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TAL Weekly Chart

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  • majida_perveen: @scottrades What do you think about $TAL?
  • scottrades: @majida_perveen $TAL It's a China stock and those carry extra risk. It's up almost 30% in 3 days, so not something I could buy.
  • vitoB: @lauralynnee #wolverines step in and buy some education stocks right here...$CHGG $TAL for a trade
  • kt4000: Added $NATI Calls 8.20.21 45.00's, Added $IQ small position in case China reverses, added calls in $TME, $TAL and looking for $BABA all very small call positions
  • Henry: $EDU $TAL one time forum fav EDU is now a penny stock and TAL is cut in half. Andy RS reports that China is cracking down on foreign investments in online education. More than just the pure education stocks are involved in online, TenCent being one
  • lostsheep: @Henry $EDU $TAL No shortage of other adr's in the red pre market
  • Henry: @lostsheep $EDU $TAL Cramer just said you can't own these stocks, meaning all China stocks. I agree. I'm not so sure I should be holding $AAPL. When Taiwan goes, they will nationalize AAPL too.
  • scottrades: @artistcove WOW Those are some big drops. $EDU $TAL $GOTU
  • scottrades: Hey team, hearing some chatter about a Non-US fund or bank "blowing up" or having some forced liquidation of some major names. Which could explain some of the volatility we've seen in some of the China names, like $GSX, $IQ, $TAL, $TME, $VIPS and some others like $VIAC, $SHOP and $BIDU. Could be just noise, just passing along what I've heard.
  • lostsheep: @scottrades $GSX $IQ $TAL $TME $VIPS $VIAC $SHOP $BIDU that sure would explain some of the unusual price action in some name that have lagged
  • Hawaiianmaxx: @scottrades $GSX $IQ $TAL $TME $VIPS $VIAC $SHOP $BIDU you heard anything about what's going to happen on Monday? 😂 🔮🔮🎱 Short Monday 😊😃
  • wanda1616: @scottrades $GSX $IQ $TAL $TME $VIPS $VIAC $SHOP $BIDU lord ....unbelievable
  • wanda1616: @wanda1616 $GSX $IQ $TAL $TME $VIPS $VIAC $SHOP $BIDU apparently GS had a block of 50 mill shares to sell for someone this morning BIDU that is
  • kycol: My #Mernervini-scan at 5-minutes green: $NVAX $CLX $ABC $ALT $TAL $GSX $CWH $SFM $WERN $KR $PGR $FAST
  • CraigReynolds:
  • lostsheep: $TAL went inside and up at 78.38 now inside week and up at 80.88 weekly macd cross No real overhead resistance to speak of. Earnings in the rear view
  • cshanggu: Anyone watching $TAL breakout
  • Yuls: $TAL looking interesting, hanging right over 50dma for now
  • DAN: $TAL -- I would normally put $TAL on the GSL, but it's reporting next week, so it would have to be a quick trade. But...that doesn't mean that the stock should be ignored. It's breaking out of a range and hitting a new high after a relatively short cup & handle.
  • jschibal:
  • Herb: $TAL anybody know the EPS/RS numbers?
  • lostsheep: @Herb $TAL IMHO It's China I'm not sure you could believe it anyway. The chart matters
  • champ: @Herb $TAL --- 10/22/am....
  • Herb: @lostsheep $TAL Hmmmm. Good point.
  • Herb: @champ $TAL Thanks Champ
  • jschibal: $ENSG $TAL - both tried to breakout today
  • Bwhitty: $TAL confirming breakout
  • Bwhitty: $TAL watching it squeeze on interim chart. Lets see if it breaks HOD into close.
  • Bwhitty: $TAL looking good into close.
  • scottrades: ...
    $TAL Watch 78.20
    $PRTS Basing.
    $FAST Coming out of a Squeeze
    $SNA Holding the 21 Day.
    $SWK Coming out of a Squeeze
    $SAIL Holding the 8 EMA
    $YEXT Coming out of a Long Base.

    Requests: Biotech Gene Editing Stocks from an IBD Podcast. Watch the l ...
  • Angdionk: $TAL bouncing off 50dma
  • scottto_2: $TAL #SpoutingHorn - Not in the cards today by the looks of things...
  • scottto_2: $TAL - ATH plus possible #SpoutingHorn set up. Up pretty big on just above average volume today. Same with the day before. Additional volume could lead to a #Spout into the mid-$80s. Total speculation. Just have to see what the pre-market/early action is looking like.
  • Max115: $TAL Pierced the 8d and bounced lets see if it can keep moving higher
  • Max115: $TAL still going
  • Reif99: @bRobert $YY @bRobert $YY Lot of China up today $BABA $EDU $TAL (would have been nice to see that two days ago) $JD
  • bRobert: @Reif99 $YY $BABA $EDU $TAL $JD I commented on the the unusual perky price action of $NTES $JD $BILI others Still many with high upside with a confirmed move > 200d A tell was the bounce in China stocks last Friday after Trump talk FXI sliced through 50/200WEEK today VERY solid move
  • Max115: $TAL @ Dan What are your thoughts on this one? For an entry
  • traderdl: $TAL lod
  • scottrades: $TAL - Down only 9.5% Premarket after the news that came out last night. This could be worth watching for a move in either direction. It's not really down enough for a decent snapback like we had with $LK (which remains halted by the way) but in this market we've really seen it all haven't we? Watch 52 for a move back up and watch 50 for a move lower.
  • Laws13: @scottrades $TAL $LK Looked at TAL last night AH when it dropped to 40. Did not have the nerve to buy!
  • scottrades: Speaking of #TheChinaHustle which I did re-watch yesterday. There's a Short Report out on $IQ by the same company that has called out $LK and $TAL. Stock had a big bounce yesterday, I would watch this as well for some volatility. I would not recommend looking at any of these ideas as a potential long term investment, short term trades only imo. $IQ currently down 8% premarket, again not a massive drop, but we could get some volatility. https://wolfpackresearch.com/iq-netflix-of-china-good-luckin/
  • jlutzkanin: @scottrades $TAL $LK $EDU down 2%. $VIPS down fractionally.
  • michaelH: @Herb $TAL $GSX $EDU $BABA $NTES $BIDU $HUYA $S $WB wrongdoing in China, now thats a surprise!!!!
  • Showmethemoney: $TAL down 25% after hours
  • scottrades: @Showmethemoney $TAL News: TAL Education announced certain employee wrongdoing discovered in the company's routine internal auditing process. TAL discovered irregularities and violations of the company's business conduct and internal control policies by an employee in the company's newly introduced "Light Class" business. Upon such discovery, TAL immediately reported to the local police. The employee has been taken into custody by the local police. Based upon the company's routine internal audit, the company suspects that the employee of question conspired with external vendors to wrongly inflate "Light Class" sales by forging contracts and other documentations. For the fiscal year 2020 ended February 29, 2020, "Light Class" sales accounted for approximately 3% to 4% of the company's total estimated revenues.
  • Showmethemoney: @scottrades $TAL it maybe a buy in the morning!
  • jlutzkanin: @scottrades $TAL $EDU dropping in sympathy
  • Hokie54: $TAL Could this be another $LK. short overnite
  • greenpatrol: @scottrades $TAL $GSX also dropping in AH
  • scottrades: @greenpatrol $TAL $GSX I'm going to re-watch The China Short tonight..lol
  • greenpatrol: @scottrades $TAL $GSX Ha! Yes, there seem to be a lot of cockroaches coming out. I've got a substantial short position on $GSX, but I'll protect it with trailing stops and look to reload.
  • Herb: Chickens coming home to roost? Several China related companies are lower after $TAL Education (TAL) update: TAL -21% (announced certain employee wrongdoing discovered in the Company's routine internal auditing process), $GSX -10.9%, $EDU -6.3%, $BABA -3.5%, $NTES -2.7%, $BIDU -2.5%, $HUYA -2.2%, $S -1.7%, $WB -1.2%
  • sgiseller: @Herb $TAL $GSX $EDU $BABA $NTES $BIDU $HUYA $S $WB I've lost money on evey single chinese stock I've ever purchased
  • Herb: @Herb $TAL $GSX $EDU $BABA $NTES $BIDU $HUYA $S $WB Correction: $S was supposed to have been $VIPS.
  • humble: @DAN $CCL $RCL $NCLH $SPX $T2100 $DJI $DJT $NDX $T2108 $T2107 $VIPS $PETS $TAL $EDU $GSX $ZM $MSFT $GOOGL @DAN you had $ZM Whats ur thoughts on $ZM. It was listed but not in your strategy session? Thanks!
  • DAN: ...
    $TAL -- The obvious trade typically isn’t the money maker.
    $EDU -- Nope.
    $JD -- Still in a range.
    $PLMR -- Not strong. Lower highs and lows.
    $RNG -- Still holding...but not buyable.
    $WPM -- support at intermediate-term anchored VWAP
    $SE -- ne ...
  • Cokeman1959: $TAL off the lows and has regained the 50 day.
  • DAN: ...
    $TAL -- pullback to 50-day MA is holding.
    $EDU -- channel is pretty flat now. This is “accumulation v. distribution.”
    $GSX -- Too early to buy. $ZM
    $MSFT -- Look for support at the 200-day MA
    $GOOGL -- $1200 support?

  • DAN: ...
    $TAL -- Still working.
    $EDU -- Still working.
    $GSX -- Still working.
    $QDEL - working.
    $RNG -- Pretty steep drop in a few days. Needs time to regroup, but keep stop just below 50-day MA.
    $IIPR -- holding at 50-day MA
    $HZNP -- Alert $36. ...
  • kycol: @brett_anderson #chopchop took a starter position in $TAL above the VWAP. Only chart I had confidence in other than day trading $GLD,
  • Samik: @Dan Is it a good time to take some profits & sit in cash ? $BABA (26% profit), $SPLK (33% up), $LULU (29% up), $PRFT (29% up), $RGEN (22% up), $TNDM (21% up), $TAL (49% up) ?
    $BABA -- you're half way through the consolidation phase. Trend is still working though. I think you've got staying power.
    $SPLK -- I'd be holding this, though I'd probably also have a stop on at lea ...
  • Samik: @DAN $BABA $SPLK $LULU $PRFT $RGEN $TNDM $TAL Thank you so much for the advice & kind words. I will be holding all of them for now. As mentioned before the credit goes to you. All I do is to listen to you carefully, have faith in you and be patient. Have been with you since > 10 yrs now (may be 15). You and your family should be proud of yourself ... that you can help, guide and influence people across the world in the right direction :). I am one of the beneficiaries from India.
  • MarketMaster: $TAL why is $TAL crushing it this morning? I see no news.
  • DrScience: @MarketMaster $TAL Schools likely closed in China, so creative educators are switching to online platforms.
  • Henry: @scottrades $EDU $TAL earnings 5 cents vs expected 12 cents. $49 ish in premarket $EDU down in sympathy, despite Benchmark raising pt to $155
  • DAN: @Henry @scottrades $EDU $TAL I agree that $EDU could be a buying opportunity at the open. But that's a distinct trade from the GSL position. Wait for signs that big traders are buying it. And even then, it's likely to be a daytrade. The way I see it, the stock is broken and needs a lot of time to re-set.
  • Samik: @Dan Happy New Year to you & your family (since this is my 1st mssg to you in 2020). The mkt has been rising consistently since past few days. Wondering whether I should sell / take profits or add to any of these $MOMO (14%), $BABA (33%), $SPLK (24%), $LULU (26%), $PRFT (20%), $GSX (43%), $MRVL (19%), $TAL (41%). Tx for yr advice.
  • DAN: @Samik $MOMO $BABA $SPLK $LULU $PRFT $GSX $MRVL $TAL Thanks Samik. Happy New Year to you and yours too! 8-)

    Re/ the stocks: totally depends on what you think they're going to do. I can't consider what your profit is on the stocks because they're ...
  • Samik: @DAN $MOMO $BABA $SPLK $LULU $PRFT $GSX $MRVL $TAL Thank you Dan. As mentioned before, the Kudos goes to you. I have been following you since > 10 yrs and I go with yr recommended stocks. Will take some profits off $TAL, $GSX as both are > 40% returns already. Will add to $MOMO as suggested by you. Tx again.
  • DAN: @Samik $MOMO $BABA $SPLK $LULU $PRFT $GSX $MRVL $TAL Hey Samik. You honor me with your loyalty and it is really meaningful to me. People like you are the reason I do what I do. Thank you for sharing your success with me. 8-)
  • woodman: #China - #Chinese educational stocks remain strong. $EDU $TAL, and one that ran hard into and now coming out of a flag - $TEDU.
  • woodman: $EDU $TAL - all time highs, but not good buy spots.
  • Samik: @Dan Reaching out to seek your advice on some of the stocks in my portfolio. Should I add, keep, book profit on these stocks - $MSFT (35% profit), $INSG (33% profit), $BABA (20% profit), $SPLK (15% profit), $LULU (15% profit), $TAL (18% profit) ? I will continue to hold on to $JD (25% profit) $MRVL $PRFT $PAYS $APPS as suggested by you a month ago (our corress on Nov 14th). Tx a ton.
  • DAN: @Samik $MSFT $INSG $BABA $SPLK $LULU $TAL $JD $MRVL $PRFT $PAYS $APPS MSFT -- hold INSG - sell BABA - hold SPLK - stop below 140 LULU - hold TAL - hold
  • Samik: @DAN $MSFT $INSG $BABA $SPLK $LULU $TAL $JD $MRVL $PRFT $PAYS $APPS Thank you Dan. Will do the needful. Tx for the advice. Appreciate.
  • DAN: @Samik $MSFT $INSG $BABA $SPLK $LULU $TAL $JD $MRVL $PRFT $PAYS $APPS No problem, Samik. Looks like you are doing quite well. Congrats, my friend.
  • Samik: @Dan Reaching out to seek your advice on my portfolio. Should I add, keep, book profit on these stocks - $MSFT (31% profit), $INSG (33% profit), $BABA (18% profit), $SPLK (15% profit), $LULU (20% profit), $TAL (15% profit) ? I will continue to hold on to $JD $MRVL $PRFT $PAYS $APPS as suggested by you a month ago (our corress on Nov 14th). Tx a ton.
  • Auto: $TAL VS break E Jan 22 added
  • bwcarnation1: $TAL vs bo on vol...a bit extended??
  • sierramp: @bwcarnation1 $TAL Thanks for pointing this out. It has been extended in my view but the 8 pulled back to the 20 in Nov. The fundies however are A+. Rev growth rate last 4 qtrs 61.52% - that's the metric I watch most closely. Only 60% held by institutions so there is room for institutional buying.
  • bwcarnation1: @sierramp $TAL you're welcome thanks for the fundies info....
  • DAN: @Rjeletrik $EDU Yes, I'm going to add this to the GSL. Watching it at $119 and hoping that it'll pull back a bit. But this is a pretty strong reversal from Tuesday's earnings "gap and crap." I think a lot of it is due to $TAL's earnings.
  • rverkamp: @mahoney272004 $PTC $TAL is turning up nicely after finding support at $32 or 200MA
  • rverkamp: $PYPL $TAL both getting close to move above the VWAP
  • Showmethemoney: @traderbren $EDU $TAL @dan Guys---thank you. New member here. I took up traderbren on the idea of a purchase of $TAL Bought 400 at 32.76 Once it hit 34, I put a stop limit in at 33.82 I was looking to clear a point profit. The idea of putting a stop limit after just buying a stock is new to me! It worked well!
  • traderbren: @Showmethemoney $EDU $TAL - nicely done. Gotta have a strategy going into the trade...whether long-term or short-term - and set your Target, Exit, and Stops when you are Wrong!
  • Showmethemoney: @traderbren $EDU $TAL Yes, thanks. I got lucky in that the stock ran before I could a stop limit order in to sell. I'm at work and had to tend to other things.
  • DAN: @Showmethemoney $EDU $TAL Great job! Hopefully we'll show you more money!!! 8-)
  • Hans_Schultz1: Gonna take another look at these in the morning for oversold bounce possibilities (day trade / 59 min) Pretty much all had their big gap down already today (7/25) and did not bounce $F $TAL $ALGN $TSLA (not high hopes here, but will look) $PYPL $COR $PTC Some of these have really been beat down and maybe had it coming. Never know though.
  • traderbren: $EDU & $TAL - poised to move higher here. Long $TAL as of this morning.
  • CraigReynolds: @traderbren $EDU $TAL I entered $EDU this morning. Both similar, was looking at $TAL also. I'm kind of concerned doing more in the China sector today, actually concerned holding this weekend from buying more. Holding $KWEB also. Will watch close and see how stocks are working/reacting if I will swing. I feel news will be coming that will not hurt the market but to me it's like holding a position over earnings. What's your take if I may ask?
  • traderbren: @CraigReynolds $EDU $TAL $KWEB - I can't disagree with your thesis...as that's been playing out in my mind too. We know we won't get a deal in place this weekend, so the coin toss is; 1). No deal and a total stalemate in continued discussions, or 2). The agreement to continue discussions towards a deal, along with pushing out the addition of tariffs till a future date. I'm thinking we might see #2 and the market will take it as good news for the short-term. Failing that, our Chinese trades will head south very quickly. Sorry that's of no help, but like you, I'm weighing the optimistic side of the trade. If not, I have a defined risk for the loss on the downside and will hit the exits.
  • CraigReynolds: @traderbren $EDU $TAL $KWEB #2 Agree and believe POTUS said something like #2 with delay of imposing 25 to 10 as possible.
  • champ: @traderbren $EDU $TAL $KWEB #2 --- I added to $KWEB, going to swing into Monday, because it is real simple, they will just lie and kick the can down the road again. They see lying as positive, they need their markets to bounce, they will say and do what ever it takes, for the #Markets-to-Bounce, it is all about profits. Common-sense trade, they don't want their markets to drop, I believe it is really just that simple. If they wanted to play hard ball, they just wouldn't even have a meeting. However, in the U.S., traders always trade, for profits, just like they always do. In China, they always lie and steal, for profits, just like they always do. Nothing has changed....
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $TAL TAL Education Group American Depositary Shares. Click here to view associated video clip: http://stockmarketmentor.com/stockanalysis.html?ticker=TAL&clip=111357
  • CraigReynolds: $TAL moving
  • rachel: ...
    $WING - Stalling here, but good to hold. Use stop below 20-day MA.
    $WK - Squeezing. Alert $52.65
    $TAL – still going. Breakout high. Stop below 50-day MA.
    $TWTR – Flag pattern. Alert $40.20
    $IDXX – Wednesday earnings (am) ...
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Stock Price $11.70
Change -4.18%
Volume 12,252,500

TAL International Group, Inc. is a lessor of intermodal containers and chassis. The Company operates in two business segments namely Equipment leasing and Equipment trading.

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