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Strategy Session September 12th, 2019

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Strategy Session
September 12th, 2019
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  • rachel: ...
    $PAYC – no comments.
    $GLOB – accelerating. Use staggered stops.
    $LHCG – no comment
    $VEEV – resting. Pretty impressive strength. Seems like it should be lower after the post-earnings run. Would want to buy this on any pull ...
  • mpegues: $PAYC appears to be bouncing off the 20 day moving average. Lets see if it holds.
  • DAN: ...
    $PAYC -- 2nd day of reversal. Would look for support at $200
    $TEAM -- looking for $200 buyers.
    $NOW -- looking for $260 buyers.

    Lots of stocks doing the same type of thing...which is what you're saying.

    This is important: I am talking about a sup ...
  • Jazman0013: @DAN $TNDM $EHTH $IIPR $COUP $PAYC $TEAM $NOW #GSL I am notorious about losing track of former holdings once I sell. If I want to keep them on the radar keeping a position is about the only way for me.
  • 86944T: @DAN $TNDM $EHTH $IIPR $COUP $PAYC $TEAM $NOW #GSL Makes sense. Thanks so much for your response.
  • rachel: ...
    $IIPR – Support is at $90. $PAYC – looking for $200ish?
    $NOW – looking for $260
    $TNDM – coiling here.
    $PLNT – still trending well. What’s your timeframe? What’s your position size?
    $EHTH – should ...
  • rachel: ...
    $PAYC – new addition. Extended. Add on pullbacks.
    $WK—want to let this settle down. Still working off the big selloff/recovery.
    $EHTH – looks like a fat $TNDM
    $LHCG – sloppy but working.
    $CYBR – Range bound, but work ...
  • DAN: @DAN $PAYC -- looking like a trading top at $220. Volume has been declining over the past few days. Still holding a position, but it's small.
  • dngrisk: @DAN $PAYC Do you see a trading top in $PAYC, but not $COUP because volume is below average. Otherwise, both charts looks similar?
  • DAN: @dngrisk $PAYC $COUP Could be for COUP, too. But they're continuing to move higher. Through resistance. $AMZN just blew through 1790, and these obvious "even number" resistance levels aren't really holding for very long. Dangerous market to be short. I have a lot of positions in the growth stocks. Almost all of them. Just managing my stops and trying not to "micromanage" the positions.
  • rachel: STRATEGY SESSION NOTES 060619 COTD: $GME?? Third day is the charm? $SPX – nice action today, on a very negative news flow $DJI – Day 3. $DJT – stalling at 10200. $NDX – solid move back to test the neckline. “Throwback” move. $GOOGL -- stabilizing $AMZN – pushing higher through 200-day MA. $PLAN – breakout today on volume. Stop below $44. $AYX – strong move today. A bit late, but buyable here, with a stop below $84. Long term holding stocks: $TTD – lesson learned here. $IIPR – hoping to get a pullback for better entry. $WDAY – back above 200-day MA $PAYC – new addition. $TWLO – still working. Stop below $120 $NOW – stop at $245 $TNDM – still squeezing. Base is starting to tighten. Stop below $64. $OLLI – earnings tonight.
  • bRobert: $SHOP didn't take my advice and consolidate. Huge breakout move to nh. Raised stops on partial $TTD . Huge move to top of range. off 50d bounce. Long sideways consolidation. Eventual range breakout to $275+ . Look for pb/bounces The cloud stocks move in herds Now migrating north . Look around . Many close to support. LONG bases . eg $NOW $CRM $AYX $ADBE . $PAYC .
  • CraigReynolds: $PAYC Not sure what to think about move down yesterday, believed it was a sympathy move, up this morning. Bought 200 call yesterday near low, added this morning, now up nicely. Still wondering what was/is going on. Watching closely.
  • CraigReynolds: $PAYC Like the way this stock is acting today. Down big yesterday.
  • DAN: @CraigReynolds $PAYC Yep. Inside day today. Still holding up.
  • issues: @CraigReynolds $PAYC we added another position.
  • tkcoretrader: $PAYC Got my coins back today.
  • rachel: ...
    $PAYC – Inside day. Good price action today. Established support at $200. This is a new growth stock.
    $AYX – needs to regain 50-day MA.
    $IAC – regained 50-day MA on volume. If there are real buyers, this should not slip lower f ...
  • captron: $PAYC - Pulling back for those wishing to start a position in this growth stock.
  • JBed: $PAYC now long $200 calls exp. 7/19.
  • GOOSE: @Niche Please put a $ sign in front of the stock symbol, $PAYC), so we can immediately see a stock chart. Thank you. Have a great day.
  • Niche: $PAYC has become a big loser and out in one day
  • CraigReynolds: @captron $PAYC Bought July 200 calls earlier.
  • Niche: @GOOSE $PAYC Apologize for that == will do next time --
  • CraigReynolds: $PAYC Anyone trading this stock. Not sure why unless sympathy with Google and Amazon. Great growth I believe, even added to GSL last week.
  • shoredriver: @CraigReynolds $PAYC
  • Niche: @CraigReynolds $PAYC It is a big loser
  • CraigReynolds: @Niche $PAYC What do you see, great fundamentals. What am I missing?
  • spmeyers: @CraigReynolds $PAYC I'm looking to get in around 192
  • CraigReynolds: @spmeyers $PAYC Bought a July 200 call around noon when stock dropped around 198, now stock down to 196, but my option is profitable. Looking to add, stock is now between 2 and 2.5BB. Good fundamentals. believe down because of sympathy with Google and Amazon. May be reading wrong, was working prior to today. Not sure this is a trading stock, will see soon if I'm wrong.
  • rachel: ...
    $PAYC – Would not be long this stock. Look how fast it fell through the box.
    $WK – looks almost exactly like $PAYC.
    $CYBR – take the money and run.
  • DAN: $PAYC -- Just an FYI. I'll be adding Paycom Software (PAYC) to the Growth Stock LIst this weekend.
  • Remington: @DAN $PAYC should we front run you? ; )
  • DAN: @Remington $PAYC LOL. You can if you want. 1 million shares traded...I don't think I'm gonna move the stock. If only.... ;-)
  • Remington: @DAN $PAYC LOL
  • rachel: ...
    $PAYC – Added to GSL It’s close to breaking out. Not the best entry here. Prefer to buy at 20-day MA...ok to start pilot position.
    $TWLO – support at $125. Low risk buy point...but stock is still basing. Look at slope and resist ...
  • Bridget: $PAYC is at a good entry price.
  • rachel: ...
    $PAYC – working.
    $TSLA – not sure there’s another negative catalyst on the horizon. Plenty out there – SCTY suit (not sure what timing is, but any news is probably already factored is still in procedural state. No ...
  • bsafriet: $V $LGIH $CME $PAYC $EEFT. All working well today, several are at reasonable entries. My issue is the market. Is today another bull trap like last Friday????
  • champ: @bsafriet $V $LGIH $CME $PAYC $EEFT ---- Last Friday, was fine, but over the weekend was when the negatives news happened, and that news came out of China, they did just what they said that they were going to do, they waned, but the dumb money traders, can't really hear very well. Why did the markets drop on Monday, we all should know that answer, by now. The question there any more negative news left in the markets, there will be ER reports and also new Economic news, in the morning. #Uncertainty can pop-up at anytime, traders and CopyCat-sellers, are all around us.
  • bRobert: CLOUD The action in many of these names seems frothy to me. eg $PAYC $NOW and have well exceeded their measured moves. I've profited from these moves but the air is a bit rare and have been taking profits in scales.They still can go further but will drop like rocks if the market gets a bit dicey. $DATA was a gift entry and is still in play close to support.
  • rachel: ...
    10. $PAYC – keeps going
    11. $TME – new IPO, but strong fundamentals
    12. $LFVN – still working. This is my ‘patience’ trade.
    13. $LEN – Alert $49
    14. $PHM – Alert $27.50
    15. $NFLX – close to breaking o ...
  • DAN: $PAYC -- Just a note about Paycom. It's down $5 bucks today. As a "lesson" in trading, can you see how buying the stock on Friday because it was "almost" back up to the $179.22 peak in reaction to earnings was NOT a good thing to do? It is a very VERY common mistake to expect the unexpected, and base trades on what you'd LIKE to see happen rather than what is LIKELY to happen. We need to actually SEE strength rather than anticipate it. If you can really lock on to this trading approach, you will avoid a LOT of shakeouts from anticipatory trades that are based on desire rather than data. Trust me on this -- I've spent a lot of money to learn this lesson. Dan
  • Mounty: @DAN $PAYC is this the beginning of phase 2 or a flag pattern?
  • CraigReynolds: @DAN $PAYC See that lesson in several positions. Trying to get the word "guessing" out of my trading system. Funny how the market is smarter than traders. When you listen to (shows like CNBC) to the experts, the talking heads seem to know what is going on after what ever happens. We believe and feel left out. Funny how they sold or bought after. In my old age I starting to believe whatever an expert says is fake words out of their mouth, lying might be harsh. Funny how every one on TV is correct and most of my life I fell for the financial geniuses. Thank you very much for you "Being You" with truth about trading. Keep instructing us and maybe one of these days, we will learn.
  • spmeyers: @Mounty $PAYC neither; just a very extended stock
  • DAN: @Mounty $PAYC I wouldn't classify it in either term. NOt Phase 2 b/c there was no squeeze expansion. And not a flag because the stock didn't go vertical ...just a steep uptrend. I just think it's a stock that's going to wallow for a while. Look at FB. Same thing. The stock didn't continue within a few it's not continuing. Hope that helps.
  • bRobert: @jbuc5222 $ZEN Good karma $MDB $NOW $PAYC
  • rachel: ...
    $PAYC – Momentum continuation? Support drawn at $165. That’s where your stop goes. While this might look good to is a low probability trade. Very extended. Power Cycle – which is the dominant group?
    $TAL – ...
  • bRobert: @scottrades $RNG $OKTA . No resistance. Pullback/bounce Blue sky . $87+ . measured move Report in March. No t players in the cloud/software space with similarly great charts and upside targets .Watching for pb/bounces eg . $WDAY . $PAYC . $HUBS . $AYX $GLOB $ZEN . $CRM of course . $DOCU Great base No shortage of good stuff to watch. $MDB . Swing trade . more Gift pullback % wise . I think the HMO group . has more upside. after a severe correction. $UNH $MOH . have had nice moves that have quickly corrected broken charts Blue print for the rest. $ANTM $CNC $HUM etc . $HIIQ . Small cap high beta play Medical equip/devices with upside . $ABMD . $ILMN . (TMO still a little in the tank),$ALGN . $MDT . others
  • rachel: Weekend Update Notes 122818 COTD: No chart of the day. VIDEO ONE: Watch the head and shoulder throwback move. I think it matters. Tax Loss selling? Watch these stocks over the next month. They’re the biggest losers in the S&P 500 this year. $GE $MHK $NFX $AMG $IVZ $WDC $LB $AA $UNM $BHF $IPGP $MHK – Insider buying. Others that have work to do: $PLNT $PAYC
  • Gary: ...
    6. $PAYC – consolidating. Needs to do a lot of work and get back above 50- and 200-day MA
    7. $CSX – look for $2 bucks…or even less.
    8. $TVTY – stop below $24.
    9. $ATHM – look for ~4-5%
  • bRobert: $NOW $NEWR $CRM $RHT $ADBE Cloud sale over $ULTI $PAYC also
  • issues: @johnny $PAYX How does that $PAYX compare with $PAYC? (We have a position in PAYC!
  • Gary: ...
    9. $PAYC – exhaustion move via 3 day rule of thumb.
    10. $HTHT – was it right to keep a tight leash on a squeezing stock?
    11. $SSNC – this is a bearish reversal of a blowoff…like in ICUI video…only more exaggerated.
  • judysteiner: $PAYC started added to my position this morning as it showed strength 10 MIN or so after the open, same with $KLAC $msft
  • Robert1965: $PAYC day 2
  • Gary: ...
    11. $PAYC – you should be selling into this...or at least raising your stops.
    12. $DOCU – Alert $59
    13. $SEND – Alert $30.10
    14. $TUSK – Alert $38.40
    15. $MYOK – Alert $60
    16. $SPOT – back after earnin ...
  • tigerjohn8: @issues $PAYC $ULTI $MB $ZEN $IQ $BIDU $AVGO $SWKS $QRVO $FB $AMZN $NFLX $GOOGL $FNGU $FNGD $PAYC up a bunch this morning .
  • GOOSE: $PAYC @Bridget Thank you for the $PAYC Trade yesterday. GOOSE
  • Wykeman: $PAYC this is some squeeze..
  • tigerjohn8: @Wykeman $PAYC sold half my position at 123.45. then when i saw it playing with 125.00 decided to hang in there. I would like to maximize my gain with remaining but not confident about doing so . Trailing stops I set always seem to act as a magnet . Set a trailing $ stop at $0.50
  • Wykeman: @tigerjohn8 $PAYC sounds like a great trade!
  • tigerjohn8: @Wykeman $PAYC Thanks remainings shares hit stop and sold at $127.54 Not bad for shares I just bought yesterday
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $TNDM STO 8/17/18 29.0 CALL @1.75 $TNDM STO 8/17/17 30.0 PUT @3.10 CLOSED $AVGO, $URI, $FB, $PAYC BuPS'ies for small profits, except $PAYC for bigger profit, Thanks to @Bridget. ;>)
  • issues: IBD 50 news: Paycom Software $PAYC spiked past a buy point. Highly rated Ultimate Software $ULTI, $MB, $ZEN also moved late on earnings. So did recent Chinese livestreaming IPO iQiyi $IQ and its search engine parent Baidu $BIDU. Apple iPhone chipmakers have lagged in 2018, but Broadcom $AVGO, $SWKS and $QRVO rose late. So did FANG stocks Facebook $FB, $AMZN, $NFLX $GOOGL. BTW the etf for FANG stocks is $FNGU and the opposite (bear) for FANG is $FNGD, as Dan mentioned.
  • captron: $PAYC - This one got away from me. Took it off the watch list. Back in for the remaining 4 bucks if it does fill the gap.
  • BocaRick: $PAYC stock of the day on #IBD PB 118.55, climbing right side of cup
  • baronp0329: Added more $GRUB at 114.70. now full position (Long Term account) Added more $PAYC at 112. now full position (Trading account)
  • DAN: $PAYC -- has been quietly consolidating between $100-110. Watch $110. If the stock closes above that level, we're probably going to see new highs soon.
  • Stuart: ...
    $MTCH -1% < 50 SMA ; $IBKR -3% < 50 SMA ; $PAYC -4% < 50 SMA ; $VNOM -6% < 50 SMA ; $SEDG -6% < 50 SMA
  • flachut: @DAN $PAYC Market Smith rates it an E for A/D.
  • rachel: ...
    1. $PAYC -- off the GSL today via email.
    2. $PRLB -- $PRLB Up 40%. Take 1/2 off the table. Stop the rest at $117.70. (If stock falls below that level, it’s off the GSL). Alert $117.70
    3. $CPRT – still going. Tough to buy here.
    4. $E ...
  • issues: Where's a good place to set a stop on $PAYC?
  • issues: @issues $PAYC Somewhere between $101 and $106.90!
  • issues: @DAN $PAYC where would you place a stop on 1/2 position?
  • Gary: ...
    $PAYC – Sent out note to take half off, and keep rest on a tight leash.
    $PRAH -- $80 is the support that MUST hold. If it doesn’t, do not hold this stock.
    $PRLB – Needs a lot of sideways work. Try trading around the position at ext ...
  • tigerjohn8: $PAYC perfect example of good quarterly report being rewarded with a sell off. (Dan just described "sell the news")
  • jagmiami: $PAYC - looks like a good setup (or at least as good as I've seen lately); breakout on above average volume and continuing today. I'm chasing it a little today but adding with stop at $113 (risk of about 5%).
  • Gary: ...
    10. $PAYC – holding stock.
    11. $PRLB – steep decline. Careful here. Hold…but don’t buy. Selloff too recent.
    12. $SUPV – barely made the screen. Alert $31.50
    13. $VNOM – Snap hook reversal. Looking for a doub ...
  • Aragorn: ...
    $PAYC - outside outside week a bit of a pullback buy if you see this above the 9ema daily
    $PETS outside month
    $PYPL - outside day - looks lower
    $RHT - outside week inside day - shooter Monthly - big selloff but to have been expected after the move i ...
  • Gary: ...
    9. $PAYC – all time high...and reverse. Now, it’s a bearish engulfing pattern.
    10. $YY – Look at 50-day MA. You wouldn’t buy now, so this is on the bubble. Should not fall below $110. If it does, it’s still a profit ...
  • ascutia833sunset: @DAN $SPY $SMH $QQQ , Dan I took profits on $PAYC, $WUBA, and $PYPL
  • Gary: ...
    1. $PAYC – this is what most stocks look like. Strong uptrends...but way overbought with more downside risk than upside reward. Think “high wire walker” with a rising wire...but the net doesn’t rise with it. GSL holding: s ...
  • bnnybklyn: $TEAM added on the move above 60 long. Find myself back in about 60% now. Full on $PAYC, $MU, $W, $TGH, $TWTR 1/2 on $SMH, $WB, $JD, $ANET, $TTD, $CRM - working...
  • Gary: ...
    8. $PAYC -- new highs
    9. $ANET -- still hanging...but appearing to be entering a resting, congesting phase.
    10. $WB - good entry here.
    11. $GDI - off the list.
    12. $DOV - off the list.
    VIDEO THREE: Plenty of breakouts, and potential breakouts.
    1. ...
  • puttz: $PAYC trading just above Fridays high with quite an intraday reversal. Not quite sure what this means.
  • issues: @puttz $PAYC It means nothing to me. It's in a nice uptrend and a LTH, wishin I had more from lower price.
  • Gary: ...
    13. $PAYC - up 20%. Should be taking some off here. Take half (or more).
    14. $YY - up 20%. Take some off! So far, it's a lower high.
    15. $PRLB - up 34%. Protect those gains!
    16. $TRHC - watch for entry. Support $35. Alert $35.50 AND $37.90

  • puttz: $PAYC at ATH
  • bsafriet: ...
    $IPGP reports tomorrow BMO. It has been on a tear during this latest market uptrend. $ADBE and $NVDA have both regained all that was off in the recent correction. $BA continues to march higher, ripping off a 3.52% gain today as it paces the aeros ...
  • bsafriet: $PAYC Will use the weakness today to add to my $PAYC position.
  • Gary: ...
    $PAYC – holding trend well. Entries at 50-day MA have worked. Stop would have to go below $80.
    $WB – up 27% since December addition. Resistance at $140. Has actually been a decent swing trade. Technically, in range. But uptrend is intact ...
  • rachel: ...
    14. $PAYC
    Requested Videos
    15. $ATHM – I would not own this. Why? Because I don’t want to own anything now.
    16. $ISRG – Anything here? No, the selloff is too steep. Nothing here.
  • Wolf: $PAYC Inside dragonfly today. Started a position @ 91.89 with a tight stop. Phase 3 run up into earnings if the markets cooperate.
  • issues: @Wolf $PAYC Where is your tight stop?
  • Wolf: @issues $PAYC 91.40, just below the LoD.
  • Gary: ...
    $PAYC – earnings 2/6
    $KMT – rebound after 3-day selloff
    $GDI – up 20% since 11/16 note
    $ANET – up 41% since 10/12
    $PRAH – light volume breakout. Weak hands are probably done selling. No earnings until 2/28.
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Volume 576,219

Paycom Software Inc is a provider of cloud-based HCM software solution delivered as Software-as-a-Services. It provides functionality and data analytics that businesses need to manage the complete employment life cycle from recruitment to retirement.

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