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  • bRobert: ...
    $VIR. DailyWEEKLY Cup. $75. target. np
    $AZN. Power move breakout from a long base $70 . potential. Long calls

  • bRobert: $VIR gentle breakout $75
  • DBones808: @bRobert $VXRT $ALT $LAKE $CODX $BNTX $APT $NVAX $IBIO $INO $VIR $AZN Got in last week on $IBIO at 3.10, what a run.
  • Herb: @bRobert $VXRT $ALT $LAKE $CODX $BNTX $APT $NVAX $IBIO $INO $VIR $AZN Thanks Robert. This guidance is really appreciated. Just got "The Man Who Solved the Markets" about Jim Simons. Haven't had time to open it yet.
  • bRobert: @Herb $VXRT $ALT $LAKE $CODX $BNTX $APT $NVAX $IBIO $INO $VIR $AZN Good read. Code breaker to billionaire maker
  • Herb: @bRobert $VXRT $ALT $LAKE $CODX $BNTX $APT $NVAX $IBIO $INO $VIR $AZN Have you met him? He was a superb mathematician in an earlier incarnation. The Chern-Simons forms (differential geometry) are important theorems for super string theory.
  • bRobert: ...
    $VIR. DailyWEEKLY Cup. $75. target. np
    $AZN. Power move breakout from a long base $70 . potential. Long calls

    I'm allowing many positions to breathe a bit. Sizable profits from good entries. provide a certain luxury. Partial profits / ...
  • bRobert: @Herb $VXRT $ALT $LAKE $CODX $BNTX $APT $NVAX $IBIO $INO $VIR $AZN Neighbors. Very different social circles. I'm a basic math servant. No toes or fingers required. I entertain many theories on string cheese ;)
  • spmeyers: @bRobert $VXRT $ALT $LAKE $CODX $BNTX $APT $NVAX $IBIO $INO $VIR $AZN big report on their vaccine coming from AZN Monday
  • EricF: @bRobert $VXRT $ALT $LAKE $CODX $BNTX $APT $NVAX $IBIO $INO $VIR $AZN A "crucial" vaccine update from $AZN AstraZeneca due out tomorrow. No idea what time
  • bRobert: @spmeyers $VXRT $ALT $LAKE $CODX $BNTX $APT $NVAX $IBIO $INO $VIR $AZN I think the market is aware of it ;). thx. I prefer buying at support. and adding on pb/bounces We had a nice flag pullback prior to the bounce Friday. $64f. high base target. $JNJ. $165. high base C&H target. Buyable $PFE. $39/$46 targets. Many set to pop $XLV. $CURE. WEEKLY breakout and going to rip much higher. Healthcare bull market. Biotech, Medical devices. diagnostic labs,HMOs. ready to explode.
  • Herb: Covid % gainers today: $VXRT $OPTN $OPK $HGEN $VIR. np.
  • Yaguila: @Herb $VXRT $OPTN $OPK $HGEN $VIR adding $APT
  • bRobert: ...
    $VIR phase 3 WEDGE $50/$75
    $VXRT phase 2 flag pullback Phase 3 watch
    $UTI is another I own and have posted about Nice Entry. over 50/200d Long consolidation Pretty good fundamentals Earnings/revenue growth
    $10 target
    $ ...
  • ReneeH: @bRobert $AHPI $APT $CODX $NVAX $INO $VIR $SRNE $BNTX Thank you as always! I too...squint for impressionistic art where possible. Cheers to ya!
  • bRobert: @ReneeH $AHPI $APT $CODX $NVAX $INO $VIR $SRNE $BNTX Musee d'Orsay. is my favorite.
  • gt: @bRobert $AHPI $APT $CODX $NVAX $INO $VIR $SRNE $BNTX oh to sit in a cafe in the 6th and watch the world go by....
  • bRobert: ...
    $VIR. Chart similar to $AHPI. Just one step ahead with a confirmed breakout
    $55 target 1. $75. wedge target. possibilities. np. Following

    $SRNE. Consolidation of the MAY breakout. Poking out the bands
    Stepping back I see one big cup. ...
  • Ava: $VIR nice move today, BO continuation
  • Ava: $VIR HOD Vol pick up
  • Richlion1: @Ava $VIR Small position. Thanks
  • mercury6s: @Ava $VIR thank you, nice catch
  • Ava: $VIR just over HOD
  • sgiseller: $VIR BTO Stock @ 36.42, this has been a good trading range stock for me the last month. Had to pull the trigger on a 11% pullback And out @ $39 for a nice 1 day gain of 7%
  • ava22: $VIR finally made it over resistance
  • Sher: FYI for anyone holding vaccine developers: Non-Warp Speed COVID-19 vaccine players under pressure Jun. 3, 2020 3:29 PM ET|About: Vir Biotechnology, Inc. ($VIR)|By: Douglas W. House, SA News Editor Certain COVID-19 vaccine developers that the Trump administration left out of the final round of Operation Warp Speed are under pressure on the loss of potential federal funding to support their development efforts. Selected tickers: Vir Biotechnology ($VIR -9.5%), Novavax ($NVAX -13.6%), Dynavax ($DVAX -4.4%), Altimmune ($ALT -6.6%), BioNTech ($BNTX -1.0%), Arcturus Therapeutics ($ARCT -11.6%), Soligenix ($SNGX), GeoVax Labs (OTCPK:$GOVX -3.9%), Inovio Pharmaceuticals ($INO -12.8%), iBio (I$BIO -5.2%), Vaxart ($VXRT -6.3%)
  • efrain007: $VIR gapping out of a base with volume, might work over day high.
  • Herb: Corona movers on a % basis: $NVAX $VIR $MRNA $TBIO
  • Herb: $VIR (30 +7.57%): Co and partner Alynlam Pharmaceuticals (ALNY) announced the selection of a first development candidate, VIR-2703, an investigational therapeutic targeting the SARS-CoV-2 genome for the treatment of COVID-19, in the companies' expanded collaboration; the companies intend to meet with the FDA and other authorities to discuss a potential accelerated path for filing an IND or IND equivalent application at or around year-end 2020.
  • Bert953: recently saw a list of covid stocks on here are the tickers: $AMGN $BNTX $CYDY $DVAX $GILD $GSK $HTBX $INO $JNJ $MRNA $NVAX $REGN $ROG $TBIO $TAK $VXRT $VIR
  • champ: $LABU...other names in this sector, that I have been and still trading are, $CODX, on 2/6, first post ever in the Forum, my first posts on entry-timing, when all of off this #Virus-News started, others are $APT $LAKE $MRNA $VIR $DHR $RHHBY, posted on all, now I'm only working, trading these positions, off of timings only...#off-of-my-Alerts...and I was not late, on entries. .....$APT, I posted on 1/24/20, @ $5.80.
  • Pcdentist: @champ $LABU $CODX $APT $LAKE $MRNA $VIR $DHR $RHHBY #Virus-News #off-of-my-Alerts I got on off of your Alert on $APT, $USCR and $MRNA,,,all for nice profits,,,thanks!
  • tnt: $VIR leading ant-viral biotech. Recently announced partnership and investment by $GSK. Excellent long entry here at multiweek support. Descending Bull Flag
  • Herb: Strongest corona stocks today: $CODX $VIR. Weakest $ASTC
  • cgendro1: $VIR- completely missed looking at my CV list since I couldn't get into Schwab. But $VIR is up nicely today! 25+%
  • cgendro1: $LAKE $VIR $MRNA off to nice starts as well
  • champ: @cgendro1 #Covid---- Watch or tape the Daily News-Briefing today, for that info. This news can also be used for trading and it always worked, for me, in the past. One day the #News is $APT and on other days it has worked, for many of other names also. I have been getting paid nicely, for watching this News...many of these daily stock tips, have worked for real nice profits and many were large.... and have turned-out many nice trade Set-Ups. .......For Day-Trading ideas...$RHHBY $VIR $DHR $CODX $MRNA $ABT $JNJ $LAKE $MMM and other names, some days they work and on other days they don't. LOL
  • Bert953: Recent IPO's with interesting charts to put on a watchlist: $ARCE $ARQT $ARVN $BCEL $BCYC $BEAM $BILI $BNTX $GSHD $GSX $IGMS $LK $NET $OYST $PPD $PRNB $RUHN $RVMD $SDC $SNDL $SWTX $VIE $VIR $WORK
  • issues: @Bert953 $ARCE $ARQT $ARVN $BCEL $BCYC $BEAM $BILI $BNTX $GSHD $GSX $IGMS $LK $NET $OYST $PPD $PRNB $RUHN $RVMD $SDC $SNDL $SWTX $VIE $VIR $WORK Thank you Bert. I will do my diligent home work. Thanks for getting me started! How about $SDGR?
  • issues: Comaring some of the ipos mentioned today: $BCYC $BCEL $IGMS $BNTX $NET $SWTX $GSHD $VIE $RVMD. I did buy a small position in $VIR! Anyone holding any of these? I noted $SWTX was downgraded. I have a friend who says he was cured of stage 4 renal cancer with immunotherapy drugs from $BMY. BMY is moving up. I got hit bad with $CDLX today. It's still IBD rated 94 cumulative and B accumulation and it's #1 in RS. Still holding 1/2 position. Waiting for a kick up! I finally bought $BNTX because of all the green days! (Small position) Like the chart- forming a cup!
  • captron: $VIR Up again pre market. Will see if I can make another quit trade on the open.
  • champ: $MRNA $VIR $CODX $APT $LAKE, all are really strong again this morning.
  • bwcarnation1: @champ $MRNA $VIR $CODX $APT $LAKE and $GILD
  • champ: @bwcarnation1 $MRNA $VIR $CODX $APT $LAKE ....On $GILD @ $74.70, I'm willing to get back-in and buy a small position but ...this stock was Downgraded this morning, to #underweight with a new price target at $62, by Barclays, this would be my last pick. .
  • jwstich: @champ $MRNA $VIR $CODX $APT $LAKE $GILD #underweight very good information. Are you holding stocks other than $GILD. Looking to addon a pullback but stocks have certainly run.
  • numbers: IPO list of stocks within 20% of their all time high, * indicates they set a new high. I do my own split processing, I could have errors in the list. Watch volume, I have min volume of 35K, like $BCYC is extremely low $ALC * $ARCE $ARQT $ARVN $AVLR $BCEL $BCYC $BILI * $CDAY $DAVA $DOCU $FTSV * $GSHD $GSX $IGMS $INSP * $MRNA * $NET * $OYST * $PLAN $PRNB $RVMD * $SI $SMAR $STNE $TW $VIE $VIR * $ZM
  • champ: @jwstich $MRNA $VIR $CODX $APT $LAKE ($GILD #underweight) ---- Just the ones that you posted, I would like to add....but I don't know where that might be, I will be watching. ......Plus I have a buy target list, on other stocks....but entry-timing is unknown.
  • sniper: $codx,$apt,$mrna,$vir,$lake, Again thanks @champ
  • Rjeletrik: @sniper $codx $apt $mrna $vir $lake bought 100 sh yesterday @8.57 sold today @17.0 Thanks Champ!
  • Bert953: @numbers $BCYC $ALC $ARCE $ARQT $ARVN $AVLR $BCEL $BILI $CDAY $DAVA $DOCU $FTSV $GSHD $GSX $IGMS $INSP $MRNA $NET $OYST $PLAN $PRNB $RVMD $SI $SMAR $STNE $TW $VIE $VIR $ZM Thanks for this list. Is there a specific site you use to find IPO's? I use Marketwatch/ipo calendar
  • champ: @Rjeletrik $codx $apt $mrna $vir $lake --- Yw, just traders moving in and out, nothing has really change.
  • captron: $VIR @champ - I have been in and out twice now. Bought back in yesterday at the close. It's has definitly been a winner. Wating for it to get back above its VWAP.
  • numbers: @Bert953 $BCYC $ALC $ARCE $ARQT $ARVN $AVLR $BCEL $BILI $CDAY $DAVA $DOCU $FTSV $GSHD $GSX $IGMS $INSP $MRNA $NET $OYST $PLAN $PRNB $RVMD $SI $SMAR $STNE $TW $VIE $VIR $ZM I take downloads every night from my vendor of all the tickers. I run an Oracle database where I have created software routines to that look at the tickers to determine when they first came to market, right now I use 500 days for IPOs. I cannot give out certain information that I have like industry groups or tickers OHLCV because of data rights.
  • sniper: @champ $codx $apt $mrna $vir $lake I trade small,add on %gains,to be transparent I only held 1/4 on $codx [I am a chicken overnight]I added 2 times moved stop 9 0r 10 times I do not call tops I move stops,I let the market hit my stop,this is my process,I am grateful for the opportunity, the market gives or does not,not my job, my job is to manage risk,and thankyou for the help that was my biggest % trade in my career
  • greenpatrol: @champ $CODX #trade Yes, I'm trying to hold these corona stocks through the swings now. $CODX $VIR $MRNA $LAKE $APT. Thanks again @champ for pointing us in the right direction. Also thanks to @Sher for $VRXT
  • champ: @greenpatrol $CODX $VIR $MRNA $LAKE $APT $VRXT #trade --- Yes, really hard to watch.
  • champ: $VIR up 84% now...this has been a real dancer today, on a downgrade.
  • champ: $VIR, were you might be $APT..?
  • champ: $VIR, ...up 15%, take a look, this stock also has positive Virus news, I have a spec.
  • champ: @greenpatrol $MRNA $CODX $LAKE ---....Yw, I'm still holding all, plus $APT, $GLID and now new today is $VIR and I added to $MRNA. This Virus news is not going away anytime soon.
  • greenpatrol: @champ $MRNA $CODX $LAKE $APT $GILD $VIR Right, it will be with us for while. I'm watching for possible re-entries. Picked up a little $VIR at 24.90
  • champ: @ikkyu000 $CODX #Official-Approval --- For a #Vaccine, these might work $MRNA, $VIR and $GILD. For #Protection, $APT and $LAKE, for a #Test to see, it is $CODX, to see if your are a carrier and to eliminate all the #Guessing, it is real easy just buy all 6-stocks, to cover the sector.
  • champ: $VIR, real nice HOD...but dancing.
  • Sher: Top performing vaccine producers, today: $VXRT (37%), $VIR (28%), $NVAX (21%; 41% at one point), $MRNA (21%). Currently long calls in $MRNA, $NVAX, and $GILD…
  • captron: $VIR - Still in but just set a limit price of $30. Will take nice profits and reload tomorrow. Thanks Champ.
  • champ: @infocus $CODX #Over #Momentum-stock #not --- The markets are going down because this stock is and others are zig-zagging higher, so also look at $APT $MRNA $LAKE...$VIR and $GILD are also both HOD.
  • captron: $VIR - Removed the limit order and put a rolling stop on it which just got hit. Enough for one day.
  • infocus: @champ $CODX $APT $MRNA $LAKE $VIR $GILD #Over #Momentum-stock #not Here comes the reversal! Not available to short (nor would I).
  • champ: $CODX...up over 26%, on triple the daily 5-day average volume, swing position, see the news and $VIR was also up over 22%, today...#NP.
  • champ: $VIR..HOD, but zig-zags.
  • champ: $VIR, @ $25.90, had a great bounce, moved up to $29.00, I took profits.
  • champ: $VIR @ $24.70 HOD, still zig-zagging,...LOD was $21.36.
  • champ: @1993dean $MRNA these 2 are also working....$VIVO up 19% and $VIR up 19%, plus they are also the $$$ profit leader.
  • champ: $VIR @ $24.00, I'm holding a spec swing in this position, volume is also working, always expect zig-zags.
  • champ: $VIR, positive volume alert, in the last few minutes.
  • BocaRick: @champ $VIR #CNBC talking it up, only talks about price, not possibility of their creating vaccine
  • champ: $VIR...New IPO, in October, 2019....climbing, see the chart.
  • Herb: @champ $VIR (23.3 +16.79%): Jumped to new all-time highs on more than 10x average volume. Co last week announced that it is working to determine whether its previously identified anti-coronavirus mAbs are effective against Wuhan coronavirus, and its scientists are planning to apply whole genome CRISPR-based screening capabilities to identify the host receptor that allows Wuhan coronavirus infection.
  • champ: @BocaRick $VIR #CNBC --- That is 100% of what they do...#Vaccine's....this is a new Virus, so all hands on board, who is going to be the the #fastest winner, that is what is... unknown.
  • champ: @Herb $VIR --- Yes, that's right, Thanks for posting, that is why I'm holding a Spec-Swing......
  • champ: $VIR, they are out of San Francisco, Ca, with a #Market-Cap of $2.2 billion $$$$'s.
  • debeers: @champ $MRNA $VIVO $VIR -Could you go into more detail on these for me, champ? i'd really appreciate it. Thanks!
  • captron: $VIR - now a spinning top on the daily. Which way will it resolve? My guess is down. NP
  • champ: @debeers $MRNA $VIVO $VIR ---- All I know is what their website say, read the bio on each, for that type of detail. The highest rating by Schwab is, A on $VIVO, D on $VIR and F on $MRNA, maybe that would help investors. All of these stocks are being traded by $LAKE and $APT, is the clear winner on both of these 2, over the last 2-days. .....I'm also trading both of these stocks, $VIR and $APT.
  • debeers: @champ $MRNA $VIVO $VIR $LAKE $APT -thanks, champ!
  • Reif99: $VIR IPO break above IPO high ... long
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Stock Price $USD 36.01
Change -1.59%
Volume 157,768

Vir Biotechnology Inc is a clinical-stage immunology company focused on treating and preventing infectious diseases. It has four technology platforms, focused on antibodies, T cells, innate immunity, and small interfering ribonucleic acid, or siRNA, through internal development, collaborations, and acquisitions.

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  • November 16th, 2020 - 2020 Q3 Earnings
  • November 17th, 2020 - 2020 Q3 Earnings
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