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  • Auto: $MSTR $RIOT $GBTC $HD $SNOW $KBR $KVSB $SBUX $RKT added long from below $PLCE next stop $100 added long
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY / $QQQ Think about Profit Protection! $DIA Above the slope #Bitcoin / #Ethereum - I bought more ETH today. $TSLA DIRTY. $GOOGL ATH $SNAP Daily Flag $AMZN Close to the Highs $CRWD High Handle? $CLF Curling up. Watch for a PB. $ESI Small flag $JBL Tight along the 8EMA $YETI Watch 94.30 $EOG Watch 86.50 $F Holding the 21 EMA $NIO Back to the 8EMA $RIOT Holding above the 8EMA $MARA Watch for it to take out the recent highs $MSTR Up on high volume, down on less. $HUT A Monster move this week. Kudos to @BWhitty.
  • dippperrr: @scottrades $SPY $QQQ $TAN $SMH $TSLA $AAPL $GOOGL $AMAT $AMD $LRCX $TER $TSM $SPCE $RIOT $MARA $MSTR $PLUG $PLTR $TPX $JBL #Swing #Bitcoin #Ethereum Scott---$MSTR thin(7.8M floatshares and hi short(1.9Mshares)....Will u be buying here????Thanks
  • dippperrr: @Scott $MSTR thin float 7.8M shares hi shorts 1.9M shares Will u be buying here? Thanks
  • zimzala: @dippperrr $MSTR For @scottrades or @scottto_2?
  • bRobert: @dippperrr $MSTR $850+ potential Nice daily high base Strong WEEKLY move consolidated Look for move back above the 20 WEEK
  • dippperrr: @zimzala $MSTR @scottrades thanx for pointing out
  • scottrades: ...
    Keep an eye on some of the Crypto stocks as well that I talked about last night in my video and have been mentioned here in the forum. $RIOT $MARA $COIN $MSTR and $SI. You can look at the $BLOK ETF that has some of them in there.

    I will be away f ...
  • scottrades: @dippperrr $MSTR I have $RIOT at the moment.
  • zimzala: @dippperrr $MSTR Welcome. Most will chime in but if you have a direct question...
  • scottrades: Blockchain stocks showing nice strength off the open. $COIN $RIOT $MARA $MSTR - $BLOK Trying to hold the 50 Day.
  • scottrades: ...
    $MSTR Move your stops up.
    $HUT Lagging the others but close to the MAs.
    $CALX Close to the highs and higher lows.
    $POOL High Dollar Stock but coming out of a small base
    $V Good volume potential building a handle

  • Docoof: @mkirchner24 $UMB $XED $FXF #crypto #bitcoin #etherium #bitcoin #DOGE #BTC #alts Pretty big also: Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego recommends the use of bitcoin and said that the bank he owns is working to become the first in Mexico to accept it. “Sure, I recommend the use of bitcoin, and me and my bank are working to be the first bank in Mexico to accept Bitcoin,” Salinas said. This was his reply to $MSTR CEO Michael Saylor, who tweeted a video of Pliego advocating for bitcoin. Salinas is Mexico’s third-richest man, with an estimated fortune of $15.8 billion, and the owner of Banco Azteca. Last year, he said 10% of his liquid portfolio was in bitcoin, adding that all investors should study cryptocurrency.
  • mkirchner24: @Docoof $UMB $XED $FXF $MSTR #crypto #bitcoin #etherium #bitcoin #DOGE #BTC #alts yes, I did see that and failed to mention that. Thank you for sharing
  • scottrades: My #Swing notes: $SPY In trend and working $QQQ ATH on High Volume #Bitcoin / #Ethereum : Cathy wants a BTC ETF and Cramer on the ETH Wagon $TAN Hot! $SMH Breaking out on volume $TSLA Still in trend $AAPL Working - Close to the highs $GOOGL In a nice base. $AMAT Near the highs, great volume today $AMD a Bumpy ride $LRCX Coming out of a slope $TER Top of the trendline $TSM Watch above today’s high. $SPCE Watch today’s low $RIOT Coming out of a slope at support. $MARA Same $MSTR Great volume here $PLUG Added today $PLTR Trending $TPX Holding the 50 Day $JBL Watch 58.90
  • scottrades: Keep your eyes on the Crypto Stocks as well today. $RIOT $MARA $MSTR $COIN $SI the newly up-listed $HUT. Not every pattern is the same but the first 3 are close to their 50 Day MAs
  • bRobert: @scottrades $RIOT $MARA $MSTR $COIN $SI $HUT I like. $RIOT. trade from here WEEKLY. flag trigger can move. Nice big. CUP
  • Henry: $MSTR $AAL #Risk #options good post by Scotto_2 yesterday. Hope everyone had an equitable and carbon neutral Father's Day. #Crypto looks like China was the only market this am. Not much in the way of earnings this week. When I went to bed S&P futures were down 13 now up 15. #AAL front page story in the NY Post that AAL is canceling many flights because of personnel shortages.
  • Docoof: $BTC $MSTR said Monday it bought more #bitcoin, about $420 million worth at current prices, bringing its total investment in the cryptocurrency to $3.4 billion.
  • Henry: @Docoof $BTC $MSTR #bitcoin Cramer's talking bitcoin down China manipulation, and possible Fed intervention
  • BigOx: @Docoof $BTC $MSTR #bitcoin China, or rather China headlines re Bitcoin seem to hit the wires Sunday prior to Monday's opening, manipulation.....
  • scottrades: ...
    #Bitcoin and other Crypto Assets are getting some downside follow through with China doing it’s best to control the narrative while American companies like $MSTR continue to go all-in.

    Want to keep an eye on $SE today as it’s close to ...
  • Docoof: @Docoof $BTC $MSTR #bitcoin $MSTR also said Monday it owns more than 100,000 bitcoins after completing another purchase round, this time spending roughly $489 million on 13,005 tokens. $MSTR said the average purchase price of its 105,085 bitcoin trove is $26,080 apiece, including fees and other expenses. The company’s holdings were worth more than $3 billion as of Monday.
  • mkirchner24: #crypto as we all have now read, $MSTR bought their 13,005 #bitcoin at an average of $37,617. We got a little squeeze, probably not enough to even call it that, but it turned out to be a little bit of a bull trap as price went over $41k and now has ...
  • Auto: $KBR $SBUX $MSTR $RIOT $VSTO $ZM added long
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 $MSTR #crypto #DOGE getting hammered
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 $MSTR #crypto #MIR gets mentioned a lot in here and seems to be doing relatively well in the BTC selloff
  • jeff_free69: $MSTR #crypto MSTR is still rising , despite heavy turmoil in the crypto world. Sounds like they've gone pretty much all in on #BTC, so how can that be? They will be loading up on the dip? .. I sold half my $MSTR a few days ago in anticipation of a possible death cross reaction, coming very soon. UPDATE - it just took a turn
  • scottrades: @jeff_free69 $MSTR #crypto #BTC That's my understanding. They also have the option to raise another 1B over time to buy more Bitcoin with....crazy. BTC getting hammered at the moment..
  • Auto: @jeff_free69 $MSTR #crypto #BTC take a peek at a weekly chart I'm long 8>)
  • jeff_free69: @scottrades $MSTR #crypto #BTC #BTC shorts are at a 2 year high. Will the moonboys be able to liquidate them?
  • Hawaiianmaxx: @scottrades $MSTR #crypto #BTC ok I'm confused 😕 is this good or bad?
  • scottrades: @Hawaiianmaxx $MSTR #crypto #BTC Well it means that there's more money coming into the Bitcoin Market. Will it be enough to stop the current bleeding, is anyone's guess.
  • scottrades: @jeff_free69 $MSTR #crypto #BTC Lots of big selling....need Papa Saylor to step up quick to squeeze em if it's going to happen.
  • jeff_free69: @scottrades $MSTR #crypto #BTC $MSTR Spiked at close , up16 for the day ; meanwhile BTC is still at LOD ( ~35,300).
  • Docoof: $MSTR has announced the completion of its $500 million sale of secured notes
  • Docoof: @Henry $MSRT Michael Saylor tweeted: MicroStrategy Launches “At the Market” Securities Offering for Flexibility to Sell Up to $1 billion of its Class A Common Stock Over Time $MSTR
  • mkirchner24: #crypto #BTC breaking out past first resistance of $39,476. Being heavily shorted while $MSTR closes offering tomorrow and will look to buy around $500mil worth of #bitcoin. Could be a big week.
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 $MSTR #crypto #BTC #bitcoin shorts
  • Auto: $SAVA $SHLS $DKNG $MU $VSTO $SBUX $MSTR $GM added long
  • lostsheep: @Auto $SAVA $SHLS $DKNG $MU $VSTO $SBUX $MSTR $GM ESPN trying to create it's own sports book. Why not just buy it?
  • Docoof: @mkirchner24 $MSRT #crypto #BTC #bitcoin — $MSTR
  • mkirchner24: #crypto #BTC back up to $35,000 as it hits a little resistance. Kind of moving alone while alts showing small gains. El Salvador made #bitcoin an official currency and mandated that businesses accept it as a currency. Paraguay and Argentina should follow shortly while $MSTR getting ready to buy more (amounts have varied) through stock offering. Lots of wicks on daily chart as the price would get close to $30k.
  • mkirchner24: @Docoof $MSRT $MSTR #crypto #BTC #bitcoin TY
  • jeff_free69: @mkirchner24 #crypto #BTC Yes nice to see a steady base building (cautiously optimistic). I took the opportunity of the Great Crypto Correction of the past several weeks to finally open a Coinbase Pro account. ( previously only doing ticker-based things like $GBTC $MSTR $ETHE in my Roth). Now have starter positions in #BTC #ETH #ADA #MATIC #LINK. (looking more long term since I want to avoid tax consequences this year )
  • mkirchner24: @jeff_free69 $GBTC $MSTR $ETHE #crypto #BTC That's a strategy I know many are taking.
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 $GBTC $MSTR $ETHE #crypto #BTC sold back down into the wedge
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 $GBTC $MSTR $ETHE #crypto #BTC Will be watching to see what it does as that's a very important resistance level, then the 200 after that.
  • mkirchner24: @mkirchner24 $GBTC $MSTR $ETHE #crypto #BTC With how altcoins are holding above previous resistance which is now support my guess is #BTC makes another run at it.
  • Auto: $MSTR $RIOT $GBTC added long from below
  • Auto: $SNOW $GM $GME $GE $AMC $GBTC $RIOT $MSTR added long
  • Auto: $MSTR $RIOT added long
  • Auto: $MSTR $RIOT added long
  • Auto: $MSTR watch $478.26 to add again
  • Auto: $MSTR $VSTO $GME 59ers to the max added
  • Auto: $HPE $TWTR $GME $SNOW $U $PLCE $BA $TSLA $MSTR $RIOT holding some over E long all todays add
  • Auto: $GOGO $U $GME $KIRK $MSTR added long $ZS short from the top $HTZGQ added early staying late
  • Auto: $MSTR $RIOT $GBTC gift added long long
  • sgiseller: @scottrades #crypro stocks, $MSTR, $RIOT, $MARA all getting hammered today....confusing with BTC and ETH both holding up
  • scottrades: @sgiseller $MSTR $RIOT $MARA #crypro I'm not sure why that is, but I have seen Data (attached) that Miners have not been selling BTC as of late and they have instead been HODLing it. I'm not sure if that is playing a part but like you am not seeing anything enticing about them lately.
  • Auto: $MSTR $RIOT $GBTC added RHRN
  • Auto: $MSTR great E added long
  • Auto: $GBTC $MSTR added long
  • zimzala: @Auto $GBTC $MSTR $MSTR reports on Monday, 4/26.
  • Auto: $MSTR $RIOT added long
  • Auto: $MOGO $MSTR $RIOT $GBTC added long
  • scottto_2: So tempted to take a shot with $MSTR options..... Know it'll reverse as soon as I get sucked in....
  • sgiseller: @sgiseller $COIN $MSTR $RIOT $SQ looks like weakness in the entire crypto arena, not buying the dip....yet
  • Motorman: $MSTR up 100 yesterday, down 100 today...NP
  • traderbren: @Motorman $MSTR - LOL, yep that's what happens if you tie your biz to BTC....but they have made far more off BTC than their biz could generate. NP
  • Motorman: @traderbren $MSTR There might be a trade in the future, it was up at 1300 and 50 day has now caught up.
  • champ: $COIN ...#Coinbase-Global, this will be new IPO tomorrow and this stock is all set to be listed on the Nasdaq, per NasdaqTrader.com. Interesting Day on tap again tomorrow, for sure. ....I'm holding swings in $TSLA and $RIOT. >>>Watch these stocks.... $MSTR, @ $848.50, was up 18.14% today. $RIOT, @ $59.20, up 15%. $TSLA, @ $762.30, up 8.6%. $GBTC, @ $54.90, up 6%. $MARA, @ $51.00, up 1.86%. Check-Out the volume that these stocks had today.
  • scottrades: ...
    $MSTR Michael Saylor the GOAT.
    $MARA Under Performing.
    $TSLA Great move today!
    $ARKK Looks like TSLA did yesterday.
    $RBLX ATH!
    $AMZN A little extended.
    $SQ Working.
    $PLTR Lots of eyes on this. Good volume today.
    $GOOGL High Base.
    $ ...
  • Craig97003: $TQQQ, $RIOT $MSTR $GBTC. Booked some profits today on these guys. My trading account is near an all time high...... I might need to take more profits again tomorrow. But if there is a dip.... I'm buying 'em back.
  • champ: @Craig97003 $TQQQ $RIOT $MSTR $GBTC --- #Real-nice,...your a professional, that knows how to work with risk, is my guess. I like the way you think...and you must have the Quote of the Day... ....."But if there is a dip....I'm buying 'em Back".
  • jeff_free69: @scottrades $COIN $GBTC $MARA $RIOT $MSTR $VYGVF $ETHE HA! - yeah was wondering what the opening would be. At least now I know what the baseline is, thanks. Too scary to put in a "market" order - who knows what it could be by the time the initial feeding frenzy is over and TDA allows me in. But I will watch closely - So far my crypto related tickers are up ~33% (easing in since Jan)
  • Craig97003: @champ $TQQQ $RIOT $MSTR $GBTC #Real-nice Thanks for the kind words........ That really encourages me to continue managing my risk and selling my losers before they become big losers. I wish had had some consistency and perseverance to manage my stock risk 10 years ago. I lost a bunch of money....
  • sgiseller: @scottrades $COIN wonder if money will be pulling out of $MSTR , $RIOT, $SQ etc... to run into $COIN
  • Pokersmith: @CaptBryan $GBTC $OBTC $BITW $GDLC $MSTR $RIOT #Bitcoin Can't speak intelligently enough about RIOT other than to say sure....with a proper set up, at a ideal buy pt, with my risk defined, I'd pull the trigger. To address your question more directly, I would bet that a rise in crypto prices is a tailwind for RIOT , imho
  • Pokersmith: ...
    Companies that own Bitcoin. Many companies have been buying Bitcoin for their own treasuries, to transact with customers or even to pay employees. MicroStrategy($MSTR) , for instance, is an otherwise mundane business-intelligence software firm whose ...
  • spmeyers: @Pokersmith $GBTC $OBTC $BITW $GDLC $MSTR yeah, I saw the crypto coverage in barrons; well done as usual; first I've heard of BITW; interesting; got it on my watchlist
  • CaptBryan: @Pokersmith $GBTC $OBTC $BITW $GDLC $MSTR #Bitcoin $RIOT That’s some really great information that you shared! I am just trying to wrap my mind around crypto and have just basically been watching charts. After listening to videos Scott recommend, I have started some small positions in a few different coins just to get the feel of trading them. All are up so I’ll be adding a little. Do you have any insight on $RIOT and how it is impacted by crypto currency prices? It is sitting right at the 50 MA which has been a good support point and I have made a little buying calls in the past. I am just at a point now where I am out of cell range lots of days and can’t baby sit a position like that which could inflect either way quickly.
  • scottrades: $MSTR
  • Auto: $GBTC $MSTR $EAT gifts this morning added from below 8>)
  • champ: @mkirchner24 ---- #bitcoin........$MSTR, @ $726 and the CEO is Michael Saylor, the company just added 262 bitcoins, at an average price of $57,146, per....and that News is, as of 3/12. ~~ $MSTR is holding $2.211 billion $$$ 's in bitcoins at an average of $24,214, per. For those who don't know who Saylor is..
  • Auto: $MSTR $RIOT $VIPS $WWE $DKNG added long
  • snowbound: @Auto $MSTR $RIOT $VIPS $WWE $DKNG Just what I needed , someone out of the foxhole ahead of me .... oh (thinking) do you own a foxhole as well ? I'm thinking they might be a great inflation hedge in coming days ... but .. boring as hell . $SHAK looks like a retest but the 50 > 20SMA DAILY cross appears imminent , there may be hope for the planet yet . ...
  • Explorer: @scottrades -- working watchlists / no trades today -- @ / close to a flat or + 50DMA -- limited range over time $LOGI $CMG $WDAY $NVR $WIX $LH $PINS $AVGO $FIVE $SWKS $CROX $DECK $GLNG $MSTR -- breathing, no mantra -- institutional surfing -- waiting for the next wave -- Got it -- Breakout on Volume.......you like any of these?
  • Auto: $MILE $MSTR $RIOT added long
  • scottrades: $MSTR Tightening along the 50 Day.
  • scottrades: My Swing Notes: $SPY Lower Highs, Lower Highs Everywhere $QQQ Does Previous resistance act as support? #Bitcoin Doing it’s thing. $MARA Choppy $RIOT Choppy $MSTR Tight along the 50 Day $VYGVF Working $GLD Trying to firm up $GDX Want to see it get above and stay above the 50 Day. $SLV Basing. $FB Great Weekly. $PENN Holding the 50 Day. $VIPS Still going. $APPS Note the slope $YETI Still above the 50 Day. $DIS Sloping $INMD Laser (Hair Removal) Focus on that resistance level. $ABNB At the 50 Day. $ASO Tight range. Earnings Soon $BOOT About to kick off a breakout? $EVRI Gambling Stock, good volume, at the 50 Day. $DKNG Still in trend, look for a PB
  • scottto_2: $MSTR - Survey: Does this look more like a short or a long here? Take a stand, it's free.
  • Docoof: @scottto_2 $MSTR From the land of inexperience: How can anyone short a stock that’s so famously interconnected with bitcoin right now?
  • Henry: @scottto_2 $MSTR looks like a blow off top and broken, but neither a short nor long. However they bought more bitcoin a few days ago so I think it will track $BTC
  • champ: @scottto_2 ---- $MSTR ...is up $37, off of LOD...$GBTC, is up $2.50 off of LOD. $RIOT is up $4.50 off of LOD and all are dancing around. I'm woking this sector...RHRN.
  • shoredriver: @scottto_2 $MSTR ...nice fat calls to sell.......
  • BellaVino: @scottto_2 $MSTR Hmm, it that a mini inverse H&S forming? If it crosses about 815 or so neckline then it could work long.
  • scottto_2: $MSTR - Thanks to the survey takers. My thoughts too but wasn't sure if being tethered to Bitcoin near it's ATH was a good spot. I had a Mar 600/700 call spread going. Decided to roll it to April 650/770 and take in some premium. Can buy back the short 770 on a pullback...
  • Pokersmith: @Pokersmith $GBTC $BLOK Oh....and $MSTR too
  • scottrades: My #Swing Notes $SPY Thanks J Pow... $QQQ Back above the 50 Day but a lot of leaders aren’t. #Bitcoin Noice Reversal $RIOT Watch 65 $MARA Watch 45 $MSTR At the 50 Day. $SI Watch 177 $VYGVF Thanks @Brett $SMH Through the 50 Day on Volume $AMAT Watch 121.50 $MU Off the 8EMA on good volume. $INTC Breaking out $QRVO Curling $AMKR Watch 24 $GOOGL Still in a range. $PLT Watch 45.50 $TME In a squeeze along the 50 Day. $BIDU Back in small along the 50 Day. $GM In trend. Never gave me a sell signal. $F Back to the 21 EMA $MSOS Tightening along the 50 Day. $ARLO Flagging along the 50 Day. $MOS Working $VALE Haven’t given up on you yet. $DIS Note the slope. $SONO Holding the 8EMA. $MA Daily flag.
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Change 3.58%
Volume 728,087

MicroStrategy, Inc., is a provider of business intelligence and mobile software. Its business intelligence software platform enables organizations to analyze vast amounts of data and distribute business insight throughout the enterprise.

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