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Strategy Session March 26th, 2020

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March 26th, 2020
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March 13th, 2020
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  • 86944T: $PAYC Anyone see new on the expected $9 point drop at the open on this stock?
  • Ajax4Hire: @86944T $PAYC I don't see any news but the current Bid=$266.57/Ask=$270.57. The Volume for Lo=$264.13 is only 100 shares. Fat-Finger trade?
  • Henry: @86944T $PAYC nothing on TWTR or stocktweets, or Tos news
  • DAN: ...
    $PAYC -- closed yesterday. I would not consider buying this here. Might move up...but there is plenty of supply overhead. It is still extended.
    $PCTY -- I feel the same way about PCTY. If I still owned it, I would take advantage of this strength a ...
  • sniper: ou 1/2 $flt +2.32% rsi 68 outside bb bands out $payc breakeven
  • DAN: ...
    $PAYC -- 22% profit. When you’re up this much, you should be happy. Don’t ride this type of chart down. Look at the weekly chart; the daily chart; and your account. A 20% gain is a gain you need to hold onto.
    $INMD -- small gain. Bi ...
  • DAN: Paycom Software ($PAYC) is up more than 20%. This stock was bought on November 13th at $224.90. On Wednesday I suggested raising the original stop from $208 to $266.50 -- from very loose to pretty darned tight. This locks in a very tidy profit on ...
  • sniper: @DAN $PAYC thanks
  • DAN: @sniper $PAYC De nada, sniper. 8-)
  • DAN: ...
    $PAYC -- Consider taking partial profits. Working well...but this is due for a rest and quite extended.
    $PCTY -- still working. Software sector is still very strong.
    $STNE -- tightening up after high volume breakout. Looking like it will rest her ...
  • DAN: ...
    $PAYC -- Up 23%. Stop was at 208. Raise to $266.50, which is below C-2 intraday low. Consider taking SOME profits. (I took some at $261.)
    $PLMR -- Up 26%. Stop was 47.86. Raising to $49.90.
    $DAVA -- Up 18%. Stop was 37.80. Moving it to 43.90. ...
  • sniper: in very small high rsi,$payc,$pcty ,new to the group and just tired of paper trading ,dans process very close to my process on etfs
  • DAN: ...
    $PAYC -- use trailing stop.
    $FND -- safer today than yesterday b/c it’s above the 50-day MA, and the VWAP was supporting the stock all day.
    $STNE -- Reversing today. Phase 2. Decide whether you’re holding through a pullback (which coul ...
  • DAN: ...
    $PAYC -- up 19%
    $DAVA -- still going.
    $PLMR -- still working. Notice the dearth of red boxes. 12 of 15 days are advances. Only 2 consecutive down days...and they held at the 20-day MA.
    $EDU -- squeezing, and close to breaking out.
    $CPRT - likely to ...
  • gwenzee: @DAN $BOOT $SPY $DJI $DJT $MDY $IWM $COMPQX $GSX $FLT $INMD $PAYC $DAVA $PLMR $EDU $CPRT $RGEN $PRFT $APPS $VEEV $FND $INCY $SPLK $RH $ALLK $SNBR Correction: RH reports Dec. 4 AMC. You have it reporting on the 2nd which is what TC2000 has. They are wrong. Pays to double check.
  • Bob G: @Mitchell $AAL $AMT $ASH $CBOE $FFIV $JBLU $LOW $LYFT $PAYC $PCTY $WHR Great update and really appreciated!
  • coldevinc: @DAN $GSX $SPX $DJI $DJT $DJUSRR $NSC $NDX $FFTY $MTUM $XME $OIH $XOP $XLE $IYR $SOCL $FB $GRUB $XLF $GS $STNE $EDU $PLMR $TPX $DAVA $APPS $PAYC $PCTY $PRFT $RGEN $CPRT $LDOS $ALLK $COLD $LULU $INMD $T $PG Thank you for always doing these end of day updates. It helps me to finalize the notes in my trading book at the end of the day!
  • Trudy Warren: @Mitchell $AAL $AMT $ASH $CBOE $FFIV $JBLU $LOW $LYFT $PAYC $PCTY $WHR Thank you for sharing your trading notes!
  • Mitchell: ...
    $PAYC - broke out above the $260 level after reporting strong quarterly results last week

    $PCTY - continues to drift higher, now above the $112 level on increasing volume after last week's price action

    $WHR - retested the 40-week SMA last week. Th ...
  • DAN: Paycom ($PAYC) hit a new high yesterday. The stock is up about 15% from the suggested entry. Consider taking partial profits, or at least raising your stop to break even. We don't want to let a 15% gain get away from us. Not in this market. Still keeping the stock on the active roster, but I'm expecting a bit of a pullback now. You need to choose whether you're willing to hold through the pullback. No one knows the future. --Dan
  • Reif99: @Dan does the same logic for $PAYC apply to $PLMR?
  • DAN: @Reif99 $PAYC $PLMR Not in my view. PAYC really went parabolic. PLMR is just trending higher, and is an IPO. BUT...I would say that PLMR is due for a rest and if you're getting itchy, no reason not to take a partial profit.
  • bsnceo: @DAN $PAYC $PLMR sold my $PLMR (had small pos) for 15% profit; would like to reload at some point
  • DAN: @Reif99 $PAYC $PLMR Reif99 -- see my recent post. I would be taking some off the table. I just did so. Your question was right on point! Thanks. Dan
  • DAN: ...
    $PAYC -- I suggested taking partial profits on this. Was up 16% yesterday. Very strong stock. Look at volume. But a 15% gain should be taken on part of your position. Lowers the cost basis in the remaining.
    $PCTY -- Looks a lot like PAYC, though ...
  • success: @DAN $PAYS been looking at all my trades . . tight stops but I am making the mistake that I put them on as a trailing stop loss so though I may reduce my risk I am getting stopped out in the middle of the move . . i.e. $PAYC stopped out at the very end of the day on 11/18 and have missed the rest of the run . . I know I am doing something wrong as I see this occurring quite frequently and I am losing out on profits . . of course, should have gone back in and bought it again with the move being confirmed . .but missed it . .
  • Herb: $PAYC an animal!
  • BellaVino: @Herb $PAYC That's the PAY to be in!
  • Ringo: $PAYC - @Dan - thank you for the trade. Still learning but understand why you are saying to hold the trade long when it is working. I finally take profit. Got 13.5% profit.
  • CraigReynolds: @Ringo $PAYC Wish I was quick learning like you.
  • DAN: @Ringo $PAYC That's great, Ringo. Great job!!! You're getting it!
  • Herb: @issues $CORT $PAGS $PAYC PAYC got upgraded today.
  • issues: Looking to add to small position in $CORT. Wwwwwaaaayyyyy oversold! I am adding! $PAGS is dead. They were supposed to report earnings yesterday but still I don't see any reports. So that's probably why it's dropping. Stop at $29. But $PAYC is alive and doing fine in the payment processing sector. $CPRT at $90 in AH. Est .59 beat actual .65. Glad I held small position over earnings! Celebrate with champaign!
  • Gary: Good morning. Futures are flat this morning, and the news that still seems to interest people is whether an agreement between China and the US will ever be reached.

    Will they or won't they?

    This is the last full week of trading before the Thank ...
  • DAN: ...
    $PAYC -- Rebounding off support. Looking for $250.
    $EDU -- Still holding up.
    $TPX -- Phase 2 still in effect.


    $RPD -- STeady move higher. Keep stop below $50.
    $APRE -- Missed this one today. This is an IPO stock...and it can move faster an ...
  • DAN: Paycom ($PAYC) is being added to the Growth Stock List. Currently at $224.90. Dan
  • DAN: ...
    $PAYC -- Added $225.90. Stop $207.95
    $APPS -- Phase 2 today after testing $8.50
    $CPRT -- Holding up well before earnings, but it’s probably in jail between now and 11/19.
    $DAVA -- Nice move today. Under accumulation. Thinly traded.
    $EDU -- ...
  • issues: @DAN $PAYC Got it!
  • Ajax4Hire: $FFTY - IBD 50 Innovators ETF Top 15 Holdings: 4.01% $INMD - Inmode Ltd 3.75% $BOOT - Boot Barn Holdings Inc 3.57% $PCTY - Paylocity Holding Corp 3.48% $CPRT - Copart Inc 3.47% $RH - RH 3.46% $CDW - CDW Corp 3.43% $OLED - Universal Display Corp 3.43% $EDU - New Oriental Education & Technology Group Inc 3.42% $EW - Edwards Lifesciences Corp 3.36% $KL - Kirkland Lake Gold Ltd 3.10% $EPRT - Essential Properties Realty Trust Inc 3.03% $LULU - Lululemon Athletica Inc 3.03% $FTNT - Fortinet Inc 3.03% $PAYC - Paycom Software Inc 3.00% $ESNT - Essent Group Ltd ===== 50.6% of $FFTY holdings Looks very familiar. Have I found the DF-ETF? Courtesy of
  • shoredriver: @Ajax4Hire $FFTY $INMD $BOOT $PCTY $CPRT $RH $CDW $OLED $EDU $EW $KL $EPRT $LULU $FTNT $PAYC $ESNT #etf-holdings >>.Fine ETF ..the only issues I have with it is that it only trades just north of 100,000 daily and option premium does not warrant selling for additional returns/income.....
  • lostsheep: $PAYC former high flyer looking for a place to land
  • Buzz: @lostsheep $PAYC yeah just got my wings clipped in it... just got in yesterday hoping the 200 would hold it "aloft" I'm all stopped out now..
  • issues: $PAGS getting pounded. Still hold "some" with stop $35;. $PAYC sold out last month. Still in $PAYX and $PAYS. They are just not "paying" off.
  • issues: $BX Private equity firms Blackstone Group Inc and CVC Capital Partners Ltd are seeking to hire underwriters for an initial public offering (IPO) of Paysafe Group Ltd that could value the payments processing firm at more than $10 billion, including debt, according to people familiar with the matter. Just what we need! Another payment processor to add to my list $PAYS $PAYC $PAYX $PAGS etc
  • issues: I don't see anything worth buying in the new stocks on the IBD this week: $CHGG $CVBF $HEI $JPM $OLED $PAYC $PCTY $SSNT $TKR $URI $WH
  • issues: @issues $CHGG $CVBF $HEI $JPM $OLED $PAYC $PCTY $SSNT $TKR $URI $WH Here's what stocks are eliminated from the IBD 50 this week: $ACGL $FHN $GLOB $NMIH $NOW $PAGS $QIWI $SYF $TEAM $WAL $WDAY. We hold positions in JPM OLED ACGL GLOB PAGS TEAM and many many more. Looking at these charts I would have thought IBD would have added some of the ones they eliminated and taken off some of the ones they added. I guess they are right to eliminate $FHN $NOW $PAGS $QIXI $WDAY $WAL But that's why I subscribe to SMM. The IBD's $FFTY isn't doing that good at all. $SSO is better by far.
  • issues: I put in stops on my top dog losers: $TTD $TWLO $OLED $PAYC $W. Anyone else have any of these? What are you doing with them?
  • DAN: ...
    $PAYC -- breakdown.
    $TWLO -- Top is in. Don’t buy the Slope of Hope.
    $ULTA -- still not working.
    $AAPL -- Strong stocks look tired and in need of a rest.
    A couple to consider:
    $AUDC - Best breakout I’ve seen in a while. Twice average v ...
  • Bogeyboy: Stops paid off for me this morning. I was golfing and when I got to the office I saw that triggers were pulled on $SHOP, $PAYC, $AYX, $VEEV, $KL, $EXAS. My only snafu is I forgot to change number of shares on $AYX when I added to my position. Still holding 20 shrs. on that one. $SHOP is still half position for me with cost basis at $337. Hopefully it holds here are returns to the upward trend.
  • spmeyers: @Sluggo $PAYS try $PAYC instead
  • DAN: ...
    $PAYC -- Hold this. It’s working.
    $INSP -- Needs more churning.
    $MDB -- Alert $160
    $TNDM -- Big rev growth. No earnings.
    $BRO -- Wait for $36-$35.50. Alert $36
    Requested Videos
    $BLD -- “buy now or wait for 93.50?
    $ATVI -- “It's f ...
  • bsafriet: $PAYS $PAYC A couple that were up today.
  • DAN: ...
    4. $PAYC – tightening.
    5. $TEAM – want to keep holding these stocks.
    6. $FIVN – Already popped
    7. $AMED – One we added on 2/4, but were stopped out for small loss.
    8. $ZS – Healthy consolidation.
    9. $MTZ – Phase 2 ...
  • Rickg: Check out $AKAM $CRWD $ICE $PAYC $LAUR $NUVA These are the only decent ones I could find that are not down. Oh yeah, $TTD got stopped out and I bought back on a big reversal..
  • Herb: @Rickg $AKAM $CRWD $ICE $PAYC $LAUR $NUVA $TTD $CRWD good-acting ipo
  • DAN: ...
    10:49 AM 08/0 ...
  • success: @DAN $AJRD $ALRM $ANTM $BEAT $BSTC $CYBR $DATA $EHTH $ETSY $EVTC $FIVN $FN $GHDX $GLOB $HLF $IIPR $MEDP $NOW $PLNT $TEAM $TNDM $TTD $TWLO $VEEV $WDAY $WING $WK $FTNT $OLLLI $PANW $ZS $COUP $PAYC $LULU $ULTA $ADBE $OMCL $AMED $PAYS @DAN . . . I have been putting the stocks removed into a separate watch list as you have removed them . . great job and thank you for all the hard work . .
  • DAN: @success $AJRD $ALRM $ANTM $BEAT $BSTC $CYBR $DATA $EHTH $ETSY $EVTC $FIVN $FN $GHDX $GLOB $HLF $IIPR $MEDP $NOW $PLNT $TEAM $TNDM $TTD $TWLO $VEEV $WDAY $WING $WK $FTNT $OLLLI $PANW $ZS $COUP $PAYC $LULU $ULTA $ADBE $OMCL $AMED $PAYS Thanks Success. Just wait until you see what we're working on. You're gonna love it!
  • spmeyers: @DAN $AJRD $ALRM $ANTM $BEAT $BSTC $CYBR $DATA $EHTH $ETSY $EVTC $FIVN $FN $GHDX $GLOB $HLF $IIPR $MEDP $NOW $PLNT $TEAM $TNDM $TTD $TWLO $VEEV $WDAY $WING $WK $FTNT $OLLLI $PANW $ZS $COUP $PAYC $LULU $ULTA $ADBE $OMCL $AMED $PAYS but do the % gains include action over earnings reports? that wouldn't be entirely kosher since in best case we'd have a half position.
  • success: @DAN $AJRD $ALRM $ANTM $BEAT $BSTC $CYBR $DATA $EHTH $ETSY $EVTC $FIVN $FN $GHDX $GLOB $HLF $IIPR $MEDP $NOW $PLNT $TEAM $TNDM $TTD $TWLO $VEEV $WDAY $WING $WK $FTNT $OLLLI $PANW $ZS $COUP $PAYC $LULU $ULTA $ADBE $OMCL $AMED $PAYS can't wait . . your articles have been great as well . . working two jobs so have been absent and 98% cash since November . . what little I have done have resulted in about 2% losses overall . . I should have just followed your lead and it would have been a great return . .
  • teebone53: $payc--has crept over the 50dma and is filling the gap
  • DAN: ...

    Of the above names that were sold for losses, the biggest loss was 7.06% ($BEAT). Biggest gain was $IIPR (101.72%)

    The average loss was 4.23%. Of the 15 losers, only 5 were below the average loss (4.23 ...
  • stoictrader: @DAN $AJRD $ALRM $ANTM $BEAT $BSTC $CYBR $DATA $EHTH $ETSY $EVTC $FIVN $FN $GHDX $GLOB $HLF $IIPR $MEDP $NOW $PLNT $TEAM $TNDM $TTD $TWLO $VEEV $WDAY $WING $WK $FTNT $OLLLI $PANW $ZS $COUP $PAYC $LULU $ULTA $ADBE $OMCL $AMED $PAYS I love the transparency, insight and humility Dan - so refreshing to see

    Thanks st ...
  • issues: I bought/added to the following: $ROST $TMUS $NVCR $MA $V $OLED $COST $ARWR $LULU $DG $PAGS $PAYC $PYPL $SKYW $SLP $NVCR $SSO. Santa came early this year!
  • rachel: ...
    2. $PAYC – stopped at $223. 5% return

    3. $TEAM – out at $137.00. 34% return.

    Other stocks:

    4. $EHTH – rebound to 20-day MA. Still has a good uptrend.

    5. $ROKU – earnings Wednesday. Looks like a go ...
  • DAN: ...
    $PAYC -- Status Quo
    $PAYS -- Don't let this go against you. Basis is $12.65. It's still holding at the 50-day moving average...but make sure you have a stop in place. ALERT $12.65
    $TEAM -- Status Quo
    $TWLO -- stopped out of this yesterday.
    $ULTA ...
  • DAN: Good morning. My thanks to Scott for filling in for me last night in the Strategy Session. Great job... and I appreciate a fresh take on things. It's good to have some variety so that I avoid being the Pied Piper.

    Yesterday's selloff in the S& ...
  • CraigReynolds: @Dan Appreciate all the trading lessons. Bad day with all GSL, 5 of my 7 were stopped out. $OLED and $PAYC are doing nicely. I entered small and loss from the 5 but it seems when they drop, they do it fast. Lost is hard to take when they seem to be doing fine even with your cautions. . Just having hard time building except on the new issues One Praise, lost could have been a lot lot lot more, but still profits lost. Life goes on even after a bad day.
  • spmeyers: @CraigReynolds $OLED $PAYC yeah, some days are kinda frustrating
  • rachel: ...
    8. $PAYC – earnings Tuesday. Added May 31.

    9. $TWLO – earnings Wednesday. Top is $150.

    10. $ULTA – Alert at $365.

    11. $MDB – stop still below 7/16 low


    1. $BYND – earnings on Mo ...
  • rachel: ...
    $PAYC – Testing 20-day, which is typical support. If this doesn’t hold, watch for 50-day MA support. This would indicate a flattening trend.
    VIDEO THREE: Stock Watch:
    $SUN – Just hang onto it. It’s working well.
    $BYND &nda ...
  • rachel: ...
    $PAYC – strong momentum along 8 day EMA.
    $TEAM – a bit choppy, but working. Watch 20-day MA as support.
    $ZS – watch how it acts at 20-day MA. Better entry is at 50-day MA. Great company and expanding market share.
    $PLNT – ...
  • DAN: Market weakening. I would be careful about taking any risk today. I have no way to quantify why I'm saying this. I'mjust looking at a lot of stocks that are petering out at the same time. $TEAM $LULU $PAYC $GLOB $CYBR $COUP $EHTH $ZS -- these growth stocks are all weak today. Still on trend, but I'm just seeing some weakness. 8-) Dan
  • rachel: ...
    $PAYC – 20-day and 8 day
    $TEAM – consolidating here. Strong stock, but not at good entry point.
    $TNDM – has been trying on my patience. No position.
    $TWLO – actionable here, with a stop below recent lows. Beware the steep ...
  • rachel: ...
    $PAYC -- Looks like WK. Same approach.
    $ULTA -- flat 50-day MA. Still forming choppy base. Watch for support at 50-day MA. Not a solid base and this definitely needs more work.
    $CYBR -- Still doing ok...but this is in a basing pattern. Note lower ...
  • Bridget: $PAYC has pulled back to the 21dMA of this solid uptrend, which has been a good place to enter in the past.
  • wdcobler: @Bridget $PAYC I've been watching this for an entry, seems possible here. Any concerns over vol. avg. shares traded dailey?
  • Bridget: @wdcobler $PAYC the market overall is trading at low volume, so I don't think it is something to worry about unique to this stock. But certainly that is a risk in the market as a whole.
  • wdcobler: @Bridget $PAYC Thanks Bridget.
  • Allen: @Bridget $SHAK Thank you Bridget for $SHAK and $PAYC today. Just paid for my daughter's car insurance for 6 months....haha.
  • DAN: #GrowthStocks -- Some of these are acting well in a lousy tape. Others aren't.

    First: $PLNT is not on this list any longer. I've been squawking about the action in this stock for a while because of the steep selloff and suggesting that it be avoid ...
  • Spotdog: @DAN $PLNT $LHCG $CYBR $IIPR $GLOB $VEEV $ZS $EHTH $ULTA $AMZN $ADBE $LULU $PAYC $WK $TEAM $COUP $TWLO #GrowthStocks @DAN "Aligator arms" can also be a reference to someone that never seems to grab the lunch bill before you do
  • DAN: @Spotdog $PLNT $LHCG $CYBR $IIPR $GLOB $VEEV $ZS $EHTH $ULTA $AMZN $ADBE $LULU $PAYC $WK $TEAM $COUP $TWLO #GrowthStocks LOL. Yeah, I've known people like that. Irritating...and always end up in the category of "people that I used to know."
  • mpegues: $PAYC set another high today.
  • Ajax4Hire: @Dan, @Gary can someone fix the Growth Stock List $PAYC.LULU ?? $PAYC and $LULU are "smashed together(see picture)
  • Ajax4Hire: @Ajax4Hire $PAYC $LULU wow, that was quick. thanks.
  • rachel: ...
    $PAYC – no comments.
    $GLOB – accelerating. Use staggered stops.
    $LHCG – no comment
    $VEEV – resting. Pretty impressive strength. Seems like it should be lower after the post-earnings run. Would want to buy this on any pull ...
  • mpegues: $PAYC appears to be bouncing off the 20 day moving average. Lets see if it holds.
  • DAN: ...
    $PAYC -- 2nd day of reversal. Would look for support at $200
    $TEAM -- looking for $200 buyers.
    $NOW -- looking for $260 buyers.

    Lots of stocks doing the same type of thing...which is what you're saying.

    This is important: I am talking about a sup ...
  • Jazman0013: @DAN $TNDM $EHTH $IIPR $COUP $PAYC $TEAM $NOW #GSL I am notorious about losing track of former holdings once I sell. If I want to keep them on the radar keeping a position is about the only way for me.
  • 86944T: @DAN $TNDM $EHTH $IIPR $COUP $PAYC $TEAM $NOW #GSL Makes sense. Thanks so much for your response.
  • rachel: ...
    $IIPR – Support is at $90. $PAYC – looking for $200ish?
    $NOW – looking for $260
    $TNDM – coiling here.
    $PLNT – still trending well. What’s your timeframe? What’s your position size?
    $EHTH – should ...
  • rachel: ...
    $PAYC – new addition. Extended. Add on pullbacks.
    $WK—want to let this settle down. Still working off the big selloff/recovery.
    $EHTH – looks like a fat $TNDM
    $LHCG – sloppy but working.
    $CYBR – Range bound, but work ...
  • DAN: @DAN $PAYC -- looking like a trading top at $220. Volume has been declining over the past few days. Still holding a position, but it's small.
  • dngrisk: @DAN $PAYC Do you see a trading top in $PAYC, but not $COUP because volume is below average. Otherwise, both charts looks similar?
  • DAN: @dngrisk $PAYC $COUP Could be for COUP, too. But they're continuing to move higher. Through resistance. $AMZN just blew through 1790, and these obvious "even number" resistance levels aren't really holding for very long. Dangerous market to be short. I have a lot of positions in the growth stocks. Almost all of them. Just managing my stops and trying not to "micromanage" the positions.
  • rachel: STRATEGY SESSION NOTES 060619 COTD: $GME?? Third day is the charm? $SPX – nice action today, on a very negative news flow $DJI – Day 3. $DJT – stalling at 10200. $NDX – solid move back to test the neckline. “Throwback” move. $GOOGL -- stabilizing $AMZN – pushing higher through 200-day MA. $PLAN – breakout today on volume. Stop below $44. $AYX – strong move today. A bit late, but buyable here, with a stop below $84. Long term holding stocks: $TTD – lesson learned here. $IIPR – hoping to get a pullback for better entry. $WDAY – back above 200-day MA $PAYC – new addition. $TWLO – still working. Stop below $120 $NOW – stop at $245 $TNDM – still squeezing. Base is starting to tighten. Stop below $64. $OLLI – earnings tonight.
  • bRobert: $SHOP didn't take my advice and consolidate. Huge breakout move to nh. Raised stops on partial $TTD . Huge move to top of range. off 50d bounce. Long sideways consolidation. Eventual range breakout to $275+ . Look for pb/bounces The cloud stocks move in herds Now migrating north . Look around . Many close to support. LONG bases . eg $NOW $CRM $AYX $ADBE . $PAYC .
  • CraigReynolds: $PAYC Not sure what to think about move down yesterday, believed it was a sympathy move, up this morning. Bought 200 call yesterday near low, added this morning, now up nicely. Still wondering what was/is going on. Watching closely.
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Paycom Software Inc is a provider of cloud-based HCM software solution delivered as Software-as-a-Services. It provides functionality and data analytics that businesses need to manage the complete employment life cycle from recruitment to retirement.

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  • April 28th, 2020 - 2020 Q1 Earnings
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