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  • Wykeman: $HRB starting a bounce?
  • greenpatrol: Trading positions: $PII $HRB $GNTX $DDD $TRXC $ZTS $NXST $XPO Long (er) holds: (20 dma stop) $DOCU $BA
  • DrScience: $HRB Taxes on a postcard? Nyet! However, JAN 28 Covered Call @ 27.25ish (30 DTE) offers a 30% annualized return that you can roll for months, especially if the stock pulls back to the 200 DMA. Next earnings is tentatively set for the first week of March.
  • Bridget: $HRB gap and run on earnings.
  • Bridget: $HRB new 52 week high
  • DAN: Some of @Bridget's notes to me tonight: $XLI $XLV - both breaking higher $BX $OLLI $CRUS $AMAT $MA - working $MON - continuing to breakout $WYNN $LVS $MGM $CZR $WYN - this move was much bigger than I expected $DLPH - new high, this stock is in the autonomous car space $GM $F - both seeing a bounce after this pullback $NSC $CSX - at all time highs $FDX - breaking out of triangle, a break above $200 would be significant $NLY - nice pattern, breakout on volume $LND - breakout after flag $OA - breaking out of cup and handle $CHGG - breaking out of squeeze $HRB - steady climb, new 52 week high $TCMD - #ipo at all time high (Short and Sweet). 8-) Dan
  • Bridget: @tejas7 $EXPR Nice. I'm watching $HRB do the same thing.
  • tejas7: @Bridget $HRB Ex-div date is on 9/12 (pays 0.20 around 4% yield). It may run few more days.
  • tejas7: $KMI Working as it has been. I had only one stop for whole position until now.  Splitting the position in 3. One stop at 21.15 for 40% of position, 10 day MA Another at 21.50 for another 40% position. (8EMA). STO Nov 23 calls to cover rest of the 20% stocks at 0.61. Brings cost basis down to 19.50 for them. $HMSY Stopped out at 22.49 (huge profit, in at 13 something) $HRB voluntary out at small loss. Out of few other small positions too.
  • Bridget: $HRB breaking out, RHRN
  • tejas7: @Bridget $HRB No news breakout out of tight squeeze, with 80% of average daily volume already traded in 35 minutes. It went back in the congestion for a moment and now going back up again. Earnings date not announced, but may be around Sept 9th based on last quarter date. So still some 20+ days away. I like this one the most. I am in with yesterday's low as a stop.
  • janner0814: Well, @DAN asked ppl to come to the forum for the ROBUST discussion; well here's my contribution (that I WON'T delete; since it's Dan's request to visit the Forum). Twenty three stocks with: >Price Strength Confirmation >Avoid List (all my avoids taken out) >Liquidity >Past Five days, positive volume bars: Interesting the retail stocks that have come on strong, e.g. TJX. Stocks are ranked per Trend Intensity for the past FIVE days. $BAX $TPX $GT $XLNX $CTXS $ALK $STLD $PBF $IMS $PLD $GPN $TJX $RHI $TSS $KATE $GGP $WU $SEE $BLL $QVCA $HRB $HOLX $ARMK
  • kt4000: $CUDA - Sold nice gain - $HRB too much pain out - added $SN $UPL think oil should hold here for a bit.
  • kt4000: @kt4000 $CUDA $HRB $SN $UPL Did not see Dan's New post - these are small positions after the drop $SN $UPL will let it hit the stop
  • kt4000: $BIS Bought in at EOD yesterday to hedge my growing $ARIA position, $HRB some before some after the drop good entry here Huge Volume $CUDA still trending (only because I sold before then bought after earnings - Skittishness pays off) Want $NFLX and $FB today (would like them lower than the close yesterday).
  • kt4000: $UPL buying here - small to start $BIS $CUDA still rocking..... $ARIA $HRB not much movement either way - have buys in to Lowball $NFLX $FB $VDSI Day only
  • janner0814: ...
    Only one stock remained... the last scan included $COH $PCLN $NFLX $HRB $XEC $CLX $AXP $HAR $MHK <---yes @debeers ;-) $NUAN and $LVS.

    However, only ONE stock that passed the final screen, i.e. positive seasonal cycle patterns. And that stock w ...
  • janner0814: @hunter2 Yep the "Chop Trap." Selling positions worked; market did a short squeeze up; now with the 1K negative ticks, it's taking the other route. Check out that potential shooting star/gravestone doji or potential inverted hammer (we won't know until the close of the day). of the $SPY and $DIA(day charts). The $IWM currently having an IH. **********************Big Money Scan************** Here are the Haves: $EA $FSLR $HRB $MSI $PCLN $WYNN $XLNX And the have nots: $CBS** $CHK $DIS** $DISCA** $DISCK** $FOXA** $GNW $PWR $SNI $SWN $TWX $VIAB** **The market via my $DIS stop told me in its searing way, that it's liquidating, unwinding the media play. My bad. *******reference note************ @hunter2: "#Market - Intraday reversal. Meaningful or just low liquidity August trading, aka chop. $QQQ is working, other indices don't look too hot rhrn."
  • jltrader1: Earnings Next Week: Of the companies reporting earnings for the week of June 8 - 12 some of the bigger names include: Monday: Pre Market - $SHLD, $MTN, $BRLI, $DATE, $PRGN After Hours - $HRB, $UNFI, $PBY, $PLAY, $LAYN, $TPLM, $CBK, $FCEL, $KANG, $SB, $HQY Tuesday: Pre Market - $HDS, $BURL, $SAIC, $FGP, $HOV, $LULU, $ZQK, $CMN After Hours - $GEF, $MFRM, $OXM, $SIGM, $LMNR, $SURG, $APIC Wednesday: Pre Market - $FRAN After Hours - $MW, $DDC, $KKD, $BOX, $BV Thursday: After Hours - $BOJA, $XONE Have a great weekend
  • Poppy: OT: $INTU vs. $HRB Tax software broohaha: Turbo tax is screwing the pooch this year...they are forcing customers to buy the Premium version by not including/supporting their usual features in the common version they did for the past umpteen years, like Sched. C & D - my lifeblood. The VP and public relation answers were that 'those are only a very small number of customers'. I get it. I'm not important... I'm switching to H&R Block. This news and fury came out 3 days ago and look at the stock price. The Time and NYT plus Forbes have reported this issue. Just search google for Turbo tax. I do my own taxes and have depended on INTU for so many years..sayonara suckers. May be time to short INTU and long HRB. Just sayin''' mad and hell poppy
  • traderbren: $CONN and $HRB getting whacked! $ANF (thanks to the CEO getting sacked) and $AZO on the plus side.
  • :
  • rah: $AMT, $BBBY, $HRB, $BMS, $JCI, $TRV, $SNA, $RTN, $IFF, $XYL - to name a few of the SP500 stocks pushing out towards the top side of a BB #Squeeze.
  • Forexpro: Re: Favorite Hedgie Longs Hi, Friends, And, on the bullish side of the divide, again from $GS via SeekingAlpha: The 20 most concentrated hedge fund holdings as defined by the percent of equity cap owned by the funds has consistently been a significant outperformer, according to Goldman. In order: $AN, $STZ, $JCP, $FDO, $THC, $HRB, $BEAM, $MU, $NWSA, $VRSN, $CBG, $NFLX, $GT, $TSO, $ETFC, $MSI, $WPX, $WYN, $HES, CCI. However, please note: Overall, the studied hedge funds' performance leaves a bit to be desired, with average return of 6% YTD. Fewer than 5% outperformed the S&P 500, and 20% of funds posted an absolute loss. We can do better than that without paying 2/20, can't we? All the best.
  • scottto: ...

    I always find that ideas are the hardest to come by. The reason I belong to the Mentor sites is ...
  • BuffaloBill: ...
    Returned the following 32 $HRB $NFLX BIG $KLAC $MPC $PSA $KIM $CLX $OXY $LRCX $FFIV $HUM $MAT

    Change parameters by SCAN ...
  • iamready: $HRB It's tax season folks... H&R Block normally do well at this time of year!
  • scottto: ...
    0.06: $MMM, $BA, $NUE, $CSX, $MCK, $WU, $AEP, $BMS, $ECL, $DNB, $NSC, $AMT, $CVX, $TWC, $NI, $AON, $PPL, $HRB, $ABC, $T,
    $UNP, $DIS, BF.B, $SEE, $NU, $ALL, $TJX, $TRV, $MTB, $BBT, $DFS, $FISV, $MDT, $LLY, $CCI, $EFX, $BMY, $WIN, $DRI, $VNO,
    $SHW ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    H&R Block estimates cut at @Morgan Stanley
    $HRB estimates were reduced through 2013, @Morgan Stanley said. Company is spending more on advertising, but seeing lower sales. Equal-weight rating.

    Invesco numbers raised at Citigroup
    Sha ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $HRB Investor Mtg.
    $H and $R Block Inc Investor Conference - 8:15AM New York, $NY

    Baird Technology Conf.
    Barclays Capital Global Technology Conference

  • gold2stocks: ...
    $HRB was upgraded from Perform to Outperform, Oppenheimer said. $19 price target. Company has multiple potential catalysts.

    Hewlett Packard estimates, target lowered at Jefferies
    Shares of $HPQ now seen reaching $35, according to Jefferies. Es ...
  • rcline: Barron' s had an article today about stocks that have increased their earnings over the last 10 years 2-5x while their stock prices have declined over that same period. The table below lists many of these stocks and looks at what the profit would be if they return to their 50-day or 200-day moving average. These are all solid companies and should return to the 200-day moving average at some point. Not all are necessarily #RHRN buys, but many are close to their August lows. I thought I would post these for group discussion and feedback. Just trying to get a decent shopping list ready if we get stability on this current bottoming period. Symbol Price Gain to 50D Gain to 200D $CSC 28.59 13.06% 44.59% $WHR 58.36 11.21% 32.57% $DOW 26.71 15.56% 32.55% $NVDA 12.92 3.90% 32.52% $TXN 25.08 11.87% 29.98% $GPS 15.60 11.86% 28.38% $BBY 24.10 8.94% 23.53% $JPM 34.63 9.44% 22.40% $KLAC 34.82 9.16% 21.50% $OMC 38.72 10.84% 20.30% $KSS 43.93 13.77% 18.86% $WAG 34.77 7.31% 18.29% $COF 42.28 6.90% 18.19% $PAYX 26.07 5.29% 17.69% $HRB 13.41 7.26% 16.96% $MDT 34.21 -0.08% 11.79% $XLNX 29.80 4.42% 10.99% Cheers, @Ray
  • Green: Bloody down day http://www.finviz.com/publish/031011/sp500_large1332.png little patches of sun @ $WMT, $MCD, $LSI, $JDSU, $SBUX, $HRB, $SWY, $S, $IRM, $FCX, $LUV going for a walk ........... "this too will pass"
  • jojo1480: HRB- callalilly, read in Baron's yesterday that $GS recommending $HRB apr14puts @.75. The stated case is that $HRB is losing business to $INTU, and their mortgage business (toxic assets), I think it is roughly $30B vs Mkt cap of $4.5B. I loaded the boat. Short $HRB via puts.
  • Kristine: $HRB - I use to work for them when then had a office for a new software project in Carlsbad. Can't say much for company management.
  • taylor: Good morning SMM'ers - rough end to the week, and no football this weekend. @Bummer! (Pro Bowl doesn't count) What do these stocks all have in common? Symbol Last Change %Change High Low Volume $F 16.27 -2.52 -13.41% 17.88 15.98 480,196,202 $EEM 45.33 -1.48 -3.16% 46.62 45.25 185,064,653 $CX 9.47 -0.90 -8.68% 10.42 9.38 27,914,186 $PBR 35.41 -0.43 -1.20% 36.03 34.94 21,488,608 $BSX 6.99 -0.17 -2.37% 7.22 6.93 18,015,195 $LLY 34.77 -0.70 -1.97% 35.58 34.75 17,582,428 $NLY 17.83 -0.16 -0.89% 18.04 17.82 11,991,800 $XLY 37.10 -1.25 -3.26% 38.14 37.03 11,102,244 $HRB 12.50 -0.61 -4.65% 13.11 12.40 10,742,631 $BMY 25.79 -0.56 -2.13% 26.44 25.79 10,443,655 $AXP 43.86 -0.68 -1.53% 44.60 43.42 9,918,805 $OXY 93.81 -3.16 -3.26% 97.18 93.70 9,456,143 What about these? Symbol Last Change %Change High Low Volume $SNDK 46.80 -4.52 -8.81% 51.48 46.16 25,875,516 $PMCS 7.77 -1.14 -12.79% 8.04 7.70 25,728,835 $AMZN 171.14 -13.31 -7.22% 173.71 166.90 19,901,549 $MRVL 19.16 -1.11 -5.48% 20.31 19.09 17,027,539 $SBUX 31.73 -1.30 -3.94% 33.12 31.52 13,411,619 $ARNA 1.63 -0.37 -18.50% 1.80 1.61 10,319,313 $CPWR 10.48 -1.09 -9.42% 11.52 10.39 9,128,212 Here's a hint: Action--------------------- NYSE ---- NASDAQ Close Below 50-day EMA 324 Stocks 290 Stocks Close Above 50-day EMA 23 Stocks 22 Stocks Close Below 13-day EMA 733 Stocks 520 Stocks Close Above 13-day EMA 62 Stocks 53 Stocks
  • Golf77: ...
    $HRB 12.93 (42.84)
    $DF 8.16 (54.77)
    $WY 18.3 (57.58)
  • dunsek: #RHRN- My short list of possible outperformers is $PKI, $EMC, $DHR, $CMCSA, $CINF, $SE, $EMR, $PBCT and GPC. Of those, I kind of like the contrarian play, so going long the #financials via PBCT. Yes, it is penalty box, so not sure if that meets your creme de la creme definition, but there you go. I also like $CINF and $GPC #RHRN, the others may need just a bit of watching. All the usual caveats apply- do your own top down and sector analysis, etc etc etc! Oh yeah- and though it didn't meet the mutli criteria for the above sort, I still like $HRB which I started a small position in yesterday and still think the coal trade (PCX, ICO) has legs for a while yet.
  • diner: $HRB Bought this one on the breakout from the VS a few days ago. Looking pretty good at the mo!
  • dunsek: 6% volatility #squeeze- ah, gotcha. Ok. If you just need a list of stocks that identify as true against @Dan's 6% volatility #squeeze (on the daily) here are a bunch: $ADM, $COST, PM, $LLY, $MKC, $SRE, $PKI, $EIX, $MO, $L, $HSP, $MAT, MFE, $ED, $EFX, $AEP, $CNP, $HNZ, $NI, $HRB, $FII, $HRL, $DE, $D, DUK.
  • rain3man: $HRB - in volatility expansion.
  • taylor: Re: from #CNBC NEXT WEEK'S EVENTS MONDAY Earnings: Before - $YGE ; After - $HRB, $TIVO Other: $CBOE Risk Management Conf, NABE Washington Economic Conf, McDonald's Feb Sales Report TUESDAY Earnings: Before - $KR ; After - $SAM, $FLOW Other: Anniversary of Stock Market Lows of 2009, Game Developers Conf. Gets Underway (San Fran), Chevron Analyst Meeting, Obama Meets Greek PM in DC, Cisco expected to make significant announcement in invitation only Webcast at 8:00AM WEDNESDAY Earnings: Before - $AEO, $PLCE, $MTN ; After - GYMB, $HOTT Other: Wholesale Inventories, Crude Inventories, Treasury Budget, Disney Shareholder Meeting, Forbes World's Billionaires List THURSDAY Earnings: Before - $IMAX, $LDK, $SFD, $BKE ; After - $ARO, $GG, $PSUN, $SWHC, $ZUMZ Other: Continuing Claims, Initial Claims, Trade Balance, Exxon Analyst Meeting, $2bln Dollar $CA bond Offering FRIDAY Earnings: Before - $ANN, $KIRK Other: Retail Sales, Mich-Consumer Sentiment, Business Inventories, S&P Index Rebalancing
  • landm19: Earnings Preview for the week of Mar 8th-12th : Companies reporting earnings the week of Mar 8th-12th include: Monday: COMV, DGW, $EBIX, $FREE, PARD, $YGE, $CAP, $CPE, $CASY, FRPT, $HRB, $MAKO, $NCMI, RSCR, $SNHY, $TIVO, and VVUS... Tuesday: BRNC, CALP, CRIC, $CODI, $DKS, $EJ, $EXEL, $GPOR, $KR, $LMIA, NXG, $SSI, SWSI, TSTY, AONE, $AVAV, $ALOG, BIDZ, $SAM, $PSS, $DXCM, $EXLS, $FLOW, $ICFI, JCG, $NAV, $SLXP, $VRSK, and ZIPR... Wednesday: $CAS, $AEO, $BONT, BF.B, $CRZO, $PLCE, $CWEI, $CPIX, $ESLT, ELMG, FSIN, HRBN, HWK, $QLTI, $SOL, $TRK, RMIX, $MTN, $AACC, $BLDP, $CLNE, $FCEL, GYMB, $HIL, $HOTT, $IDSY, $IPAR, JAS, $MW, $MBLX, VITA, $PRSC, $SMTC, $STAN, $TTGT, and WES... Thursday: CPC, $CSUN, $DK, $IMAX, JTX, $MEA, $NGPC, $PNY, $SFD, $STEI, $SUI, $BKE, $ARO, $AIRM, $CCO, $GG, HQS, $KOG, $NSM, $NPSP, OMPI, $OPTR, $PSUN, $PLL, $POWR, $ZQK, $SEAC, $SHFL, $SWHC, $ULTA, and ZUMZ... Friday: $ANN, $CTRN, $HIBB, $KIRK, $NVAX, and PEI.
  • Zoomhogg: $ITC $ITC Lookin good today on Vol. #Squeeze. Profit taking after higher open. others looking good: $NTAP, $WHR, $HRB, $X, $APEI RINO holding 28 $GMCR holding 85 $STEC profit taking at 20 Long RINO, $GMCR, $STEC
  • dunsek: $HRB, $COST, $TJX, $HAS, $MAT

    Lots of interesting stuff to watch today. For the fans of @Dan's scans (say that 8 times fast), you'll have noticed the recent surge in stocks going into volatility squeezes. There was a week or longer period where I ...
  • dunsek: HRB- good morning all. As far as my scans go, the usual suspects that have been working- the MI, $RF and EK's of the world- continue to bear watching, and not much new with the possible exception of HRB.

    $HRB was a nice entry at 15.50 in June, a ...
  • dunsek: $POT, $HOG, $HERO, $AXL, $HRB Things I'm watching

    POT- sure looks like the pullback to the 20 day was a gift. I'm on board with a starter position

    HOG- watching this one off the first 15 minutes. Yesterday's volume blowoff looks like a real opp ...
  • dunsek: Good morning, all. I hope @Dan is enjoying the graduation festivities up in Oregon! A few things worth pointing out- $XRAY, one of the stocks @Dan covered a few weeks back, is in a volatility #squeeze. It closed just under the 200 day yesterday, but the 200, 10 and 20 are at the same basic point. The Death trade- $MO and $RAI are both in squeezes The Taxes trade- $HRB continues to work for me. Looking good on 2 alternate @charting methods, and looking good on a Bollinger Band expansion basis. The Cereal trade- $K and $GIS are both in squeezes. Not related to death or taxes, but who doesn't love a nice bowl of cereal? Have a great weekend! (Edit- Curses.. got the dates wrong. Sorry about that)
  • dunsek: $AKAM, $SWKS, $HRB Morning all- looking for a pullback to the 10 day on both $AKAM and $SWKS for re-entry, all the while wishing my trigger finger hadn't been so itchy on the getting out from AKAM. I'll chalk that one up to attempting to trend trade while not really having been comfy with my entry point. On the "you've got to be kidding me, that stock?" side of things, I am looking very, very closey at HRB. That's one stock which did not participate at all in the March lows. It has been a sell since the middle of Feb, but looks to be finally turning the corner. Not here, not now, but probably a bit higher and soon!
  • theturkeybone: Hey @Bob, Cant talk much (busy this morning and sadly not with stocks and research), but basically it was set as "3 std devs. contain 99% of the price movement, so a price that far out only has a 1% chance of remaining out there", and it works on both sides. I think it was more of a time to sell than a #shorting technique, but could be used to get into a position in a short term frame.. look at say $GS when BSC happened.. 140 was waaay out of the 3rd deviation. Or more recently, look at $HRB on Friday and the snapback on Monday.
  • theturkeybone: $OIL -- You know, with politicans and saudis and such trying to find the holy grail to deflate the oil bubble.. I can only think of this, with oil taunting us. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9V7zbWNznbs For all the talk that's going on, I don't see anything but saturation (in the media, which is almost happening but could go further) or capitulation (which we're only maybe starting to see) to pop this. edit: to add some fuel to the "3rd $SD fire".. $HRB opened outside the 3rd $SD but pulled in for a decent snapback.
  • DAN: @Bob, I'm not trying to be vague, but I am talking about the concept of avoiding chasing stocks that are so obviously overbought that the only thing to say about them is: "Well, I missed that trade." But here are some tickers that might demonstrate what I'm talking about: FRE, FNM, CFC, CTX, $PHM, $JPM, $MBI, $MS, $LEN, $HRB, $WM, $DHI, $CBG, $C, CC, $BAC, $GGP, LEH, $KBH, LIZ, $DRI, $KIM, and WB. That's a decent list of stocks that illustrate my point. OThers are $KEX, $BLK, $ISRG, $CNQR, $VRTX, $EBAY, $SHLD, $LVLT, $EXPD and $PCLN (though $PCLN does look compelling if it has more time to consolidate). Hope that helps.
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H&R Block Inc provides tax return preparation and related services and products to the general public in the U.S. and its territories, Canada, and Australia. It also offers financial products to support its tax business through the H&R Block Bank.

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