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  • woodman: $APOG - I've hardly traded or even looked at the Market for more than a week due to work stuff, so I'm rusty. This one was on my building materials list for a while, but I never pulled the trigger. I decided to buy some today on the pullback and move back up through the 8dEMA.
  • woodman: #BuildingMaterials - Some look good with bounces at expected spots after a pullback, or perhaps about to breakout. Some, for example: $USCR $SUM $MLM $VMC $EXP $CX (cup and handlish) $APOG $GFF (maybe).
  • woodman: $APOG - moving up through resistance.
  • woodman: $APOG has cleared resistance. But it has earnings 12/14.
  • woodman: #Homebuilders #ResidentialConstruction #Housing - these are working well, many moving up through resistance and running. I listed some yesterday (use the hashtag identifiers I've posted). Add to these $TOL. I am long $BZH and $TPH (homebuilders) and $BLDR and $APOG (Building Materials). But there are many good looking charts in these sectors and they're certainly not limited to what I bought.
  • champ: @woodman $TOL $BZH $TPH $BLDR $APOG #Homebuilders #ResidentialConstruction #Housing ---$FNMA or $FMCC good entry on Monday up now around $0.70... up about another 6% today ....these are going to break-out but I don't know when....
  • cmaxwel1: @woodman $TOL $BZH $TPH $BLDR $APOG #Homebuilders #ResidentialConstruction #Housing I'm looking at $HW (top of group in IBD), coal construction
  • bigbartabs: @woodman $TOL $BZH $TPH $BLDR $APOG #Homebuilders #ResidentialConstruction #Housing I would be a little careful here... $XHB is coming up to some pretty massive resistance (8/17). FWIW... good luck brutha...
  • woodman: $APOG - keep on radar for move above the resistance level $50-ish.
  • woodman: @TunaHelper $XHB $BWA - re #Homebuilders #ResidentialConstruction #Housing - here I like $TPH (up thru resistance this morning) and $BZH (looks on the verge of moving thru resistance), also $MTH; #BuildingMaterials I like these $APOG (starter position for me, hoping for break thru resistance) $AWI $BLDR $CBPX$ CX (Mexican co. but I guess folks less worried) $USCR $CSTE $VMC $OC $BMCH $MDU.
  • TunaHelper: @woodman $XHB $BWA $TPH $BZH $MTH $APOG $AWI $BLDR $CBPX $USCR $CSTE $VMC $OC $BMCH $MDU #Homebuilders #ResidentialConstruction #Housing #BuildingMaterials Thank you for the ticker list. Still researching this area a bit, wary that if I don't hustle on that I'll prob miss the move. I have looked at $BZH which seems at a good point, to your point. I also like $CX, which is a very well run company. Are you still following $LGIH?
  • woodman: Don't forget #BuildingMaterials - $CBPX $AWI $APOG $USG $SUM $NCS $PGEM $CX $TREX $MDU $BLD $BECN $VMC $MAS
  • Trixie: @woodman $CBPX $AWI $APOG $USG $SUM $NCS $PGEM $CX $TREX $MDU $BLD $BECN $VMC $MAS #BuildingMaterials $CREE I can't endorse buying any here.. However I do think it is in the process of heading higher over time. Over all the more common ma's hasn't been over the 200ma in ages.. They do the #LED lights and a few other things.. I have picked up $AYI for a while also in LEDs /lighting.. One can choose either one near 52 week lows or highs..
  • woodman: @Trixie $AWI $PII $HOG -- Love these patterns. $PLCM and $EXTR are a couple more of these pattern I've been riding. They both, however, are nearing major moving averages which could be resistance. It's been a good ride in these but I have to be more cautious with them now. $CC, $APOG and $CBPX also.
  • Trixie: @woodman $AWI $PII $HOG $PLCM $EXTR $CC $APOG $CBPX Would something like $OI fit u're criteria? That volume from yesterday off the 50ma looks interesting to me.. Also all the shorter term emas are clustered around hereish..
    $RHI also kind of caught ...
  • Trixie: @Trixie $AWI $PII $HOG $PLCM $EXTR $CC $APOG $CBPX $OI $RHI $HTZ $EMES Might be able to add OUTR to that list too.. seems to be working on a left shoulder for an inv H'n'S tickling the 50ma b-bands still look wide.. might narrow w time.. but it looks like once it clears this region it could go a while.
  • woodman: @Trixie $AWI $PII $HOG $PLCM $EXTR $CC $APOG $CBPX $OI $RHI $HTZ $EMES --
    Very Quick Thoughts:
    EMES looks interesting. It's been basing but looks like it is breaking up thru top of the wedge resistance. Depends on how you draw your top line. But t ...
  • woodman: @infocus $CBPX - perhaps on a pullback to 5dEMA if a bounce? That's been recent support. Or buy a little now and set a stop under current low of the day or low of yesterday. Just suggestions. But, from my #BuildingMaterials list, also take a look at: $AWI on a move above $41.59. $APOG rhrn (though caution: it's a thin stock). $SUM moving today up thru resistance. $USG -like $CBPX but perhaps not as extended from its move thru resistance.
  • infocus: @woodman $CBPX $AWI $APOG $SUM $USG #BuildingMaterials - Thanks a lot for the suggestions.
  • woodman: @infocus $CBPX $AWI $APOG $SUM $USG #BuildingMaterials You're welcome. Best of luck.
  • woodman: @debeers $MHK $MAS $M - #BuildingMaterials sector has a lot of nice charts - rebounders/reversals. Of interest (at least to me) in the sector: $SUM $CBPX $CX $USG $APOG $TREX $BECN $AWI $NSC $PGEM $MDU $BLD $VMC
  • Forexpro: ...

    With that said, a couple of tickers ...
  • Forexpro: ...
  • rah: @gwenzee $FIX $LII $MAS $AMWD $AYI $APOG $MHK - Thanks, good point, I did not factor in dividend in my comparison.
  • rah: ...
    $APOG (which is in an uptrend, choppy but upward),

    I am sure there are more

    All have beautiful weekly charts. There are quite a few in the larger Building Sector. Of course there are different Sector groupings depending on the source used.
  • gwenzee: @rah $FIX $LII $MAS $AMWD $AYI $APOG $MHK Charts of LII and MAS look very similar. Why do I like MAS. Above 20, 50, and 200. Pays a dividend. Only 5% below 52 wk. high. Business is growing by acquisitions that are starting to pay off. My brain is really tired right now so this is pretty much off the top of my head.
  • pcotton: #scan #upperRight pullback, bounce. $AMBA $ANAC $APOG $INCY $MTN $NAT $PNK
  • janner0814: In all fairness, this stock at the time could have gone either way. That being said, nice call @GreenGhost ($APOG) http://tinyurl.com/apog-3-day-rule
  • janner0814: $APOG Three day rule or "Falling Knife?" Weekly says falling knife (larger TF in my book rules) However, lower (too low perhaps) suggest bottoming? http://i.imgur.com/cUnPX8S.jpg
  • freeno: $APOG - @ janner - not three day rule, just failed break out.
  • GreenGhost: @janner0814 $APOG looks to me like a decent entry here ; stock got ahead of itself; look at selling volume peter out lower and lower last 3 days; nice chart too; not ready for breakout just quite yet but getting there IMO. Also right near support so not much downside risk if it holds which I suspect it will.
  • janner0814: @GreenGhost Thanks as always Yin for your $APOG post! Hey if & when you have time. Could you comment (after market of course), on $FXE post that @Forexpro gave his expertise on. I have a few trade ideas I've been waiting for.... could finally be the time. Thanks! @janner0814
  • murfields: YEAR-END FLYING HIGH--- Majority of signals says December ending higher. $ITB (homebuilders) may end winner for the highest gaining ETF's, XLI;s materials record high since 2008, XLF's finance highest since 2009, airlines especially $LUV and $JBLU with increased profit. All these are leaders for a higher direction of the economy. And $SPY verify this with a channel heading for a year-end high. Woo-pie, Rah, Rah!!! And some of the some of the 20% to 49% gainer for the last 3 month are; $CLSN, $WSBF, $DDD, $CLDX, $AMWD, $BWS, $LOV, $CIE, $PCYC, $APOG, KBM, $PHM and SSYS.
  • roadrunr: $APOG @scorpino - I'll give you my .02 worth. The stock is hitting the 20 day sma, where it has been resistance end of July. This looks like a beautiful SHORT opportunity #RHRN. I would take profit and short it for a full position. Look to close near $15, the 200 day sma that has been support. Just remember you are getting what you pay for in advice. =0)
  • nfrey: $PATK, $ELGX, $APOG, Are they a buy right here?
  • Aiko: ...

    Zacks#5 New this week
    $ ...
  • taylor: re: earnings - Today after the close look for the following companies to report: $AIR, $APOG, $CLC, and DBRN. Tomorrow before the open look for the following companies to report: $FDX, $MCS, and PIR.
  • patricia_ann: ...
    Wednesday: $AIR, $APOG, $CLC, and DBRN
    Thursday: $FDX, $MCS, $PIR, CKR, DDMX, $MLHR, $ORCL, and RIMM
    Friday: No companies are currently scheduled to repo
  • orthodoc: @Dan or others, What do you think about $ALJ, $APOG, $ENOC, $EXP, MDRX? Eased into $TIP, $MDRX and $EXP today.
  • marcg35: @smita look at $APOG and this looks like a @SMITA set up we call them. Now just have to wait for a little buying and keep an eye on it for more selling. Pls let me know what you think. Thx
  • smita: marcg35: Thx. definitely keeping $APOG on the radar. I would be wary of buying this one for a while! Notice the steady dumping all day today!
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Apogee Enterprises provides technologies, involving the design and development of value-added glass products, services and systems.

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