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  • cmaxwel1: @scottrades $BBY $FUTU $NIU $DLTR $ZM $SJM $DKS $DE $BIDU $J $DELL $DOYU $CSIQ $ITRN $ADI $PGRU $MDT $A $BURL $ADSK $ANF $JACK $URBN $JWN $ASEO $HPQ $VIPS $ZTO $AMWD $CHS $DY $WMG $GDS $MOV $IQ $TNP $NOAH $CAL $AFYA $CD $KC $ROAD $RVYL $FANH #earnings (I trimmed most of $DE before earnings. I think this will be a down week in market)
  • champ: $GDS...@ $44....Upgrades this morning ...with price targets as high as $85, $MS is at $60.... .....Data Centers in China..... this is a Trade....
  • champ: $GDS...up 15%...HOD-L....big mover, could continue......
  • champ: $GDS...up +19.8%....HOD-L...really nice posted earlier.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Wide range around the 100 $QQQ Support at 267 $GDX Bouncing back but expect the expected. $GBTC Getting right on the hourly. $JD Support at the 21 EMA $SNBR Above the slope $TPX Not a great pattern, lots of red bars, but offering a divy and 4-1 split (Date: Nov 23-24) $DAR Tightening up. Earnings this week. $QCOM Watch the slope. Earnings Wednesday. $GDS Earnings Nov 12 $KWEB Some China stocks are looking decent. Play a bunch without single stock risk $DADA But if you want single stock risk... $LI Whippy but worked. $MJ/$YOLO Higher Low. Working but watch these...they are politically linked. $CGC Great volume today, watch tomorrow. $TLRY Tight Weekly $CURLF Working $TCNNF Moving out of the handle $GTBIF Watch above 16.85 $TRSSF Worked beautifully. $GWRG Holding the 8EMA. Earnings Nov 11
  • scottrades: Some #Earnings to be aware of this week. $WMT $NVDA $BABA $JD $HD $LOW $TGT $SE $NIU $BJ $AAP $DLPN $TJX $ADI $DE $FL $KSS $DQ $PDD $GDS $ECC $BEST $CTK $EL $VIPS $SNPS $A $ROST $QIWI $LB $LX $AMCR $CMCM $LZB $OPRA $KEYS $CREE $GAN $BZUN $JKHY $FN $MLCO $KC $FUV $SQM
  • Angdionk: $GDS and $NBSE might be ones to watch. They both have been holding up
  • spmeyers: $GDS strong uptrend still intact; watching for 50-day to hold
  • spmeyers: $GDS no bears in these woods; Chinese data centers
  • Wykeman: $GDS close to NH on nice vol.
  • yongli: $GDS was on the GSL before. China plays up a lot. $BZUN $BIDU $MOMO $PDD etc.
  • DrScience: @yongli $GDS $BZUN $BIDU $MOMO $PDDAdd JD to the list. New 52-week high. Long and, uh, strong!
  • woodman: @DrScience $GDS $BZUN $BIDU $MOMO $PDDAdd - I'm with you on $JD. Also been riding $EDU and adding along the way. EDU has been a boringly upward stock. Been easy to hold and add to. JD has been more difficult to hold but I've somehow managed to.
  • scottrades: $GDS C&H. Earnings in 11 Days.
  • Spotdog: @scottrades $GDS Hi Scott, Looks to me like $ACB is squeezing nicely. what do you think?
  • scottrades: @Spotdog $GDS $ACB Has support at the 50 SMA. Nothing screaming BUY here.
  • Allen: $GDS Another good move today and another $3 on this rebound trade. Keeping a tight leash and closed out trade today since it was up 14%. Will possibly reload another day depending on how it behaves.
  • Allen: $GDS Working out to be a good bounce trade today. I'm up $3+. Company came out saying they were the target of short sellers and refuting the report, and they were upgraded today by Credit Suisse.
  • fishing777: $GDS...possible 59 min trade tomorrow...down 30% due to a short seller
  • Nepenthe: @fishing777 $GDS At the rate this is going, it could go to zero.
  • bwcarnation1: @Nepenthe $GDS I don't think I want to buy any Chinese companies...
  • Nepenthe: @bwcarnation1 $GDS After reading the following, neither to I. At least, not with this one. I don't know anything about this "short seller" but how well I remember AOB.

    DJ Short Seller Who Slammed Samsonite Takes Swipe at New Target --

  • Reif99: @fishing777 $GDS I certainly wouldn't buy this without actually watching it all the time. It could be good for a bounce, but my sense is until GDS management addresses these claims (and they haven't, yet), the only way to make money is through the g ...
  • phooeyquai: @fishing777 $GDS news indicates the company is under investigation.
  • spmeyers: $GDS nice move here
  • michaelH: $GDS parabolic move looks to be topping. Selling 1/2 of my position
  • fishing777: $GDS... break out on great earnings...NP but will watch for pullback
  • michaelH: $TCEHY $WUBA $GDS adding to my $TCEHY and $WUBA positions. $Tcehy reported good numbers , revenue up 51% , and net profit doubled. Watching $gds , another high growth china name, and hope to add, but this swings like crazy.
  • cmaxwel1: @michaelH $TCEHY $WUBA $GDS $Tcehy $gds ($TCEHY added) (already up 10% on this one).
  • fishing777: $GDS....lookong perky... earnings run
  • michaelH: $GDS # DAN can you cover GDS at some point?
  • liujeff88: @michaelH $GDS co-ask
  • michaelH: $GDS adding here, high growth China cloud play
  • liujeff88: @michaelH $GDS yes, load up yesterday too
  • liujeff88: $GDS start accumulating position at $25.55
  • michaelH: $GDS continues its run after offering. Up 8.5% to new high today. High growth name.Mentioned this some time back
  • michaelH: $GDS Anyone following this high growth Chinese stock? Big drop today on announcement of offering at $26. One #Dan should check out for his HGL.
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Stock Price $10.32
Change -1.34%
Volume 760,700

GDS Holdings Ltd is a developer and operator of data centers in PRC. The Company offers colocation and managed services, including managed cloud services to internet companies, financial institutions, telecommunications and IT service providers.

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