LMP Automotive Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ:LMPX)

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  • Herb: $LMPX ipo executed a near-perfect 50% pullback. np.
  • zimzala: $LMPX Cheat position off the 50 SMA.
  • spmeyers: @bRobert $LMPX quite a ride since IPO!
  • bRobert: $LMPX Breakout watch Good trading stock with high upside
  • bRobert: $LMPX. Lots of upside trading potential. in this recent IPO. Another Renaissance tech holding np Small float. 20d bounce
  • funkytrader: @bRobert $LMPX I also saw this and liked it.
  • Bert953: $LMPX alert just went off.price shot up anybody know anything to cause this?
  • joelsg1: @Bert953 $LMPX They rented a Mercedes for 30 days?
  • Henry: @Bert953 $LMPX Numerous 5 minute bars today where it only traded 100 shares, the only news is some cheerleaders on stock twits. They had a big increase in revenues, but it's a tiny online car sales and lease. Their fleet is 215 cars and they have 15 toyotas for sale. If you think it will be the next $LAD, buy it and look at it again in 5 years.
  • joelsg1: @Henry $LMPX $LAD How are they public?
  • Bert953: @Henry $LMPX $LAD thanks for your input. Have a great evening.
  • bRobert: @Henry $LMPX $LAD Renaissance Tech building a position. Not a place for the house money yet . SPEC
  • zimzala: $LMPX falling knife on million share offering. No position.
  • geotheo: @geotheo Some stocks to look at tomorrow $PLT, $SNAP, a recent IPO $LMPX, $MANH, $KN, and finally a recent IPO $RAPT
  • Herb: $LMPX kind of an ipo C&H breakout.
  • Bridget: $LMPX #ipo low volume, but making a strong move higher after some consolidation.
  • michaelH: @Bridget $LMPX #ipo $PING Keep an eye on ping; building a nice base here. Long from below
  • greenpatrol: $LMPX still going up #IPO
  • Henry: @captron $TNDM I mis-read the Nasdaq site. Quotes have not resumed, the stuck $LMPX at the top of the list. Online car sales, who knew they were a biotech/blockchain car company?
  • Herb: $LMPX another strong ipo.
  • WebstreamDyn: I am so bummed. I was going to buy earlier this morning a newer IPO - $LMPX at 16.25 (high today 22.95) and $KIDS also, but $INMD had me totally distracted seeing the stock dive bombing. Once the stop is set I need to learn not to focus on declining prices.
  • Henry: @WebstreamDyn $LMPX weird late in the day move. Stock was $6 a week ago. CEO bought $1.7 mil of stock, according to twitter Tawfik paid, on average, $8.91 for each of 40,146 shares on Tuesday and an average of $15.01 apiece for another 91,500 shares on Wednesday, for a total outlay of more than $1.73 million, according to the Form 4 filing.
  • brett_anderson: @WebstreamDyn $LMPX $KIDS $INMD howdy! been there, done that --- a lot! one thing that helped me is the idea of buying good stocks, in an upward trend, hopefully on pull-backs. @Dan posted this in one (or many) of his training videos, and this imagery helped me really understand (most of the time) what we should consider looking for. easier said than done, and i don't always get it right (am wrong quite often), but start thinking about whether or not a stock is in a markup phase, if it's overbought, or if it's in the markdown phase. ideally, you want to try to identify when a stock is in (or entering) the markup phase.
  • champ: @WebstreamDyn $LMPX $KIDS $INMD --- #Timing, go for it --- After you do all the research work and have a positive opinion, take a small position or positions, it is risk reward. You are as smart as the next guy, we all need a little more confidence but never over do anything, small most always works. Those investors who do the necessary research, are the ones who get rewarded. Entry timing and then have patiences, others will always follow, after they do their research.
  • WebstreamDyn: @champ @brett_anderson @Henry $LMPX $KIDS $INMD #Timing Thanks guys. Ya it is hard to swallow some days. I go from 2000+ up to -700 in the hole. Then watch ones do well I passed on. My only good trade left so far is $AUPH. I am still very inconsistant, up for a few days than down and give back all the dollars I had gained.
  • champ: @WebstreamDyn $LMPX $KIDS $INMD $AUPH #Timing --- It is always hard but investor's know all about the daily profit swings, the zig-zags, that is what investor's do and that is also what investor's expect to see daily. Just saying, this is how the markets work and it is Never going to change. I always expect to see my profits Zig-Zag, everyday, just like today. All swing trades, are all chess-moves, need to learn, to expect profit zig-zags. The #CopyCat-Traders, are mostly the ones who take the losses, in a market that is working. Just saying...#Good-Luck!
  • numbers: $LMPX - ATH - 5 days old
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Stock Price $USD 26.59
Change 3.99%
Volume 233,705

LMP Automotive Holdings Inc is an e-commerce and facilities-based retail platform for consumers who desire to buy, sell, rent, subscribe for or finance pre-owned and new automobiles. It business model is described as Buy, Rent or Subscribe, Sell and Repeat. The company offer sales of pre-owned automobiles, and rentals and subscriptions for both pre-owned and new automobiles.

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  • February 25th, 2021 - 2020 Q4 Earnings
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