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  • crank: $QURE down $7 any news ??
  • arrow: $QURE - Coming out of consolidation.
  • spmeyers: $QURE biotech making a move RHRN
  • thehook1: $AGIO / $I / $NEO / $QURE ALL ON MOVE
  • spmeyers: $QURE breaking out
  • gwenzee: $ONCE Leerink raised target price from $55 to $74. Hemophilia drug is on the horizon. Projected cost is $1,000,000 to $1,500,000 per treatment. Sounds like a lot until you compare yearly cost to patients of over $800,000/yr. The gene therapy drug, like Luxturna, is a one-time cost for a cure. They are competing with $QURE and $BMRN.
  • woodman: @gwenzee $ONCE $QURE $BMRN - That's some serious sticker shock.
  • woodman: @gwenzee $ONCE $QURE $BMRN - ONCE is at a decent spot on this pullback to and bounce the 200 / 50 days, but the PT raise is $1 above its current price. I don't put much faith in PTs anyway, except for the immediate (and often temporary) knee-jerk responses elicited by their announcements.
  • gwenzee: @woodman $ONCE $QURE $BMRN Guess you have to put it into perspective. How many drugs offer a cure after only one treatment?
  • woodman: @gwenzee $ONCE $QURE $BMRN - earnings tomorrow morning. I like the chart here, but will wait.
  • thehook1: $QURE BO
  • thehook1: $QURE & $IO movin up stops...making up for $PIRS :(
  • TRICIA: $TRIL, $QURE, $CLLS ... these CARt's and gene editors are LOW float ... % 's can be deceiving in BIO land.... the IBB, XBI are catalyst driven..... signed, Cautious Colleen
  • mradams0621: ...
    $QURE uniqure NV 16.03 -7.87%
    $ICPT Intercept Pharmac... 153.65 -7.41%
    $ARIA Ariad Pharmaceuti... 5.77 -7.31%
    $APDN Applied Dna Scien... 3.29 -7.06%
    $KMX Carmax Inc. 53.43 -6.51%
    $OSIR Osiris Therapeuti... 10.20 -6.42%
    $NYMX Nymox Pharmaceut ...
  • TRICIA: $QURE -$QURE CC takeaways. 1) CBO resigned - was instrumental in bldg manu capability 2) hemophilia B interim due just before JPM16 mid Jan 3) Next SF data 30 mth EP.
  • mradams0621: ...
    $QURE uniqure NV 21.00 -6.67%
    $KBIO Kalobios Pharmace... 33.00 -5.25%
    $BECN Beacon Roofing Su... 40.93 -5.17%
    $ABY Abengoa Yield Plc... 14.13 -4.85%
    $LULU lululemon athleti... 50.18 -4.42%
    $CTSO Cytosorbents Corp... 6.78 -4.24%
    $BBL Bhp Billi ...
  • mradams0621: @mradams0621 $MNK $IBB $CLDX $CEMP $SSH $PBMD per Schwab news feed, $QURE, $ONCE, $CLDX lower on $BLUE news. I see JUNO, CLLS joining the bummer party.
  • woodman: #CAR-T #CART (and gene therapy, etc.) - these are on the move and some have some room to run. Some are racing up to their 50 days; some are through them; some are consolidating their recent moves to/at/above them. For example, $BLUE $KITE $JUNO $ZIOP $XON $CLLS $LBIO $ONCE $TRIL. And of course $QURE (no position) getting the Meg Tirrell (CNBC) bump/pump today. http://finance.yahoo.com/video/curing-one-dose-214000737.html (Not meant to be an exhaustive list; rather several examples). FD - long $BLUE and eyeing one or two others. http://finance.yahoo.com/video/curing-one-dose-214000737.html
  • steve71: @woodman $BLUE $KITE $JUNO $ZIOP $XON $CLLS $LBIO $ONCE $TRIL $QURE http://stockmarketmentor.com/forum/view.html?v=1&filters=#CAR #CART Ziopharm in particular has been consistently strong for a month. Who knows why? No news. The company has their CAR-T patent portfolio, three P2 compounds, veledimex with Orphan status for glioblastoma, and no drugs near FDA submission. That scenario often means a couple more rounds of financing/dilution. But apparently SOMEONE believes.
  • TRICIA: $QURE - will move because Meg Teriil of CNBC mentioned it AH ... sorry, but her batting average is poor - for research and accuracy .. NOT credible but moves a ticker .. grrrrrrrrr
  • gbrock: Of 64 biotech-pharma-healthcare stocks I sometimes follow, 32 are now below 50 & 200 dma. 26 are between the 50 and 200. Only six are above both MA's. $ANAC, $ICLR, $INCY, $KMPH, $QURE, & $SRPT How things have changed in the last 30-45 days! Now looking for bargains to put cash back to work. I like $NTI, $XOM, and $VGR for dividends.
  • TRICIA: $QURE - $BMY disclosed initial 1,112,319sh 4.9% stake & obligated to buy more to 9.9% after 7/15; then 19.9% if exercises its warrants. #13G Tricia left this message: 17:41 http://www.sec.gov/Archives/edgar/data/1... BristolMeryers takes a bit of QURE ..... sith more to come .... hmmm
  • westshore: $QURE - Inside day yesterday and up nicely today. Thanks to @Tricia for all of your info regarding these CARt and many Biotech names and @Aragorn for the signal recognition!
  • westshore: @Aragorn $QURE - yes, I see that now after looking closer. It worked as a nice day trade for me today--appreciate all of your teachings!
  • TRICIA: $CLLS- story is they are in talks with PFE (already has 10% stake) ...holding 1/2 of position .... not selling now .. $QURE and $BLUE also ..
  • TRICIA: $BLUE, $QURE, $CLLS -- CARt plays $BLUE - Marching to $220 - full position - lentin-globin and beta thal... $QURE- bought 1/3 position yesterday morning $CLLS - bought 2/3 position yesterday am-- too nervous to hold over weekend - sold half .. $TRIL - sh meeting RHRN -- only a placeholder but watching
  • TRICIA: #CARt Gene Editing Gene Therapy etc... JUST TOO SOON! here is some proof: #ASGCT15 this past week in New Orleans didn't work out too well for most CAR-T & #GeneTherapy co: $KITE -11% $JUNO -6% $BLCM -5% $BLUE -5% $QURE -7% $AGTC -6% $ONCE -5% I made big bucks in $BLUE -- which covered losses in $CLDN - breaking even is not the goal of all this work ... sigh NOTE to Self --- PhaseIII or higher ONLY!
  • traderbren: $QURE -- np, but looks like its got support at the 50dma
  • TRICIA: $CLDN versus $QURE ... many debates are they good or dead ... but $QURE seemed to get cred with $BMY 100M investment ... (there is a issues with the trial of a small QURE study .. getting sorted out .... $CLDN - I AM holding this for now ...last night I learned that $PFE, $JNJ, $NVS are stakeholders specifically for Mydicar .... that was a surprise for me and a comfort ..... Data is due at EOM ... I am thinking 4/27 ..or so
  • woodman: @TRICIA $CLDN $QURE - I've been trying to get to the bottom of $CLDN. All I can conclude is that CLDN phase 2b data is a dice roll, but it's possibly a low bar that the company will be able to to put a good enough face on for a pop in the stock. Ph ...
  • TRICIA: @woodman $CLDN - QURE I'm Playing up to data ... tight stop .. $QURE no position...sold on BMY news ... I have read the same articles as you ... I have problems with all these articles ... not well researched so I don't know what to tell you .. I think CLDN may work ..
  • iwant2belikeme:
  • TRICIA: CARt, GENE therapy, and Editing .. $QURE, $BMY, $CLDN etc .. http://www.xconomy.com/new-york/2015/04/06/gene-therapys-rebirth-continues-with-bristol-uniqure-cardio-deal/
  • woodman: @iwant2belikeme $QURE - sold the pop.
  • TRICIA: $QURE: I expect a raise here .. sold small position at profit ..
  • woodman: @TRICIA $QURE - good call. I'm out too.
  • TRICIA: $QURE - http://www.hcplive.com/journals/hemophilia-reports/2015/march2015/Hemophilia-B-Gene-Therapy-Trial-Effective-and-Saves-Money-
  • woodman: $QURE - watch $25.00 level.
  • woodman: $QURE - another of the #CAR-T #geneediting #genetherapy stocks. Moving up hard above its recent highs and making a new high today.
  • woodman: $QURE - big cup and handle, with stock coiling to move to new high.
  • woodman: $QURE - move above resistance to a new high.
  • woodman: $QURE $CLDN - two more CarT/gene-editing-therapy stocks not talked about much. QURE is starting to push top BB in a v/s. CLDN is close to moving up through the 50 day.
  • moneyHoHo: @woodman Some catalysts upcoming. I have to weed out probable dates. $CLDN has phase 2 data in CHF coming. $QURE has hemophilia data coming. $ONCE has phase 3 in LCA2.
  • woodman: $QURE - another of these CarT/gene editing-therapy stocks. It has pulled back to the rising 50 day and what essentially was it's very early ipo high about one year ago. It made it's highest high last month and pulled back more than 20% (but made back more than half of that pullback as it has moved sideways the last several weeks). If you zoom out, it looks like a big cup-and-handlish kind of thingy. So, maybe it's setting up for another move up?
  • TRICIA: @DAN - #CARt $JUNO, BLCM, KITE, $BLUE, AGIO , $QURE and wannbe's $SGMO,ZIOP, XON - $GILD ---it is a repeat rumor you are right - - I too hate being left out BUT I think these are very difficult to trade so I hold placeholders in all of these and watch.... as I mentioned in another post -- there are conference coming up March 8-11 - I think we will have some progress reports then ... I see $GILD buying a #NASH candidate before a #CAR T candidate ... and the real trouble with #CAR t, #GENE Therapy etc space is that new companies keep coming to market AND the IP intellectual property is in question in all 25 of them ... that is a real caution flag ....
  • TRICIA: $JUNO, $KTE, $BLUE, $AGIO, $BLCM, $ZJOP, $QURE etc etc With Spark -- the count is 24 ----Placeholders are the ONLY WAY to go in this arena 5 reasons why $KITE's CFO probably shouldn't have talked price yet: http://www.loncarblog.com/kite-cfo-prici... … WSJ columnist likens immunotherapy breakthrough as the new fracking: http://www.loncarblog.com/immunotherapy-... … $JUNO $KITE $BLUE Gene therapy biotech Spark Therapeutics sets terms for $88 million IPO $ONCE $JUNO $KITE $IPO #IPO http://dlvr.it/89NTgr Notable weakness in CAR-T & #GeneTherapy, likely due to NYT Andy Pollack's piece ICYMI http://www.nytimes.com/2015/01/19/techno... … #CARt, #GENETherapy, #GENE Editing
  • TRICIA: Blue $KITE $QURE $BLCM $XON $NVS $blue $juno $agio $Agio
    QUESTION for Members ....WHY are you in any GeneTherapy, Gene Editing, or CAR T Tickers?
    They all represent transformational medical interventions ....some have had more PR (including ...
  • TRICIA: $BLUE, KITE, $QURE,$AGIO ... all thesis working... all IPOS in same arena as ...you know
  • TG2000: ...
    $QURE (consolidating)
    $RSPP (still working)

    Recent 2014 IPO stocks to watch/close to breaking out:
    $ARGS (broke out)
    $BIOC (failed to break out)
    $CBPX (broke out)
    $CNCE (no movement)
    $DRNA (working its way higher)
    $EPE (closer to b ...
  • erdruido: Some bio IPO tickers started trading today. $ASPX, $BIOC, $GNCA, $QURE Brief company profiles here: http://goo.gl/j8NjhF
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Stock Price $20.84
Change 8.65%
Volume 896,623

uniQure NV is engaged in the field of gene therapy and have developed a gene therapy product to receive regulatory approval in the European Union.

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  • July 25th, 2022 - 2022 Q2 Earnings
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