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  • wijimmy: $FIGS .. Down 14% all time low..OVERREACTION ?? ..only news I found.. ...$FIGS Reports CFO Jeffrey Lawrence To Retire; Names Senior VP, Finance, Strategy, Daniella Turenshine as Replacement.... She received her MBA from Harvard Business School and an AB in Finance and Economics from Princeton University.
  • Momentariness: $FIGS pivoting with volume
  • wijimmy: $FIGS ... What am I missing here ?? .. this is trading lower .. ... $FIGS Q3 Adjusted EPS, Revenue Beat Street Expectations; ... Raises Full-Year 2021 Revenue Guidance .. . Revenue increased about 34% to $102.7 million. The Street expected $98.9 million. . The company raised its full-year 2021 revenue guidance to $410 million from $395 million. The Street estimates $399.6 million. . $FIGS also expects to achieve $1 billion in revenue by 2025. and November 11, 2021 07:57am Credit Suisse Maintains Outperform on FIGS, Raises Price Target to $42
  • lauralynnee: @wijimmy $FIGS Market must have expected more from it.
  • Auto: $FIGS added early today looking at financials she could head north after E holding some over giddy up
  • Auto: $FIGS above 50 daily watching $46 for break daily long from below
  • scottrades: My Notes: $SPY Nice green on the screen. 425 Support. $QQQ Firming up but still under the MAs $DIA nice volume. Higher lows. $SMH Holding the 200 Day $IYT Consolidation around the MAs $IGV Nice setups in Software. $XLF Flag $GLD / $SLV Trying to firm up. #Bitcoin / #Ethereum Uptober! $SNOW New addition to ATL. Software stocks are strong. $UPST Good volume, peep the slope. $AAPL Potential retest of the breakout zone $APPS Bought small into the close. Watch 76.70 $FIGS Needs a break up on volume. $COOP Support at the 21 EMA $HUT Downside reversal. Great day to take some off but maybe not everything. $MARA Upside no-mans land. $SI Wild Swings $RMNI Software stock with Great weekly volume. New Blue Dot Special $BILL Close to the Coiled MAs. $DOCS Power through the 50 Day. Look for a PB to support. $PANW Watch 490 $U Trying to firm up
  • rverkamp: $FIGS watching this IPO closely for a break above $39.76, yesterdays high
  • rverkamp: $FIGS moving higher from here
  • traderdl: $FIGS - @dan mention once upon a time - low risk here
  • wijimmy: $FIGS ... Get in Cheaper ? .. L/T $37.47 RHRN, it held yesterdays low....Scrubs are on Sale... ($FIGS) 9/16 priced a public secondary offering of 8.9 million shares of its class A common stock at $40.25 per share,..... Tulco LLC, its largest stockholder, and certain members of its management team... >> -- Heather L. Hasson, 10% Owner, Director, Co-Chief Executive Officer, on September 16, 2021, sold 2,419,998 shares in Figs (FIGS) for $97,404,920. Following the Form 4 filing with the SEC, Now, Hasson has control over a total of 1,804,397 shares of the company, with 1,804,397 shares held directly. The market value of the direct and indirect holding, based on the transaction price, is approximately $72,626,979. The underwriters will have a 30-day option to purchase an additional 1.3 million shares of Class A common stock from the selling stockholders.
  • Pokersmith: Holding its 50 day ...see: $FIGS
  • lostsheep: $figs downtrend line quite obvious a break above and yesterdays high 43.17 on big volume and this has room to run
  • Yes-Man: $FIGS bouncing off 50 & 20 ma on looks to be above avg. day on volume. Added a little
  • Pokersmith: @Yes-Man $FIGS Looking at that...didn't like the high volume bar first 5 min...but certainly firmed up some
  • lostsheep: $figs like it off the secondary
  • Yes-Man: @lostsheep $figs Big Volume Day in the making! Can it take out the opening bar high?
  • lostsheep: $figs on the move
  • Yes-Man: @lostsheep $figs 👍
  • Pokersmith: @lostsheep $figs Looking good...there is a trendline to break through from Sept 02 high and onward for an add on. Very nice volume so far today.
  • Yes-Man: @Pokersmith $figs 👍
  • lostsheep: $figs probably requires another pullback to a higher low to get out of this extended flag but if it goes now that's ok too
  • Pokersmith: Does $FIGS look interesting here at this level to anyone?
  • Yes-Man: @Pokersmith $FIGS Can we get a bounce off 50ma to take a bite of the apple.Have very small position already. Looking to add a piece if bounce
  • Yes-Man: @Yes-Man $FIGS Holding VWAP just looking for volume.
  • Pokersmith: Secondary offering see : $FIGS
  • sierramp: @Pokersmith $FIGS The PB on announcement of a secondary can be a good opportunity to add but it's pretty soon after their IPO.
  • lostsheep: $figs @scottrades call strong off the 50 looking for an outside candle on the day
  • scottrades: My notes: COTD: This level seems pretty important on Palantir. $PLTR $SPY When opportunity knocks will you be ready? $QQQ Pushed out of a lot today. Let’s see what Monday brings. $SMH Couldn’t hold. #Bitcoin / #Ethereum in Consolidation...still. $TSLA Out, despite the laser beams. $PLTR Watch 27.50 $DAVA Unexpected. $FB Still in trend but not breaking out yet. $AAPL Hit with news. Watch for a reaction near the 50 Day $NVDA Holding 219 $FIGS Bounce off the 50 Day $SNAP Tightening, but which way will it go? $WING Working. $KRNT Working. $CLF Still in a range Have a great weekend! Thanks for all your hard work in the forum folks. You help keep this community strong!
  • scottrades: COTD: $TSLA wants Frickin Laser Beams on their cars! Here’s what that looks like and how to trade the stock. $SPY Under the 8EMA $QQQ Consolidating. $HUT Involved but not aggressive during consolidation $COIN Focus on the chart $PLTR Bounce off the 200 Day $DPZ Support at the 50 Day $SNAP Still sloping $FB Basing $PKI Working $POOL Still swimming upstream. $ALGN Late stage base $DOV Support at the 21 EMA $FIGS Watch how this acts close to the 50 Day $LH Watch 309.50
  • scottrades: Would love to see $FIGS settle back down around the MAs
  • scottrades: Consider moving stops up on $FIGS if you took this yesterday.
  • lostsheep: $figs one more day to take out the 50.4 high then look for some retracement
  • lostsheep: $figs going to test recent highs
  • Auto: $CRWD good E added early staying late $GLBE $FIGS $SEDG $TSLA $TWTR added long
  • lostsheep: $figs above 43.71 monthly reversal could open the door to 45.79 but this is resistance
  • scottrades: @lostsheep $figs Nice move off the lows. Apparently some people from $LULU Are involved in the company.
  • scottrades: @EricF1745 That really depends on the character of the individual stock. $F trades differently than $FIGS for example, so the best thing to do is look back and see what's normal for that stock.
  • EricF1745: @scottrades $F $FIGS Got it, thanks!
  • lostsheep: @scottrades $FIGS Still has pivots back to 50.4
  • scottrades: $FIGS HOD on volume.
  • scottrades: @lostsheep $FIGS Yeah, I wanted to buy some but I hesitated. Watching for the PB.
  • lostsheep: @scottrades $FIGS You got a few things on your plate. Bound to miss a few.
  • scottrades: @lostsheep $FIGS Indeed! The next few weeks are going to be busy on the backend but I'm really excited about what's to come! :)
  • lostsheep: @Auto $TSLA $AAPL $COST $figs should take out recent high
  • traderbren: $FIGS -- getting ready to push above the 50d.
  • lostsheep: $figs inside and up with pivots above 39.24 next daily
  • lostsheep: $FIGS continues higher next pivot 39.25 above that probably tests the 50
  • lostsheep: $figs stopped out on the 15 reversal
  • lostsheep: $figs making another run
  • lostsheep: $figs hod looking to make a run to the 50
  • lostsheep: $figs higher intra day lows and a higher base to try to punch through and make a run at the 50 near 40.9
  • wijimmy: $FIGS ...WOW .. Fake out... falling knife today
  • lostsheep: $figs looking to go outside day at 37.43
  • MartinXC: $figs is going
  • lostsheep: @MartinXC $figs nice reversal after taking out all the stops back to 8/3 now reversing and looking to do the same on the way up i'm with you. 38 first level
  • lauralynnee: @MartinXC $figs of course it is because I was stopped out yesterday...argh
  • rverkamp: $FIGS $RIOT nice closes at HOD
  • lostsheep: $figs added on inside 15 and up
  • lostsheep: $figs off the 20
  • lostsheep: $figs hammer off the 20 still working into the yesterdays shooter
  • DBones808: @Dan, had a $FIGS box show up to the house for a family member.....Im now looking to enter after finally realizing what we are dealing with here. Seems like the $LULU for medical attire, can't see this failing.
  • Cjauger: $FIGS trying to go
  • Auto: $FIGS added long from below
  • lostsheep: @scottrades The weekly dips on the $qqq have provided great buying opportunities for quite some time I did add to $stx near 89 again as there is support on many time frames i like $figs against the weekly 8 and daily 50 as well
  • BogeyBoy: @DAN I set a Limit order on $FIGS based on the video this weekend. I do not have the luxury of being at my computer throughout the day. On midday break i check my positions. I learned that I got into $FIGS AT $42.51. Currently it is at $40.05. What do you recommend now? I'm approaching a 6% loss. This is the stuff that kills me. It is not a huge dollar loss but I find it very discouraging. I set the stop at $39.76. Should I lower the stop before going back to my day job?
  • DAN: @BogeyBoy $FIGS I can't tell you that, BogeyBoy. This is your trade.
  • rj7150: @BogeyBoy $FIGS I bought a small position this morning at $40.65. I listened to the conference call over the week end. It sounded like a fit to my style of trading. My thesis is that it has huge potential to grow, with a caveat that other players could try to copy cat their business. I am willing to hold long term as long as they maintain their growth trajectory, which means waiting to hear each quarters results. The small position will give me time to see how the chart climbs or falls. I will add if the chart cooperates over time. Not the present strategy here, but it works for me. Good luck with your decisions and strategy.
  • zeddie1: $FIGS has similar metrics to $DOCS. $ $FIGS has 0 Debt & an Annual Pre tax margin of 22%. $DOCS also has 0 Debt with a Annual Pre tax margin of 28%.
  • lostsheep: $figs nice trade off the earnings dump
  • lostsheep: $figs 42.59 about to take out yesterdays high on an outside candle nice move post solid earnings
  • lostsheep: $figs next pivot 45.79
  • joelsg1: @lostsheep $figs Nice puff piece on founders in LA Times yesterday.
  • DAN: ...
    FIF: If you’ve been to a medical office recently, they’re probably long Figs ($FIGS). You should be too.

    $SPY -- To the moon.
    $DIA -- Still running well
    $QQQ -- Holding up in a sideways base.
    $NVDA -- Tightening along the 50-day MA. ...
  • scottto_2: $FIGS - Gettin' Figgy Wit It....
  • Pokersmith: @scottto_2 $FIGS figures ☝️
  • lostsheep: @scottto_2 $FIGS na na na na na na!
  • Hawaiianmaxx: @lostsheep $FIGS 🤣
  • DAN: $FIGS --- Just when you thought that this was going to the moon....
  • Cjauger: @DAN $FIGS pulling back on lower volume, perhaps setting up for a pullback buy
  • DAN: Good morning. Just a quick note about some stocks this morning.

    $CRWD and $ROKU continue to be stocks that I really like.

    $CRWD is coming out of a 6-month consolidation phase. Yesterday was the breakout day on very high volume. We can expect s ...
  • DAN: My Notes: SS 062321 $SPY -- Still in the box. $DIA -- This would be a short entry right here. $QQQ -- Held up well. $ROKU -- Big squirter here. Try using the prior day’s intraday low as a stop. $TSLA $CRWD -- resting day today. This is healthy. Relieves some pressure $SNAP -- Squeeze breakout. $BOOT -- Kicking the bears in the butt. $TDC -- Second day of a rebound off the 50-day moving average. $TIXT -- too illiquid to be safe enough to trade. $FIGS -- inside day. $GNRC -- up 10 consecutive days. Requested Videos $GRWG - This one is in my portfolio but it doesn’t really do anything for months. Any chance of a breakout? $TTD -- Also squirting higher...but the squeeze wasn’t as tight or structured right. Was moving higher rather than sideways.
  • DAN: $FIGS -- IPO is working. Very strong momentum. If you're trading it, make sure you contain your risk.

    As a starter, I'd be using the VWAP as a reference for the stop. That's at $45 (as is R1). The reason I'd keep my stop so tight is because of ...
  • JackB: @DAN $FIGS Dan, Schwab is not accepting stop orders on this stock???
  • DAN: I don't think $FIGS is working. I wouldn't own it here. I took a small loss via a daytrade based on the VWAP. But this is not something I want to mess with. I've just stuck it on my IPO list and will check it regularly.
  • DAN: @JackB $FIGS ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Well, I guess it's a stop you can set an alert on, and then manage it manually.
  • lauralynnee: Anyone else hold onto $FIGS this morning? Trying to figure out what to do with it... up almost 7.5% currently, stop set at $47.75, seem right?
  • joelsg1: @lauralynnee $FIGS @Dan dumped it 3 hours ago and lower. Up 40% in 4 days and 12% today. You don't state your cost, but if you have a double digit gain, might want to pare at least half. More than doubled since its IPO at 22 a month ago, so pb expected anytime, and 50 maybe marked top.
  • abalagam: @lauralynnee $FIGS David Ryan on IBD live said to hold, as it could be huge winner. He will buy more if it goes lower
  • lauralynnee: @abalagam @joelsg1 $FIGS sold half and letting the other half ride, seems interesting enough to see how it plays out, thanks all!
  • DAN: ...
    $FIGS -- volatile.
    $GNRC -- pushing against $400. I don’t see how this would reverse sharply. The question is whether it rests at $400 or pulls back. Not a good entry here because of the risk. BAYOR
    $GME -- Finished the 2 million share se ...
  • joelsg1: $FIGS New IPO Enthusiasm High for medical scrubs maker, analyst initiations aplenty.
  • jjohn: @abalagam $FIGS aren't those the fashionable and comfortable scrubs company? My sister did tell me about them. She loves their products
  • abalagam: @jjohn $FIGS very comfy and fashionable. Hip
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Stock Price $9.77
Change 2.36%
Volume 5,297,480

FIGS Inc is a healthcare apparel company. It offers more fitted scrubs for men and women made of its proprietary fabric FIONx, which provides four-way stretch and has anti-odor, anti-wrinkle and moisture-wicking properties.

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