opportunity with a stop just below the 50d. There is so much bearish sentiment and high short interest in many of these names. Give me a green candle and I'll start dipping a toe.
  • bRobert: $APA double bottom target $55
  • debeers: $APA-Watch out!! Co just filed for a mixed shelf offering after hours.
  • champ: @debeers $APA ---- I almost took a position today...because they have been getting a few upgrades and the last one was from Barron's on 7/16 and it has takeover speculation making the rounds with chatter today 7/19 and the CEO bought 10,000 shares on 5/17 .
  • debeers: @champ $APA ---me too! You know DAN's rule--don't lose your dough? Mine is that when I really really want to buy something, I wait 1 day AFTER doing all the groundwork and, by the way, a really smart chart guy also said to wait........
  • champ: $APA @ $46.75 HOD on Volume ---- Barron's out positive on this energy stock and more News also over the weekend....some of the bigger players are now taking position off of Fridays low and are saying that this stock is a easy double.....and the stock has been slowly moving up all morning and is already at or near the daily average. I opened a spec trading position, with 3/4 size.
  • champ: $APA up about 5% ...working.
  • champ: $APA and $APC ....HOD
  • Lou: @Forexpro $YHOO $BABA $MCK $XPO $ABBV $CHTR $APA $ANTM $SPX - et tu brute? I was hoping that for once you'd be rooting for the Terps. No matter, it should be a great game and I'll be glued to the TV with a roomful of Terp rooters. Nice roundup and thanks for your work on it.
  • Forexpro: ...
    Follow-Up: Argues that $YHOO’s assets are worth 71, versus a closing price of 50.67. The company’s $BABA holding is currently worth 49/share, according to the article. The company is expected to have 12/share in cash, with Yahoo Japan wo ...
  • Forexpro: @Lou $YHOO $BABA $MCK $XPO $ABBV $CHTR $APA $ANTM $SPX Sorry, Lou, Truth to tell, I won't be unhappy to see the Terps win, should that transpire; they've been, overall, the best team this season, and I expect them to return to College Park with the trophy. Denver should have been the tougher test. It will make recruiting against them marginally harder, but I want Pietremala's head on a platter in any case. I've never seen a Hopkins team get blown out at home the way the Jays were by a not much better than mediocre Duke squad. Disgraceful. P.S. Congrats to the Terps, women as well as men, as both are NCAA Division I lacrosse champions. Nicely done. Enjoy the game!
  • Iceman: #OptionsExpiration #Weeklys #May12 – Volatility is staying stubbornly low so plenty of expiring options this week. It is getting harder and riskier to replace $SVXY and $UVXY options with new positions. Some more $DUST puts expired that had been sold for big premiums so that is good. Good results with $APA and $TRIP too. No assignments. — Expirations — APA (Weekly) May 12 2017 48.5 Puts DUST (Weekly) May 12 2017 28 Puts NUGT 25/100 (Weekly) May 12 2017 13.5 Calls (Covered) NUGT 25/100 (Weekly) May 12 2017 14 Calls (Covered) SVXY (Weekly) May 12 2017 65 Puts SVXY (Weekly) May 12 2017 70 Puts SVXY (Weekly) May 12 2017 75 Puts SVXY (Weekly) May 12 2017 80 Puts SVXY (Weekly) May 12 2017 85 Puts SVXY (Weekly) May 12 2017 90 Puts TRIP (Weekly) May 12 2017 50.5 Calls UVXY (Weekly) May 12 2017 13 Calls (Covered) UVXY (Weekly) May 12 2017 13.5 Calls (Covered) UVXY (Weekly) May 12 2017 14 Calls (Covered) UVXY (Weekly) May 12 2017 27.5 Calls UVXY (Weekly) May 12 2017 30 Calls UVXY (Weekly) May 12 2017 40 Calls UVXY (Weekly) May 12 2017 42 Calls
  • Iceman: $SWN $RRC $EQT $DO $APA $OXY $GWW $BBBY #FallingKnife candidates today. Most are in the Oil/Energy space.
  • Iceman: $APA #ShortPuts #FallingKnife - sold a few of these Sold 1 APA Jul 21 2017 45.0 Put @ 1.58 Sold 1 APA Oct 20 2017 40.0 Put @ 1.41
  • zimzala: @Aragorn $ESPR $WHR $HP $DDS $APA $JWN Thanks @Aragorn. That was the only one I had show up. I need to work on my formula in TC2000.
  • Aragorn: @zimzala $ESPR I love when you speak my speak. Yes nice one today . $WHR $HP $DDS $APA $JWN to name a f inside days up that are working well today
  • issues: @Aragorn $ESPR $WHR $HP $DDS $APA $JWN I value your opinion. Are you buying any?
  • Bridget: $APA now regaining the 50DMA. #oil
  • Bridget: Notes: $FTNT - breakout after a flag, $HACK is also doing well $BA - at a good buy point if you have been wanting to buy this $ATVI - still working,new all time high $HAWK - breakout on sideways consolidation, on volume $SFM - moving higher after some consolidation, this has room for growth $POST - still looking strong on this breakout $ECA - rising on increasing volume, recovered the 50DMA $HPE - starting to fill the gap from earnings Oil and energy is seeing a large bounce: $MRO $HES $XOP $APA $CHK $SWN Is retail making a comeback? $BBY $TJX $TGT $WMT $ANF $RL $COH $UA
  • tnt: $APA chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/ErQOrKXC/ $APA super strong independent oil & gas player with a focus on Permian. We are getting a rare deep discount at trendline support. I am adding to swing long. Looking for similar earnings reaction as $FANG today
  • steve71: $APA Apache has underperformed the sector, but today is bouncing nicely off the 200 dma. Options are active. 5,300 17Feb 60 and 12,000 17Feb 61.50 calls traded today. Earnings 2/13/2017. I am opening a position now at 59.70.
  • Bridget: $APA is breaking through the 200DMA. I didn't expect that.
  • Bridget: $APA is at the 50MA giving you a relatively low risk buy point for a long term hold. This is not a trading stock.
  • shoredriver: @Bridget $APA ..... pass too much resistance to like 68
  • issues: @DAN $XLP $K $TAP $MO $PEP $NWL $SMH $XLK $QQQ $AMD $CRUS $IBM $ORCL $MU $FN $WB $QCOM $CRM $Z $USO $BP $XOM $APA $PXD $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU $DB $WETF $BEN $FRTA $TUSK $HUM $AET $UNH $IBB $ILMN $COL #ipo Dan half the benefit from the video is your mellifluous voice that has such a convincing, cogent, smooth, flowing sound. Anyone can read stuff on stocks all over the net but there is only one DAN FITZPATRICK and it's all in the voice. Don't even think of stopping these videos. I get a lot out of even the pauses, hesitations, emphasis etc.
  • tnt: $APA chart https://www.tradingview.com/x/pl7IuDPy/ $APA Alpine High one of the largest oil discoveries ever & $APA not likely to stay independent long. Sweet bullish ascending triangle forming
  • DAN: @Toddmcartor I don't really have much of an opinion on $APA, Toddmcartor. Trending higher along with many other energy stocks. But it just seems a bit extended right now. I'd like to see it take a breather for a while. Sorry I couldn't be of more help.
  • champ: @Aragorn $XLP $K $TAP $MO $PEP $NWL $SMH $XLK $QQQ $AMD $CRUS $IBM $ORCL $MU $FN $WB $QCOM $CRM $Z $USO $BP $XOM $APA $PXD $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU $DB $WETF $BEN $FRTA $TUSK $HUM $AET $UNH $IBB $ILMN $COL #ipo --Is the party Over...?
  • Bridget: ...
    $USO up again today but this move might be over. If not, here are some oil stocks that are not overextended: $BP $XOM $APA $PXD
    Financials up again today, keep tight stops on these: $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU, some coming out of the penalty box: $DB $W ...
  • Aragorn: @Bridget $XLP $K $TAP $MO $PEP $NWL $SMH $XLK $QQQ $AMD $CRUS $IBM $ORCL $MU $FN $WB $QCOM $CRM $Z $USO $BP $XOM $APA $PXD $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU $DB $WETF $BEN $FRTA $TUSK $HUM $AET $UNH $IBB $ILMN $COL #ipo As always thanks Bridget. I wish Dan's notes were more like this then I could just read his notes LOL Thanks again
  • DAN: @Aragorn $XLP $K $TAP $MO $PEP $NWL $SMH $XLK $QQQ $AMD $CRUS $IBM $ORCL $MU $FN $WB $QCOM $CRM $Z $USO $BP $XOM $APA $PXD $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU $DB $WETF $BEN $FRTA $TUSK $HUM $AET $UNH $IBB $ILMN $COL #ipo You can watch my videos, which accompany the notes. Trust me, I'd rather just provide detailed notes and forego the vids. ;)
  • issues: @DAN $XLP $K $TAP $MO $PEP $NWL $SMH $XLK $QQQ $AMD $CRUS $IBM $ORCL $MU $FN $WB $QCOM $CRM $Z $USO $BP $XOM $APA $PXD $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU $DB $WETF $BEN $FRTA $TUSK $HUM $AET $UNH $IBB $ILMN $COL #ipo But Dan you have such a mellifluous voice: (def -pleasant to hear., soothing, rich, smooth, euphonious, harmonious, tuneful etc///
  • Alexandra: @DAN $XLP $K $TAP $MO $PEP $NWL $SMH $XLK $QQQ $AMD $CRUS $IBM $ORCL $MU $FN $WB $QCOM $CRM $Z $USO $BP $XOM $APA $PXD $KRE $C $GS $BAC $PRU $DB $WETF $BEN $FRTA $TUSK $HUM $AET $UNH $IBB $ILMN $COL #ipo I love the videos and the notes help reinforce. Hope your shoulder is healing nicely.
    I did ask Gary if he could do the same for th ...
  • tnt: Taking some profits in some of the higher quality energy names like $APA and $PE which have ramped to move into the trashier commodity names for alpha. $DRYS $CNX $ARCH. $DRYS nice hammer yesterday and today bullish inside day. If $DRYS takes out morning high should ramp nicely into close & gap up tommorrow
  • champ: $$APA and $FANG ...I got back in both....for a Spec Day trades and I would like to swing.....both are trading stocks for me and I'm still holding 12 other positions in this sector....all appears to be a go ...until OPEC's 11/30 meeting....is my guess.
  • champ: $FANG and $APA - Sold both...taking profits this morning.... going into the API #'s in the AH's today and the EIA #'s in the morning at 10:30 ET..and also I'm watching N-Gas their EIA # will be on Thursday. I would like to buy both of these trading stock back....and I'm still holding 12 other energy names but I'm now watching all closely now... along with WTI-Oil and N-Gas.....might harvest more profits.
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Stock Price $USD 23.22
Change 1.53%
Volume 4,390,160

Apache Corporation is an independent energy company that explores, develops and produces natural gas, crude oil and natural gas liquids.It has interests in six countries, divided into seven operating regions.

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