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Strategy Session July 31st, 2020

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  • funkytrader: @funkytrader $pdd STILL WORKING
  • funkytrader: @funkytrader $pdd $PDD Thought this one looks super good. Everyone ignoring!
  • funkytrader: @funkytrader $pdd Why am I the only one mentioning $PDD
  • funkytrader: $pdd anyone?
  • baronp0329: Potstocks downgraded by Jeffries and lowered PT, $CRON $CGC. NP. Breaking out $PDD $IQ $SPLK, waiting for entry.
  • yongli: $GDS was on the GSL before. China plays up a lot. $BZUN $BIDU $MOMO $PDD etc.
  • baronp0329: $LK, Long stock at 29.60 and Dec 27 Calls at 2.10. posted on OMM last Friday. Took another partial 1/4 profits of 167% on Dec Calls and 1/2 of stocks at 31.90. $PDD, Long stock at 32.60 and Dec 33 Calls at 1.30. posted on SMM last Friday. Took another partial 1/4 profits of 215% on Dec Calls and 1/4 at 36.50. Breaking above 50ema New Positions today: $BBBY at 12.90 - 13.10. Nice bounce from 50d. $XBI 89.70- 89.90. $CRC at 6.20, oversold $BRY at 7.24, oversold
  • issues: Looks like ABBV (Cramer talked about it last night) isn't dropping (much) more. Added. Added to $PDD and $CLVS. I don't think $OXLC will go down much more either. Added
  • rverkamp: @petros06 $CORT $PDD $BJ yes with these others on the list
  • shoredriver: $PDD....bigger loss than expected down 59'r....
  • Brice: @shoredriver $PDD and $URBN & $I Raymond James ug Outperform w/targe price of $12. Up to $7.15 pre-mkt
  • shoredriver: @Brice $PDD $URBN $I ...Think you are referring to$I here....if you want to follow the analcyst...great....not with my money right now......
  • debeers: @shoredriver $PDD $URBN $I ----@shoredriver. $URBN's results blecch! you are so right!
  • debeers: @shoredriver $PDD -this was a fairy dust stock. Unfortunately waving a wand didn't make earnings appear.
  • shoredriver: @debeers $PDD ...nothing worse than a dusty fairy.......
  • baronp0329: $PDD, 59 Minute trade. First buy 32.
  • Hans_Schultz1: @baronp0329 $PDD Been in and out 2x on this one today. Also tried $URBN but got taken out quick there
  • baronp0329: @Hans_Schultz1 $PDD $URBN Nice trade Hans! Added more $PDD at 32.30. Currently profits around 6.5%
  • baronp0329: $PDD, nice 59 minute trade for 8.6% profit. STC 95% position 34.90, avg buy 32.15. Keeping 5% position in case it continues to bounce.
  • issues: I like the charts and am buying $CLDR (BO) $DSGX (continue to BO). Buying $PDD. I think it's a bargain basement buy! It's right back to the prior support in Sept! Adding to $CORT (highest rating on IBD with an cumulative of 99 and an accumulation of A+ - it just doesn't get any higher than that!!)
  • numbers: $PDD - Just set an all time high, pulled back a little bit, one to watch
  • JonathanTrades: @numbers $PDD I'm waiting for VCP to form on this
  • JonathanTrades: $PDD Hope you guys and gals got into this today or yesterday. Good luck to you all!
  • Shopaholic526: $PDD Long $PDD. Looking like a good trade if there's good news on China.
  • Sluggo: @Shopaholic526 $PDD I need a breathing mask to buy this thing up here. Drats..
  • Herb: $PDD whoa!
  • Sluggo: @Herb $PDD Missed it! Waiting for the next pitch.
  • Herb: @Sluggo $PDD Revs for the Q up 160%.
  • Sluggo: @Herb $PDD Has not made a profit yet, but the revenue is smokin'
  • Herb: @Sluggo $PDD Do earnings tend to follow explosive revenue growth, as a rule of thumb?
  • Sluggo: @Herb $PDD Ask Jeff Bezos ;-)
  • Sher: $PDD - Top China performer, today - Double bottom reversal underway - Long July $25 calls - Stock currently trading @ $23.85.
  • Sher: $SWKS – Back in this one with May $87.50 calls, which got really cheap with earnings sell-off, this morning – Nice bounce off $84.04 low… Earlier posts: $PDD - Top China performer, today - Double bottom reversal underway - Long July $25 calls - Stock currently trading @ $23.85. $SWKS - Really grateful I took profits, yesterday, on several May calls - Hemorrhaging post AH earnings - Currently down 7+%.
  • Sher: ...
    $PDD – Due to report on May 9, B/O - Analysts estimate $PDD will generate revenues of $596.0M, an increase of 173.73% over the prior year first quarter results.

    Adding to July call position - Couple of recent upgrades: Analyst Hans Chung (Key ...
  • Sher: $MDLZ - Tight squeeze, 2.3% - Due to report next Tues., A/C - YOY projections essentially flat - Long May $50 calls - Stock @ ATH... $PDD; $VIPS - Top two China performers, today - Long both...
  • GOOSE: @Sher $MDLZ $PDD $VIPS Wish I saw your post before I sold my stock , $MDLZ, this morning.. ;>)
  • genki: $PDD Swing trade.
  • Sher: $ACB – Took profits (89.6%) on Apr. $9 calls, this morning – STC @ $1.45 $BZUN – Also took profits on Apr. $35 call position (put on Fri.), with this morning’s 4.5% move in stock. $PDD – Stock up 6.5%; Misguided call position up 67%... Prior post: $PDD – Post-earnings reaction seems extremely overdone, to me – Yes, they missed by $.03 on earnings, but they nicely beat on revenues and their monthly active users increased by 93% this quarter. Noting active call buying at the Apr. $30 call strike (Vol. of 13,422 against OI of 4,103), added to what has now become an unintended “spec” position.
  • CraigReynolds: @Sher $ACB $BZUN $PDD Nice
  • Sher: $PDD - Interesting... Top Chinese performer, today.
  • Sher: $PDD - Wow... totally messed up on this one! I thought earnings were behind them and failed to recheck before initiating a position, yesterday - We're getting creamed... them and me. And I was so happy about the lift in pot stocks...
  • Sher: $ACB – STC Apr. $8.00 calls for 80% in gains on morning pop - Reentered with long April $9.00 call position on PB. $PYPL – Grabbed nice profits on previously underwater March $97.50 call position with this morning’s 250% (now 300%) jump in price, ‘natch – Should have used trailing stop, but just wanted out prior to pending expiration. $PDD – Post-earnings reaction seems extremely overdone, to me – Yes, they missed by $.03 on earnings, but they nicely beat on revenues and their monthly active users increased by 93% this quarter. Noting active call buying at the Apr. $30 call strike (Vol. of 13,422 against OI of 4,103), added to what has now become an unintended “spec” position. $FNKO - Recovering from post-earnings sell-off low of $17.75 - Company actually had killer 4th. Qtr. earnings - Stock currently @ $20.49 - Long both stock and May $20 calls, which I added to, yesterday.
  • Sher: $FNKO - Recovering from post-earnings sell-off low of $17.75 - Company actually had killer 4th. Qtr. earnings -Stock currently @ $19.95... up 2.7%, today - Long both stock and May $20 calls. $PDD - Nice reversal off 3-8-19 low of $28.01- Currently trading @ $30.36 - Just entered into new position....
  • bRobert: @Spotdog $ZEN Longer term hold. $PDD $QTT are others in the beauty contest
  • bRobert: $BILI . $PDD $ZLAB . $MOMO breakout
  • bRobert: $PDD + Great chart $37 mm target $ZLAB $35
  • Reif99: @bRobert $PDD Earnings coming soon, but unknown when
  • bRobert: $ZLAB . Measured move from c&h . $34 . acquired . Nice WEEKLY nh . Partials taken earlier . Nice chart along with $PDD
  • bRobert: $BILI Closing in on $20. $BABA strong flag trigger Added earlier $PDD $ZLAB Beauty contest chart winners
  • bRobert: $PDD and $ZLAB are a beautiful couple. I'm sure if they had children, their charts would be beautiful too. More upside but extended.
  • bRobert: $PDD +
  • StochasticCross: $PDD chinese stock, recent IPO almost making new highs might be a good IPO play
  • bRobert: @StochasticCross $PDD Long $35+ . target
  • bRobert: $PDD . Nice chart . This stock double bottomed in Nov. $22 & $31 measured move targets . $FXI beaten down 25% . in 2018. Favorable news will really get many names running hard. Still very early.
  • StochasticCross: $BIDU looking like its ready to take off from the bottom --- a few Chinese stocks are looking good imo. $JD & $PDD
  • Sher: $PDD - Took advantage of this morning's strong pop to profitably exit substantial Sept. call position, which was extremely underwater @ yesterday's close - Have been in and out of this one a couple of times - Typical IPO behavior. $AMGN - Taking profits for now... Anticipating phase 2 PB. $MPC - Bullish reversal underway - Definitive bounce off 50-day MA, 9-20-18 - Oct. $82.50 calls up 52%, today Yesterday: Added to the following call positions: $CSCO, MSFT, ROKU and PDD (sold this AM) New long call positions, Oct.: $NFLX, PLNT OPEX losses: $ICE, $PYPL (really botched this trade)
  • Pcdentist: @Sher $PDD $AMGN $MPC $CSCO $NFLX $ICE $PYPL Love the “review” post,,,thanks!
  • bRobert: @Sher $KKR $PDD $PYPL $HAL $MDCO $TLRY $CRON WEEKLY fine. Volatility expected on the daily squiggle chart
  • baronp0329: @Sher $KKR $PDD $PYPL $HAL $MDCO $TLRY $CRON Sher, do mean HAL Oct 37.50, instead of 57.50 Calls? I bought some HAL Oct 40 Calls on 9/11
  • Sher: @bRobert $KKR $PDD $PYPL $HAL $MDCO $TLRY $CRON - Thanks...
  • Sher: Taking profits on some front month call options (never seem to do well holding into week of OPEX): $KKR - Jumped ship a bit early on this one. $PDD – Took advantage of AM pop for 209% gains. $PYPL – Staying long Oct. $92.50 calls. $HAL – Nearing 50% retracement from 9-5-18 $35.75 low – Went long Oct. $37.50 calls, yesterday. $MDCO – Felt this one was overly-punished following earnings – Stock up another 2.3%, today – Cont. to hold Oct. $40 calls, which are up another 28%. $TLRY – This one is pretty nuts! God bless all of you who are holding calls… Sadly, I’m long $CRON, which is plummeting, of course – Announced they’re launching new “recreational spinach”, this morning… spinach with a buzz! I may revisit my dislike of the stuff. Will likely add to my sorry-looking position EOD, if 20-day holds as support.
  • Sher: @baronp0329 $KKR $PDD $PYPL $HAL $MDCO $TLRY $CRON - Thanks, will correct.
  • JustJoe: @Sher $KKR $PDD $PYPL $HAL $MDCO $TLRY $CRON....I admire your courage and nerve for being able to navigate those aggressive stocks.
  • Sher: $HAL - Initiated new position... $MDCO - Another bottom turnaround - Stock up 3.7% since printing low of $32.15, this morning - Have been adding to Oct. $40 call position in an effort to stem the hemorrhage - Felt post-earnings sell-off was way overdone - Anticipating shorts may start to cover. $PDD - Back in with Sept. $22.50 calls - Exited Sept. $20 calls, yesterday, w-a-y too early - Exhibiting strong IPO behavior... $IQ - Bottom appears to be in - Stock up 6-7%, today - Long Jan. $30 calls and adding. $EEM - Think yesterday's low of $40.63 marked bottom on this one, too - Adding to underwater (very) Dec. $44 call position - 6,958 calls were just purchased @ 12:45.
  • Sher: $PYPL - Sept. $93 calls - Vol., 12,328 against OI of 1,099 - Picked up a few, this morning - Also long Oct. $92.50 calls $PDD - Stock up 5-6%, today - Chinese IPO (July, I think) - Took small position, this morning
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