Energy Transfer LP (NYSE:ET)

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  • Bridget: $ET is starting to fill the gap. $PAA is also close.
  • perissinotti: Pay attention to $ET, broke an important level and trading above VWAP
  • mopick: @Junior1 $NRZ $MAIN $DSL, am with you guys in the HOUSE OF PAIN! Too late to sell now, I guess. Just hope they survive and come out the other side stronger. Got $MAIN, $TPVG plus a couple of MLP's, $EDP & $ET (ouch!)
  • Cokeman1959: @mopick $NRZ $MAIN $DSL $TPVG $EDP $ET I'm looking to start a couple of these names, I just wonder if there’s an inevitable cut in the dividend coming.
  • phgruver: @mopick $NRZ $MAIN $DSL $TPVG $EDP $ET If the oil price war continues, your MLP's may be going bankrupt. I lost all my MLPs in the last oil crunch. I'm still holding several #Yield_hogs, $ARCC, $MAIN, $NEWT, $NRZ, $NLY. They are all in LT accounts, and when I factor in the dividends I've received, over the years, I'm still in pretty good shape. If they are well managed, they will pay for themselves in 7 to 10 years.
  • mopick: @captron $EPD, wise move! Have had this for some time, THE best of the mid stream oil/gas concerns. Also have $ET, not so good, albeit with a far better yield, 10+%, higher leverage.
  • traderbren: $ET - FYI - Nov. 22--The billionaire boss of Dallas-based pipeline giant Energy Transfer($ET) is making a big bet on his company's stock price, buying more than $45 million of shares this week.
  • mopick: $ET, back in here despite my reservations about kelcy Warren (CEO). Meanwhile, stock breaking out, earnings tomorrow, 8% yielder.
  • mopick: $ET, $EPD, $MMP, $KMI, looking for an MLP replacement for $ET. Any suggestions would be most welcome. Thanks!!
  • KemoSabe: @mopick $ET $EPD $MMP $KMI - I like $ENB in this area. If it was to drop to the 34 range, I think it would be a good entry. $ENB has been good to me as a long term hold. Looking for a 10% increase in the dividend for 2019. Give it a look.
  • mopick: @KemoSabe $ET $EPD $MMP $KMI $ENB, thanks! Does look a bit extended short-term but sure has done well. Nice chart!
  • spmeyers: @mopick $ET $EPD $MMP $KMI what's wrong with ET? it's offering a pretty good entry
  • mopick: @spmeyers $ET $EPD $MMP $KMI, yes, still holding some $ET, but looking for something a bit less volatile in this space.
  • champ: @mopick $ET $EPD $MMP $KMI ---- All stocks zig-zag with the markets....
  • issues: Stopped out of all shares of $ET. I just don't like the chart.
  • hyss11: Just thought I would get some thoughts on the MLP space. $EPD, $ET, $ENLK, $PAA, $MPLX, $MMP. Are these little flag patterns setting up? Yields are very attractive.
  • Lou: @hyss11 $EPD $ET $ENLK $PAA $MPLX $MMP - I've been trading $ET and predecessors ETE and ETP for quite a while and am again very long $ET. I think that $ET has lots of head room and will go appreciably higher. That said, my favorite of the pipeline companies RHRN is $KMI. Nicer chart and NOT an MLP with a good dividend and a plan to increase the dividend at stated intervals.. It is now a corporation and gives you none of the complications of an MLP with K-1 tax reporting and if owned in a tax deferred account such as a Roth or an IRA possible exposure to UBTI (Unrelated Business Taxable Income). I don't follow the other names you mentioned.
  • kt4000: added $ET
  • rck89: @jan2138 $PSEC $ET Thanks for all of your postings this year....very helpful to the high yield part of my portfolio! Perchance is $ET one of your stocks? It's a pipeline company that trades with crude prices, except that it now has a 9.5% yield and is near its 52 wk low. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  • jan2138: @rck89 $PSEC $ET No, I do not follow it. I stay away from K-1 issuers. Sorry.
  • rck89: @jan2138 $PSEC $ET Thanks anyway.
  • mopick: @rck89 $PSEC $ET, not @Jan, however, I continue to own this one. I think the future is bright for them with the moves they made this year. It does seem to trade inline with crude which I never quite understood. We continue to increase production of both oil and gas benefiting the pipeline companies regardless of the price unless we suddenly fall into a deep recession. Industry profits have little exposure to commodity prices. Note that Kelcy Warren, Chairman and chief stockholder, purchased 3 million shares last month at a price above $15, so he obviously believes it's super cheap.
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Stock Price $USD 6.74
Change 2.90%
Volume 17,437,200

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  • August 5th, 2020 - 2020 Q2 Earnings
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