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Strategy Session June 25th, 2020

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  • Henry: $EBS Damning FDA letter
  • wanda1616: @Henry $JNJ short $EBS https://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-9424827/15-million-doses-J-J-vaccine-ruined-ingredient-mix-up.html
  • debeers: @scottrades -$EBS-scotty i want to buy this one and, of course, need help. They are where i want to be in biotech and am willing to be a bit aggressivve when viewing a cup. What do you and @champ see?Thanks in advance guys
  • Docoof: Something unusual is going on with $EBS, but I’m too much of a rookie to understand it. Several days of low volume nice upside moves, then today a big upside move that occurred in a few minutes at 12:36
  • bwcarnation1: @Docoof $EBS Cramer mentioned it on Half Time show
  • Docoof: @bwcarnation1 $EBS —Thanks
  • JoeT: $EBS gapped up again (4th day in a row). Anyone in this? I missed the train. just watching
  • Herb: $EBS found this on Sunday but never acted on it. Covid
  • JoeT: $EBS $GSHD a couple to watch. both had big moves on high volume recently with follow through but I saw them too late. weekly charts look good as well.
  • stairm01: $ERI is now $CZR Eldorado Resorts Inc. purchased Caesars Entertainment. $EBS Emergent BioSolutions will replace $CZR in the S&P Midcap 400
  • wijimmy: @stairm01 $ERI $CZR $EBS ...... UP 218% ??
  • Ashash: @dan can you cover $CTLT and $EBS tonight?
  • DAN: @Ashash $CTLT $EBS Yep!
  • DAN: ...
    $EBS -- Nope. Drop was too steep.
    $SQ -- Still running.
    $SEDG -- Nope
  • CdrJake: @Moxie $NVAX Composite Man driving prices of vaccine companies up today. $EBS , $DVAX also up big.
  • CdrJake: SARS-CoV-2 related, my own selected list, I've been either trading in and out of, stock and/or options, or holding long term $ABT $APT $BDX $CODX $CTSO $DOCU $EBS $EVSI $GILD $ILMN $KR $LH $REGN $RGEN $RMD $TMO $WORK $ZM i'm sure everyone has their own favorite "RONA" stocks. Its been interesting to see others' lists in the forum. Thanks to all for sharing.
  • Craigy: Not much working but I do like this one for a starter position. $EBS https://www.tc2000.com/~JEpTy2
  • gkhanson51: $EBS I'm in. My stop @ 70.29, below the recent action.
  • Herb: Strongest coronas today: $VXRT $TBIO $IFRX $EBS
  • Reif99: $EBS Going to open +5% near all time high ... long
  • Herb: The strongest coronas today: $MESO $AKER $VXRT $EBS.
  • sweeper240: @Herb $MESO $AKER $VXRT $EBS Buying here or shorting?
  • Herb: @sweeper240 $MESO $AKER $VXRT $EBS: I haven't traded any of them. No clue. . . . .
  • martyrb3: $EBS Up 8%. Johnson & Johnson tapped Emergent Biosolutions to help manufacture 1 billion doses of its experimental coronavirus vaccine. NP
  • martyrb3: @champ $EBS $JNJ Thanks Champ! SO appreciate your posts as I start trading a little more.
  • champ: @martyrb3 $EBS ---- $JNJ @ $ $154....Yes and the past News also is they have already began manufacturing millions of doses, in case they are needed, that news was also reposted again yesterday at the News Briefing. .......$JNJ.....I posted 12:57 on 3/30, on $JNJ @ $132, about those 1 billion doses...and $JNJ also posted that news on 3/30, take a look at that info post. I'm still holding this #investment-position. LOL They are also ramping-up for the drug supply-chain, moving back to the U.S., from China. $JNJ is a huge large Cap-Company, they have all the $$$'s that it is going to take to move everything back to the U.S. They have a Market Cap of over $410 B-$$$'s.
  • issues: @Herb $EBS $CI $CONE $CRUS $DPX $DQ $ENVA $ICHR $FOCS $GDDY $GO $GSX $KBH $LAKE $MDC $NSIT $PCRS $POWI $QDEL $SIMO $TNK $XP $ZM $AMN $AYX $BAH $BLK $BRBR $BRO $BSX $CHGG $COLD $CTRE $DXCM $ENV $FND $PFSI $RNG $RP $EPAY $SITE $STAG $TEAM $TTD $VAR $AMZN $GOOGL $CABO Herb! Thanks for bringing that typo to my attention. The correct symbols would be DPZ (always had trouble typing that Z.) and PCRX (trouble with my little finger typing the X also.) I didn't think anyone read it. At least you did. Thanks!
  • issues: On the IBD 50 list is $EBS - develops vaccines against biological agents that are potential weapons. New this week on IBD 50: $CI $CONE $CRUS $DPZ $DQ $ENVA $ICHR $FOCS $GDDY $GO $GSX $KBH $LAKE $MDC $NSIT $PCRX $POWI $QDEL $SIMO $TNK $XP $ZM Many seem related to the overblown Corona panic... Off the IBD 50: $AMN $AYX $BAH $BLK $BRBR $BRO $BSX $CHGG $COLD $CTRE $DXCM $ENV $FND $PFSI $RNG $RP $EPAY $SITE $STAG $TEAM $TTD $VAR Cramer said he expects another down draft this week sometime that will drop below the low on Thursday. I put in low limit orders (small number of shares) on $AMZN $GOOGL and $CABO
  • Herb: $EBS corona stock.
  • Herb: $EBS initiated two product candidates for coronavirus
  • issues: The IBD 50 has more than half replaced: New on IBD:$AFYA $ARE $AYX $BABA $BAH $BRBR $BSX $COLD $CTRE $DBX $FND $DXCM $EBS $HDB $IIPR $NBIX $NXST $ORCC $PAYC $PENN $PFSI $RGEN
  • Herb: $EBS interesting news: https://finance.yahoo.com/news/emergent-biosolutions-awarded-10-hhs-103000020.html
  • Ajax4Hire: ...
  • trader123: $EBS double bottom M pattern, can use 2/27 low for stop, looking for move back to $66/$73. Long $EBS.
  • trader123: $EBS Day 3 advance off a 60 base with a 50 day tag. They produce the Narcan nasel spray that is saving lives of those who overdose on drugs. A doctor friend of mine stated that he is now "required" to offer a prescription to patients that are on a regimen of high dosage opioids.
  • trader123: $EBS Emergent Biosolutions catching some bids today. Narcan nasel spray saves lives! Like the look of this one.
  • sincity45: $EBS breakout above 200ma on volume.
  • champ: @jdurso $XON $GDX $DGX ---Thanks...I'm now watching.......$EBS and $INO 2 more that I'm watching.
  • Paddleboard: ...
  • woodman: $TKMR - bullish PropThink article (note also mention of $EBS within article): https://propthink.com/investors-revisit-tekmira-following-yet-another-capital-raise/ Long TKMR.
  • Forexpro: ...
    Sometimes, it is just a "fat finger" or other stupid human tricks. I once saw a tech support person working on a colleague's computer; as she flailed around looking at the wiring under his desk, her hand rested on his $EBS keypad, which he had negle ...
  • :
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Monday's close $AVD, $BKH, $BSFT, $EBS, $FNF, $GST, $GTAT, HI, $HOLX,JMBA, $KND, LGCY, $MAC, $MDR, $MKTG, $MR, $OTTR, $PAA, PNG, $REN, $SGY, $SHO, $STAG, $TEG, $UNM, $VNO, $VOLC, $WMGI, XCO
  • taylor: CHRS, $LCC, $LF, $AGNC, $WFM - here's whats working. But should we be buying them now? $IDCC, $EBS, $RP, $TEO, HEK - here's what hasn't been working for some time, but they all closed up today in a nasty market after touching a new low. Have we seen the maximum power of the bears in each of these? With which group of stocks is it easier to define your risk?
  • flint: @Henry - Be happy its just a test. The last time I saw the $EBS last Thursday, it was an actual emergency!
  • Forexpro: ...
    Massive intervention from the BOJ at the behest of the MOF; $1 bn in bids were showing on $EBS at 79.80 and several other points. The total spent is estimated at somewhere between $60-80 bn. Most of the Dollars will find their way into T-notes over ...
  • Forexpro: ...
    Every so often, it's fun to go back to yesteryear. For some reason, I was reminded the other day of an old BBC documentary that followed two bank traders - one for Chemical in Hong Kong, one for Barclays in London - and one hedge fund manager throug ...
  • unremitting3: $LOGM $EBS $ICUI This is an article about how analysts evaluate small cap vs. large cap companies. Sounds like the S&P SmallCap was the place to be over the last year. As usual, Bloomberg presents palpable facts and leaves you with some plausible hypotheses. The three tickers may still have some upside. I have not done my own eval but with these kind of returns, you can't say all small caps, especially the bio 'ts' are a gamble. The skinny is to find the small cap analysts who have the 'stars' ratings and have a trust factor and follow them. Just as you must see who attends the big cap Cloud/computer conf calls and make the 'recommendations' so you can eliminate what most of them say. The Bloomberg link: http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2011-06-07/small-cap-analysts-prove-best-stock-pickers.html
  • CallaLilly: $EBS - the anthrax stock, conference coming up ... Emergent BioSolutions initiated with a Buy at Sidoti (pre-open) Target $21; it's been a nice go-to trading stock for me time after time. Beat earnings, raised guidance January 11 ... Emergent BioSolutions sees FY09 revenue $234M vs. consensus $232.67M Sees FY10 $EPS $235M-$255M vs. consensus $226.65M.
  • CallaLilly: $EBS may get attention today, raising estimates and off to a conference.It's certainly all sunny these days.
  • CallaLilly: $EBS - my true nature, opportunistic buys of misunderstood stocks, could be wrong but ... long 12.85, stop 11.93 (roughly @Dan's 5% - I will not lose money, I will not lose money) ... note that the recent selloff misunderstood (their word and my favorite) and raising target to 19.00. Anthrax market ... not exactly biotech, is it?
  • CallaLilly: $EBS, good morning. I must someday make a list of go-to stocks that get bounced around. Eeks, stopped out of RINO ... what's wrong - down 1.60 so far? I LOVE stops. I am so conservative, lol.
  • CallaLilly: Junior. Someone really experienced pointed out that biotechs that are going up after earnings usually keep going and it's most likely safer to only hold a tracking position. I held $EBS into earnings only because I'd stopped out three times and I rea ...
  • CallaLilly: $CIT - grrrr, I missed my 1.16 entry but have an order for it. In $AXL, holding BFRM and $EBS and little NEPH. Sold $MEA in the aftermarket yesterday and bought some today (I think it's strong).
  • CallaLilly: BFRM - I'm in. $CIT - I'm out and not sure. $EBS is moving nicely towards 16. I think I'm unsure and neurotic today ... nothing is indicating a direction and I don't like buying on whims.
  • rmacgurn: $EBS Calla i missed that was that one of your basket of Bio stocks, good earnings got it going well. Why didn't you share?? haha Maybe a mid day pull back to try to get in with a little...where do you see BFRM going to?
  • CallaLilly: $EBS - it was a secret (joke). I love the company but this stock just couldn't get it going. I'd stopped out (grrrrr) three times so I took a small position which was hard to do after three losses. I didn't know which way. My basket of biotech is about the most humbling experience I've ever had. I have a lot more "learning" before I can recommend anything. BFRM - looks like it's still going and this one has a strong upside, per my dermatologist ...and he's only talking about the product, not the stock. $CHDX is so on my watchlist (but not sure what a nice entry is).
  • Russ: HealthCare tickers: here are seven charts of interest for various pattern reasons. Take a look if interested. $BRKR, $VTR, $AFAM, $BABY, $ELN, $EBS, AHS. Due diligence always in order.
  • richard9f: $EBS Looks like a short #squeeze today after being pummeled for the last month.
  • richard9f: $EBS Getting interesting again -- up 4.7% today and above 20 and 50 dmas. Close to recent channel high of 24 (now at 23.57). Volume is a below avg but other indicators are ticking up. Earnings are on 3/5 before the open.
  • richard9f: $EBS Keeping an eye on this one as it may bounce off 50dma, which has been support since the breakout in early Oct. Company works on defense products to counteract biological terrorist threats. It's been moving higher in a steady uptrend since November. Alan Farley highlighted this one on RM in Dec.
  • Gabe: $EBS used to be one of the strongest stocks out there. However, notice the high volume distribution from a as well. Distribution at the end of a huge rally often signals that the smart money is taking profits. I think the stock will eventually crack its 50DMA, signaling the end of the rally for now.
  • richard9f: $EBS @Gabe, thanks. Yes the selling was a miss on 2009 revenue guidance expectations: $240M vs $254M exp. I'm watching for now to see when the selling is over. Still projects growth at 35-40%
  • rundatrack: Stopped out of $EBS this morning had a uber tight stop at 24. Picked up yesterday at 25.61. Have to look at what today is going to bring regarding how far the bulls/bears are going to work this stock today. Will get some clarification after the market closes due to work today. Looks like it slid through the 50DMA so going to have to put that on the stalk list for strength pushing through the 50 in the future. Was wrong moving on...next :) @Gordon
  • josephcollins: $EBS, $VPHM - There were some disappointing fundies on $EBS http://biz.yahoo.com/bw/090109/20090109005109.html?.v=1 I sorta talked myself out of this one yesterday... lucky I suppose. Contemplating an entry here with a stop below 20.00. I guess I got that spike down to the 50ma that I thought was due to happen. Also looking at $VPHM in the same space. A lot of the price alerts I've been setting the past few days are getting hit... Almost too fast to assess the individual situations.
  • josephcollins: $EBS - Could use some input here. Pro - it's in the upper right corner. It's been doing a pretty good job holding the 20dma. As a kicker, its sector and market cap make it a potential takeover, though I would never buy a biotech stock solely on that sort of speculation. Its sector should also make it relatively less economically sensitive. Con - to me it looks sort of "tired", contracting volatility, and a spike down to the general region of the 50 dma would not be totally unexpected.
  • Bob: @Joseph, Good Morning (EBS) There was a discussion somewhere lately, probably by the research gal for #Cramer's fund on RM in which she spoke of $EBS, $GILD and two others as possible takeover targets but stressed they hold 3 of the 4 and definitely not because they are potential takeovers. I hold $GILD and have been waiting for a good entry for EBS. (A spike down near the 50 you mention deserves a limit buy order!) I like the middle BB but have missed the recent touches. To your point of "tired"...will manage that with a stop. Keep us posted.
  • josephcollins: $EBS - thanks to everyone who responded. Points made about the RSI and MACD quantify pretty well what I sort of intuitively saw as "tiredness". At the risk of trying to curve-fit, I'll point out that the 30 dma holds the action better than the 20, and might make a better risk-controlled entry. I'm keeping it on my watch list for now. I expect the lower volatility to resolve somehow, and if it's higher I still think this is could be a buy.
  • rundatrack: Thanks for posting this @Craigy. As a newbie trader sometimes you forget that the others in the sandbox have been playing a lot longer than you have. Long $EBS stop at 24 @gordon
  • Bob: Just reading the weekend version of Investors' Business Daily and came across an article that serves as a good reminder. Basically it suggests trading what the market is giving us (right now) and while caution is well-advised, there are stocks performing very nicely and some decent trading opportunities. I think the point is that one does not need to be either an optimist nor a doom-and-gloomer to find good trades. Stick to good disciplines. The top 20 performers on the IBD 100 stock list this week are: $AFAM $EBS $EZPW $INT $AVAV $LPHI $SYKE $TWGP $ESI $ACM $GTIV $BKR $VSEC HS $GMCR $PETS $CPLA INSU $SXCI $HMSY
  • Russ: ...
    I missed $PNRA last Tuesday because it pulled back mid-day from a nice move up. What's more, volume was so all-around low during the holidays, it was hard to see strength. After it took off on Wednesday, it was already beyond my buy point, and I ju ...
  • Bob: Top 12 of IBD's top 100 for this week for your thoughts: $AFAM $EBS $INT $AVAV $ESI $LPHI $SYKE $APEI HS $GMCR $VSEC Also, it's an interesting time checking watch lists and seeing long time standards holding their own while at the same time the airwaves are more and more full of commentary encouraging traders/investors to start looking at the more speculative stocks. I still like $MCD $WMT $PG $JNJ $RAH PM $BNI for now. (A necessary chuckle: How do you determine if you wife or dog is really you best friend? Lock both in the trunk of your car for 30 minutes and see which is happy to see you when you open it up!)
  • josephcollins: Biotech - $EBS showed up on a scan, but isn't in a good buy position for me.
  • rundatrack: ...
    $EBS - pullback and strength buy
    $SMG - I am not sure how I should play this one. Any thoughts?
    $STLD - pullback and strength buy
    PCX - see a #squeeze going on. How would you setup this trade?
    $FCX - above the 20DMA need to see more strength an ...
  • rundatrack: Good Morning Team, Looking for Buys on pullback mode right now. On the Radar is: $LEN - 5 days straight up - Volume is declining however $EBS - Pullback to the 20DMA - around 20.90 $FLR - 20DMA is about to cross the 50DMA - looking for an entry around 40 - Gapped up big yesterday on good volume. $JEC - same situation as $FLR $APOL - Waiting for pullback to around 71 Paper Trade $CPLA - Entry today @ 54.86 stop at 52 20DMA is about to cross the 200DMA Feel free to rip apart or question anything that I have presented. Its a part of my learning process... Adding to cash and about to call Scottrade about conditional orders. @Gordon
  • Gabe: Folks, don't lose sight of $ASEI, $CBST, $EBS, $HOTT, $QCOR, WTR. Beautiful strong uptrends in an otherwise weak market. Edit: $IEF, $TLT are bond funds, so they're not really a "long" position...
  • Gabe: ...

    Out of ...
  • vswamy: I was watching $EBS for a pull back. It did pull back and past three days but I was waiting for an up tick day. But today is uptick but uptick is 20% and it is at peek. It is too late now. I remember @Dan mentioned this in one of his video. Another stock which is going on uptrend stock is COIN. It has formed a nice cup and handle shape. Today it is up 14%. Again it is too late.
  • Gabe: Some of the stocks I mentioned earlier are acting really nice, bouncing back from support, some on strong volume. I believe the big whoosh down chased most weak hands away. Look at $EBS, $LPHI, NDN, $OZRK, $QCOR, RAH. They rally hard on a big down day, and are above their 50DMAs. These stocks are volatile and hard to trade, but the charts look nice. I took some @tracker positions in them. I let the charts tell me when they stop working - I'll sell on a close below the 50DMA. As with any speculative stock, I'm keeping my positions MUCH smaller than I would with an $ETF, for example.
  • betcw: Hi all.... I'm about 95% cash and have been for quite some time. However, have been in and out of $EBS for several months and it continues to hold fairly true to pattern. FWIW ~Betsy
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Volume 518,062

Emergent BioSolutions, Inc. is a biopharmaceutical company, which is focused on the development, manufacture and commercialization of vaccine and immune-related therapeutic that assist the body's immune system to prevent or treat disease.

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