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  • phgruver: I am still trying to figure out how, being taken over by $ENB, was of any advantage to $SE stock holders. $ENB is down over 10% since the merger went into effect.
  • phgruver: $ENB reported 1st quarter this morning. Their EPS was .43 vs consensus of .45. Not a bad miss, but still a miss. I got stuck with $ENB when the bought out $SE, which I've held ever since $DUK spun them off several years ago. The dividend of 1.79/year is worth holding onto. Not a high yielder, but a steady payer.
  • phgruver: @Name Changes: $SE is now trading as $ENB, and $CSAL is now trading as $UNIT. SE was bought out by ENB, but the dividend is equivalent. CSAL just changed their name. I'm sure there was a good reason for the name change....
  • janner0814: $SE $CPHD $BABA #DollarBreakoutsBreakdowns
  • janner0814: Here's what dollar breakout charts looks like @janner0814 $SE $CPHD $BABA #DollarBreakoutsBreakdowns
  • janner0814: Updated list of #DollarBreakoutsBreakdowns Dollar Breakouts: $GT $SE $ENB $TTM $CPHD $LLY $SINA $EOG $NFLX $BABA $MCD $BIDU $TSLA Dollar Breakdowns: $CTRP $HES $CMI @janner0814 $SE $CPHD $BABA #DollarBreakoutsBreakdowns
  • phgruver: Nice jump in $SE after $ENB announced merger plans, plus 13%. $ENB is up over 4% as well. $SE is a long term holding of mine. I'll have to study the details to see if I'll continue to hold the combined company....
  • Iceman: $SE #ShortPuts - Bought to close SE Jun 19 2015 33.0 Puts @ 0.35 to avoid assignment tonight. Originally sold in December at 1.10/1.25/1.35. Also have 29/30/31/32 June puts expiring today. I will then be out of this stock.
  • Iceman: #OptionsExpiration #June2015 #Monthlys - one of my biggest of the year. Sold a lot of my SVXY stock but picked up some other long positions, heavily weighted in the energy sector.

    I will likely hold any underwater long stock positions until at leas ...
  • hawk327: @DragonFly $NOV $SE $HP $CVX $OXY Well you can be confident you're not buying at the top. Looking through these names and some others. Looking at the price action and the volume. There was some "massive" volume spikes @ the close, Friday. My plan is to start to accumulate now. A relatively safe dividend is another key. Hold them for long term in an account that I don't look at very frequently. Starter positions now in $SE $PSX
  • Iceman: #FallingKnife trades today - It's not what the stock is doing now that matters, but what it does next summer. Sold 1 $ATI Jul 17 2015 22.5 Put @ 1.3 Sold 1 $CAM Aug 21 2015 32.5 Put @ 1.4 Sold 1 $COP Aug 21 2015 45.0 Put @ 1.22 Sold 1 $CTXS Jun 19 2015 47.5 Put @ 1.1 Sold 1 $FCX Aug 21 2015 15.0 Put @ 1.27 Sold 1 $FOXA Jul 17 2015 31.0 Put @ 1.2 Sold 1 $HES Aug 21 2015 47.5 Put @ 1.34 Sold 1 $HOT Aug 21 2015 55.0 Put @ 1.23 Sold 1 $LNC Jul 17 2015 45.0 Put @ 1.59 Sold 1 $MAT Jul 17 2015 25.0 Put @ 1.2 Sold 1 $MET Jun 19 2015 42.0 Put @ 1.13 Sold 1 $MPC Jul 17 2015 55.0 Put @ 1.35 Sold 1 $MU Jul 17 2015 25.0 Put @ 1.34 Sold 1 $NOV Aug 21 2015 40.0 Put @ 1.16 Sold 1 $NUE Jul 17 2015 37.0 Put @ 1.22 Sold 1 $PSX Aug 21 2015 40.0 Put @ 1.15 Sold 1 $RIG Aug 21 2015 10.0 Put @ 1.34 Sold 1 $SE Jun 19 2015 29.0 Put @ 1.1 Sold 1 $SLB Aug 21 2015 55.0 Put @ 1.37 Sold 1 $SNDK Jul 17 2015 55.0 Put @ 1.26
  • Iceman: #ShortPuts #FallingKnife - mostly non-Oil/Oil Service names. These are long term plays. I will not be trading out of these for several months. In fact, I will be looking to add to these at higher prices. Sold 1 $ADT Jul 17 2015 28.0 Put @ 1.30 Sold 1 $CBI Jul 17 2015 32.5 Put @ 1.10 Sold 1 $COP May 15 2015 55.0 Put @ 1.65 Sold 1 $CRM May 15 2015 45.0 Put @ 1.39 Sold 1 $FCX May 15 2015 22.0 Put @ 1.30 Sold 1 $FSLR Jun 19 2015 32.5 Put @ 1.53 Sold 1 $GME Jul 17 2015 24.0 Put @ 1.10 Sold 1 $IRM Jul 17 2015 32.5 Put @ 1.10 Sold 1 $JEC Jul 17 2015 37.5 Put @ 1.25 Sold 1 $KSS Jul 17 2015 45.0 Put @ 1.25 Sold 1 $LOCO Jun 19 2015 17.0 Put @ 1.30 Sold 1 $MNST Jun 19 2015 75.0 Put @ 1.20 Sold 1 $MPC Jul 17 2015 65.0 Put @ 1.60 Sold 1 $PSX May 15 2015 55.0 Put @ 1.35 Sold 1 $SBUX Jul 17 2015 70.0 Put @ 1.32 Sold 1 $SCTY Jul 17 2015 30.0 Put @ 1.35 Sold 1 $SE Jun 19 2015 32.0 Put @ 1.15 This is the easy way for me to play a falling market.
  • Iceman: #2015 #ShortPuts #FallingKnife - This is a list of trades that I expect to show up next year in my monthly #OptionsExpiration lists next spring and summer.

    Selling premium is like setting up a cash flow annuity that pays off over time.

    Examine the ...
  • SierraJW: $SE - Stopped out of 1/4 of my position at 40.50 with a profit. This has been a good hold for me since mid March. Pays a 3.3% dividend, so the remaining 1/4 is a hold for now. Watching the larger market for a bounce on this pullback, as $SE seems to be finding a support level here, and will move with the $XLE energy sector. I am bullishly hopeful, longer term!
  • SierraJW: $SN Sanchez Energy - Well, not finished finding support. Mia Culpa -I got faked out by the small green candle after the PB, and did not wait for 2nd day confirmation (Rule #???). But, I lucked out, my limit day order yesterday did not fill @33.59. So I am watching for evidence of support and institutional buying before entering a position now. The longer term prospects still look good, but need some big money coming in before reconsidering a Long Term position. I have a position in $SE that is profitable and working, so may add to it instead.
  • Neil375: $SE -Spectra Energy Natural gas utility in a nice up trend. Real high volume the last few days. Didn't get a fill today on my calls. I'll give it a try tomorrow.
  • SierraJW: $SE #Energy Sector - up 5.8% in 4 weeks, trending higher w/3.4% dividend. I see a sector rotation into energy, FWIW. Jim
  • woodman: $SE - energy stock that @DAN mentioned two days ago is working.
  • tennisaddict: Off Topic: Confessions of a SMM addict. Live in $SE Penna. and just got my power back on after five days without. First thing I did was to check out the forum postings for the days I missed and then listened to the weekend update. It is good to be back in the groove again. Crossword puzzles, reading and scrabble are good for a few days but then that gets a bit old. Love this place and the members!
  • Tim S: Notable earnings before Tuesday's open $ABG, $ACI, $ACM, $ADM, $AGCO, $AMG, $ARMH, $ARRY, $AXE, $BDX, $BHE, $BP, $BSX, $CHD, $CLX, $CME, $CNC, $DLPH, $DWSN, $EMR, $ENTG, $ETN, $FIS, $GCI, $HCA, $HW, $IDXX, IP, $KORS, $LG, $LIOX, $LRN, $LRY, $MHFI, $R, $SE, $SEP, $SIRI, $ST, $TDG, $TECH, $UBS, $UDR, $VSH, $WDR, XYL
  • Tim S: Notable earnings before Monday's open $AER, $CME, $EXTR, $K, $MFA, $RLGY, $SE, $SEP, $SYY, $TA, $TESO, VMC
  • scottto: @Aragorn - I created an interesting scan in StockCharts that looks for stocks with the following characteristics: 1) Recent 50-day low. 2) Recently increased volatility. 3) Close > 8-day EMA 4) todays 8-day EMA higher than 3 days ago 8-day EMA (arbitrary on the 3 days, could have chosen yesterday, last week, etc..) 5) Close > $5 (don't want the zillion penny stocks that these screens always pull out). 6) 20-day average volume greater than 500,000 (again don't want the illiquid collection that these screens always pull out). Here's the results: $AOL $AXS $CYH $DF $DHI $GGP $GEO $HOV $VVR $EMLC $MDC $MTH $SEAS $SE $TOL $VRA Some decent looking possibilities in there. Think I'll post over in OMM too so I/anyone can drag over the charts and check em out. Cheers.
  • Tim S: Notable earnings before Tuesday's open $ACM, $ADM, $AFSI, $AKRX, $ALLT, $ARCC, $ARCO, $AYR, $BPI, $CCC, $CHTR, CMLP, $CNK, $CTSH, $CVS, $D, $DBD, $DISH, $DNR, $DWRE, $EMR, $END, $ENDP, $EXPD, $FBN, $FE, $FOSL, $GGS, $HAR, $HCN, $HPT, $HSIC, $ICE, $IFF, $ISIS, $KORS, $KWK, $LIOX, $LPX, $MGM, $NRGY, OAK, $OMX, OXF, $PH, $POZN, $PQ, $RDC, $REGN, $RIGL, $SATS, $SE, $SEP, $SMG, $SPR, $SRE, $STWD, $TA, $TAP, $TDG, $TDW, $TECD, $TGH, $THC, $TICC, $TRGT, $VSI, $WMC, ZTS
  • tnt: $NFG is a diversified nat gas company similar in scope to $SE and there has been talk about them unlocking asset value and has many avenues available to do this. I am long and adding today. Watching moves like $SE must have management and large holders itching to make a move soon. I think we see action near term. Long stock
  • Big D: Quick check on Earnings After the Close, today Wednesday or Before the Open tomorrow, Thursday: $ABC, $ABX, $AFFX, $AHT, $ALKS, $ALL, $ANSS, $APA, $ARIA, $ARQL, $ATK, $AVG, $AXS, $BBG, $BCE, $BLT, $BMC, $BRY, $BYD, $CACI, $CBM, $CBOE, $CCJ, $CEVA, $CI, $CJES, $CLDX, $COHR, $COT, $CRIS, $CTRX, $CVC, $CWH, $CZR, $DRE, $DX, $EEP, $EL, $ELLI, $END, $ENH, $EPD, $ESS, $ESV, $EXAS, $EXH, $EXTR, $FBN, $FCH, $FSLR, G, $GAS, $GBX, $GEO, $GGC, $GGP, $GNK, $GTAT, $GTIV, $GTLS, $GWR, $HEES, $HNSN, $HOS, $HSC, $HSH, $HT, $INCY, $IPI, $IRC, $IRDM, $IVZ, $JKHY, $K, $KEG, $KRA, $KRO, KSWS, $LBTYA, $MD, $MDU, $MET, $MPC, $MRGE, $MTG, $MUR, $NBIX, NGLS, $NIHD, $NPSP, $OCN, $OIS, $PDCE, $PEG, $PES, $PKD, $PMTC, $PVA, $PXD, $PXP, $RGLD, $RGR, $RRD, $SE, $SFY, $SHOO, $SM, $SNE, $SNI, $SPR, $SU, $TDC, $TE, $TEVA, $TMH, $TREX, $UNM, $UPL, $UTHR, $V, $VC, $VICL, $VMC, $VNR, $VNTV, $WNC, $WNR, WPI, $XOM, XYL
  • EdW: @rczar--I graduated from Okla State in 1965 so we are to far different in age--BTW I am PO'd that OSU did not get to play the title game--It should not have been all $SE conference
  • Tricia: EARNINGS: before Thursday's open: $AEE, $APA, $ARIA, $BDX, $CAH, $CI, $CNP, $DNR, $DTV, $DUK, $ENB, $GM, $INCY, $K, $MFA, $NNN, $OCN, PGN, $PH, $PRX, $PWR, $PXP, $RDC, $SBH, $SE, $SEE, $SHO, $SNE, $SRE, $TDC, $TE, $TEVA, $TIE, $TWC, $UPL, $VIAB, $VRX, $WNR, $XEL after the close:AGNC, $AGU, $AIG, $AIV, $ATVI, $CBS, $CPT, $DCT, $ED, $EOG, $FLR, KFT, $KOG, $LBTYA, $LNKD, $MCHP, $MWE, $ONNN, $PBI, $PSA, $ROVI, $SBAC, $SD, $SUN, SWN
  • Tricia: Earnings before open tomorrow: $AEE, $APA, $ARIA, $BDX, $CAH, $CI, $CNP, $DNR, $DTV, $DUK, $ENB, $GM, $INCY, $K, $MFA, $NNN, $OCN, PGN, $PH, $PRX, $PWR, $PXP, $RDC, $SBH, $SE, $SEE, $SHO, $SNE, $SRE, $TDC, $TE, $TEVA, $TIE, $TWC, $UPL, $VIAB, $VRX, $WNR, XEL
  • mschuster32882: $SE Any thoughts on SE? It has a confirmed breakout above the 50DMA and is coiling just below the 200DMA and looks like it's ready to move higher (in my opinion). It also has a 3.84% yield. How does it look to you all? Thanks, -Matt
  • Tricia: Earnings before Friday's open: $AEE, $AES, $AON, $ARCO, $BPO, $CHD, $DUK, $EL, $EXC, $ITT, $MFA, $POM, $PPL, $SE, WCRX
  • adampswen: $LVS - There was no forward guidance offered up by management. There seems to be concern as well th new casinos they are opening up will take away from their current casinos in $SE Asia. I got this from one of the final segments in #CNBC Fast Money. One thing I will note though is they showed these VERY VERY $LONG lines to get into casinos. The thirst for gambling in $SE asia seems almost unquenchable.
  • mrkkaz: Shanghai $SE Composite Index really doing terrible. Remember @Dan's thesis from a few weeks ago, how goes China will affect our market.
  • markor01: Shanghai $SE careful with this thesis...this may not continue to be true. The US may lead us all out
  • scottto: Alerted - $SE GWW - Alerted to breakouts today. Small position in $GWW (look at the chart).
  • scottto: ...
    Obviously, a list of 200 stocks is useless, so I have to weed out some that don't look interesting to me. You may have disagreed with some of my omissions, sorry.
    This list is heavily weighted to the 4% and under crowd.

    $NOC - Slow mover but re ...
  • scottto: #Squeeze - From the S&P 500 - As usual, I leave out chronic squeezers at my discretion. Huge list again. 187 of the 500 are in 6% #squeeze. As usual I stopped at 5% level. Tell your assistant to let you know when the breakouts begin (set an alert). $NEE $MMM $LLL $UPS $FRX $BA $ROP $AMT $COV $IBM - Of course, we all know about this one from last week's list and trading action $WM $WMB $ZMH $ECL - really strong looking chart $ADI - Well-defined risk in a #squeeze $VRSN $GD - Just starting a breakout? $ORCL - 1st leg? $LOW - looking toppy? $OI $ROST $XLNX $JPM $SE $NBL $DOW $AZO $NKE $CELG @Scott
  • mrkkaz: Shanghai $SE Composite Index last night down 39 points or 1.6 % , a necessary component for our coal names to advance.
  • iCamillion: West Texas-- Currently in San @Antonio, but have roots in the $SE NM and WT areas....let me know if you all decide to get together. I'd love to eat some good southern $NM enchiladas!! (Hint for a get together in LC!!!) :0)
  • taylor: New Highs - NYSE new high list shows 18 out of 20 highest volume stocks making new highs reversed today and closed lower. This is not a good sign in the near term: Symbol Last Change %Change High Low $VZ 39.76 -0.23 -0.58% 40.04 39.71 $ABT 55.83 -0.40 -0.71% 56.37 55.77 $CVS 41.08 0.07 0.17% 41.33 40.89 $SO 46.35 -0.19 -0.41% 46.69 46.30 $NI 23.64 -0.02 -0.08% 23.77 23.52 $AEP 41.28 -0.37 -0.89% 41.71 41.24 $SE 30.76 -0.22 -0.71% 31.33 30.68 $NEE 60.67 -0.10 -0.16% 60.97 60.60 $D 53.08 -0.35 -0.66% 53.55 53.03 $CMS 22.16 -0.06 -0.27% 22.30 22.08 $WEC 35.02 -0.15 -0.43% 35.24 35.00 PGN 55.85 -0.12 -0.21% 56.06 55.68 $POM 20.35 -0.18 -0.85% 20.55 20.33 $HSY 61.63 0.10 0.16% 61.75 61.50 $STR 19.79 -0.16 -0.80% 20.06 19.76 $ED 62.18 -0.32 -0.51% 62.55 62.15 $DTE 54.64 -0.41 -0.74% 55.21 54.55 $ENB 36.63 -0.79 -2.11% 37.43 36.60 $WR 28.66 -0.13 -0.45% 28.89 28.62 $BCE 40.59 -0.46 -1.12% 41.19 40.37
  • KBeachy: $WMT This is a stock that looks like its been working. It up around 10% from the recent low and is following the upper bollinger band on an upward expansion. Its also within a 5% of the 52 week high, so there is much of a "I want my moneyback crowd" to worry about. Unfortunately, I have no position in this stock and this doesn't look to be a real good entry point. Just something to keep on your radar. Other stocks following the upper BB expansion with little overhead resistance include $SE and $CB, and to a lesser extent, $PCAR (there is some real overhead resistance with this one). No positions in any of these stocks :(
  • dlylis: WSJ - Well, now that the market is closed, I have some thoughts. For those of you who read the WSJ front page there was a story about how S&P met with companies, Allianz $SE being one, to discuss the downgrade of US Bonds. (That is not @Gary US Bonds, for the elders in the crowd). For those of you who may not be aware, Allianz $SE is the parent company of PIMCO, home of the eminently famous Bill Gross and Mohammed el Arian. Now, Mr. Gross emptied the PIMCO coffers of Treasuries not long ago and for those who follow the news, has admitted it was a mistake. Let's see a show of hands. How many would like to know the timing of that meeting and the selling of Treasuries by Mr Gross? I thought so.
  • jonfunk72: Event risks: Israel and Iran get into a naval skirmish, Egypt has a coup, Merkel has a internal party revolt and losses a confidence vote, a French bank publically declares it is insolvant, the German High Court rules no on the bailouts (hey that is possible), a major insurance company or hedge funds admits it is insolvant becuase of Euro debt swaps(aka Long Term Capital), Greek defaults and CDS are not honored, China gets into a naval skirmish with a $SE Asian country, ... Shall I continue?
  • k8e8n8t8: $SLW Thanks for the idea. I am in $SE Asia till Dec traveling with no access to my PC. considered buying a laptop...cost is not the issue but my lower back said "Hey Dummie that's why we bought an IPAD". It is a bad situation for those of us using IPADS. I have emailed @Karen awhile back and they are working on it but, well #options do expire unlike stk.Any thoughts on my thesis of stellar earnings for $SLW due to the run of in $SLV last qtr?
  • heretic: SMM/OMM - West Texas and $SE New Mexico members- Surprisingly, my call for local members resulted in two responses yesterday. Any others in the Midland/Odessa or southeast New Mexico. Let me know and we can arrange a local get together.Maybe we can find a reasonably central place to meet. Contact Edited because I can't type my own name - sorry
  • Aragorn: Earlier Thread - Team I actually had the thread open in the FUI and was able to recover the posts. I did not copy all of them but many of the ones related to the scans stocks etc. I do not have time or the patience to cut and paste the whole thing bu ...
  • john55: Drought - Lizzy I'm bout 60 @miles West of Houston here in $SE Texas. We get about the same annual rainfall as Seattle but most of it comes during about 3 months of the year in the winter. Hardly any @rain this winter. No wheat grown in this area but many cattle ranchers and the cotton and corn farmers depend on the @rain during the winter to make it through the summer. Summer rains help but most of it evaporates before it can do much good. We desperately need @rain (and a lot of it) during the next couple months or its going to be tough for the Ag community here in Texas. John
  • qwert: $SE - good buy pt nice chart winner circle
  • john55: Nat Gas, I'm going to consult with some experts over the weekend and get back with you guys. I'm of the opinion this article was written to sell newspapers, but what do I know. What I do know is we've had frack tanks running all over $SE Texas forever, and I've never heard any worries about drinking water. Maybe we're just dumb. Or maybe that's whats wrong with us. :)
  • jojo1480: I believe self employment tax paying both sides, employer and employee. So where is the benefit? I pd my wife's $SE tax and I think it's ~15K/year. Now if you really make a ton of money, and if your old enough, than you can open a defined benefit program- using an accelerated actuarial table, you can sock away $260K/ year. It all depends on earnings. I rather own stocks for an entire year, and get favorable tax treatment. good luck.
  • scp: IRS-trader status. Once you file along with your 2010 taxes for next year, it becomes an income. Have you looked into paying $SE taxes? You cal claim business expenses, but there is the $SE tax. Also you can make a huge contribution to $SEP or individual 401(k) with the trader status. Only con is $SE & medicare taxes.
  • rcline: Volatility Squeezes: This may be a little hard to read, but here is my analysis of some volatility squeezes from signals over the last 5 trading days. They are in the format: Symbol Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Comments. In many cases the Phase 3 has not ...
  • maddenmg: Telechart - Version: (The #squeeze's listed above work better for a xfer to telechart in this format:) $PCAR $DD $IFF NOVL $BMC $DHR $UTX $LEG $PG $KMB KG $LLY $JNJ $ADI $K $CPB KFT $DVA JBR $CINF $PLL $CAT $IR $WM $NUE $CHRW $UPS $PNW $POM $DUK $D $SO $ED $AEP $CNP $XEL $NU $GAS $PEG $SRE $AEE $GD $PPG $IBM $CTXS $CA $CPWR $MSFT $IRM $ORCL $NWL $BLL $LIFE $ABT $BIIB $APH $INTC $LLTC $OXY $SE EXF $PCEF $BDX $MDT $CAR $PKI $TMO $DGX $TMK $MMC $SBUX $MMM $EMR $FAST $WMT $CVS $SHW $RAI $LUV $FDX $CMS PGN $EIX $SCG $WEC $PDCO $ARG
  • dunsek: ...
    Electronics: $APH, $INTC, $LLTC (semiconductor, big move Friday)
    Energy: $OXY, $SE
    Financial: $EFX (vol expansion?), $PCEF
    Food/Bevvie: $PEP
    Health: $BDX, $MDT (squeezing at the 200 ema and sma), $CAR, $PKI, $TMO, ...
  • dunsek: Markets- I'm the first to admit I'm not a candlestick guru, but I do use telecharts to make it easier for myself. I'll occasionally run a pretty full set of bull candle and bear candle scans, looking for an unusual lean one way or the other in the n ...
  • dunsek: Possible outperformers- last Saturday I posted a short list of stocks I thought might be looking good to outperform the S+P. They were: "...So now it's $PKI, $EMC, $DHR, $PBCT, $GPC, $DNB, $MRO and $SE, though more cautious about $SE and maybe $MRO than the others." and the results were: $PBCT +4.37% $PKI +4.10% $DHR +2.53% $DNB +1.75% S+P +1.41% $EMC +1.18% $MRO +1.06% $GPC +0.04% $SE -0.24% Not a bad result. Off to update the scans. edit- Ok- scans done, and this week's top candidates look like $HNZ and $FITB My second choice group would be $USB, $PBCT (again), $CMCSA, $DNB (again), $EMR And one that looks like it really wants to be a top candidate is MRK. One to watch, for sure. Happy risk management, everyone.
  • dunsek: Possible outperformers: before yesterday's open in response to bxshin's question about what looked good #RHRN, I posted $PKI, $EMC, $DHR, $CMCSA, $CINF, $SE, $EMR, $PBCT and GPC. Based on yesterday, I'm ditching $CMCSA, $CINF and $EMR from that list, adding $DNB and $MRO and putting $SE on notice. And yes, one day is hardly enough to base a decision on, but if the idea is to beat the S+P in December, you can't allow much leeway! So now it's $PKI, $EMC, $DHR, $PBCT, $GPC, $DNB, $MRO and $SE, though more cautious about $SE and maybe $MRO than the others.
  • dunsek: #RHRN- My short list of possible outperformers is $PKI, $EMC, $DHR, $CMCSA, $CINF, $SE, $EMR, $PBCT and GPC. Of those, I kind of like the contrarian play, so going long the #financials via PBCT. Yes, it is penalty box, so not sure if that meets your creme de la creme definition, but there you go. I also like $CINF and $GPC #RHRN, the others may need just a bit of watching. All the usual caveats apply- do your own top down and sector analysis, etc etc etc! Oh yeah- and though it didn't meet the mutli criteria for the above sort, I still like $HRB which I started a small position in yesterday and still think the coal trade (PCX, ICO) has legs for a while yet.
  • dkt: frustration - Hang in there, and don't panic. Legobusier describes the strategy that has made a huge difference to me. The second key for me has been another strategy that @DAN preaches, and that is the pyramid. Ditch the losers and add to the win ...
  • taznut98: $NE - 8k shows 4168 down days. However what catches my eye in regard to $NE contracts: 1. the length of some of the Petrobras contracts 2. Arabian Gulf Jackups 3. India Jackups 4. $SE Asia and Fareast drillship contracts. This company does not have all its eggs in one basket. The downtime in the Gulf of Mexico was unexpected. The majority of the ther downtime appears to be typical repair and maintenance, permit and regs paperwork. Yes I did notice some contracts were having rate reductions and there are a few inter company squabbles going on.
  • MattACarter: Picks in the SP-500 - $HP, NVLS?, $PXD, $TIE, $AIV, COP?, $SWN, APA?, V?, $NBL, $CHK, $SE, PCL?, MHS, $CRM, $ROST, AVP?, AMT?, $SRCL, FE?, EBAY?, D?, $SRCL - has anyone looked at it lately? $AKAM - anyone looked at it lately? $DTV - anyone looked at it? $BMY - worth a glance, to put it under the radar $MCK - anyone looked at it? ^ That is out of a skim of the daily charts of the 500 stocks in the S&P-500, which most of them look to be still in a prevailing downtrend, so I am not bullish at all on the S&P-500 I don't know how long the rally in Energy will last with the Dollar in a rally ... but ...
  • john55: @Dan, Don't use your fancy lawyer talk on me. :) Actually, here in $SE Texas you can't be around cattle all your life and not know what ruminate means. There's plenty of other vocabulary words we struggle with however. John
  • DobeRescuer: $MBTF - Up 19% today. I discussed this stock on Friday. Nobody commented. This is a very conservative and well-run small (micro?) cap bank. It is located in $SE MI where I live where the unemployment rate is highest in the country. Reported a small profit late last week. I think this baby has turned the corner! In better times it was a $15 to $20 stock. Disclosure: long $MBTF and buying more
  • TexasToast: aragorn555-- I think if you file Schedule $C and have profits then $SE taxes would be part of the tax return. Not at all sure how one declares trader status. Said I was a retired CPA. Knowledgeable about accounting matters but not a tax expert. Best wishes. I am Toast.
  • TexasToast: aragorn555-- I think if you file Schedule $C and have profits then $SE taxes would be part of the tax return. Not at all sure how one declares trader status. Said I was a retired CPA. Knowledgeable about accounting matters but not a tax expert. Best wishes. I am Toast.
  • DobeRescuer: $MBTF - Want to look at small (micro?) cap bank that just broke out in the last two days and is up 61% today as I write? The bad news about this bank is that it is located in $SE Michigan, probably one the most devasted areas in this county due to th ...
  • john55: $WFT (@TheNatural) The fishing tool hand I know (my dad) says that utilization is up here in $SE Texas. Course they are a huge international company and from the earnings report it looks like international was down. I don't own $WFT right now after getting whacked after several decent earnings reports. Figures they'd jump up after a miss. I bought a little $HAL this morning and might dip my toe in some $WFT at the close. John
  • peterd: @Dan's workshop: Anyone from $SE Wisconsin attending?
  • JimMac: free screener. Another screen to use that touches on @Dan's thesis of buying off of the SMA-50 is Price below SMA-20, Price above SMA-50. This screen will produce stocks in the general buy area of bouncing off of the 50-Day SMA but below the 20-Day SMA. For what it's worth, this screen($5-$20) is producing stocks in a few sectors including Basic Materials (Oil & Gas services and drillers), #Financials (Regional Banks, Reit's & Insurance Carriers),Technology (Software $ Semi's). Ticker's: $AA,CSIQ, $CIG, $EWBC, ME, MI, PCX, $PVA, $PDS, $PHM, SUG, $ZION, $SE, $SHO, $TLAB, YSI, $BX, $VSH, USG. To name a few.
  • CallaLilly: $CHU - strange note, just throwing it out (I don't understand because $SE Asia is only about growth) ... (Look at my sleeper Vietnamese $ETF - slow and lazy crawl up ... VNM). China's telecoms in tough times, $FT reports China Mobile (CHL) last week reported its slowest interim profit growth in 12 years, the Financial Times reports, underwhelming investors. Smaller rivals China Telecom (CHA) and China Unicom (CHU) are not expected to report a drastically different picture, despite brighter prospects for gaining market share. Ovum analyst Charice Wang says the main growth momentum in China's telecom sector will have to come from signing up new subscribers in rural areas
  • Sizzle: Additional stock ideas. I have run a number of screens over the weekend looking for stocks that have exceptionally strong #financials, strong profitability and that pay a good #dividend. These dividends are not the yield hogs that jan so consistent ...
  • CallaLilly: Sheesh. I really, really need to leave sell orders when I go out. There are plenty of stocks that are moving pretty frequently 10% or so. This is much harder than stop losses.

    @Dan. I can't watch #CNBC - although I will when you're on. It reminds ...
  • Craigy: Input cost to $GT are plumeting. Rubber in $SE Asia is at record recent lows yet on capital hill the gang is talking about how we will either be needing more tires for bikes or cars. The chart of $GT looks very good. Dont forget stops or hedges.
  • sasavisnic67: I always have PE and SE. PE - promary exit and $SE secondary exit. PE is on profit and $SE is if position is loosing. $SE does not always mean to close for a loos but maybe to adjust option position.
  • Sizzle: @Bob, I just don't know enough about the contents of GS's Balance Sheet. Talent wise, I think they are in the top 2, but at the end of Q1 2008, their Level 3 assets were 2 times their amount of Shareholder's Equity. They were 4th on the list and the top 6 were BSC, $MS, MER, $GS, LEH, and FNM. That's not exactly good company to be keeping. For Level 2 assets, they were 12 times $SE, behind only BSC and MER. That was 2 quarters ago and a lot can happen since then. Unfortunately, I don't have a Bloomberg terminal to get their current numbers.
  • Sizzle: @Hiddleson, the answer to your question probably lies in the % of Level 3 assets on the Balance Sheets of the institutions, and to a lesser extent, the Level 2 assets. I do not have access to a Bloomberg terminal, but Bennett Sedacca from Minyanvil ...
  • Russ: A few of interest that seemed to hold up at this close with the S&P at 1304: $SE held the 20 DMA on good vol $PCP lower Boll, modest vol $ECA well above daily low but choppy $TCK well above daily low $JCOM down 2% from yesterday's pop but at the upper Boll $DO still hugging the 50 DMA and $RIO is sitting at the middle Boll 20 DMA. Anyone have any counsel on $RIO, given all their capital investing? Russ
  • Virgil25: ...
    otherwise, here is a complete pipeline list:


    The ...
  • evanesce: @Yachtsman, this was easy. I had to drop my volume limit down to 250K/day, because pipelines are not especially active trading vehicles (with a few exceptions). The list, adding $TRP, is $EEP EP $EPD KMP MGG NSH $PAA SE $STR @TPP $TRP WMB My observations: - huge daily volumes in EP EPD $SE STR $WMB, best for estimating rotation - every name, except $SE, either never tagged the 200DMA or has now regained it (!!) - $SE has dropped out from an extended volatility #squeeze so it has a special chart pattern - EP MGG $NSH suffered very little technical damage (TRP $WMB held well too) So: these differ from the refiners and drillers, which I think are momentum names. Pipelines, especially the top performers, might well be hed by steadier hands who take a longer-term view. Certainly the group's rapid recovery from some sharp drops is a positive indicator.
  • BBortner: @Brick, not even a card from my father on my b-day though? :( I thought maybe Reno was just a connection point. I've driven to Reno before to go snowboarding, that's a long drive. I see what you mean though. He must be heading to $SE Oregon.
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Spectra Energy Corp. through its subsidiaries and equity affiliates, owns and operates a portfolio of complementary natural gas-related energy assets.

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