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  • Wykeman: #markets The s+p is trying for 6 in a row. $Dan had a note this am about not chasing. Especially every stock in this forum. Don't be the one who buys at the top. FOMO will get you every time.
  • champ: @Wykeman $Dan #markets --- I expect #zig-zag, also need to see the close....As @Dan knowns, it all depends on what stock or stocks you are working and what your #reasons-why are, what is your plan,.....what is your time frame, Day-Trade and or an overnight swing.... I #didn't see anything about chasing,...did I miss something, what are you posting about, are you a #Part-Timer. Did you see @Dan post at 11:47 am today. Are you warning yourself, however common-sense and risk management should always be in play....Good-Luck!
  • bRobert: $DAN. $30. WEEKLY. reversal CUP. 40% $TEN. $22/$25+. 100%. $AN. nh. $100 WEEKLY. C&H. $CVNA $340/$400 $LAD. nh. $400
  • martyrb3: $DAN Stock up 5% today on 1.5X avg volume. Getting press for their multi year prep to support the electric vehicle space. Crazy call option volume for Feb 20 strike. 17,289 versus OI of 50! Earnings Feb 11. Long a few calls.
  • bRobert: @martyrb3 $DAN Auto parts bull market in auto bull market $25 target 1 $TEN I took a starter $25+ potential
  • martyrb3: @bRobert $DAN $TEN Thanks! Will take a look at $TEN
  • bRobert: @martyrb3 $DAN $TEN High five x 2 ;)
  • bRobert: @martyrb3 $DAN $TEN High five x 2
  • bigbartabs: To $DAN, and all my fellow SMMers … I’ve managed to build a large traditional IRA. I started it the week that Traditional IRAs were approved by congress… and since then never missed a year of full contributions. Later, when Rot ...
  • Margi1983: @bigbartabs $DAN I am in a very similar position as I am 64, 7-1/2 years to 72. I still have a real full time job, so I manage all but my 401K where I do have some ability to switch funds. Most of my trading is in my IRA's and my wife's SEP-IRA. The question on if or when to go to Roth IRA's is a very good one. I will ask my accountant what he thinks is the best plan.... Happy New Year to all my SMM friends from the Boston suburbs.... Go Celtics. RIP to KC and Tommy
  • bigbartabs: @Margi1983 $DAN ... I have two friends that are accountants... and 1 a financial advisor... one said he would double up the first year and take 2/7 now in 2020... and then onward the next 7 years doing the partial conversions until all in the Roth. I think the unknown markets up and down could be the most critical factor... which is of course unknown. I converted my wife's Traditional IRA in full at the bottom of the great recession in 2009. Very glad I did that. Should have done my big one... but the tax load seemed monumental even back then. All the best...
  • JJT1: @bigbartabs $DAN I am 62 and also in Cali but I don't have big issue with IRA and Roth, My Nest egg will come from selling my house for one way ticket out of CA to state where I have less shenanigans tax wise (or none) and less dollars living, in my case Washington...Covid changing my time plan from 2020 to 2021...My advice? Look at Reno?...
  • bigbartabs: @JJT1 $DAN ... I'm right with you... I've been building a compound on 5 acres for near 40 years. Hate to leave... a 4th generation Californian... huge history... family homesteaded up near Oregon border. Heck, my great grandfather and Mark Twain were buddies. So very deep roots. But we have thought hard about leaving as well. Selling our place would not be a problem for us buying something big in another state. Just making the hard decision to do it. In any case... all the best... keep me posted if and when you take the plunge.
  • Nepenthe: @JJT1 @bigbartabs $DAN I live in booming, burgeoning Truckee. We've looked into Reno for similar reasons. My advice--get there quick! It, too, is booming. The California Diaspora knows no bounds, and prices/taxes rise accordingly. Cheers.
  • HGIGuy: @bigbartabs $DAN Just don't get #Divorced. You'll see your IRA cut in half. LOL
  • mradams0621: $DAN watching day two for follow through on break out to new 52 week high
  • DAN: @mradams0621 $DAN My favorite stock ticker. Soooo happy that it's in a strong uptrend. ;-)
  • coldevinc: @DAN $DAN LOL
  • bRobert: @mradams0621 $DAN $TEN. another parts play. Daily high base/WEEKLY. Reversal breakout $20+. . potential
  • mradams0621: @DAN $DAN good looking weekly
  • debeers: @DAN $DAN -Here is the performance of $DAN over the past 1-3-5 years: 1 Year +16.5% 3 Year -36.2% 5 Year 36.5% The Total Return is the rate of return representing the price appreciation of a stock with cash dividends reinvested on the ex-date for the most recent 1, 3 and 5 fiscal years. When parts are selling like Adient, for example, it means that used cars are selling.FWIW
  • Jim88: $DAN up 10% on upgrade
  • crank: @Jim88 $DAN
  • DAN: @Jim88 $DAN Thank you. (kidding)
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $DAN Dana Incorporated. Click here to view associated video clip: http://stockmarketmentor.com/stockanalysis.html?ticker=DAN&clip=127302
  • bRobert: Who doesn't. like $DAN.? Long tight consolidation. $20. target. Alerts
  • Angdionk: $DAN seeing a little volume
  • bRobert: $GS LOW risk HIGH reward $250/$350 Stop < LOD Friday $197.60 < 3% $SDC Short squeeze 38% $14 target 1 High base c&h Who doesn't like $DAN High base $20+
  • DAN: ...
    $DAN -- setting up here. Alert $15
    $ORLY -- setting up
    $WKHS -- breakout today...but the “squeeze” wasn’t really that tight. Breakout is failing.
    $PENN -- high squeeze. See $ISRG for classing VS
    $DKNG -- Holding at 50-day. Work ...
  • tbsy: @DAN $DAN @Dan, $DAN Dan?
  • DAN: @tbsy $DAN What's your problem?
  • tbsy: @DAN $DAN Uh, I meant no offense, I just hadn’t seen you mention $DAN before and I could not resist the temptation to be both silly and serious at the same time. I do apologize.
  • DAN: @tbsy $DAN I wasn't offended. Just wanted to know what's up. You can be silly and serious at the same time...though it is quite difficult. ;-) I find it easier to be abrasive and lovable at the same time. The first trait comes naturally, while the second trait is more of a struggle. LOL
  • tbsy: @DAN $DAN I’m afraid my playful side comes out to play too often and most of my triple entendres just seem to meet with puzzled looks. Oh, like a sandpaper teddy bear? (grin)
  • vatradergreg: $DAN, $bRobert and $Angdionk have pointed out $DKS recently. Take a look at the MONTHLY; early handle portion forming, but this looks like $75. Take your own view, but this looks ready to set up for BIG gains.
  • scottrades: @vatradergreg $DAN $bRobert $Angdionk $DKS Nice tight squeeze!
  • vatradergreg: @scottrades $DAN $bRobert $Angdionk $DKS - hey Scott yes it is. It'll be interesting to see if some heavy volume comes in and drives it higher. I just realized that it has earnings on the 26th so I'll take a look in a few days time.
  • bRobert: @vatradergreg $DAN $bRobert $Angdionk $DKS speed bump $64+ WEEKLY Cup target
  • Yuls: @vatradergreg btw $DAN is a nice looking car parts stock, some recent upgds, ER beat and coming out of c&h :)
  • vatradergreg: Thanks @Yuls $DAN; I'll take a look.
  • tbsy: @scottrades That was a really good webinar! I went into it with a headache and so tired I couldn’t see straight and I still found it compelling.Thanks $Dan!
  • tbsy: @just4mo $NET grin...As long as it goes our way, otherwise we have to fire it. $Dan said so!
  • Carpe_Diem: @Danzguy $CODX Volume is unreal today. I dumped half of my position early this afternoon (Thanks $Dan for the Pearl!) and am going to sell the other 1/4 at the close and reevealuate the last 1/4 position tomorrow.
  • champ: @Carpe_Diem $CODX $Dan --- This is called a earnings move, before earnings, is the reason why this is moving, many stocks act the same way, but only if they have a position reason, the #Salt-Lake-Tribune, reported that they signed contract in April, look at that News, that I posted.
  • Carpe_Diem: @champ $CODX $Dan #Salt-Lake-Tribune - Thanks for your words of wisdom. I do greatly appreciate the reply. Not trying to cause FUD but I keep telling myself that this was just a few dollars a few weeks ago. Being up over 30% PLUS on the trade, one never goes bankrupt taking some off the table and letting the profits run. This is a powerful move into earnings.
  • graphman: $CODX almost $25 after hours.....Im crying but not being greedy and grateful for what I made on it already. Would like to be in for tomorrow but will wait to see what $dan says an wait for the market to open
  • champ: @Carpe_Diem $CODX $Dan #Salt-Lake-Tribune ---- I agree, exactly,...Absolutely, traders always need to pay themselves for taking risk, I do the same daily, everyday. If I don't pay myself, No-one else is going to. LOL
  • champ: @DAN @gig1.... $Dan $NET --- Why wait, entry is running away. $DAN, is a stock symbol.
  • gig1: @champ $Dan $NET $DAN thanks for catching that.
  • Pcdentist: @gig1 $Dan $NET $DAN Read the morning missive @Dan,,,,he answers your question.
  • Lavrock: Strategy Session $DOCU $DDPC $LUV In last night's strategy session $Dan reviewed $LUV after reviewing $DOCU and $DDPC. It struck me that if I flipped the chart of $LUV upside down (Dan has done this on occasion), the three charts look pretty similar. The comment on $DOCU and $DDPC was ride the 8MA, no reason to sell but not a good buy point. For $LUV I thought the exact opposite would apply. Ride the 8 (down), no reason to buy, not a good shorting point. I wouldn't think to short the first two at this point; why would I think to buy $LUV with the same chart upside down?
  • bigbartabs: @gwenzee $DAN ... Elon Musk... yes, I did see those tattoos. Shivered me timbers. I hope I can assume they were those Hanna tattoos that my kids used to get at craft shows. If not... pure criminal child abuse.
  • Brock: @bigbartabs $DAN it was a camera filter like on snapchat
  • gwenzee: @bigbartabs $DAN Elon and "friend" should be nominated for parents of the year. This child has too many things to cope with at a very early age.
  • DAN: @Lavrock $DOCU $DDPC $LUV $Dan I think that's a good takeaway, Lavrock. You don't want to short the inverse of a good chart because there is always a level of underlying demand for any stock that's falling fast -- you just don't know where it is. So the idea that it's just goin to keep falling and pay off your short is not a good idea.
  • bigbartabs: $DAN... Elon Musk... I sure wish he had rather named his new baby EIEIO... so I would at least have an idea what inspired him.
  • shoredriver: @bigbartabs $DAN ...Or gone all 70's retro with Jovan.......
  • DAN: @shoredriver $DAN I feel bad for that kid. Any possible chance that it will have emotional issues? What could possibly go wrong?
  • EricF: @DAN $DAN At least he will be able to afford a good therapist
  • fishing777: @DAN $DAN ..It could be worse..recall Johnny Cash song Boy Named Sue!!
  • Bridget: @fishing777 $DAN or HaHa Clinton-Dix
  • joelsg1: @Bridget $DAN Or He Hate Me
  • gwenzee: @bigbartabs $DAN Did you see the tattoos he put all over the baby's face? This man is not well and Mama doesn't look too good either.
  • DAN: @EricF $DAN The kid's mom has a bad case of the "Look at me"s
  • DAN: @fishing777 $DAN That's actually the first rap song. Few know that tune. I can recite it from memory -- and often have when I've had a beer or two too many.
  • DAN: @Bridget $DAN LOL. Yeah, it could be that -- but I'm glad it's not.
  • DAN: @gwenzee $DAN They are actually a perfect pair...though I would not want to be their spawn.
  • graphman: $dan $crm this just came out. Thoughts? Analyst Actions: Rosenblatt Securities Initiates Coverage on Salesforce.com With Sell Rating, $120 Price Target
  • sagsworth: $Dan $NCLH would you buy this pullback?
  • DAN: @sagsworth $Dan $NCLH No.
  • Junior1: $DAN et. al. I've been here since nearly the beginning. A lot of the requests that come to $DAN and $scotttrades of late are for serious hand-holding. These guys are here to teach adults trading, with an emphasis on risk management. What is up with all these... "Tell me what and when to buy"? Take responsibility... learn... be proactive with your education. Stop being lazy... so many other requests are a google search away. Okay, I'm done ranting
  • shoredriver: @Junior1 $DAN $scotttrades .....you go.........
  • Ajax4Hire: @DAN $SPY $MRNA $BLPH $ABT $ZM $INO People will always have FOMO. I do not want fish. I want to be taught how to fish. I am not here to have @Dan reach into my account and press the Buy/Sell button for me. If I wanted that, I would simply buy the $DAN-SMM ETF. It is up to me to decide if an addition to the Growth Stock List is right for me. My request; Keep teaching me how to fish.
  • DAN: @Ajax4Hire $SPY $MRNA $BLPH $ABT $ZM $INO $DAN Oh, I won't stop teaching you to fish, Ajax. That's a promise.
  • bsnceo:
  • gwenzee: @Tango $DAN $SHAK If you wanted Dan to see this you should put @Dan in not $Dan as DAN is a stock symbol. If you meant both of these as stocks forgive me.
  • Tango: @gwenzee $DAN $SHAK $Dan Thanks,
  • Ringo: $DAN-I like the way you summarize this in a condense form. If you can do that more often in the forum, this will help. thx
  • DAN: @Ringo $DAN Hey Ringo. Thanks. I actually do that every night when I'm done with my Strategy Session. I just posted it today b/c I'm done early. make sense? (and you are right -- posting notes in the forum asap is a big help to members. Saves you time!)
  • Tango: $Dan, you should pump the new “no fee” situation in you marketing. It really helps the low money novice. At least that is my perception as a no money novice.
  • DAN: @Tango $Dan I'll forward your post to Gary. He really handles the marketing stuff. (LOL. I work my butt off. Personally, I think we should double the price. ;-)
  • Tango: @DAN $Dan Agreed, it is worth more than the cost... NO DOUBT about it!
  • DAN: @jee4416-trade $Dan I think you guys are all trying to make sense out of chaos. It's a chaotic market, and all the analysis in the world isn't going to make it otherwise. Where it closed Friday is irrelevant. That was the end of the quarter and stocks will get marked up. This week is a new week. At some point, there will be clarity. But tops look the same as consolidations until they don't. (Not being flippant. It's just true.)
  • champ: @DAN $Dan --- Yes, a new week and today is just another new day.
  • jee4416-trade: $Dan. On Friday afternoon, the S&P 500 fell below the 50 day moving average and the late in the day reversed and closed above. What would have been a key indicator that this was about to reverse.
  • Rjeletrik: @jee4416-trade $Dan @ Dan
  • phgruver: @jee4416-trade $Dan I'll be interested to see what @Dan has to say, but, frankly, I think you are trying too hard to see something that's just not there. Friday's close was a lower low on higher volume. That is never good. It is true that the $SPY recovered a little going into the close, but it still closed down .54%. I am, by nature, an optimist, but there's too much risk, right now, to be trying to force a trade.
  • champ: @jee4416-trade $Dan --- I'm not Dan, but my guess is, it was Day-Traders, were covering their short positions, they took profits. Plus dip-buyers were also taking new swing positions. Look at the $SPY and note the #green volume bars going into the cl ...
  • snowbound: @DAN $LGIH Good morning $DAN. I'm having coffee in my foxhole but I am ready to kick the snot out of something ! Glad to be back, Best to you, Will
  • DAN: @snowbound $LGIH $DAN Glad you're here, Will. Wait for an opportunity rather than trying to manufacture one.
  • JBed: $DAN Dragonfly doji following a huge 1-month move up, and an 8% pullback from near resistance which is at about $21. Long from $18 and watching to see which way it goes. It's attracting more analyst coverage - 5 of 11 rate outperform; no sell or underperform.
  • JBed: $DAN moving up now - ?? resolution of doji to the upside.
  • JBed: $DAN, up 10%+ past 3 days on high volume. Long, should've added yesterday. Will take partials today.
  • DAN: @JBed $DAN Nice job, JBed.
  • champ: @JBed $DAN --- Yep...#News on 6/26..Upgrades...by $CS, to Outperform...also on $BWA $F $GM $AXL $APTV and Barron's was also positive on 6/3
  • MBWS2018: $DAN, I have been watching $ZIOP for about a year now and feel like it is about to break out with a GREAT 7.22% move so far today and a very recent FDA approval. The Company anounced that the National Cancer Institute has received US Food and Drug Administration clearance to launch a clinical trial of its Sleeping Beauty T-cell receptor therapy in the treatment of solid tumors. I have been purchasing small positions since $2.12 and have a rather sizable position now. I have tried to get some feed back on some of your Trade the Open live but it seems like the time always runs short. So, if you or anyone else in the forum can take a look, I would love some feedback on it. $ZIOP Thank to all in advance!
  • spmeyers: @MBWS2018 $DAN $ZIOP nice move, but hard to buy right here; also $5 was prior high in 2018 -- use @Dan
  • MBWS2018: @spmeyers $DAN $ZIOP Thanks spmeyers
  • trader98: $Dan When did we close down the COSTCO option trade
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Dana Holding Corp provides technology driveline, sealing and thermal-management products for every vehicle manufacturer in the on-highway and off-highway markets. Its units are Light Vehicle, Commercial Vehicle, Off-Highway and Power Technologies.

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