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  • scottrades: $BMY showing some good strength in this market.
  • Margi1983: @scottrades $BMY Nice find. 3% divi. Sometimes boring is good:)
  • alfred1939: @scottrades $BMY Possible entry..
  • alfred1939: @alfred1939 $BMY Stop@ $59.30
  • Ajax4Hire: $BMY - Bristol-Myers Squibb announced mostly positive earnings Fri,Feb5th. Looks to have bounced off 200day-MA Huge company, do not expect to move much; more of a time-to-buy-if-you-like-$BMY
  • Hemal: 01/25/21 Stock Ideas-setting up via @YouTube $BMY, $CRSR, $DKNG, $FOUR, $G, $HUBS, $PLAN, $RXT, $TXRH, $ZI, $ZTS
  • CraigReynolds: @Hemal $BMY $CRSR $DKNG $FOUR $G $HUBS $PLAN $RXT $TXRH $ZI $ZTS Love your posts. Like you sharing the stocks you are focusing on. I try to find around 6-8 stocks to focus on for the week instead of getting confused, watching so many. Your one of my favorites in SMM.
  • mopick: @joelsg1 $EXEL, looking to get back into this one. As you know, their Cabo drug was just approved in combination with $BMY's Optivo for first line treatment for advanced renal cell carcinoma.
  • :
  • Hemal: @CraigReynolds $BMY $CRSR $DKNG $FOUR $G $HUBS $PLAN $RXT $TXRH $ZI $ZTS Thanks Craig. I am with you on this. I need to have a plan before market opens. Anything outside of my plan is irrelevant.
  • joelsg1: $EXEL Trying this again, received early FDA approval for Cabo as first line treatment for advanced renal cancer, together with $BMY Opdivo. Big deal, doubling PFS (Progression free survival). On weekly, see large inverse H&S pattern with move to at least 35. I'm in semi-large at blended price of 18. Company has a billion cash.
  • mopick: @joelsg1 $EXEL $BMY, thanks for this post. Was in this awhile back. Should get back in this one.
  • joelsg1: @mopick $EXEL $BMY It's been dead money for awhile, and this approval was expected, but still anything that shines a light is good for stock.
  • bwcarnation1: $UCTT one of a very few green stocks on my screen...of course thanks to bRobert! $BMY also doing well
  • Hemal: 011221 Current Ideas Update via @YouTube $AAPL, $ABT, $ADM, $APH, $BJ, $BMY, $HON, $LULU, $LUV, $MAR, $PINS, $PNR, $ROK, $RTX, $SCI, $TEAM, $VEEV, $XLNX
  • Hemal: 011121 Current and new ideas via @YouTube $AAPL, $ABT, $ADM, $APH, $BJ, $BMY, $HON, $LULU, $LUV, $MAR, $PINS, $PNR, $ROK, $RTX, $SCI, $TEAM, $VEEV, $XLNX  

    $AAPL: Tightening up here near its 10/21 ema,  ...
  • Hemal: 01/10/21 Active stocks plus stocks of interest for this week via @YouTube $ABT, $ADM, $APH, $PNR, $ROK, $SCI, $AGNC, $BJ, $BMY, $CTAS, $HON, $HSY, $INFO, $LUV, $MAR, $MCD, $MDLZ, $PCAR, $RBA, $SHW, $SUN, $UBER, $UL, $WM&n ...
  • Yuls: $BMY repeat heavy call volume today, seems like a nice chart if conquers 50sma just overhead
  • sierramp: $BMY making a move.
  • Junior1: $BMY confirming yesterday's break of the downslope. Thanks @Champ for the heads up
  • 1winkie: $BMY - upgraded to a "Conviction Buy" at Goldman Sachs. The analysts also raised their price target on the pharmaceutical giant to $86 from $82. Long
  • champ: @1winkie $BMY @ $61, #Day-1 --- This is what I'm talking about..#Great-Post, because one of the reasons is, this News came out after the open, so it's not fully out Yet, and your Key-Words for me were, that $GS moved this stock onto their #Conviction-Buy-List, just like you pointed out, so many #eyes will now see this New upgrade, and $GS has a very large customer base. This is what Forum-Members need more of, this should be a nice Swing-Position, this is a very large ship, takes fuel to move. Nice target, with a nice price target at $86. ~~ Plus at CNBC, #Jim-Cramer has always liked this stock, this is a Short-Term ..Hold and Swing, into the coming Days and at Schwab, they have this giant rated at #A. Very nice, low risk Reward-Swing......
  • Junior1: @1winkie $BMY Jan 57.5 Calls are trading near par 5.05 w/ delta of 0.86
  • Junior1: @Scottades $BMY has your kind of chart!
  • scottrades: @Junior1 $BMY Nice slope, good volume! You'd want a stop 3% lower to start or wait for an hourly higher low.
  • Junior1: @scottrades $BMY yep. already in with calls from earlier today
  • scottrades: @Junior1 $BMY Great trade!! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
  • champ: $SPY $XRT, Retail sales numbers for the month of November, will be reported in the morning, need good or flat numbers, need to keep the markets happy. First time, in a long time, that I have NP's in this sector, know risk in this sector but that could change in the morning. ~~~~ I'm just trying to continue holding the positions that I have. $AGCO $BMY .....I only made 2- new moves today, I added both of these new Swing positions. $FDX, I also put this trade back-on, Hope-Trade, for the open, for a look, need to see the retail News, that is another spec reason, that could also help this stock out. I like reasons,...hope-reasons. ~~ I had No-drags, No sells, I told the stick-person, let all my positions ride, New-shooter, need to see another open, just one more play, until tomorrow,.....then Who knows.....
  • bRobert: @champ $SPY $XRT $AGCO $BMY $FDX $PLCE I like how it's trading $60/$90 potential with flag trigger
  • champ: @bRobert $SPY $XRT $AGCO $BMY $FDX ------ $PLCE is a nice trading stock, for both Day-Trades and Short-term Swing-trades,....also take a look at $CRI, they are both in the same family, they are brother and sister.....$CRI, is rated A at Schwab and $Place is rated at D....and when one is happy, the other one is also happy, plus they both cry together...LOL.
  • shoredriver: $SDGR....up nicely on largish deal with$BMY.....
  • tartan: I know I know I know $BMY is not what any of u are interested in Especially Dan But, it has caught my eye The BB got tight at the first of Oct and then had a little expansion Then maybe a little Sling Shot action ( if I understand Bridgets thought process ) at the end of Oct to shoot it up to where it is today I see it is on top of a down trend line I see it has had 7 straight first hour of the month ranges between 62.26 and 58.84 which is IMO a 7 month long consolidation ( May, June, July, August, September, October, November ) It should be due for some sort of an expansion and it looks like it might be wanting to expand towards the upside I see a target of 68 to 70 Probably a waste of time but maybe not
  • tartan: @scottrades $PYPL $SQ $BABA $CLX $ROKU $W $PTON $QCOM $WING $SWKS $CVS $GOLD $NET $SPCE $GM $HZNP $LL $MPC $AZN $WM $TTD $EL $DBX $AYX $ON $ZNGA $CWH $AMCX $MELI $SEDG $REGN $CPE $LDOS $AMRN $UBER $BMY $KPTI $LITE $HUM $WEN $BHC $MCK $CPLP Always appreciate a heads up on earnings I think $BILL is due to report this week also
  • Hank1: $BMY ... Starting a position with a stop @ 59.75.
  • Hank1: $BMY ... buying if it can close above 60.50. Investors like the acquisition of Myokardia.
  • Mikev200: $BMY buying $MYOK
  • DAN: Good morning. Futures are pointing to a higher open this morning. The news about President Trump's treatment was good, so political uncertainty is not an immediate issue. While obviously the uncertainty remains high and it is certainly causing man ...
  • Bermont: @DAN $REGN $MRNA $BNTX $JNJ $GILD $MYOK $BMY Thank you Dan, great thinking for Myok.
  • DAN: @Bermont $REGN $MRNA $BNTX $JNJ $GILD $MYOK $BMY Hope you grabbed some $MYOK, Bermont! 8-)
  • joelsg1: $EXEL 3 days ago I posted that the CEO teased study data out this weekend about its wonder drug Cabo in trial with $BMY’s Opdivo in renal cancer. That data is out: double the efficacy, progression free survival and cure rate compared with current treatment. Last week’s move up should continue.
  • Bridget: $BMY nice flag within an uptrend
  • paikowner: @Bridget $BMY Would you buy here, or wait until it gets and stays above that $64.06 resistance?
  • debeers: $BMY-Game changer today for those with esophageal cancer who've been subjected to chemo:
    07:49 AM EDT, 08/11/2020 (MT Newswires) -- Bristol-Myers Squibb (BMY) said Tuesday that its phase 3 trial of Opdivo (nivolumab) as an adjuvant therapy to treat r ...
  • Ajax4Hire: $XLV - Health Care ETF is moving into a sideways/volatility squeeze. Traders holding their breath till a CoronaVirus solution materializes. Hold% $XLV Health Care Select Sector SPDR Fund - Top 15 holdings 9.84% $JNJ Johnson & Johnson 7.56% $UNH UnitedHealth Group Inc 5.37% $PFE Pfizer Inc 5.14% $MRK Merck & Co Inc 4.50% $ABT Abbott Laboratories 4.12% $ABBV Abbvie Inc 4.11% $TMO Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc 3.56% $AMGN Amgen Inc 3.47% $BMY Bristol-Myers Squibb Co 3.37% $MDT Medtronic PLC 3.25% $DHR Danaher Corp 3.24% $LLY Eli Lilly and Co 2.19% $GILD Gilead Sciences Inc 2.13% $CVS CVS Health Corp 2.01% $ISRG Intuitive Surgical Inc Data from: $CVS is also a "Staple" Stock ($XLP) as mentioned this morning by @Forexpro
  • phgruver: $BMY is up significantly this morning, after reporting Q2 last evening. EPS came in at $1.63 vs consensus estimates of $1.48, and revenue cam in at $10.10B vs. consensus estimates of $9.97B. Furthermore, they raised forward guidance for EPS to $6.10-$6.25, from $6.00 to $6.20, not a huge boost, but up a little and narrowing the range a bit. The dividend sits at 3%, for now. This has been a good #VALUE play. I bought most of mine last year, when it was below $50. I think you could start a position, even here in the low $60's. This is a holding stock, not a trading stock.
  • phgruver: @phgruver $BMY #VALUE Update: There is some determined selling going on in $BMY. Someone is determined to drive it back down to where it closed yesterday. This is more than "profit taking." Don't consider buying this until this sell program has exhausted itself. It may well "fill the gap," a somewhat self-fulfilling prophecy.....
  • sweeper240: @bRobert what do you think about $BMY earnings on Thursday as well
  • ikkyu000: @scottrades $CLX $BYND $SQ $MRNA $ROKU $FSLY $TSN $ATVI $CHGG $CVS $W $DIS $MELI $GPN $SPCE $TWLO $CMS $LVGO $MCK $AMRN $ETSY $PLUG $NET $BMY $RACE $TTWO $MPC $MPLX $ZNGA $DBX $DDOG $UBER $WIX $KOS $TTD $ENPH $CRON $BP $TEVA $PENN $FVRR $RNG #Earnings Thanks so much for the list. If you could post a list every week during earnings season, that would be great. I plug the symbols into a watchlist to watch for intraday snap-back reversals (my favorite kind of trade).
  • phgruver: @DBones808 $PFE With a 4% dividend, $PFE is a #VALUE stock. You can add it to your LT account and let it grow. You can trade around a core position, but I highly recommend you build a core position in some of the big pharma names. In addition to $PFE, I have $ABBV, $BMY and $GSK.
  • phgruver: @jee4416-trade $ABT Actually, it's a pretty good looking chart, and this morning was a reasonable entry. If I weren't already long $ABBV, $BMY, and $PFE, I'd consider adding. This is one you can hold for the long term. Currently, $ABT is only paying $1.44/year, or 1.47%, so the dividend isn't that attractive.
  • phgruver: @Kharrison67 Good dividend stocks change frequently, because they get overbought. Right now, the utilities $AEP, $DUK, $SO look pretty good, but $D has some question marks that need to be resolved before it's considered "safe". Some of the large pharma names , $ABBV, $BMY, $GSK, $PFE, also look good. $GSK and $ABBV are both in the 5% range on payout. Check the quarterly earnings against the dividend to make sure they can cover it. The BSD's and REIT's that usually dominate the income space aren't particularly safe, right now, because we don't know how badly the COVID displacement will hurt their earnings. High yielders aren't ever "safe" investments, but they have their place in an income portfolio. When all else fails, buy the $SPY or the $QQQ, after it's had a bad day or two.
  • phgruver: @babas Not @Dan, but I am primarily a long term #VALUE investor that is learning to trade short term. Most of my investments are semi-permanent, and generate significant income to fund my retirement. That said, I took advantage of the recent weakness to add to my positions in $D and $PFE. All the utilities are a little beaten down, but I particularly like $D, but I would also consider $SO on any pullback or sign of weakness. As for the drug companies, $PFE is buy-able RHRN. The divy is 4.56%. $BMY isn't quite as attractive, at 3.17%, and I also hold $ABBV at 5.12%. These last 2 didn't pull back as much as $PFE did, but all are, IMHO, good LT investments.
  • babas: @phgruver $D $PFE $SO $BMY $ABBV #VALUE Thank you for your advice. Not very close to retiring myself, the way things are going, but trying to prepare.
  • Danzguy: @babas $D $PFE $SO $BMY $ABBV #VALUE Good plan, man! I studied Dan, and others, for ten years before I retired. It gave me a heck of a jump start on my retirement hobby. The hard part is forcing myself to exercise! You just HAVE to do that! Trade'em well!
  • phgruver: @babas $ABT At 1.6% dividend, you are relying on growth for your return. That's fine, but I'm in $BMY, $PFE, $GSK and $ABBV, all of which pay better long term.
  • Reif99: $BMY clean breakout
  • Bert953: some very tight squeezes, but Im not gonna be 1st outta the foxhole. $HUM $DHR $BMY $TMO $AMGN $KHC $JNJ $CHTR $LLY $AMT $EQIX $NEM $VRSN $k
  • bRobert: @Bert953 $HUM $DHR $BMY $TMO $AMGN $KHC $JNJ $CHTR $LLY $AMT $EQIX $NEM $VRSN $k YES Many l have very large bases with very high upside targets eg $HUM $TMO You don't have to be early . Just right
  • Hank1: $BMY ... adding to long. Breakout with a +MACD. Intermediate target of 68.
  • DAN: ...
    $BMY -- Squeezing on the daily, but weekly bearish engulfing at the end of April gives me pause. Would you wait for a breakout to buy? Yes, I’d wait.
  • traderbren: $BMY - the ADX has flipped positive and the move looks constructive for a continued move higher from here, plus seeing interest in Calls, both short dated (24th) and longer term, May.
  • phgruver: @traderbren $BMY $BMY announced the successful completion of Phase 3 trials for CheckMate-9ER. This is a major positive for the drug maker. I was pounding the table when it was under $50. Now it's, more or less, fairly valued. I have a full position, so I'm not adding, but I'm definitely not selling. Dividend is about 3% RHRN, but with my cost basis of $45/share, it's more like 4%.
  • issues: Lots of new stocks on IBD this week: $ADBE $AMD $AMZN $ANSS $ASML $ATSG $BMY $BRBR $FTNT $HLI $ISRG $LHX $MNST $MSFT $PGR $QLYS $SIMO $VEEV $WUBA $ZM.

    These are taken off and replaced by the above stocks:
  • issues: Comaring some of the ipos mentioned today: $BCYC $BCEL $IGMS $BNTX $NET $SWTX $GSHD $VIE $RVMD. I did buy a small position in $VIR! Anyone holding any of these? I noted $SWTX was downgraded. I have a friend who says he was cured of stage 4 renal cancer with immunotherapy drugs from $BMY. BMY is moving up. I got hit bad with $CDLX today. It's still IBD rated 94 cumulative and B accumulation and it's #1 in RS. Still holding 1/2 position. Waiting for a kick up! I finally bought $BNTX because of all the green days! (Small position) Like the chart- forming a cup!
  • Herb:
  • issues: @Herb The following stocks were taken off the IBD 50 and replaced with the ones below: $ADBE $AMAT $AMD $BMY $CBRE $CDW $DHI $EPRT $FNV $FISV $FTNT $GOOGL $GPN $HQY $ICHR $JBL $LULU $MA $MSFT $SRC $PLNT $STNE $TROW $TRU $UCTT $VEEV $WEX
  • DAN: ...
    $BMY -- “Daily chart looks like it could be a good entry point, but the weekly chart looks pretty extended. Needs to rest some more?” No chance I would buy this.
    $DBX -- No. Too extended and needs to establish a new range above the 200 ...
  • infocus: @DAN $SPY $DIA $QQQ $TVTY $MRNA $MLNX $PANW $TSLA $INMD $DAVA $DOMO $LRCX $HQY $BMY $DBX $DPZ Hope your voice recovers quickly. Is it permissible for me to forward your free chart of the day to a friend? I think it's an important reminder. INFOCUS, and 100% in cool cash.
  • phgruver: @Yes-Man #Core_Position A core position is a strategic asset that you hold, through thick and thin, basically, forever. I have several, in several different accounts. These include $IBM, $DUK, $AEP, $MCD, and relatively newby $BMY. In addition, I ...
  • Yes-Man: @phgruver $IBM $DUK $AEP $MCD $BMY $VFINX $FREL $IJR $FHKCX $SPY #Core_Position Thanks for the explanation, understood! One question : Is there a ratio for core position to trading position that is recommended by your experience or research? Or does it depend on the risk leve, etc.?
  • phgruver: @Yes-Man $IBM $DUK $AEP $MCD $BMY $VFINX $FREL $IJR $FHKCX $SPY #Core_Position I have settled on 80% invested in core positions, and only 20% reserved for discretionary trades or cash. This seems to be working for me. It keeps me from taking too much risk. I should add, that during your working career, you should be adding to your core positions on a regular basis, as in every paycheck. That is the only way you will build an adequate retirement nest egg.
  • southernmum: @phgruver $IBM $DUK $AEP $MCD $BMY $VFINX $FREL $IJR $FHKCX $SPY #Core_Position Do you add to your core positions every paycheck regardless of stock/etf price or wait for pullbacks to add?
  • Yes-Man: @phgruver $IBM $DUK $AEP $MCD $BMY $VFINX $FREL $IJR $FHKCX $SPY #Core_Position Thank you for your complete explanation. It's really great to be a part of this form with wonderful members who share their experiences without hesitation! :>)
  • phgruver: @southernmum $IBM $DUK $AEP $MCD $BMY $VFINX $FREL $IJR $FHKCX $SPY #Core_Position Absolutely, yes, with no exceptions. It has been proven, time and again, that you can't time the market. Even in the fall of 2008, I kept adding to my core positions. Now, I did buy a lot of puts against the market, and augmented my investments that way (I did quite well, actually.) You never know when the market is going to top, or bottom, but one thing is constant, the market will recover. Individual stocks may go bankrupt, but the market never does.
  • southernmum: @phgruver $IBM $DUK $AEP $MCD $BMY $VFINX $FREL $IJR $FHKCX $SPY #Core_Position Thanks so much for your advice and explanation.
  • Rjeletrik: $BMY is working. Nice bounce off the 50dma
  • Cokeman1959: $BMY - Has now come back to the 50 day
  • issues: I talked to a friend yesterday who had stage 4 renal cancer (kidney cancer.) He got some cancer drugs that work on his immune system ($BMY manufacturer) and within a few months his T cells devoured the cancer cells like they were a cold virus. INCREDIBLE> I thought he was a dead man walking. Now he's cured. Also he had a lot of prayer.
  • Rjeletrik: $BMY Rising RS, rising profit estimates, large cap , nice chart, easy to hold, dividend, long
  • geotheo: $BMY - Bristol-Myers Squibb EPS beats by $0.28, beats on revenue, UP 3% pre-mrkt
  • Mikev200: $OC $BMY $STNE $ENDP $BOOT all got stopped today. Sold 1/2 $DOCU Mar $75 calls and 1/2 $PG Feb $120. calls
  • crash1son: @DAN $BMY is popping out of a short base. Would you add to or start a position? Original entry is just above 60
  • scottrades: @crash1son $BMY If you can, wait to see if it comes back into the Bollinger Bands a bit.
  • phgruver: @crash1son $BMY I have commented on this several times, back when it was below $50. Back then, it was a #VALUE stock. At $45, the dividend provided a 4% yield. Now, it is fairly valued, with the dividend paying only 2.75%. On the other hand, the BB's were squeezing to 4% leading to this breakout, and the P/E at 18.91x leaves a bit of room to the upside. It's a bit extended above all the MA's, but they are in the right configuration. Don't expect too much, but this could be bought for a swing trade. (This is a LT hold for me, with a cost basis under $50.)
  • Hank1: $BMY ... boom.
  • Greendayguy: $ZTS strong BO from a high flag, NH. Other stocks in my portfolio that are doing very well are $MAN, $AAPL, $AVLR. Just started a position in $BMY. Cramer had some positive comments about $BMY early this am.
  • Bob G: @Hank1 $BMY BOOM! is correct. Holding call options that paying off. Moving the stop up closer and letting it run til it stops selling some on the way up
  • Hank1: $BMY ... looking good right now.
  • baronp0329: @bRobert $WMT $ROKU $AAPL $ODFL $XPO $SPY Very smart move on $SPY, my wealth managers did the same with my cash in Long term accounts. These accounts have been usually 80-85% invested except end of Dec 2018 when money managers reduced it to 60% invested. But mid Jan 2019 they started buying more $SPY and added incrementally more to long term holds: $AAPL, $BMY, $AMGN, $GOOGL, $INTC, $DIS, $MSFT, $JPM, $MA, $SLB, $VLO, $GLD, $TWTR (not good). Long term accounts and Funds are now 88% invested.
  • michaelH: @jr3345 $CELG so Im basiclly holding $BMY and should watch that chart. Didn't know if anyone had thoughts on holding through the sale or getting out pre?
  • phgruver: @mradams0621 $LLY not bRobert, but looking at $LLY's chart, I wouldn't buy it RHRN. There are better plays in this space, mostly because $LLY is near it's 52-week low, and still only pays a 2.4% dividend. By contrast, $BMY is near it's 52-week high, and pays over 3%, $GSK pays 4.6% and $ABBV pays almost 6%. If you are investing for the long term, insist on a reasonable, sustainable dividend.(IMHO) $ABT, $PFE and $MRK are similarly richly valued, and $JNJ is uninvestable until they work through their current problems.
  • phgruver: $BMY is up on news of a successful Phase 3 trial evaluating Opdivo, in combination with other drugs, for the treatment of lung cancer. "The Primary endpoint was achieved," which means an increase in survival rate. I'm sure more details will be coming out, but successful Phase 3 trials are always good news for the drug companies. $BMY is a LT hold, paying a 3% dividend.
  • debeers: @phgruver $BMY =Congrats!
  • Wolf: $BMY Must be the day for Bio. $BMY up 6% on lung cancer trial news.
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Bristol-Myers Squibb Company is a biopharmaceutical company. It discovers, develops, licenses, manufactures, markets, distributes and sells pharmaceutical products.

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  • July 28th, 2021 - 2021 Q2 Earnings
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