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  • kbrowe: @ReneeH $MTCH Maybe it's a valentines day bouce. LOL. I'm holding a profitable small position. Sitting here wondering how the $IAC announced breakup is going to work out. Spin-off from $IAC who will selling their remainder of it, scheduled for this quarter.
  • ReneeH: @kbrowe $MTCH $IAC funny, hadn't thought about V-day correlation. Been watching it and w/short interest, could get moving....unless v-day makes no matches.
  • woodman: @kbrowe $MTCH $IAC - Looking more broadly at MTCH and IAC charts, I notice they've done this pullback from high levels to the 200 day before and didn't resolve quickly. In fact, they moved down some more before repairing themselves over a period of weeks/months. Just something to consider in terms of the time value of your money. But I have no crystal ball.
  • kbrowe: @woodman $MTCH $IAC Sold half near the highs, and kept half to track stock. The remaining small position hasn't done well by holding (but I am still profitable at least). I'm not sure what will happen when $IAC sells their remaining interest. I do not have any experience with this type of situation, so am holding the small position to see what happens. Could it be good or bad? Always learning from the experienced SMM team.
  • kbrowe: @issues $IAC If I'm not mistaken, IAC owns a chunk of $MTCH and definitely gapped down yesterday with $MTCH earnings.
  • issues: $IAC reports tonight. I took a chance and rolled the dice. Bought a small position in IAC. It's beat in the past and with this drop I am looking for a pop in the morning. Could be up or down. Also bought $DDOG (like the vol sq and formation of a pattern in the ipo) and added to $OLLI. ole
  • issues: @kbrowe $IAC $MTCH Right. Both are bouncing upward (green for both! when I hold my curser over the symbol.)
  • kbrowe: @issues $IAC $MTCH Yep, took a small position on $MTCH this morning, but got in late near the high of the day. Though $MTCH has come back to my entry, so I'm break even now. Don't have a position in $IAC, but will be watching how it reacts to earnings in the morning.
  • Margi1983: $IAC.Now at the 150 ma, up from the 200 ma. Weekly still in a rising channel. Does not fit @Dan rules, but seems to be one to watch if it breaks above the 50 ma, which is about 9% above the 200 ma
  • rachel: ...
    $IAC – regained 50-day MA on volume. If there are real buyers, this should not slip lower from here.
    $TNDM – still in a basing pattern, but printing higher lows. $75 resistance.
    $FRPT – very good price action today. This is a st ...
  • DAN: ...

    I just closed the last of TWLO today. Others I closed some time ago. But as I look at the list, I'm gratified that I was correct to s ...
  • rachel: ...
    $IAC -- very volatile, but holding above $220. Steep correction makes for heavy stock.
    $CHEF – must hold $33.
    $GOOGL – do you care? If so, why?
    $AAPL – do you care? Why?
    $TSLA – do you care? Why?
    Growth Stocks:
    $WING &ndash ...
  • rachel: ...
    $IAC – support at $200
  • Greendayguy: Lots of winners today, most listed below by our excellent Forum members. Don't forget $IAC. Extended, but going, probably will go higher.
  • jwstich: $IAC Jeffries analyst raises target to $245 from $225. Stock up $6 and shows early phase 3.
  • Greendayguy: $IAC Beginning of what could be a strong Phase 3 move.
  • Greendayguy: $IAC At, or very close to, Phase 3 trigger. Phase 1 run was 30 points.
  • bRobert: @Greendayguy $IAC Watching the same
  • alwayslearning: @bRobert $IAC what is the phase 3 trigger on $IAC and what does it mean?
  • jwstich: @Greendayguy $IAC initiated a position today. Flag pattern
  • phgruver: @alwayslearning $IAC Phase 1: breakout, Phase 2: pullback, Phase 3: continuation to the breakout. The trigger is when it breaks above a previous high to resume the breakout. In my opinion, though, this is a pretty weak trigger. It is only higher than the last 5 trading days, and the volume was light. Definitely one to watch, though....
  • bRobert: @alwayslearning $IAC Good question, love your call name.
    Phase terms are unique to the forum. Phase 1 = initial volatility breakout . outside the Bollinger bands. Phase 2 = pullback that retests the breakout but does not come back into the chan ...
  • CHOFF: $IAC - great example of accelerating earnings. .55, 1.4, .71, 2.32. Watching, NP currently.
  • DAN: Good morning. The futures are up today, with the Nasdaq Composite set to open about 40 points higher. Oil is trading above $70/bbl today as the deadline for ratifying/rejecting the Iran deal looms. Irrespective of the status of the Iran deal, oil i ...
  • traderbren: $IAC - setting up for a bounce trade here. Getting traction off the 200dma.
  • Gary: ...
    5. $IAC – Alert $133.
    6. $GILD
    7. $YUM – Alert $8.50
    8. $USM – Cheezit. Working on a scanning tool for active traders that will find this kind of thing every day.
    9. $EZPW – alert. Starting to move out of base. Not the bes ...
  • traderbren: $IAC - NP, but presented a short opportunity as news came out that $FB was getting into the "dating" game. $IAC rolled over as news hit.
  • Forexpro: Re: $IAC

    Good Morning, Friends,

    I hope that everyone is enjoying a restorative weekend. Hopkins 13 - Ohio State 10; all is well. Barron's hauled out some guy (more precisely, Albert Edwards of SocGen) who is wearing the worst shirt I've ever seen. ...
  • eliasmavs99: $IAC long time on my radar, but never pulled the trigger. Massive pop today. Has been a very steady gainer. I believe they own match.com and other media related entities.
  • tsogles: $IAC closing the gap and moving slightly above the 200 dma Own shares @ $53 with tight stop.
  • Forexpro: Re: Holdings Hi, Friends, Since we still have 36 minutes to go, here's my list of current holdings; you'll note that several were brought to my attention by Dan: $CNX, $CYNO (courtesy of DeBeers), $EPI, $GDX, $HAL, $IAC, $MSFT, $PFF, $TXT, $UA. Cash remains at 40 percent, and I actually have a fair amount more available that isn't currently in the brokerage accounts. Most of these positions have short calls and/or short puts attached. All the best!
  • DAN: @Forexpro $CNX $CYNO $EPI $GDX $HAL $IAC $MSFT $PFF $TXT $UA Thanks for posting this, Forexpro.
  • debeers: $IAC-If you've been around for a few years (ok a lot of years) I should only have to say Barry Diller and you know that equates to money. If not- a little history: Diller financed Diane vonFurstenburg's first enterprise: the wrap dress which was the foundation of her empire. In return Diane turned him on to QVC. Barry then began IACI which is now IAC and owns match.com and tinder among others. IAC's earnings were off the charts. Pays 2.5% divvie and sports a B+ IBD accumulation. The RS is low only because more or less everyone was waiting for the first earnings report. Now its good to go.
  • eliasmavs99: @debeers $IAC Very interesting, I did not know about Barry Diller. Solid volatility squeeze. Curious how to trade given it's ramp up.
  • PhilHarmonic: @debeers $IAC Years ago I went to a Party at Barry and Diane's townhouse. Also my friend Ralph used to be in charge of ABC's Movie of the Week (many years ago), and worked for Barry Diller. Ralph was the only person to be kicked off of match.com for causing a disturbance.
  • Forexpro: @debeers $IAC Thanks, DeBeers, $IAC came up in an unusual options volume scan using yesterday's data. Liking the chart, but wary of the level. Utilizing a covered call approach, I'm hoping to get in around a net of 53.25 (Jun expiry. Hope you're well, and thriving; all the best!
  • Aragorn: $IAC inside 5 and up working
  • woodman: @Aragorn $IAC So, odd. It reports after the bell today. At least all the sites I've seen (having looked yesterday and today) say it's after bell today. I don't see that it reported early. Did it?
  • Aragorn: @woodman $IAC All I have from ts news reports tonight IAC/InterActiveCorp (NASDAQ: IAC) is estimated to report its quarterly earnings at $0.36 per share on revenue of $805.17 million.
  • Trixie: @woodman $IAC Wonder if it couldn't have something to do w the earnings of $MTCH I think they were spun off of $IAC.. and I think they hold some of $MTCH..
  • woodman: @Trixie $IAC $MTCH Thanks.
  • Aragorn: @woodman $IAC Sold IAC 51.83 in 51.31 51.21 was the trigger OK now I really have ot go
  • moneyHoHo: @Aragorn $IAC I was watching this from yesterday. I really like the Harami setup and the tight bands. I slammed it on the second one minute bar this morning then just hung on until 10:30am.
  • Aragorn: @moneyHoHo $IAC Nicely done. Went inside day yesterday so above 47.57 my signal but I was not on top of it until I saw the move today and caught that inside inside 5 and up. Good for you drinks are on you next time. I heard you were at the dinner. In the fall at the next one
  • TunaHelper: ...
    $IAC (though some would not consider that part of the media cohort)
    $FOX / $FOXA (nice example of what I am looking to see in $DIS above)
    $TWC (which is making a nice hammer today)

    Of all those, I find $DISCA to be the most interesting. ...
  • Bridget: @TunaHelper $DIS $AMCX $DISCA $IAC $FOX $FOXA $NWSA $TWC $CBS Thanks for presenting your thesis. I'm very interested to hear what you learn from it. I also like the way $DISCA looks with the 50MA rising.
  • Alexandra: @TunaHelper $DIS $AMCX $DISCA $IAC $FOX $FOXA $NWSA $TWC $CBS Thanks TunaHelper! I'm hoping to add if it gets closer to 100.
  • TunaHelper: @Bridget $DIS $AMCX $DISCA $IAC $FOX $FOXA $NWSA $TWC $CBS You are very welcome. One thing that I am also trying to figure out is the current sector rotation. My hypothesis is that if we are at an inflection point in the market, there may be a lot ...
  • Trixie: @TunaHelper $DIS $AMCX $DISCA $IAC $FOX $FOXA $NWSA $TWC $CBS Wonder if its not going ito the commodities or those based on that.. Dan's oils materials/steels Woodies chems and the machinery needed to get this stuff outa the ground..
  • Trixie: @TunaHelper $DIS $AMCX $DISCA $IAC $FOX $FOXA $NWSA $TWC $CBS $GCI.. looks like they have been doing some m'n'a stuff.. and I haven't followed not dug up too much on it yet.. just a fast headline skim.. But the chart looks to be squeezing nice. They must have done something to get rid of a lot of the chart history b/c I had been in this form b4 July of last yr..
  • tsogles: $IAC Watching this stock as it consolidates in a 6% vs at it's 50DMA earnings on 04/26
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Volume 844,465

IAC/InterActiveCorp is a media and Internet company. It is engaged in dating, education and fitness businesses with brands Match, OkCupid, Tinder; Search & Applications; Media; and eCommerce.

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