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  • ZMan2: $PLTR is up 2% after announcing deal to provide its software via the Orace cloud platform. Long since 3/23.
  • shoredriver: $PLTR...some morning perkiness....
  • Simar297: $Pltr, any suggestions please on adding pltr small position on a drop, is low 23 is addable ?
  • scottrades: @Simar297 $Pltr I think you want to wait till the buyers show up.
  • phgruver: @Simar297 $Pltr The suggestion? Patience!. It doesn't look, to me, like it's through going down. Of course, time frame matters. If you are a day trader, look for an uptick through the VWAP. Otherwise, wait for it to find a bottom and then print a higher low and a higher high. Don't get too focused on one stock!
  • woodman: @Simar297 $Pltr @Simar297 $Pltr - I agree with Scott, wait. But, I like the potential of a bottom of consolidation range/rising 50d bounce. It's a watch for me.
  • vcondry: @scottrades $Pltr was gonna say the same it just keeps making lower lows today.
  • woodman: $Pltr ... additionally, we have a head and shoulder pattern here on the daily. Need to be mindful of potential fall through the neckline. For me, though, I'm watching the low of the consolidation level - 22.29 (2/21).
  • Simar297: @woodman $Pltr feedback taken, thanks guys
  • ZMan2: $PLTR down 6% on a down grade to sell by Monness, Crespi & Hardt with a $20 price target.
  • scottrades: My notes: COTD: Is $MSTR a huge short squeeze in waiting? FYI: Stock Market is closed tomorrow $SPY Great Quarter guys! $QQQ Basing $IWM Trying to break out $DXY Strong against others $TNX At the 50 Day $GLD Breakout $XLF Working $XLE Breaking out $XBI Support at the 50 Day $SMH Basing $IBIT Above the MAs $AMZN Still in an uptrend. $GOOGL Watch 152 $MSTR at the 8EMA $MS Breaking out of the downtrend $SQ Watch 85.90 $MLM Basing $AXON Watch 321.80 $FROG Basing $MNDY at the 21 EMA $PLTR Wait. $PSN Watch 84 $ASND Mentioned Tuesday
  • SophAgogo: @scottrades $MSTR $SPY $QQQ $IWM $DXY $TNX $GLD $XLF $XLE $XBI $SMH $IBIT $AMZN $GOOGL $MS $SQ $MLM $AXON $FROG $MNDY $PLTR $PSN $ASND Hey Scott ... wondering whether the $2m sell down by Michael Saylor yesterday $MSTR - is just executive compensation and great timing or something to worry about
  • scottrades: ...
    $PLTR Dan mentioned adding it to the ATL, support at the 21 EMA
    $SQ 87.70 Breakout alert
    $UBER Watch 81.30

    Let's have a fun day!

  • billyzeke: @scottrades $MSTR $COIN $AMZN $GOOGL $META $NFLX $NVDA $GS $PLTR $SQ $UBER "The Price of Cocoa more than doubled since January and that price impact has not been passed onto consumers yet." As a chocoholic, I find this news very disturbing!
  • Henry: @billyzeke $MSTR $COIN $AMZN $GOOGL $META $NFLX $NVDA $GS $PLTR $SQ $UBER As a fellow Chocoholic, how does that have anything to do with any of those tickers?
  • billyzeke: @Henry $MSTR $COIN $AMZN $GOOGL $META $NFLX $NVDA $GS $PLTR $SQ $UBER I just quoted from and replied to @Scott's post so it stuck them in there.
  • Bert953: @DAN $PLTR GM, I heard you say you were considering $PLTR for the active trade list. I have a note that it should be a big beneficiary of AI.The stock is currently slightly above the 8dEMA and flirting with the 20dMA. Earnings on 5/6 so a month plus to make a potential earnings run. Just bringing it back to your attention. I bought a small position this morn.
  • scottrades: $PLTR trying to move here
  • scottrades: My notes: Watch $FROG to leap over this price.. $SPY 4 Days down $QQQ At the 8EMA $IWM At the 8EMA $DXY Green on the day $TNX Lows for the day $GLD Above the 8EMA $GDX Under resistance $XLF Holding the 8EMA $XLE Expect the expected $XBI At the 50 Day $SMH Basing $IBIT Resting $AMZN Low volume pullback $GOOGL Close to a pivot $MSTR Lots of short interest $PLTR Support at the 21 EMA $HOOD Still working $GS Above the MAs $MS Above the MAs $MA Back to the 21 EMA $MLM Basing $NFLX Trending $MNDY Watch 239 $AXON In trend $PEGA 2 Strong Quarters, Basing $ASND Flag
  • billyzeke: Was $PLTR going on the ATL? I bought a little during the webinar when @Dan mentioned it. It's doing okay, Im up a little on it anyhow. :)
  • CaptQueeg: Squeezes to watch; $ARM, $DHR, $MCY, $PLTR, $PSN, $ROKU, $VZ, $LLY
  • billyzeke: @CaptQueeg $ARM $DHR $MCY $PLTR $PSN $ROKU $VZ $LLY Nice list, thank you.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY All time high close $QQQ Downside reversal $IWM Trying to break out $DXY Rate Cuts in Switzerland and Mexico $GLD Holding the 8EMA $GDX Clear resistance $SMH Would like to see it tighten up $XLF Breaking out $IBIT Consolidating, be patient. $ANET Working great $AMZN Weak today but still in trend. $GS Breaking out $MS Trend change? $SHAK Seen in the forum $BROS Mentioned this morning $PSN Mentioned by Dan $UBER Working $MLM Working $PLTR Coming into support $DECK Trying to break out $MSTR Weekly chart is better
  • Francoise: @Francoise $PLR $ZM $PLTR.. not $PLR
  • natural: $PLTR fighting $25
  • vitoB: could be $PLTR CEO on CNBC callin short sellers coke heads, lol
  • natural: $PLTR lil" gap filled, to the 21dma
  • Simar297: @scottrades thanks Scott, another question , please suggest stop loss price for. $pltr, I am holding them and now it’s decling with the market , please advice at what price point I should sell all and get out , your feedback will be appreciated.
  • scottrades: @Simar297 $pltr 2 Support zones I see are 24.50 and 23.40, so those could work
  • Simar297: @scottrades $pltr thank you Sir.
  • Simar297: @scottrades $pltr sorry to bother Scott, also please suggest Profit taking price points on $pltr, if it goes up, Thanks
  • scottrades: @Simar297 $pltr I'd watch for a challenge of the All Time High...near 45. Honestly, I wouldn't get too anchored on Price Targets...they are really worth the paper they are written on. Stagger Stops and Manage Risk.
  • Simar297: @ideasyndicate $PLTR same here
  • tnt: $PLTR breaking out higher from bullish symmetrical triangle on strong volume. Looking for a retest of previous high $45 in coming months
  • RD: $PLTR I guess the PLTR presentation didn't go too well today. @LOD. I'm out with some lunch money.
  • romanalexk: Good morning, $PLTR is up nicely pre-market
  • shoredriver: $PLTR......perkiness....
  • Henry: @shoredriver $PLTR Palantir Technologies won a $178.4 million contract from the U.S. Army for a project known as TITAN, an acronym for Tactical Intelligence Targeting Access Node, mobile ground stations powered by artificial intelligence and machine- learning technology. The company said the award includes 10 TITAN prototype stations -- picture them as big bulk vehicles, not buildings -- with access to space, high altitude, aerial and terrestrial sensors to provide armed forces with "actionable targeting information for enhanced mission command and long range precision fires."
  • Simar297: @shoredriver $PLTR what’s the buy and sell point of this stock, can someone please advise
  • shoredriver: @Simar297 $PLTR ....@scottrades....all yours.......
  • Henry: @Simar297 $PLTR It's a buy on the break out. It's also a 59 minute trade. If it trades below the opening price, that would be bad. However not all breakouts are blastoffs like MSTR so a retest of the breakout is fairly common. Therein lies the importance of what your time frame is.
  • DAN: @romanalexk $PLTR was awarded an Army Contracting Command contract, valued at $178 million bucks.
  • indigo1948: $PLTR - nice bump this morning on news.
  • natural: $PLTR on the move. I'm long a few (not nearly enough) calls that I'll likely sell tomorrow when they show off their AI at the AIPCon event.
  • ideasyndicate: $PLTR I've been holding a good-sized long position since the IPO, rode it all the way up into the low 40s and then all the way down to $6 lows. Dumb to hold on through all that pain but one of the few companies that I've felt could have a massive upside long term. It's nice to be getting paid with the recent strength! Volume picking up and nice uptrend, and in the right sector for now, HODLing for bigger gains.
  • romanalexk: $PLTR is holding really well so far considering the current market action.
  • indigo1948: @DAN - Please look at $PLTR, $CL, $TOL, $ABBV & $SANM. Thank you.
  • romanalexk: $PLTR I might start a position today above $24.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY /$QQQ In trend $IWM Working $MDY Working $DXY At the 200 Day $TNX Basing $SMH Going sideways $XLK Off the 8 Day $IBB Breakout continues $XLE Short base $IBIT Extended $AMZN In trend above the 8EMA $META Working $AMD Basing $COIN Extended $MSTR Extended $UBER Flag $SPOT Trending $ISRG Watch 392 $HOOD Working - Sold some and bought some back. $GCT Earnings in a few weeks $DDOG Needs to tighten up but keep watching $MNDY Above the 8/21 EMAs $PLTR Nice day $NUE Mentioned last week
  • traderbren: #Other_movers - just fyi for tomorrow - other movers on the back of $NVDA earnings: $SMCI, $AMD, $ARM, $PLTR, $INTC, $AMAT, $LRCX, etc...
  • scottrades: ...
    $PLTR Still going after earnings. Extended but 25.50 is a pivot for a new high
    $IOT Coming out of a Phase 2 (1 day pullback bounce) Actionable with a stop at the 21 EMA.

    I had some feedback recently asking for more detail in my morning watch list, ...
  • DAN: @scottrades $IBIT $BITB $ARKB $AMD $CLSK $DDOG $PLTR $IOT Whew. Really GREAT note this morning, Scott. Your morning notes are "must reads" for me. Thanks for all you do!
  • bigbartabs: @scottrades $IBIT $BITB $ARKB $AMD $CLSK $DDOG $PLTR $IOT ... I'm guessing that when the max number if bitcoins are reached, that's when the ETFs will really take off. Supply and demand. That said... building a large position in a good bitcoin ETF before the max is reached would seem a logical strategy. Thoughts?
  • Simar297: Anyone following $pltr, it has nice recovery, Any advise on entry looking to buy
  • traderbren: $PLTR - taking a breather here... Took the Feb 25 puts for a trade on a pull back.
  • bigbartabs: $PLTR starting to turn up 15 min chart
  • Firemedic: $PLTR sold my position after buying the gap up. Day 3 and may be due for some back filling. Happy with the quick swing trade profits...
  • scottrades: Good Morning Team! Futures are down slightly following a strong close yesterday. SPX is just under 5000 which is a pretty logical resistance level, I would expect some chop around this zone at some point, the problem (which isn’t really a probl ...
  • kenb: @Auto $AI acting very well this morning finally. Picked up a bunch of shares when it was trading in the $24 to $25 range figuring at some point the AI investment theme will finally hit this stock. I think the $PLTR ER reminded investors that this is another play on that theme.
  • RD: $PLTR Don't forget about this one. Continues to run up on day 3.
  • RD: $PLTR Still going, up 6% this am.
  • ZMan2: $PLTR at 52 week high & Cathie Wood purchase of 2M shares.
  • scottrades: $PLTR nice Day 2
  • indigo1948: @scottrades $PLTR - letter from CEO: In a letter to shareholders, CEO Alex Karp said demand for large language models in the U.S. "continues to be unrelenting."
  • traderbren: $PLTR - outside the 3std dev BB...and may start to get stretched on this move so snug up your stop(s).
  • scottrades: ...
    $PLTR Big pop on Earnings
    $ADBE Chart of the Day last night
    $AMZN Want to see it hold the gap
    $SNOW broke out Friday

    We still have a lot of Earnings very close by, so I’m hesitant to put too many things on watch till we’re out of this s ...
  • vitoB: out of $PLTR ....lookin at $FN...this is another one where the call transcript doesnt look so terrible and its down 20% ish percent... lookin at the transcript it sighted weak auto...this has happened to a number of semi def looks likea auto weakness in semi stocks dump first ask questions later, butt most of these big gap downs on semis have been in $FN at 181.25
  • vitoB: @vitoB $PLTR $FN took a nother dump down a typing this so more like 178
  • vitoB: @vitoB $PLTR $FN ...not happenin today for $FN
  • ZMan2: $PLTR is now up 27% this morning. I had to take some off the table despite to the strong forward earnings toward guidance.
  • ZMan2: $PLTR forward guidance.
  • sgiseller: $PLTR finally in the green for me, still holding
  • ZMan2: $PLTR still up 28% following earning beat.
  • bpotzer: @ZMan2 $PLTR keep running! I got stopped out at $16.60 yesterday FML, LMAO
  • scottrades: My video notes: $SPY / $QQQ Consolidating $IWM Near the 50 Day $DXY Still elevated $TNX Still elevated $XLI Still fine $SMH Clear resistance $IBIT Day 17 $ETHE Holding up great $PLTR Earnings Gap Up $STNE Along the 21 EMA $DASH Earnings Feb 15 $CVNA Good coverage in the forum $FRPT Nice Base $CPRT Working $DV At resistance $TM Earnings Gap $RYAAY Great volume $URI Short base $BKNG Watch 3669.70
  • heyjack: @ZMan2 $PLTR check out the volume
  • kenb: $AI up 7% today, apparently due to the $PLTR earnings news. Possible resistance overhead at $26 which had been a support level before it broke below that level in mid-Jan. Looking to add if it can break through and hold $26.
  • vitoB: was lookin at $BOWL on friday and was hoping for a bad report today, which it seems like it wasnt great. EPS missed by a penny but topline beat and its up about 5% as I type this but its coming down...believe its CEO will be on tv at 10AM...and i'm inclined to go long at open. Also like $PLTR setup into earnings as similar chart/dynamic
  • scottrades: $PLTR Up 15% on Earnings
  • ZMan2: $PLTR reports Monday Feb 5 after the bell.
  • Cjauger: @ZMan2 $PLTR Thank you
  • Angdionk: $PLTR not an 8% or smaller BB squeeze but 12% and that the closest they have been in the last 6 months. below the 50dma earnings on 2-5-24 might be one to watch (took a starter)
  • bb_b: $pltr perking up
  • vitoB: Adding to energy $WES $CVX on weakness. Lotta red so adding in small amounts also adding to $NEM and $AGQ. Selling out of $PLTR
  • vitoB: Lookin to go long $GDX picks and $PLTR and to add to energy longs $WES $CVX $DVN $CTRA
  • DavidK: @vitoB $GDX $PLTR $WES $CVX $DVN $CTRA $NEM $PLTR got a downgrade and price target cut to 13 . I bought some March puts .
  • vitoB: @vitoB $GDX $PLTR $WES $CVX $DVN $CTRA … picked $NEM 39.85 $PLTR 15.99 and $DVN 45.80 PLtR dtrade
  • vitoB: @DavidK $GDX $PLTR $WES $CVX $DVN $CTRA $NEM … yea thanks. Just lookin for a push back to at least even. Jeffries had a hold on it all of last year. So a little late to DG it now imo
  • bpotzer: @woodman $UEC looks good so far, watching the volume, ride the wake of the $XME and possible musk bomb on X. Got stopped out of $PLTR late last month with a %2B20% gain..looks like this one is setting up for re-entry as it flirts with the #50d. Do we like stocks that flirt with the #50d?
  • woodman: @bpotzer $UEC $XME $PLTR #50d #50d - Are you referring to $PLTR? It's consolidating around the 50d, though having some trouble staying above it. Depends how patient you want to be with it as it decides what to do. If it can't hold around $17, I'd say ...
  • woodman: $PLTR trying to firm up just under the 50d. Np currently.
  • ZMan2: $PLTR Back to the 50 Day.
  • woodman: $PLTR - worth keeping an eye on here. It would be a low risk entry here with a stop under yesterday's intraday low, but it's also suspended in the middle of that 11/1-11/2 gap. meaning there's still a good bit of air under current price. No position currently but interested.
  • vitoB: @woodman $PLTR ...agree with you on this.. the gaps are making me hesitant, np but also lookin for an open candle
  • curtis: @woodman $PLTR ( I was able to take profits on this, in the 20s ). I am looking at lower to add again as a long term hold. I like the company, don't like this current action in the stock. Caution Will Robinson.
  • woodman: @curtis $PLTR - nice job!
  • Henry: $PLTR Turn on Foxbiz NOW and see the CEO
  • Henry: $PLTR CEO
  • marklesparkle: @Henry $PLTR wdy think Henry
  • Henry: @marklesparkle $PLTR Professor Irwin Corey look out. I guess I'm an official old fart. I don't think CEO's ought to be on TV with sunglasses or T-shirts or hair that looks like you just stuck your finger in the electrical outlet.
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Stock Price $28.07
Change 1.56%
Volume 30,680,200

Palantir Technologies provides organizations with solutions to manage large disparate data sets in an attempt to gain insight and drive operational outcomes. Founded in 2003, Palantir released its Gotham software platform in 2008, which focuses on the government intelligence and defense sectors. Palantir expanded into various commercial markets with its Foundry software platform in 2016 with the intent of becoming the data operating system for companies and industries. The Denver, Colorado company had 125 customers as of its IPO and roughly splits its revenue between commercial and government customers.

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