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  • scottrades: $BLD Tight Hourly pattern. Watch above 116.65
  • brett_anderson: $BLD looking to see if it can break $120 ish... good trade today
  • issues: @WebstreamDyn $BLDR We have held BLDR for months. It's been a good holding! We sold $BLD yesterday for good profit but it was declining. However on the 3% pop today on huge volume we are buying it agin on Mon. We have a partial stop in on $BLDR at $24.50... But will hold the rest unless the bottom drops out of it.
  • bRobert: $BLD 50d bounce Strong WEEKLY uptrend with a $125 measured move reversal target
  • Yes-Man: @bRobert $BLD Robert is this a measured move off the weekly on cup and handle?
  • Yes-Man: @bRobert $BLD thanks
  • bRobert: @Yes-Man $BLD More of a reversal pattern but yes I'm using the WEEKLY More consolidation on daily likely to come. But this has been a good entry point Buy in scales Stop just below
  • scottrades: $BLD trying to break above resistance.
  • bsafriet: $BLD back up at top of trade box, just below all time high. Watching for a B/O above $110.29, all time closing high. ATH at $111.48, intraday. Long covered calls.
  • bsafriet: $BLD. E/R beat yesterday and an upgrade and PT hike to $120.00 today - what is not to like? $110.27 + 6.10%. Wish I had more, but waiting for an entry to add.
  • woodman: @champ $SPY $XHB $ITB - Exactly. Those ETFs have been a nice place to just hide out on autopilot. In terms of individual stocks, I've been holding $SUM $MLM $BLD $HOV $BZH in the building space. Others outside the space include $SEDG, $ZTS $TSM $KLAC $ATRS (buyable at the bottom of its wide channel where there's pretty clear rising support).
  • champ: @woodman $SPY $XHB $ITB $SUM $MLM $BLD $HOV $BZH $SEDG $ZTS $TSM $KLAC $ATRS ---- #Thanks, I will take a look, this is what I'm holding in the Housing and Construction sectors......see 10/18, #Updating, post for my positions in both of these sectors.
  • woodman: @champ $SPY $XHB $ITB $SUM $MLM $BLD $HOV $BZH $SEDG $ZTS $TSM $KLAC $ATRS #Thanks #Updating Thanks, Champ. Lumber is interesting. $WY just broke through hard resistance.
  • champ: @woodman $SPY $XHB $ITB $SUM $MLM $BLD $HOV $BZH $SEDG $ZTS $TSM $KLAC $ATRS $WY #Thanks #Updating ---- Yes, $WY, interesting, very nice, see $BCC, also.
  • woodman: @champ $SPY $XHB $ITB $SUM $MLM $BLD $HOV $BZH $SEDG $ZTS $TSM $KLAC $ATRS $WY $BCC #Thanks #Updating - and $UFPI if bought at the right spot - dips below the 50 day.
  • issues: @Bridget $IYR $ITB Don't be fooled. These two etf have very different holdings: IYR: $AMT $CCI $PLD $EQIX $SPG $WELL $PSA $AVB $EQR $DLR ITB: $DHI $LEN $NVR $PHM $SHW $HD $LOW $TOL $MAS $BLD NP in either
  • champ: @issues $IYR $ITB $AMT $CCI $PLD $EQIX $SPG $WELL $PSA $AVB $EQR $DLR $DHI $LEN $NVR $PHM $SHW $HD $LOW $TOL $MAS $BLD ---- I don't think that there are #any traders that could fool @Bridget. She's smart as hell..she out ranks us.
  • debeers: $BLD-great co deserving of more press and several members here have 1st hand experience with this place. Whether housing recovers or not--a great franchise with whom several members here have expertise. $FBM-A natural pair with $BLD
  • DAN: ...
    $BLD -- solid trend and fundamentals. Earnings on 10/31. Not a good entry...but a great to to be long.
    $PFPT -- $130 ceiling. Failed breakout again.
    $CZZ -- Resistance at $16. Brazilian energy refiner. Good revenue growth and margins. Wait f ...
  • debeers: $TREX/$GRMN/$MTZ/$GWRE/$BLD-Winners all---what's not to like??
  • Bridget: I like $BLD to the upside. Nice uptrend and has consolidated to the 21dMA. I think this continues higher into earnings.
  • CraigReynolds: @debeers $BLD $TER $AMT $TMHC $PLMR $AAPL $MSFT $BA $BOOT $RH Love your passions. In five investment positions from your list. You are sure a very passionate gal from an old man.
  • debeers: $BLD/$TER/$AMT/$TMHC/-Longs all. Homebuilders are working, building is working, $AMT is stellar, $PLMR doing what it should do.Pick a dry shipper if you don't like mine. How else are you going to get all those soybeans over to China? The stalwarts will still lead us out of purgatory-$AAPL, $MSFT/$BA--the plain truth is that they'll fly planes again after the snot is wrung out of them which, lets face it--in the 320's and 330's it already was. $BOOT/$RH sill holding this one. The high end will still thrive even if it is the short sellers still buying $RH furniture which has nothing but USA locations.
  • CraigReynolds: @debeers $BLD $TER $AMT $TMHC $PLMR $AAPL $MSFT $BA $BOOT $RH You may also want to look at $OC (@champ posted). In the housing sector (roofing), earnings 10/23 and they probably (hope) earnings run. Believe the last 3 earnings had a run into the dates.
  • issues: @CraigReynolds $BLDR Which is the better LTH $BLDR or $BLD?
  • CraigReynolds: @issues $BLDR $BLD Not sure which would/is better, both in housing. Different services/exposure. $BLD is sales/installation of insulation products, insulation, foam, plastic sheeting and netting used in construction. $BLDR is a supplier/manufacture of factory built trueses, panels, stairs, windows, and doors. They also do dimensional lumber for special construction. In construction, both are needed and supply to other sellers dealing with architecture products under different names.
  • Sluggo: After taking a 2-1/2 hour session with Dan (fantastic), if you are still in the mood to do a little research for Monday, let me give you the Sluggo port. I will be doing the weather later. Kick the tires and maybe you will find something you like. $TMHC $FSS $BRKR $PLMR $LGIH $TER $TXN $INMD $AUDC $AMT $FND $BLD $FIVN $BLDR $FSS $ACGL $FLY $CPRT $SEDG
  • Sluggo: $BLD Do you ever have one of those stocks that you just trade badly over and over again? This be that for me. Shake Shakin Shakes. Back in with starter. $MAS working as well as @brobert stated.
  • Sluggo: $BLD In case you are looking at the chart and saying "what is Sluggo talking about? How do you get shaken out of this thing? Easy. My premise was always the 20d. It has to be the 50d now.
  • Sluggo: @Sluggo $BLD Buy the way, it started smoking as soon as I mentioned it.
  • Sluggo: $BLD I went over to take a look at it after I mentioned it and it was up $2 in 10 minutes. WTF? Didn't get a starter yet. Waiting for it to come back a bit on the minute chart.
  • Sluggo: Trying to find a building material stock that is NOT doing well today. No luck so far. $MAS $BLD $USCR etc
  • bRobert: @Sluggo $MAS $BLD $USCR $OC
  • issues: @Sluggo $MAS $BLD $USCR add: $BLDR Looking to add to $PANW. Is this a "flying wedge" "ascending wedge" or "flying Dutchman" what kind of pattern is this>?
  • Sluggo: All of my stocks that are doing extremely well today. All up over a buck. $SEDG $BLD $INMD $FIVN $AMT $LGIH $TER $TXN
  • Sluggo: @Sluggo $SEDG $BLD $INMD $FIVN $AMT $LGIH $TER $TXN I post in layman's terms. Money is money.
  • Sluggo: $FIVN Bounce off 200d working nicely. Good fundies. $BLD Might want to wait for a slight pull. Working well. $CPRT gap up and hold $ACGL Nice bounce off 20d. $TMHC solid bouce off the 8MA $FSS Solid consolidation right below the 8MA and 20MA. $BR ...
  • Sluggo: @Sluggo $FIVN $BLD $CPRT $ACGL $TMHC $FSS $BRKR $PLMR $LGIH $TXN $INMD $AUDC $AMT $FND $TER $FLY I forgot one of my darlings $SEDG. what can I say?
  • mopick: @Sluggo $SEDG $BLD $INMD $FIVN $AMT $LGIH $TER $TXN, hey, Slug-Man, at these levels for $LGIH or $TMHC, which would be the more opportune one to start a small position? Probably $LGIH, right, since the other is at a new high.I know I'm late in the game here. "I'm inconsistent, even to myself" - Dylan
  • shoredriver: @Sluggo $FIVN $BLD $CPRT $ACGL $TMHC $FSS $BRKR $PLMR $LGIH $TXN $INMD $AUDC $AMT $FND $TER $FLY A While back Dan said that we should not be surprised to see posting members become part of the SMM TEAM or some such....Give him a call and see if he will sign you up.....
  • Sluggo: @shoredriver $FIVN $BLD $CPRT $ACGL $TMHC $FSS $BRKR $PLMR $LGIH $TXN $INMD $AUDC $AMT $FND $TER $FLY Why, just recently he was castigating me. He feels like a brother to me. Slug one day, hug the next. I grew up like that. I had 2 older brothers. Seems like home to me.
  • Sluggo: @mopick $SEDG $BLD $INMD $FIVN $AMT $LGIH $TER $TXN $TMHC Well, Mr Motown, $LGIH is actually still in consolidation and is the wiser buy based on that. $TMHC has a slightly sweeter daily channel and is perched above the 8MA. How brave are ya?
  • Sluggo: @issues $MAS $BLD $USCR $BLDR Sweet, sweet, sweet on $BLDR. In today. Great fundies and in the RIGHT sector now. Thanks, my friend!
  • Sluggo: @issues $MAS $BLD $USCR $BLDR $PANW I see 3 intertwining averages which I always like. I would be more interested here if it goes above the 200d at $220. As a matter of fact, I just put in an alert for $PANW at $220.
  • Sluggo: $BLD Resting on the 20ma. Still in cons but looking to break out.
  • Sluggo: Wanna see some pretty charts? $MTZ $BLD $AJRD $TMHC $GPI $FSS $TTEK $BRKR $GSHD $PRFT $PPC $FND $ACGL $TER
  • Sluggo: Material building stocks are leaving the station today. $BLD is very buyable here. I missed $USCR.
  • Sluggo: Buys today in a funky market: $CUB $PLMR $BLD (add on) $LGIH
  • Sluggo: My 5 best stocks up over a buck today: $PLMR $GPI $BLD $LGIH $TTEK
  • Sluggo: My 6 up today over $2 a share: $EDU $PLMR $GPI $BLD $TTEK $LGIH
  • DAN: ...
    $BLD -- trending nicely along 20-day MA.
    $PPC -- Also working well. Looks ready to go higher.
    $CMG -- Still tightening. Top at $850.
    $INFO -- Forming bottom of base.
    $LULU -- Forming bottom of base.
    $CSL -- Bottom of base...has a long way to go. ...
  • Sluggo: Back to bases or basics as the case may be. Almost all of my portfolio wants to take off (I know we all say that) but it is being hindered. They are mostly being pushed back into bases. This is a good thing if you are heavily in cash at the moment. The point is, when the market turns, you have to already know what you want to buy and then pounce. Here ya go: $GPI $FSS $GSHD $BRKR $AJRD $TMHC $ACGL $PPC $MTZ $CG $FND $CPRT $BOOT $TER $BLD $TTEK
  • debeers: @Sluggo $GPI $FSS $GSHD $BRKR $AJRD $TMHC $ACGL $PPC $MTZ $CG $FND $CPRT $BOOT $TER $BLD $TTEK The real beauty is that you already know which if the domestics perform really well and you'll get a second chance at them. I'd add $RH, $LAD, $MTN to the list. The first and last is because the wealthy won't let a pullback deter them from decorating their homes or skiing and the last because, come hell or high water, used car sales are advancing way more than used.
  • Sluggo: @debeers $GPI $FSS $GSHD $BRKR $AJRD $TMHC $ACGL $PPC $MTZ $CG $FND $CPRT $BOOT $TER $BLD $TTEK $RH $LAD $MTN I already have those 3 on my list. We smart ones are already accumulating nuts to eat in the future. It's a matter of survival in the wild.
  • Sluggo: My only high beta baby is $SEDG which I sold 1/3 of earlier today for a nice profit. I have been leaning away from high beta for over a month now. My port now...please don't misinterpret this. I put this out there for the newbies and those looking for a life saver (no candy jokes). $BOOT $TMHC $ACGL $FND $CPRT $MTZ $FSS $CG $AJRD $TER $BX $PPC $INMD $TMUS $GPI $CHRS $BLD $SEDG The ultimate safety is cash, and, yes, I always have some dry powder.
  • Sluggo: 9 in my port up over $1 today: $GPI $SEDG $CHRS $MTZ $FND $KEYS $FSS $BLD Act accordingly,
  • Sluggo: $GPI $SEDG $MTZ $BLD $KEYS $FSS My port stocks above $1 today RHRN. $PPC looks perky enough to excel $1 today.
  • Sluggo: $BLD Nice gentle uptrend. Breakout today.
  • Doc Trader: @Sluggo $BLD thoghts o $BLD co call? 100 october for 95 @dan @bridget
  • Rjeletrik: @Sluggo $BLD welcome back Sluggo
  • Sluggo: $MTZ $BX $INMD $CPRT $BLD $TMUS $AJRD $TMHC $KEYS $CG $SEDG $FND $GPI Run this list. I guarantee you that you will find something actionable. Low beta rules this environment. Just part of my port.
  • Sluggo: @Rjeletrik $BLD Thank you. Glad to be here, as usual. Went to Disneyland with pine trees and refreshed my soul. Nifty!
  • Sluggo: @Doc Trader $BLD Doc, I would be the first to say that I don't know squat about options at this point. Just trying to improve my stock picking before I venture into them. I do seem to have an affinity for this, however.
  • DAN: @Doc Trader $BLD I wouldn't sell a call on BLD b/c it's in a pretty good uptrend. You're capping your gain
  • Sluggo: With the market in a sad state of affairs out there, I thought I would throw out a life saver (not the candy, wise guy) and list my port here. Take what you will from it. $BX $MTZ $INMD $CPRT $BLD $LSCC $TMUS $AUDC $AJRD $TMHC $KEYS $STNE $CG $SEDG $GPI $FSS $BOOT $APPS $NUGT $FND - day trade tomorrow at open is $DRIP.
  • Sluggo: $BLD Making a jump up on the minute
  • Sluggo: Friday portfolio list time: $BX $TWTR $MTZ $INMD $CPRT $BLD $LSCC $FBM $TMUS $AJRD $TMHC $KEYS $YUMC $STNE $CG $AUDC
  • Sluggo: @Sluggo $BX $TWTR $MTZ $INMD $CPRT $BLD $LSCC $FBM $TMUS $AJRD $TMHC $KEYS $YUMC $STNE $CG $AUDC Am I diversified, Mr Cramer? Yup.
  • Sluggo: $BLD $FBM $BLD looking to break out. $FBM A sleeper that has great fundies. Has repaired itself (the chart). Maybe a bit early but back in.
  • Sluggo: $BLD $INMD Both holding strong. I think both are buyable here. Full position on both.
  • Sluggo: @Sluggo $BLD $INMD Oh, what the heck. Here are the last of the mohicans standing strong: $OLLI $BX $ORCC $TWTR $INMD $MTZ $BLD
  • Sluggo: $BLD In tight consolidation since early Aug. Waiting for breakout. Full position.
  • Sluggo: Boy, Sluggo took a bit of a pounding today. Down from 24 to 16 positions. Added to $LSCC and $INMD today. $OLLI $BX $LSCC $KEYS $INMD $CPRT $MTZ $KTOS $BLD $ORCC $MDLZ $TMHC $STOR $AJRD $TWTR $HXL
  • Sluggo: Facing Monday, this is my current portfolio: $ICE $BX $TWTR $ARWR $PG $LSCC $APPS $KEYS $MTZ $HXL $STOR $BLD $NUGT $ORCC $INMD $MDLZ $AJRD $OLLI $PAGS $WPM $AJRD $STNE $KTOS $TMHC
  • Sluggo: $BLD Tightening up at the 20d. Don't lose sight of this one.
  • Sluggo: @Sluggo $BLD Playing Tighten Up by Archie Bell and the Drells. How did that post get in here. Down, Sluggo.
  • Sluggo: $BLD Starter position at $90.10
  • Sluggo: $BLD Call me crazy, but I am waiting for it to land so that I can add.
  • Sluggo: $BLD Sluggo's crazy thinking..the lower it gets to the 50d, the less risky the trade. Fundies are dynamite.
  • Sluggo: $BLD OK, added at $88.81. Showing a bit of a rebound, but that is not my premise.
  • Sluggo: $BLD Talk about picking your bottom (ewww). I nailed this at $88.81 for an add on. Yippee me. I think this thing will recoup and go up.
  • Sluggo: $BLD God, I love minute charts. Especially for the sesame street gemeration.
  • Sluggo: $BLD OK, place your bets. Does it get above the VWAP before 1PM? 47 minutes to go.
  • Sluggo: $BLD Breaks thru the VWAP, and no one cares.
  • BellaVino: @Sluggo $BLD I saw it Sluggo:-) Just watching this for now - waiting to see what tomorrow brings, but first today's close.
  • Sluggo: @BellaVino $BLD Ah, a voyeur. Well, you saw me do my victory dance, right?
  • DAN: ...
    $BLD -- “buy now or wait for 93.50?
    $ATVI -- “It's formed a long base. How do you know when it's time to buy after one of these. It's had a few attempted breakouts. Should one wait until the 200ma lowers a bit further? Or take a stab her ...
  • Sluggo: $BLD $FBM $BLD is hugging the 20d. $FBM is forever in purgatory but I am on board from a while ago. Will continue to hold it. Fundies are so great I know it will bust out SOMEDAY.
  • Sluggo: $BLD I lied. This thing keeps coming back to me today. In with starter.
  • Sluggo: $BLD in at $88.80 a few minutes ago. Now at $88.99 and moving up.
  • Sluggo: $BLD at the 20d. Healthy open.
  • Sluggo: $BLD $FBM I really don't care if I am talking to the wall today. I usually do a LOT of social stuff on the weekends, but this one is free for the moment. $BLD and $FBM pulled back a bit on Friday. I think this is a good buy point. If everything goes to shite on Monday, at least put these on your watch lists.
  • Sluggo: Stocks on my list for Monday AM stalking (yeah, Dorothy and her house are flying around my head, but barring that) : $ORCC $ESNT $BLD $INMD $RNG $NSSC $KRUS $FSLY
  • bRobert: $BLD . walk to $100 $TNDM . Strong move >50d. Still with partial position. Not adding WEEKLY squeeze my focus. If this resolves bullishly, plenty of upside to get on board $PODD $DXCM . Strong
  • Sluggo: $BLD $FBM Material stocks working well. $FBM is in a tight consolidation at the 20d waiting to break out. Fantastic fundies. I am in already, but you are still early in the run. Yeah, sometimes I jump the breakout and get in early. Not usually, but if the stock has great fundies, it enters in to my decision.
  • bRobert: @Sluggo $BLD $FBM $BLD . $100+ . c&h . target . Long
  • Sluggo: @bRobert $BLD $FBM Nice to have company, bRobert!
  • Sluggo: $BLD $FBM I am a little late in discovering this (about 3-4 days), but the building material stocks bounced off the 50d (for the most part) and are working well. $FBM just knocked me out with their fundies and acceleration. I only have a couple of tickers here. There are, of course, many more.
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Volume 448,028

TopBuild Corp is an installer and distributor of insulation products to the United States construction industry. The Company's business segments are residential new construction, residential repair/remodel and commercial construction.

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