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Strategy Session April 8th, 2020

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April 8th, 2020
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  • CraigReynolds: #Earnings Play I know there are a few earnings players in SMM. A few set-ups for option trades-plays on a few companies I'm watching. These have weekly options to take advantage of volatility. 3/12 $ULTA; $AVGO; $JBL; $GOGO; $NAV 3/16 $OSTK; 3/19 $CSIQ; 3/20 $TIF
  • Henry: $ULTA stair stepping upward. long
  • sierramp: Well check out $ULTA. Seems intent on moving on up. Above the 200 and Golden Cross may be coming in a few days. I added. @Henry mentioned this a few minutes ago as well.
  • champ: @sierramp $ULTA ---- Follow the #Forum-posts for profits, not hard.
  • sierramp: @champ $ULTA You've got that right. Hope you are having a very profitable day.
  • Henry: @sierramp $ULTA @Champ was talking about it in January. On Feb 6th I asked @Dan if the gap could be viewed as an area of no resistance. He said: "@Henry $ULTA Yeah, I do. While no stock was traded into the gap, it just means it's a pocket of air....but it doesn't negate the feelings of loss from traders who bought higher. NICE move in ULTA. "
  • sierramp: @Henry $ULTA I made two buys on that day. I didn't miss those posts. Thank you @Henry @Champ and of course @Dan.
  • champ: @sierramp $ULTA --- YW but not all work...Sounds easy but as we all know nothing is easy. So many posts, just have to try to filter and do a little home works. Small can work, can always add. Slow also works, never need to be in a hurry.
  • sierramp: @champ $ULTA We must be in the same classroom. My thoughts as well.
  • DAN: @sierramp @Henry $ULTA -- great job on $ULTA.
  • Henry: $ULTA heading into the gap
  • Henry: $ULTA up at resistance (top of the trendline) If you are short term oriented take profits.
  • sierramp: $ULTA is my friend. Will add on move abv D200.
  • Henry: @sierramp @Dan $ULTA Should we view the gap as an area of no resistance, because the I want my money back crowd is way above?
  • DAN: @Henry $ULTA Yeah, I do. While no stock was traded into the gap, it just means it's a pocket of air....but it doesn't negate the feelings of loss from traders who bought higher. NICE move in ULTA.
  • DAN: ...
    $ULTA -- GSL stock? No. EPS, Sales and Margins are shrinking. Still positive, but shrinking. And stock is still in a volatile base.
    $YETI -- Still consolidating.
  • cb: $ULTA Looking GOOD
  • champ: $ULTA @ $275.00 ---- Oppenheimer raised their target price to $310.00, this stock zig-zags.
  • Henry: $ULTA on the move to fill the gap long
  • Mitchell: 1/13/2020 Trading Notes $BRKR - broke out above the $52 level after putting in a series of higher lows over the last 3 months. Today, the company said they expect FY19 revenue to be near the top of their projected range. Earnings are due out on 2/10. $CSX - closed above the $74.00-$74.50 resistance level, closing near the highs of the session. Earnings are due out on 1/16. $DECK - pulled back to the 50-day EMA and shares are starting to see buyers step in again. Earnings are due out near the end of the month. $TOL - watch to see if the strength above $41.50 can be sustained into the weekly close (has struggled at these levels since September) $ULTA - closed higher for the 5th consecutive trading session, now breaking out above the $270 resistance level. Earnings aren't until March so we could a prolonged move to fill part of the gap down from August.
  • ehaglund: @michaelH $ULTA also breaking out of a squeeze...
  • DAN: Consider Estee Lauder ($EL) at $206.50 with a stop at $199.80. This is a risk of 3.25%. After seeing some of the Golden Globes Awards last night (actually, I just watched Ricky Gervais' monologue on YouTube which was absolutely PRICELESS), all the makeup and mascara on all those vapid, narcissistic and self-important sour pusses made me ponder the cosmetic industry. Ulta Beauty ($ULTA) is still in a basing pattern and will probably work at some point, but EL is just the ticket. --Dan
  • dmccoy: $ULTA Something just lit a fire under the retail stocks...
  • Sher: FYI Posts - Latest 1 day change: Gold/Silver: $AEM +0.03%, $AG -2.33%, $AU 2.05%, $AUY 1.39%, $BVN 1.16%, $CDE 1.39%, $DUST -3.27%, $EGO 1.68%, $GDX 1.07%, $GDXJ 0.41%, $GFI 2.91%, $GGN 0.71%, $GLD 0.01%,$ GOLD 3.11%, $IAU 0.00%, $JNUG 1.74%, $KGC 1.90%,$ KL -0.31%, $NEM 1.26%, $NGD -0.12%, $NUGT 3.07%, $PAAS 1.31%, $PVG 0.88%, $RGLD 1.24%, $SLV 0.13% Retail: $AMZN -0.37%, $BBBY 4.98%, $BBY 0.75%, $BOOT 3.99%, $COTY 0.36%, $DG 0.08%, $DLTR -0.23%, $ELF -1.97%, $FIVE 0.36%, $GOOS 0.81%, $GPS 2.37%, $JWN 3.03%, $KSS 0.79%, $LOW -0.01%, $LULU 0.60%, $M 3.12%, $NKE 0.92%, $OLLI 0.98%, $TGT -0.23%, $TJX -0.41%, $UA 1.82%, $ULTA -2.30%, $WMT -1.17% Solar: $CSIQ -3.42%, $DQ -2.27%, $ENPH -0.43%, $FSLR 0.34%, $JKS -3.41%, $RUN 2.66%, $SEDG 0.46%, $SPWR 0.76%
  • 86944T: @Ringo Here’s my 59 min watch list for this morning. $ULTA $TTD $DOCU $AMZN $CMG $VEEV $CRWD $SAGE $RTN $YEXT $PD $RH $FTNT $ZM. They could be shorts or bounces. Just keep scrolling thru them an see if anything works in either direction.
  • shoredriver: $CLDR $ULTA $OKTA $CRWD$ZM...a few reporting after.......
  • traderbren: $ULTA -- seeing some interest this morning as folks get tarted up ahead of turkey day. Clearing the 50dma.
  • Henry: $ULTA pt cut by Stiefel to $215 is hammering this stock
  • wijimmy: @Henry $ULTA... earnngs 12/5 .. Targets all over map since last report 8/2019 as per benzinga.com Barclays 251.0 Nomura 215.0 Cowen & Co. 300.0 Goldman Sachs 276.0 Jp Morgan 317 Citigroup 300.0 Cowen & Co. 313.0 Telsey Advisory Group 330.0 Credit Suisse 286.0 Stifel 250.0
  • Mitchell: 11/25/2019 Trading Notes $AEO - bullish hammer candlestick printed on the retest of the $14 support level $ALXN - nice breakout above the $111 resistance level and the downtrend line today $CMCSA - down over 3% today to close below the $43.50 support level (held on several tests over the last 2 months) $IWM - the small cap ETF closed above the $160 level for the first time in over a year after trading in a $15 range. On a measured move basis, it sets up for a run to $175 or on a more conservative basis, the August 2018 high of $170.69. $TER - continues to see buyers step in on pullbacks to the 50-day EMA. An initial stop loss on a long position can be placed under $61. $ULTA - hit a low not seen since April of 2018, but printed a bullish hammer candlestick by the end of the session. Earnings are due out on 12/5.
  • Bert953: Volitility squeezes I saw today: $ULTA, $OLLI, $XEC, $TWTR, $PCAR, $VLO, $FLS, $ALGN, $ORLY
  • debeers: $ULTA vs $EL-In my opinion, global skincare is where you want to be. $EL-long.
  • Henry: @debeers $ULTA under pressure today. They had a ""Beautyfest" on Saturday where stores were supposed to open an hour early and big discounts. Some stores didn't open early, people had to stand out in the cold to get a $5 coupon https://nypost.com/2019/11/18/customers-claim-ultas-beautyfest-was-full-of-empty-promises/
  • shoredriver: @Henry @debeers $ULTA ...$Coty...almost tripled this year(earlier)..now Kylie....np
  • shoredriver: @traderbren $LULU ....Lulu then on to $ULTA and finish off with squeezing the avocados at Whole Foods......A full day.....
  • wijimmy: @champ $MDR ..Well said I Agree 100% .. It's just a reminder that we are not playing on a level playing field... Check out $ULTA testing lows again after positive news and a run up last week of September... As you like to say timing and entry is everything.. $ULTA is one to watch for that.. There is a BIG gap to fill eventually...
  • champ: @wijimmy $ULTA..@ $239....Yes, Thanks and I'm in with a Spec...and Guggenheim is out with a buy this morning.
  • Nepenthe: $GME $KMI The former rising again today. High short interest, to say the least. Spec stock, stop below 8ema. Last two days spiked, only to sell off a bit. $KMI Got back in after earnings--thanks Champ and others--and looking to add, as it seems to have broken the daily downward trend line of lower highs, back above the 50ma, though with the 100ma overhead, for what that's worth. Oh, and I took the $ULTA spec trade also before you and jimmy mentioned it, so a bit of confirmation from the more advanced member helps as always. That's it. Cheers.
  • Herb: @Nepenthe $GME $KMI $ULTA heard that $GME was Michael Burris' favorite pick. He was the smartest guy in "The Big Short"
  • Nepenthe: @Herb $GME $KMI $ULTA Yes, I heard that quite awhile ago. I've been trading around this since the mid-3's, so return is quite substantial. Only wish I'd been more aggressive with amounts. Wondering if the 200ma is a realistic endeavor. Cheers.
  • Mitchell: 10/21/2019 Trading Notes $AKAM - been trading sideways for nearly 2 months. Watch to see if the stock can sustain a move above the $92-$93 level. Earnings are due out on 10/28. $BAC - retesting major resistance at $31 on the weekly chart. The bank reported better than expected quarterly results last week. $ULTA - bearish price action over the last couple of sessions, failing to regain the $250 level. If the stock falls below $235, look for a retest of the September lows. $XLF - the financials ETF is back at major resistance near $28.40-$28.60 (July and September peaks)
  • Ringo: $ULTA - Start a small position
  • debeers: $AAPL/$ARWR/$BA/$EL icky but better than $ULTA which i won't own/$EW-just a rest/$FORM stickoing with this co./$RH- not an easy market.
  • debeers: $EL//$ULTA-The next time someone tries to convince you to buy $ULTA vs. $EL--consider this: $ULTA is up 3.15% for the year. For the year.( I thought i'd say it again just to be sure you got it. ) $EL is up 51.13%. for the year. $EL consistently outperforms the market--good years and bad.IF this were Ulta's first year with all their innovation, we could pour holy water on it together. But it is not. How did they screw themselves up? 1. They gave away too much in loyalty points and 2. too much low end crap that needs to be continually rotated Institutions vote by buying the shares of companies they like from CEO's they trust. Insti money is big money-not you and i. If you settle for poor quality in stocks or in friends you don't always get what you deserve in the short run. In the long run, you do.
  • rsh1cpa: $ULTA - Pulling back. Big insider purchases stopped just below. Thoughts?
  • debeers: $$EL/VS $ULTA/$AMZN-At the end of the day, you can load up on $ULTA if you want to.....On the other hand, if you actually want to make money, you buy $EL. its your thing---do what you wanna do. here's why in this space: 1 year return 34.5%/3 years 124.9%/5 years 177.2---Year to date up48.73% $AMZN-Smoochies to my friends who said "are you out of your mind???? or words to that effect.Thanks
  • stoictrader: @rsh1cpa $ULTA my trailing stop was hit today, the trade did well for me but I am not liking the price action today up to now
  • debeers: @rsh1cpa $ULTA -Icky and blecch!
  • wijimmy: @drotars $ULTA .. You should put @DAN in front of your question so he notices it
  • wijimmy: @DAN .. Do you have any classes on EXITS or when to sell a stock ? I'm from the school of { you can't lose money by taking a profit} BUT, by doing that I always leave a lot of crumbs on the table.. For example I took some $ULTA on 9/17 at $229.75 for a swing and I'm still holding .. BUT itching to sell it right now at $261
  • traderbren: $ULTA - nice pop this morning...into gap filling mode. Also keep an eye on $ETSY, moving above the 50dma
  • drotars: @wijimmy $ULTA thanks for the suggestion. will dow
  • drotars: @DAN my question is this concerning $ULTA. On Sept 18th it entered a Black Cross. By the end of the week the 100 Day SMA will move below the 200 Day SMA. The chart is reading DANGER. Dan, Is this a consideration you take when suggesting buying into a stock as you did yesterday? I am curious.
  • 86944T: @traderbren $ULTA $ETSY $ULTA still moving, but above R3. $ETSY rolling over.
  • DAN: @drotars $ULTA What is a black cross?
  • DAN: @drotars $ULTA I didn't buy ULTA yesterday. It's not my type of trade.
  • DAN: @wijimmy $ULTA Working on it.
  • DAN: @drotars $ULTA What is a black cross? And what timeframe are you trading in? It makes a difference. A huge difference.
  • debeers: $ULTA-J Lo is introducing a new perfume and it will only be available in the United States through $ULTA. Hence today's move. NP
  • Ringo: $ULTA - Dan thank you for the trade. Very exciting earning morning
  • DAN: @Ringo $ULTA Great! Congrats, Ringo. (Love your drumming, man. Always in the pocket with a little bit of swing).
  • Ringo: $ULTA - Learn a lot. Timing and entry is everything. Not just trading I think apply to everything in life.
  • DAN: @drotars $ULTA OK. Not seeing your response to "what's a black cross", so I'll assume you've got your question answered by someone else. 8-)
  • Won23: @debeers $ULTA Wonder if their exclusives with Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande (Crain’s Chi) have debuted already. It would be nice to know who is next and when!
  • debeers: @Won23 $ULTA -Kylie has been with ULTA for some time. Teenage girls don't have a very long attention span.
  • debeers: $ULTA@DAN-By the way, insiders are buying shares today also. here's 1 example-Heilbronn-1 director went from owning 1,809,073 shares on 9/26 to 2,026,679. You see similar patters for the other directors.First they bought, Then the charts reflected it.
  • drotars: @DAN $ULTA when the 50Day SMA moves below the 200 SMA on the Daily chart, sometimes known also as a Death Cross. I am viewing it on the Think or Swim platform. Actually, I noticed it on your chart yesterday (Free Chart of the Day). Sept 16th (red crossing below the blue.) thanks for taking the time to respond.
  • debeers: @Won23 $ULTA -Jenner's stuff out almost a year ago which is a hundred years ago to a teenager
  • issues: @debeers $ULTA 3rd day up, I say it pulls back in a phase two pattern tomorrow.
  • debeers: @issues $ULTA -thanksNP
  • drotars: $ULTA @DAN $ULTA when the 50Day SMA moves below the 200 SMA on the Daily chart, also known as a Death Cross. I am viewing it on the Think or Swim platform. Actually, I noticed it on your chart yesterday (Free Chart of the Day). Sept 16th (red crossing below the blue.) thanks for taking the time to respond.
  • shoredriver: @drotars $ULTA ...Did you pick any up and make money???
  • drotars: @shoredriver $ULTA I did. I had bought a Put after seeing the 50 Day Crossing under the 200 day last week but as the stock just roared in the first five minutes I sold the put and bought 400 shares. when the market started to tank i sold and took a profit that both covered the put and doubled my investment. However, i would really like @Dan to answer my inquiry that i posted earlier. I am very curious to see how the Death Cross affects his judgement. Dan?
  • champ: @drotars @Ringo $ULTA ---- Day-3...opened-up this morning and never really fell back and even ran-up into the close.....and even closed on HOD. @Ringo posted this entry on 9/27 and I followed....and I posted the News, the reason why it was turning.
  • shoredriver: @drotars $ULTA ...again use @DAn to get his attention....
  • champ: @shoredriver $ULTA --- He did, see post at 4:14 ET and their are others also..4:22.
  • champ: @shoredriver @drotars $ULTA ----- I see now what you are saying, he needs to post this way, on top....$ULTA @DAN.
  • Ringo: $ULTA - This perform the best today.
  • champ: @Ringo $ULTA --- Real nice move they were at a Beauty-Conference yesterday, stock always bounce, when they receive positive news .
  • Ringo: $ULTA - Today this one is a money maker.
  • Ringo: $ULTA - Make 3% today. Lucky day everything under water.
  • shoredriver: $ELF...One I lost track of after it went public a while ago...is up like250% for the year...far surpassing returns of $EL and $ULTA...up over4% today...back on watch list
  • champ: $DJI $SPY...$298.40 +$0.28....this level might work for a few stocks that are working.....the first move never holds. Watch $ULTA @ $239..looks like it wants to continue....all entries need help from the market.
  • champ: @Mpower27 ---- Yes, the Political BS, always cause investors to make the wrong moves but that BS, is always great for traders. But not real positive for the Gold traders. Still early but like you said many stocks had a few big green bars.... $ULTA, bounced $5, off of LOD.
  • MtChet: $ULTA - Nice bounce and looking strong
  • wijimmy: $ZS Lots of green bars and running Filling gap .. $ULTA trying also..
  • stairm01: @wijimmy $ZS $ULTA You beat me at the post. Hope we're both winners.
  • wijimmy: @stairm01 $ZS $ULTA ..yes yes.. in at 46-47 and looking for price to start taking profits
  • champ: @wijimmy $ZS $CRWD $ULTA $AMZN....Voice alerts, also if looking to take partials need to be trailing...bracketed stops.
  • DAN: ...
    $ULTA -- still not working.
    $AAPL -- Strong stocks look tired and in need of a rest.
    A couple to consider:
    $AUDC - Best breakout I’ve seen in a while. Twice average volume.
    $MAXR -- a little late to buy, but this has potential for more gains. ...
  • champ: $GWPH, the risk is always the same...investor's call this type of risk, Traders. $DECK, can't get away from the traders, they are always at work, LOD was $150. $ULTA, LOD was $225.28. Now the question is always the same, now what is going to happen.
  • champ: $ULTA, HOD.
  • champ: $ULTA $TNA, ----Out both, took the $$$'s, will take another look tomorrow.
  • DAN: ...
    $ULTA -- still going down. Lower high and lower low. This isn’t a horse race.You can close your bet.
    $OLLI -- RobG -- Great trade in forum. Good analysis on entry. Question about stop placement?
    $PAYS -- oversold bounce off 200-day MA.
  • bsnceo: @DAN $MCD $CMG $WEN $SBUX $KSU $JBHT $CHRW $LSTR $NDX $GLD $XLE $OKE $OXY $MAXR $COUP $CPRT $HXL $OLED $SHOP $TWTR $ROKU $CREE $ULTA $OLLI $PAYS @Dan, I have had the same stop on $HXL and still have the stock. LOD was $81.27
  • champ: @DAN $MCD $CMG $WEN $SBUX $KSU $JBHT $CHRW $LSTR $NDX $GLD $XLE $OKE $OXY $MAXR $COUP $CPRT $HXL $OLED $SHOP $TWTR $ROKU $CREE $ULTA $OLLI $PAYS -- Yep, you can lose your bet, at any time, it you swing your bet. But many only ride these Day-Trade-horse's until they slow-down. I don't want to own this horse $ULTA and I'm sure not going to feed it. Just saying.....
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $MCD $CMG $WEN $SBUX $KSU $JBHT $CHRW $LSTR $NDX $GLD $XLE $OKE $OXY $MAXR $COUP $CPRT $HXL $OLED $SHOP $TWTR $ROKU $CREE $ULTA $OLLI $PAYS You must have amazing finger speed. Wow, I have a problem with a half a dozen ideas/posts. Great job HOD account.
  • baronp0329: @champ $MCD $CMG $WEN $SBUX $KSU $JBHT $CHRW $LSTR $NDX $GLD $XLE $OKE $OXY $MAXR $COUP $CPRT $HXL $OLED $SHOP $TWTR $ROKU $CREE $ULTA $OLLI $PAYS Champ, Good post and totally agree with your logic that it all depends on your time frame and risk management. Every trader can lose money if you do not follow their trading plan. There is still good money to be made in this very volatile market in the short or long side. The last few days have been very profitable for me to be long Oil and short Growth Tech stocks (ROKU, SHOP, CRWD, WORK, NFLX). I missed trading the Banks on the long side.
  • baronp0329: $ULTA is looking ugly! NP, missed my alert for short entry at 230.
  • baronp0329: @debeers $ULTA Hi Debeers. Yes, I saw the report and saw a tweet..."ULTA Beauty gets Ugly!". Haha. I did day trade it to the long side on Sep 5 for decent profits. But then wanted to short after that for potential downside. Missed my entry today but will watch it tomorrow.
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Ulta Salon Cosmetics & Fragrances, Inc. is a beauty retailer that provides one-stop shopping for mass and salon products and salon services in the United States.

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