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Strategy Session February 12th, 2014

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  • woodman: @gwenzee $CATB - $4.00 offering announced after close on Thursday 9/22, dropped to $4.25 the next day, and closed today at $4.63. Could do worse. :-) But that's not what interests me. It's on my list as a possible NASH buyout, or as a mover on irrational NASH one or two-day craze, as companies seem to be interested in the therapeutic area and rumors tend to swirl. Look at $TBRA $GALT $GLMD. (I thought you might have known about it b/c of its phase 2 DMD drug given your interest in $SRPT. That's why I asked.)
  • maratom71: $GALT is up 10% in the first 7 mins!
  • woodman: $CATB $GLMD $GALT $CNAT - Many #NASH / fatty liver disease stocks have been flying post-$TBRA. For example, GLMD GALT CNAT. One I bought is a micro-cap (read: Caution!) $CATB that has moved but not as much. I wonder if this will fly soon.
  • woodman: $CATB $GLMD $GALT $CNAT $TBRA #NASH - slight correction. $CABT has moved perhaps in line with some of the others on the lower end, but seems like it has room for a bigger pop.
  • gwenzee: @woodman $CATB $GLMD $GALT $CNAT $TBRA $CABT #NASH Did you see my post re: $ACIU???
  • woodman: @gwenzee $CATB $GLMD $GALT $CNAT $TBRA $CABT $ACIU #NASH --- Is that the private one that $AGN also bought? I don't see it as a stock that trades.
  • woodman: $GALT - part of the NASH/fatty liver disease group. Appears to have popped in sympathy with $TBRA.
  • maratom71: @Aragorn $GALT what is You view of this ? TYIA
  • Aragorn: @maratom71 $GALT moving up on NASH stocks extended but a story stock will keep moving when they get going. Start small if you must and add as it is working is my suggestion
  • TRICIA: $ICPT,↑ 10% $GALT ↑4% - both reverse and climbing (especially ICPT .. on $CNAT news (which is questionable imho) and -tive $GNFTF -( questionable failure) ... I have a small long position in ICPT which I added to yesterday
  • TRICIA: #NASH and the contenders $CNAT, $ICPT, $GALT,$GLMD, $ACHN,$GILD, $CEMP -- guys keep an eye on all of these ... I posted rock solid infor on this Jan 7 and as mentioned yesterday the EASL (European Liver Conference meets in Autria in Early April) ... I expect some claims and statements by all these candidates --and movement in one direction ... up ...
  • TRICIA: #NASH tickers ( .. some of these started moving last week.... keeping a watch .. $CNAT.$GALT,$GILD,$ICPT,$ACHN, $CEMP, and $GLMD .. #EASL15 is in Vienna April 21-25
  • TRICIA: @moneyHoHo $ICPT -- so did $GALT .. and $CEMP ... NASH again ..
  • TRICIA: ...
    #NASH and the contenders $CNAT, $ICPT, $GALT,$GLMD, $ACHN,$GILD, $CEMP ..earlier,I ranked $GILD 6th in #NASH tx .. now I put them behind only $CNAT whose rank will be confirmed Thursday AH when they reveal data from 3 trials.

    While I am impressed ...
  • TRICIA: $GALT: from SA GALT Galectin reports positive P1 results in #NASH and up 49% premarket on robust volume. This was a 30-patient Phase 1 study of GR-MD-02 in patients with nonalcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH). he principal objective of the trial was to assess the safety, tolerability and pharmacokinetics of GR-MD-02 but investigators also noted a potential therapeutic effect on fibrosis as measured by a serum biomarker (FibroTest) and liver stiffness (FibroScan). Patients in cohort 3 who received 8 mg/kg GR-MD-02 showed a statistically significant reduction in FibroTest score versus placebo in one of the cohorts.Fibrotest is a composite score of six blood tests that correlate to the extent of liver fibrosis. NASH represents the next big potential payoff for drug firms after HCV.
  • TRICIA: $CNAT, $GLMD,$ICPT,$GILD,$ACHN, $GALT ... NASH ...fatty liver disease ...contorversial yes... NASH is the new disease??? No it is the new hype .. the cure?? Diet and Exercise... (Titter buddies were quite critical of my view re NASH and drug treatment) $CNAT is up 25% today (I like this CEO .. and I added to this at ASSLD .. but I sold Friday .grrrrrrr Earlier today, I watched the tiny thin $GLMD start to go .. so it is a day trade...currently up 18% ... Iam up 11% $ICPT ... don't want it ... don't trust CSO or CEO ..and data is squirrelly .. My take on NASH ... get on the bike, and watch these but day or swing trade only..
  • TRICIA: #AASLID2014 - IT's all about LIVER ..(hideous childhood memory - Mom making LIVER and Onions omg -- gag me :-( Nov. 7-11: American Association for the Study of Liver Disease (AASLD): #NASH $GILD, $CNAT, $ICPT, $GALT, $GLMD, $ALGFT $ALNY,$MDCO $ACHN #HEPC $GILD, $$BMY, $MRK, $ABBV, $ENTA, $RGLS, .. $ACHN no show> re it's NUC? #HEPB $ARWR, $TKMR, $ALNY, $CELG $GILD, $GBIM, $TLOG Looking at these companies, & considering the money being poured into all these very very expensive trials --I'm thinking this is a make or break weekend May we need a LIVER ETF - Call it $GAG (from the Mommy dearest chronicles) Feuerstein posed these questions .. FD - Long GILD, ENTA, TKMR, CNAT, GBIM - I will be in Boston this weekend as a guest of some bio - analysts ...excited to meet them and maybe look for a job.
  • SierraJW: ...
    I currently hold $GILD, $TKMR, $NPSP,$TXMD, $ASTY (bought for special dividend/stock distribution), $GALT, $ANIK with very small monitoring positions in $ECYT, $MCUJF.

    Do you have some better bets for the next 3-4 weeks, 1-2 months, or longer, in ...
  • RON: $TNET $GALT $PVH One observation I made is that WORDEN TC2000 v 12.4 BOP, my chart Institutional Large Lot Hybrid, shows BUYING last FIVE days from those selling their shares, while price was going down each day, therefore relying on PRICE only it would appear that price will be continuing to move down. I believe PRICE will be moving up on the three. I got the same on a scan of 3 out of 3000 stocks for TNET right in the middle of support and resistance generally in an overall uptrend from IPO -- GALT trading in a box after a huge drop from 16.00 now at 6.19 -- and PVH at resistance to an upper falling trendline.
  • SierraJW: $GALT Green candle today (one the few!) looks like my strategy of taking a partial loss (stopped out yesterday) has turned it around!!! lol Opened lower, but coming up on higher volume. Ooops - Big swings! watch out...
  • SierraJW: $LUV $JBLU Airlines took off! $URI - may close this week above all-time high (Prev. high was $114.00, all-time 114.95) $JCP - $NPSP, $TRN, $ITMN Long positions that are working, up2.5% or more today. Closed out for large profit: $SHPG (wanted cash now, didn't want to wait for final merger deal) RE-entry $TKMR, Added to $GILD holding. Not so well: $GALT, $THRM, VLO (Utility sector, only red in sector list) Good day to you all! Jim
  • Tricia: Afternoon and OMG is is the middle of August and I haven't been on my bike yet ... grrrrrr Nugget says Quad Grrrr - see pix Ok -Bio Updates ... Not in $ICPT .... grrrg grrrr one mo time grrr I had traded it earlier and had taken profits. $GALT had a bad time 2 weeks ago and I decided to stay away.... I will wait for a pullback and also I believe $GNFT is presenting data soon .... Look like th whole market is slipping a bit.. You know what's really effective for NASH? ...Weight loss and exercise!
  • SierraJW: $GALT @Tricia, @woodman This has been pretty volitile the last few days... What is your take on the fundamentals and an entry position here?
  • SierraJW: $GALT - Opened an initial long position - I think the drop was due to mis-information and the stock should recover. Here is the company's official statement:
  • career2: @SierraJW $GALT want to follow your lead but its getting complicated:

    Levi & Korsinsky, LLP is investigating Galectin Therapeutics Inc. (GALT) (“Galectin” or the “Company”) in connection with possible violations of fe ...
  • DrChucky: @dkoran - $GALT drops are quick, climbs back up are not. The company press release seems to refute many of the negatives, and their statements make sense, but... its what is not said that can make a difference to the experts. @Tricia can read between the lines, so I ain't pretending bout my level of knowledge. Although, I can kind of hear her saying "its Still Phase 1, people" Also $ICPT is a competitor in treatments for NASH, if I am not mistaken.
  • career2: @SierraJW $GALT I put in a bid at 6.53 which didn't get filled... its just that I don't have a clue how a company/stock behaves when there is an investigation, which is another factor on top of everything else that is hard to game. I will follow it since upside is considerable. Thanks.
  • SierraJW: @career2 $GALT I will read the link you posted, but the press release addresses and denies the claim that results of phase 1 testing were "disappointing". I don't know what the legal questions are based on, but I would not be surprised if some investors are upset at the big drop in price. I am in at 6.73 with a small position, but of course, I do not expect anyone to follow my post without doing their own due diligence and feeling comfortable with the information and risks, which may be substantial or not. I just opened the link - that Levi & Korsinsky, LLP firm is a class-action outfit according to the google search I did. (I don't have much respect for class-action lawyers or lawsuits, as they get all the money and the investors get peanuts typically, FWIW) Jim
  • SierraJW: @DrChucky $GALT - I just reviewed the chart again, and the only similar sharp drop I see was in late March, with an immediate recovery, but I don't know what was going on at that time. This certainly is a volitile stock, and being biotech, a high risk/high reward play most likely. I can afford to hold a small position until it shakes out some more, but I will look forward to @Tricia's comments, and appreciate yours and @dkoran's as well.
  • SierraJW: $GALT @DrChucky @dkoran @career2 Re:Issues I just read the complete Company rebuttal of the issues of 1) Phase 1 test, 2)"Penny Stock" assertion and resulting lawsuits posts. I think the company response has met my criteria for addressing the factual basis and rebutting those issues, but you should read them for yourself before deciding if this situation is something you want to buy into. There are other firms also addressing NASH fibrosis treatment, which appears to be a serious disease with no effective treatment or cure, which is why the FDA has granted Fast Track status to the testing. I will send this post via email to @Tricia, hoping for her take on the fundamentals and timing of approvals. In the mean time, I would advise caution in regard to the time frame and risks due to the effect of the controversial issues raised already, as I posted previously.
  • Tricia: Hi Friends I hope everyone had a productive day ....I understand people want info on $GALT, $GILD,$TKMR $ARWR, $ZLTQ and $CYTK. I had a long day with PT, MRI and jail after I had to hurt the therapist again ..just released on bail... $EDAP did not pass the adcomm and my brother and his whole damn team have entered the witness protection program. (Dear Santa ..Leave presents, take brother) My current significant other just left a message he is at JFK and heading off to Europe for an emergency board meeting. All I said was "don't make me get my flying monkeys". Even Nugget is no where to be found. My mood indicator on a scale of 1-10 has now gone into negative territory. What were your questions again?
  • woodman: $GALT - moving well on strong volume.
  • Tricia: $GALT @ Woodman .....wowza! ↑ 20% .. on PR of Webcast to Discuss Findings From Cohort 2 of Phase 1 Clinical Trial of GR-MD-02 on 7/29 --- so happy for you .... no more whining b/c you didn't keep $BIOF ...:)
  • Tricia: $GALT …
  • woodman: $ICPT/$GALT - two liver disease stocks at support.
  • woodman: @woodman $ICPT/$GALT - these are working today.
  • woodman: $GALT - nice close. Ran hard after 2:00.
  • woodman: $GALT $ITMN $ISR - continue to work.
  • woodman: $GALT - In the NASH/liver disease therapeutic area, my hopes and $$ are mostly riding on $ICPT. But as a trade in this TA, I am in $GALT. I like the chart. (Note: I also have a big position in $GILD as a long term hold for many reasons, only one of which is its work on NASH; another one to consider, perhaps, is little guy, $GLMD which may be turning around on the chart since its post-ipo plummet - no position in $GLMD).
  • woodman: #LiverDisease stocks are moving today. $ICPT, $GALT (making a new recent high since its dive and staying above the 50 day) and perhaps even $GLMD (first time above it's 21 dEMA since its ipo [barely]).
  • woodman: $GALT - big move through resistance today.
  • Henry4432: $GALT - Breaking out. Biotech with early stage treatment for Fatty Livers. Moved past significance resistance at 17.88 today.
  • woodman: $GALT - it seems to trade along side of ICPT.
  • Tim S: @Tricia - is $GALT one of your babies? Sure making a massive move today ...
  • boba: $GALT - On 2nd of of lift off.
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Galectin Therapeutics, Inc. offers drug research & development to create new therapies for fibrotic disease & cancer. It has two compounds in development; one to be used in treatment of liver fibrosis & fatty liver disease & the other in cancer therapy.

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