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  • woodman: $COUP - 11.5% pullback to 50 day serving as support for the moment.
  • derda: @woodman $COUP what could be the ideal entry?
  • woodman: @derda $COUP - Ideal? Lower. :-) . But you could enter here, not too big, and use a stop below the low of the day. Or you could keep an eye on it today and possibly enter tomorrow if it it moves above today's high or holds today's low. We don't know, of course, what the rest of the day will bring. I have no position in this one. Mind your position size.
  • woodman: All time highs aplenty among #software stocks: $PAYC $PCTY $CDAY $PEGA $FIVN $DOCU $CRM $RNG $PLAN $SPLK (and almost $SHOP $TTD $TEAM $STNE $COUP)
  • Shopaholic526: $FB $SQ $COUP $DDOG Took small positions. Low risk entries.
  • Bogeyboy: @woodman $COUP I am searching through charts on older watch lists and came across this one. The stock is up .5% today, and the intraday chart looks like the Eiffle tower. do you have any thoughts one this in regards to entry. Thanks
  • woodman: $COUP - on watch for phase 3 move up.
  • derda: @phgruver @gwenzee $TNDM thnx to both for the breakout the resistance gwenzee mentioned means will go higher this time?and i really want to know your thoughts on $COUP?
  • phgruver: @derda $TNDM $COUP $COUP is not one I follow, but a quick look at the chart, and I'd say "no thanks." It's wide and loose, at this time. It needs to trade sideways in this range, $165-$175, for a while to tighten up the BB's. A breakout above $175, on volume, might indicate the start of the next leg higher.
  • gwenzee: @derda $TNDM $COUP If a stock breaks out of resistance it is sometimes best to wait for it to pullback a little and test the breakout before jumping in. Let the stock prove to you it is worthy of your $$$$. I did not say to buy on a breakout. Where you decide to buy or sell any stock is your decision, not mine. You do the homework. You make the decisions. We are only giving one person's opinion. FYI I first bought TNDM @ $24.50 in July of 2018. Bought and sold several times since then.
  • derda: @gwenzee $TNDM $COUP Sure i will make the decision.i just want to learn the technical logic the principals the perspective of the more experienced ones and what u noted r all very useful for me.i am trying to check and learn these on charts.u r great
  • gwenzee: @derda $TNDM $COUP Thank you for the compliment. Most appreciated. Never followed COUP and have no opinion on this one. Question: Are you new to trading or just new to SMM? As COUP is over $170 it seemed fairly high priced for someone just getting started.
  • derda: @gwenzee $TNDM $COUP i am new at trading and also SMM.
  • gwenzee: @derda $TNDM $COUP Thanks, good to know. If you have any questions I will be more than happy to try to give you some answers. But, please remember, I am not a pro but will not BS you either. And......I'm free!!!
  • vpsmack555: @DAN $COUP Is it giving us a chance to start or add to a position?
  • DAN: @vpsmack555 $COUP Not yet, in my opinion. It needs to tighten up a lot. Not a proper base to be buying yet.
  • Max115: @Dan $COUP Struggling where to put my stop,long from $150 not a huge position however the stock has been choppy. Looks like a healthy pullback after a nice run(Phase 2?),This puppy can get back to my breakeven in a blink. Any thoughts?
  • Reif99: @Max115 $COUP Not Dan, but my thoughts are a) you've got a 10% gain, so your stop should be no lower than breakeven, 2) the stock is behaving, the flag has reasonably low volume, so that's what it is supposed to do, 3) it's still above the 8 DMA, so I would say doing nothing (except setting a BE stop) is not a horrible strategy here. If you want to put a partial stop below the 8 DMA and the rest at breakeven, I'd say that's a pretty good middle ground. You've locked in at least a 5-6% gain with more upside potential.
  • DAN: @Max115 $COUP I don't know what your typical trading style is, Max. IF you're going by the weekly chart, the stock is just starting another move higher and it's a "hold." IF you're going by the daily chart, it's time to lock in some prof ...
  • Max115: @DAN $COUP Very Helpful, Thanks Dan.You gave me some clarity. Not willing to take that round trip.:)
  • Max115: @Reif99 $COUP Thanks for your input. Also helpful
  • DAN: @Max115 $COUP Happy to help, Max. Trading is a pretty tough discipline. Lots of variables every day. I've learned to cut through a lot of the mental clutter by having specific things that I look for, and then just focusing on them again and again. ...
  • BocaRick: $COUP hit ATH and now pulling back a little, watching
  • woodman: $AYX $HUBS $TEAM $RNG $AZPN $COUP $TWLO - to name but a few working well rhrn.
  • bogiedog1: $COUP breaking above resistance.
  • woodman: @bogiedog1 $COUP - weekly breakout.
  • bRobert: @woodman $COUP A real coup . $200 . hgih base target
  • woodman: @bRobert $COUP - so many attractive software stock charts.
  • bRobert: @woodman $COUP YES . Speaks volume . $CLOU . ETF interesting c&h .
  • bogiedog1: @bRobert $COUP $200 would be a nice
  • bRobert: @bogiedog1 $COUP WEEKLY sideways consolidation for 6 months + . Nice base for lift off in clearly Strong WEEKLY uptrend . after rest
  • Cgress70: $COUP Nearing breakout of 5 month trading range. Long calls.
  • woodman: @Cgress70 $COUP - I'm seeing good action generally in the #Software-Application & #Software-Infrastructure stocks, and have a few in my suitcase. Some that I follow: $COUP $RPD $APPS $CYBR $TWLO $AVLR $WDAY $PAYC $AYX $TTD $TEAM $OKTA $SMAR $AZPN $RNG $WK $PCTY $SNPS $PEGA $PANW $FTNT $PFPT
  • bwcarnation1: $COUP b.o. on vol continues to new highs
  • baronp0329: @bRobert Long $CRM, $COUP: stocks and calls
  • bRobert: @baronp0329 $CRM $COUP LONG CRM calls as well
  • bknpdx: $COUP 5% price move up today. Looking for entry above $154; pivot at $155. @Dan has an alert at $155. 7 days of short interest. $198 - $200 price target. Thoughts?
  • champ: @bknpdx $COUP --- I understand why you are waiting but why wait, looks like shorts have already started to cover, it would be time to add-on at your buy point. Check out the daily volume, already over the 10-day average....but I have NP....and today was market-timing.
  • bknpdx: @champ $COUP Thanks Champ, always appreciate your thoughts! Bot this morning with an entry price of $153.99. Target $200 (+29.8%); stop at $144.70 (-6%).
  • woodman: @gwenzee $SEDG $TEAM $AYX $ISRG - like the software-application stocks generally and I think they are coming back. I have a list of them that I watch (along with some software-infrastructure stocks). AYX and TEAM are on my list. I like AYX in this area. Look at the weekly. $RPD is interesting. And $WK is basing here. $OKTA interesting on the weekly too. $COUP also coiling on the weekly. I have $TTD and $SMAR at the moment but may add one or two.
  • issues: Buys for us today include these partials: $COUP $BNTX $MTCH $IEC $JBL. Thanks for those who wrote in. Cramer said to expect a pull back in the next few days. Great. Just before Christmas! Well, at least it won't be like last year!
  • DAN: ...
    $COUP -- Big undercut on 12/3, but stock recovered and is now holdint $150. This is positive and reveals buying interest. Still in consolidation, but this is one to watch. Alert $155
    $PCTY -- Note how this stock is holding’s just t ...
  • champ: @DAN $FTNT $CYBR $SPX $DJI $DJT $MDY $IWM $NDX $FB $AMZN $AAPL $NFLX $GOOGL $INMD $DSGX $COUP $PCTY $MHO $SHOP $SNPS $PTON $BBBY $ROST $HD $BNTX $FTSV---- Know one really knows what the next move is going to be, on $HD, I took 1/2 profits off on the close but still swinging my full position in $LOW, for now, into the open. Everyday is a new day, more decisions are on tap for tomorrow and one can only guess. The Hope-Trade is, I hope I can buy back... my profit sells.
  • Robert1965: @DAN $COUP are you still in this
  • DAN: @Robert1965 $COUP Yes.
  • shoredriver: $COUP....Came back some....see how it finishes the day...
  • traderbren: @shoredriver $COUP - yep, could end up with a bullish hammer on the day.
  • DAN: ...
    $COUP -- Posted a loss on earnings, but stock is acting well after testing 50-day MA on an earnings dump. Likely to be range bound for a while, but this is buyable. If you’re buying now, keep a stop below today’s intraday low of $136. ...
  • DAN: $SEDG $BOOT $DAVA $COUP $PRFT -- I bought shares in these stocks today. Some to add to a position, others are new positions. Nothing aggressive or big at all. I am trading lightly these days and seeking to avoid a volatile account.
  • issues: @scottrades #Earnings Thanks for posting this Scotty! I forgot to check it. I see one of my best holding is up for Mon $COUP! I hope it's not coupa' dupa'.. if you know what I mean... I am looking at the year chart and it looks like it drops about 10 points on earnings even with a beat. What would you do? I have a small position.
  • DAN: ...
    $COUP -- Understand this pattern. It is not a stock that’s safe or profitable.
    $LYFT -- still losing money, but stock is stable. Might be strong tomorrow?
    $UBER -- Watch for upside move here.
    $GNRC -- Extended, but looking st ...
  • captron: $COUP - Nice recovery from recent decline. Sticking a toe in.
  • Robert1965: $COUP after ATH 159.97 on 10/14, down in three days to 136.36 NP
  • cel55: @Robert1965 $COUP are you holding COUP; irritated I didn't have tighter stop after hitting ATH.
  • shoredriver: $COUP...another
  • Robert1965: $COUP Tried to short this at 154.75 near the close missed it
  • Robert1965: $COUP hit ATH
  • Robert1965: $COUP now approaching the ATH of 1561.16, now up 2.2% to 153.46
  • scottrades: ...
    $COUP breaking out from $150. Note how volume has been declining. Where would your stop be, and what would be your profit target?
    $CDLX Rebounding off the 50 Day. Declining Volume. Sucking you in and spitting you out.

    Note from @Dan: Look at L ...
  • Robert1965: $COUP bought this near the close at 143.00, sold it at 147.90 today.
  • DAN: @Robert1965 $COUP Nice trade, Rob. Looking very good...might break out? Could be. Definitely worth watching...and a great trade by you!!
  • DAN: ...
    $COUP -- Top of the box.
    Requested Videos
    $QD -- don’t know this company. Going in the wrong direction. I would not consider owning this stock. Don’t argue with the market.
    $CCI -- “I hold it long long term. Is it a good place ...
  • Robert1965: $COUP up again 3+% today three days in a row
  • DAN: ...
    $COUP -- What’s the CO doing with this stock now? Hard to know...but compare Aug/Sep volume with Feb/April volume. Much higher now. More distribution. Thinking about buying this “breakout?” What makes this different than the o ...
  • scottrades: $COUP
  • Robert1965: @scottrades $COUP I had it sold it yesterday,
  • scottrades: @Robert1965 $COUP Looks like you made money :)
  • scottrades: ...
    $COUP Broke above a downward sloping trendline today. Top of the range. Wouldn’t be surprised to see it test the 50day if the market pulls back. Watch for support there.
    $TMHC The trend is our friend.
    $ZXYI - Extended, but keeps going. Too h ...
  • Robert1965: $COUP is on the move again up 2.3% to 137.88
  • Robert1965: Before the big dip today $COUP $SOXL $AAPL $STNE all up to where they were and $NUGT is up too to 30.90 at the dip it was up to 32.19 thought it would have dropped more close to the open. Is it telling that the bounce back is a fake out
  • Robert1965: $STNE is anyone looking at this it is near the HOD along with $COUP, $TWTR $AAPL $SOXL
  • Sluggo: @Robert1965 $STNE $COUP $TWTR $AAPL $SOXL $STNE needs to tighten up and regain the 50d. Not hard to do. $COUP Still in a descending pattern with lower highs and lows. Needs to fix that. $TWTR Nothing here.
  • efrain007: @Robert1965 $STNE $COUP $TWTR $AAPL $SOXL I'm watching $TWTR. Testing 100d and that worked in June and July and it's back there again this week. Doesn't mean it will work this time and it's a steep drop so if I buy it will be small.
  • Sluggo: @jonwest88 $OKTA I could also add $COUP and other clouds on that list. The point is, the market took an early crap and we had no idea what was going to happen.. I just noticed $OKTA at the open. It was stronger than most. It's a flare in the sky. Daytrade the hell out of it. I wasn't turned that direction this morning or I would have.
  • scottrades: ...
    $COUP Trying to build a Weekly Base. Lower Highs on the Daily - Trade with a stop loss.
    $TWTR Filled the Earnings gap from July. We don't know if this is the bottom, typically we want volume confirmation.
    $TMHC Grinding up, nice trend. I think ...
  • Robert1965: $COUP is up 3% today
  • bogiedog1: $COUP has almost fully recovered from the big drop a few weeks ago, nice three day bounce on above average volume.
  • success: @DAN . . have tracked most of the stocks that made your list then removed but probably missed some . . I looked at 42 of them and wondered if the following would deserve another look . . wanted them to be above the 50 day and trending up or near a turning point. . thank you $AJRD - top of range watch $COUP - building a base $ETSY - flirting with 200 DMA and above 50 DMA $FN - watch for bounce at 50 DMA $OMCL - 50 DMA turning up $TEAM - watch $TNDM - watch
  • DAN: @success $AJRD $COUP $ETSY $FN $OMCL $TEAM $TNDM AJRD and COUP, maybe. Those are definitely worth watching. But the others...not really (in my opinion). Thanks for posting those, success. Your handle suits you, my friend. 8-)
  • success: @DAN $AJRD $COUP $ETSY $FN $OMCL $TEAM $TNDM thanks Dan . . have done my total year analysis to date . . will share results . . working on my three problems
  • Sher: $COUP - Gingerly stepping into this one... very gingerly. FYI upgrade: Coupa bull sees 20x revenue multiple Sep. 17, 2019 8:46 AM ET|About: Coupa Software Incorporated (COUP)|By: Brandy Betz, SA News Editor Brokerage firm FBN Securities starts Coupa Software (NASDAQ:COUP) at Outperform and a $165 price target. The firm says COUP is in "break-out" mode and "deserves at least a 20x revenue multiple" due to its rare position as a SaaS company with 50%+ organic growth rates and a strong competitive position. FBN says Coupa is "well on its way toward achieving its $1B revenue target," up from the $260.4M in FY19 revenue. Coupa shares are up 0.4% pre-market to $135.50. The company has an Outperform average Sell Side rating.
  • DAN: The market volatility continues to have me mostly on the sidelines. When I put a stock on the Growth Stock LIst and suggest that it is OK to buy it, I will also give you a suggested stop. That's how I trade, and that's how you trade. If you do not ...
  • bogiedog1: @DAN $COUP $CPRT $HXL $OLED $SHOP $TWTR Thanks for the update. This seems to be the case, but I just want to confirm, once you enter a position on the GSL, you are not trading around the position? You buy at the time you place it on the list and just track the entry position. Appreciate all the info you provide on these stocks!
  • CraigReynolds: @DAN $COUP $CPRT $HXL $OLED $SHOP $TWTR Appreciate this update. Not in any GSL positions now but learning from your comments/posts, either good/bad (not working) personal trades.
  • DAN: @CraigReynolds $COUP $CPRT $HXL $OLED $SHOP $TWTR Great to see, Craig. It's a pretty choppy market environment now. I've seen this countless times before over the past 20+ years. Happens all the time. And the most common outcome for traders is th ...
  • gvianello: @DAN $COUP $CPRT $HXL $OLED $SHOP $TWTR if tomorrow TWTR or HXL begin to como up with volumen, would it be a phase 3 and could we enter again?
  • DAN: @gvianello $COUP $CPRT $HXL $OLED $SHOP $TWTR Nope. Wouldn't even consider it. Will explain tonight. But no. There is no edge to these stocks. They are yesterday's trades, not tomorrow's.
  • bsnceo: @DAN $COUP $CPRT $HXL $OLED $SHOP $TWTR I have my stop on $HXL in the same place and I am looking at a LOD of $81.27 so the stock is still in the account. Have small posn in $LYB that has kicked butt over the past week
  • DAN: ...
    $COUP -- the entry was $149.43. Stop was at $137. We've been stopped out today for an 8% loss. That is a much bigger loss than I think is acceptable. But that's what it is. Sorry about that. Try to keep them to 3-3.5% max. This requires a solid entr ...
  • bsnceo: @DAN $MCD $CMG $WEN $SBUX $KSU $JBHT $CHRW $LSTR $NDX $GLD $XLE $OKE $OXY $MAXR $COUP $CPRT $HXL $OLED $SHOP $TWTR $ROKU $CREE $ULTA $OLLI $PAYS @Dan, I have had the same stop on $HXL and still have the stock. LOD was $81.27
  • champ: @DAN $MCD $CMG $WEN $SBUX $KSU $JBHT $CHRW $LSTR $NDX $GLD $XLE $OKE $OXY $MAXR $COUP $CPRT $HXL $OLED $SHOP $TWTR $ROKU $CREE $ULTA $OLLI $PAYS -- Yep, you can lose your bet, at any time, it you swing your bet. But many only ride these Day-Trade-horse's until they slow-down. I don't want to own this horse $ULTA and I'm sure not going to feed it. Just saying.....
  • CraigReynolds: @champ $MCD $CMG $WEN $SBUX $KSU $JBHT $CHRW $LSTR $NDX $GLD $XLE $OKE $OXY $MAXR $COUP $CPRT $HXL $OLED $SHOP $TWTR $ROKU $CREE $ULTA $OLLI $PAYS You must have amazing finger speed. Wow, I have a problem with a half a dozen ideas/posts. Great job HOD account.
  • baronp0329: @champ $MCD $CMG $WEN $SBUX $KSU $JBHT $CHRW $LSTR $NDX $GLD $XLE $OKE $OXY $MAXR $COUP $CPRT $HXL $OLED $SHOP $TWTR $ROKU $CREE $ULTA $OLLI $PAYS Champ, Good post and totally agree with your logic that it all depends on your time frame and risk management. Every trader can lose money if you do not follow their trading plan. There is still good money to be made in this very volatile market in the short or long side. The last few days have been very profitable for me to be long Oil and short Growth Tech stocks (ROKU, SHOP, CRWD, WORK, NFLX). I missed trading the Banks on the long side.
  • TradingFool: $COUP umm what is everyone doing? stopped out?
  • jknyborg: $COUP Dobbel bottom. Is this the time to buy this GSL participant? Any senior members advice? Might take a small portion towards the close.
  • jknyborg: $SHOP Is this GSL stock at the point of buying today? PB towards the 50 MA. Senior members advice appreciated. Sort of dobbel bottom as for $COUP.
  • spmeyers: @jknyborg $SHOP $COUP for COUP, a long red bar (candlestick) is a warning sign; we need to step back and wait for things to stabilize; as Dan says, don't wanna be the first guy to get out of the foxhole
  • jknyborg: @spmeyers $SHOP $COUP Thank you. Patience is gold.
  • spmeyers: @jknyborg $SHOP $COUP yes, sometimes we need to tape that itchy trigger finger to the desk! :)
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