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  • DAN: Adding Deckers Outdoor ($DECK) to the Active Trade List. Basis: 337.50 Stop: 312.50 This has been squeezing along the 50-day moving average. If you look at charts of stocks that have been breaking out, you'll see that the breakouts that occur close to the 50-day moving average typically work better than those that are extended. This is one of the former breakouts. --Dan
  • Bwhitty: @DAN $DECK Put a stop on half at 319 so I could feel comfortable taking some size.
  • Orange-Green: @DAN $DECK Hey @Dan, $FIVE and $DECK look very similar, thoughts on that one too? cheers
  • DAN: ...
    COTD: Here’s your trade on Deckers Outdoor ($DECK)

    $SPY -- Money coming in...still. Powell tomorrow and Wednesday.
    $DJI -- Walking along the upper BBand, which is what really strong stocks do.
    $DJT -- same chart, different ticker.
    $QQQ -- T ...
  • wijimmy: @champ $AMZN $DECK $CLX $MKSI #Schwab #credited #see . What did you get credited ?? Isn't it commission free ? or did they honor the stock sell price at the time you entered the order ? .. Back when we were charged $6.95 fee Scottrade use to credit you when they were down or had network issues.
  • joelsg1: @champ $AMZN $DECK $CLX $MKSI #Schwab #credited #see Posted about this last year, but Schwab did an involuntary cover without telling me of a short position which quickly went lower, denying me a profitable trade. I complained in writing, they responded they were within their contract right, I persisted and they wound up partially relenting, crediting me 1/2 the lost profit. Maybe because I am a lawyer and a primo customer. Bottom line: if they value your business, they will fold at least a bit, so persist. Good for you!
  • champ: @joelsg1 $AMZN $DECK $CLX $MKSI #Schwab #credited #see ---- I #never had a problem at Schwab and I have been a customer for over 38 years now. I posted the guideline that they use,...for sell orders, if they don't go though. All you do is just call them, its just that simple and I never had a problem,...that they didn't take care of. ~~ I'm a customer just like you are and I get invited to special events and the last time I went, I had a nice conversation with Charles Schwab for about 30 minutes at Pebble Beach Golf Resort, he also has a house their....I'm just saying this is a real easy company to work with and always has been,....however they do have rules that they use,...for when they have tech outages. I'm glad to hear that you had your issue resolved. LOL next week...
  • joelsg1: @champ $AMZN $DECK $CLX $MKSI #Schwab #credited #see #never Wow, I never get invited anywhere. They do pay me at my request a small supplement for my business, but that’s it. Best.
  • champ: @scottrades....$DECK...HOD....and is moving in the right direction today....
  • champ: #Schwab, I had a call from them today, right on the close and they #credited my account for,.... 4 of my disputed positions, that I could not sell on 1/27....because their trading platform was down that morning, for 20 minutes or so and those positions were on.... $AMZN $DECK, $CLX and $MKSI, they can track those sell positions when they don't go thought, just by looking at your sell activity that morning, they can #see that,...even if they don't go through. ~~~~ I'm just posting this, case that ever happens to other Forum members...but it has be pointed out that same day, can't go back. I see compliance in the forum about this, with other brokers.
  • scottrades: Nice move on $DECK. Mentioned this one Friday.
  • scottrades: $DECK trades with a slight spread but some clearly defined levels. Watch for a move through 331.80 on volume.
  • champ: @scottrades $DECK --- This stock just mostly zig--zags up with the markets, forum members go way back with this stock, around $40 $$$ or so.....they just reported record breaking earnings...I was holding this position, risk-reward is kinda low.
  • scottrades: My #Swing Notes: $SPY Still in trend. $QQQ Meh. #Bitcoin $ZI Earnings Monday $RIOT Don’t tell Dan, I still have some left. $ALT A bRobert Idea….in trend. $TNA Holding the 21 EMA. $MSOS Long The Weed. Lots of Opportunity OTC, but there’s risk. $GTBIF, $CBLBF, $IIPR, etc $EGHT From the Forum, thanks to everyone who's been covering this. $PLTR BIG volume today $SNAP Nice break out of a range. $LVS Working. $CHWY Holding the 8EMA but having trouble breaking out. $ARMK Squeezing at the 50 Day. $AVID Holding the 21 EMA. $VIPS Mentioned by Mike in the forum $DECK Watch above 331.80 $HOME Breaking out of a Squeeze on Great volume. $HZO Watch 47.15 $ICHR Holding the 8EMA $JBL Tight. Earnings March 12 $MTSI Holding the 21 EMA. $MXIM Watch 98.20
  • champ: $DECK, I took those profits, before "Sell the News"...early Birds are always the winners. .
  • champ: $DECK...#UGG-Boots....looking real positive this morning, they will be reporting #Holiday-Sales,....earnings after the close...see info posts...for now direction is unknown....on this one....I might swing a small position into earnings.
  • champ: $DECK... they reported an earnings beat for the quarter, of $1.89 for a total of $8.99 per share, the consensus was for $7.14, thats an earnings beat of #26% and thats a #New-Record. ..Total Revs came in at $1.078 billion. thats also a NEW-Record, thats a beat of 14%. Gross margins came in @ 57% and thats also a nice beat, of just about 3%. Hard to believe but its True,....that this California Company... Set New all -time Records.
  • champ: $DECK @ $315,...#Retailer, 2 1/2 trading days left, before they report, of their products is Ugg-Boots...see info posts, they will be reporting on 2/4/after/confirmed....on their sales during the Holiday season, their Retail Sales, also Huge-Wholesales Business, plus On-Line sales, thur out the #World. A California company.....
  • champ: $DECK looks like it is going to close near HOD...
  • champ: $DECK, @ $303, $UGG-Boots/footwear, is one of their brands and their stock is down today, however they will be reporting their #Holiday sales on 2/4/after/confirmed. This is their best earnings quarter of the year, Plus their holiday #wholesale numb ...
  • zurdo: stocks to put in your watchlist..$CROX, $DECK, $PKI..all showing good fundies and setting up...
  • DAN: @Carpe_Diem $DKNG LOL. I'd be buying that stock too...though it's not my kind of trade. I like $JD, $DECK and $YETI a bit more...and $TPX for that matter. Those are the patterns I like.
  • bRobert: ...
    $DECK M top $225 bearish target Longer term bullish WEEKLY reversal $300 target WEEKLY breakout/pullback possibly to $225 breakout area before bounce Tighter trailers on bounce
    $GH $125/$150 targets reports 11/5
    $HU ...
  • romanalexk: @bRobert $TCEHY $BABA $YY $BIDU $JD $EDU $GLD $GDX $AAXN $FB $GNRC $GBTC $XLE $TAN $ENPH $USO $CSV $EXAS $TA $CROX $GTLS $DECK $GH $HUM $UNH $MOH $XLV $TNDM $PODD $DXCM $SAM $LMT $DFEN $MCD $DIN $QQQ $XHB $TLT $MA $V $LAD $ABG $XRT $BYND Wow! Very nice! Thank you! We figured that you are pretty busy with all the headlines about the surge.
  • bwcarnation1: @bRobert $TCEHY $BABA $YY $BIDU $JD $EDU $GLD $GDX $AAXN $FB $GNRC $GBTC $XLE $TAN $ENPH $USO $CSV $EXAS $TA $CROX $GTLS $DECK $GH $HUM $UNH $MOH $XLV $TNDM $PODD $DXCM $SAM $LMT $DFEN $MCD $DIN $QQQ $XHB $TLT $MA $V $LAD $ABG $XRT $BYND Thanks for taking the time to post with all that you have going on....take care of yourself!
  • Firemedic: @bRobert $TCEHY $BABA $YY $BIDU $JD $EDU $GLD $GDX $AAXN $FB $GNRC $GBTC $XLE $TAN $ENPH $USO $CSV $EXAS $TA $CROX $GTLS $DECK $GH $HUM $UNH $MOH $XLV $TNDM $PODD $DXCM $SAM $LMT $DFEN $MCD $DIN $QQQ $XHB $TLT $MA $V $LAD $ABG $XRT $BYND Thanks so much for your thoughts on the market and these names.
  • wdcobler: @bRobert $TCEHY $BABA $YY $BIDU $JD $EDU $GLD $GDX $AAXN $FB $GNRC $GBTC $XLE $TAN $ENPH $USO $CSV $EXAS $TA $CROX $GTLS $DECK $GH $HUM $UNH $MOH $XLV $TNDM $PODD $DXCM $SAM $LMT $DFEN $MCD $DIN $QQQ $XHB $TLT $MA $V $LAD $ABG $XRT $BYND Thanks for the help and the extra effort.
  • Rick_O: @bRobert $TCEHY $BABA $YY $BIDU $JD $EDU $GLD $GDX $AAXN $FB $GNRC $GBTC $XLE $TAN $ENPH $USO $CSV $EXAS $TA $CROX $GTLS $DECK $GH $HUM $UNH $MOH $XLV $TNDM $PODD $DXCM $SAM $LMT $DFEN $MCD $DIN $QQQ $XHB $TLT $MA $V $LAD $ABG $XRT $BYND - Thank you for all you do to keep us going. Massive move by $YY and keep on going. Have great day!
  • champ: $DECK @ $257, +$7.00, #UGG-Boots, will also be reporting earnings after the close.
  • champ: $DECK, @ $255.00...nice move going on here today. They should have all their pre-x-mas, wholesale orders out by now. Earnings on 10/29/after/confirmed. #Ugg-Boots, winter is on the way. Last upgrade had a target price of $295.00. The stock has always had low-volume.
  • champ: $DLTH, another cold weather stock, so is $DECK.
  • bRobert: @Auto $FL Still with $45 C&H target If the shoe fits $CROX $60/$70+ $DECK $250 acquired $300 Reversal target on WEEKLY for quite a while Next up
  • romanalexk: $DECK seeing some profit taking earnings in 5 days approaching 8 daily ema
  • romanalexk: @bRobert $URI Exceptional employee the same as $DECK. No drama stock. :)
  • bRobert: @romanalexk $URI $DECK DECK. Another fabulous. WEEKLY. chart. $300. handle. Daily high base C&H. completed to $250 If the shoe fits.... URI. Exceptional.Strong WEEKLY chart. =. great long term hold. Trade around a core if it suits you after big runs. 50% upside. Cheap growth tin he right sector
  • bRobert: $PLNT. Swing trade continuation. Stop was below 200d. Raised to. break even. Reversal/Cup base.Breakout/ Retest/bounce. $80. measured move target. $FL. $45. C&H target. Another if the shoe fits with $CROX. $60+. $DECK. $300 WEEKLY reversal target
  • bRobert: @RiccardoB $crox Holey shoes. Strong chart $60+. Easy to hold. Not a great buy point. long term will be fine others. $DECK. $300. reversal target in motion. Pullback bounces $FL. $45. C&H target
  • romanalexk: $DECK has been an exceptional employee.
  • bRobert: @romanalexk $DECK Yes. $300. Reversal target next. WEEKLY. The daily C&H. acquired. $250.
  • romanalexk: @bRobert $DECK I always appreciate your advice and insight. Thank you!
  • romanalexk: @bRobert $CAT $DE $URI $DKNG Great! I also like $DECK very nice action so far just managing my stop. I have $DECK $URI and $TNDM exceptional employees.
  • bRobert: @romanalexk $CAT $DE $URI $DKNG $DECK $TNDM I had many posts on $DECK. If the shoe fits. . $250. target 1 was acquired. WEEKLY reversal. $300. is target 2. upgrade today with $295. target
  • bRobert: $FL. WEEKLY. C&H. reversal. $45/$53 Daily breakout/pullback retest. of. high base. C&H. Look for the bounce Stop just below $DECK. WEEKLY reversal in motion. $300+ $250. high base. daily c&h target met = profits /raiied stops. Look for. pullback bounces $CROX. WEEKLY. breakout. $62 This. has been a patient holding stock Slowly climbing $EL. C&H breakout $245/$265. $LULU. reversal in motion. $370/$390.
  • bRobert: $CROX Long term hold Long consolidation $72+ $DECK C&H daily $250 WEEKLY reversal $300 $FL C&H $45 $PRPL $35 high base target $SNBR high base cup&h $62 BIG WEEKLY base $100
  • romanalexk: Looks pretty terrifying. $DECK, $URI and $AVTR are holding up so far.
  • romanalexk: $URI continues to hold up well. Reminds me of $DECK action last week.
  • bRobert: $CROX Strong consolidation and move up WEEKLY breakout Daily pullback/retest $65 $DECK $150/$300 WEEKLY reversal BREAKOUT STRONG SET UP
  • bRobert: $FL left this one out of my shoe trades earlier $45 daily C&H target $NKE $150 WEEKLY inv H&S target when the daily consolidation is complete $DECK Again very solid set up LONG base Daily breakout/flag NO SELLING $250 $300 WEEKLY reversal target take advantage of pullback bounces
  • jschibal: $CRWD good starting entry now imo $AVTR good starting entry now imo $DECK good starting entry now imo
  • romanalexk: $DECK started a position. I like that RS is hitting new high, the stock held breakout and the volume is very nice. It looks great on the weekly chart.
  • Hawaiianmaxx: @jschibal $CRWD $AVTR $DECK i like $DECK
  • bRobert: @romanalexk $DECK $350/$300 WEEKLY reversal target
  • romanalexk: $DECK steady rise HOD Volume is very nice!
  • bRobert: $DECK $250 high base target 1 $300 WEEKLY reversal $CROX consolidation high base WEEKLY CUP /reversal $65
  • bRobert: $DECK. $250/$300. Weekly cup/reversal. Top of range. Partial profits for swingers Look for pullback bounces. closer to support or a breakout pullback. $nke. $130 w target acquired $150 c&h target. Look for pullback bounces $Crox $50/$62+
  • bRobert: $DECk. Again partial profits. Top of range. $300 WEEKLY target . when sailing conditions improve
  • bRobert: $DECK $UPS MANY others sold off after hitting top of range This is a sell the rips market , particularly at obvious technical speed bumps, Reevaluate later Cash bull market until market conditions improve as investor decrease risk Selling into strength , failed breakouts Many shorts working for the agile trader $TQQQ 50% move off the bottom A Slingshot special that Bridget would enjoy $35 reversal target Not straight up If it was that easy Zig zags
  • bRobert: $CROX Holey shoe bounce Batman Holding stock $60+ $FL C&H Handle to 20d $45 WATCHING for bounce first WEEKLY C&H more obvious Stop < 50 WEEK $DECK Bullish WEEKLY Daily sideways consolidation $250 Watching
  • bRobert: If the shoe fits $FL C&H $CROX $DECK $NKE reports later and will move things one way or the other WEEKLY is bullish $150 reversal in motion Watching
  • bRobert: Footloose. trade NKE pin action. $FL $CROX $DECK.
  • Explorer: $DECK -- the deck failed and we are in free fall down $9 the last two days
  • bRobert: $DECK not the end of the story Pullback from the top of the range 50d bounce ensuing WEEKLY bullish $270/$300 Watching for a trade entry soon Monday
  • Explorer: @bRobert $DECK thanks
  • Orange-Green: @bRobert $DECK Let us know when you see a great entry to pull the trigger on!! Love your trading ideas!
  • bRobert: @Orange-Green $DECK Look for a green print candle I expect to see one next week Stop just below Trade it SMALL As you can see it is volatile Huge upside Small becomes large $CROX $FL $NKE all working Others if the shoe fits trade
  • bRobert: $CROX. breakout pullback/retest. WEEKLY base very bullish. $62+ $DECK. flag. $250. target $FL. C&H. $NKE high base. C&H breakout. Pullback
  • bRobert: $DECK. $250+. Take partials. top of range. Look for. pullback bounces $CROX. flag high base. cup. $50/$70 . LOOOOONG base A doubler long term Holey kicks $NKE. C&H. $140. target. Look for the bounce $FL. C&H. flag. $45. Cinderella trade. If the shoe fits
  • bRobert: $DECK. $CROX. + $KL. ADD WITH STOP. < 20D. ON NEW $IR. NH.
  • bRobert: @champ $XRT $PLCE $GCO $CPRI $AEO $GOOS $GPS $DLTH #strong Shoes. $NKE $CROX $FL $DECK. Bullish charts with upside
  • champ: @bRobert $XRT $PLCE $GCO $CPRI $AEO $GOOS $GPS $DLTH $NKE $CROX $FL $DECK #strong--- Shoe stocks have been working. ........I have posting on $HIBB, the clear winner, up 53% in the last 30-days, I have been trading this stock.....
  • bRobert: $FL. breakout continuation. High base. cup. $43 $CROX. $72 breakout. nh $NKE $150. . breakout. nh $DECK. $300+. $SCVL. high base. Cup/flag $45 Foot fetish bull market
  • Kharrison67: $CROX needs to grab $DECK and find some steep stairs and start climbing up
  • bRobert: @Kharrison67 $CROX $DECK CROX. = patience translated from the dead sea scrolls Things will pick up pace. > $44. WEEKLY swing high Long term holding stock. with very high upside $60+ . WEEKLY C&H. breakout in Jan infected. Will resume.
  • scottto_2: @Mikev200 #WallOfWorry - Seems prudent. Not out, just cautious. Positions: $ZS, $ISRG, $NIO, $W, $NFLX, $ENPH, $TNDM, $SPOT, $AMD, $DECK
  • Kharrison67: $DECK may be breaking out the squeeze, unfortunately to the downside. Watching the 50 day close.
  • Kharrison67: $PII, $DECK, $DXCM $EFX $QRVO $SNBR $TPX working their way in the squeeze, some looking low, some looking high and some have no idea.
  • Kharrison67: $DECK in a squeeze, watch to pop over the 20 day, looks to be zigging in the zig zag
  • bRobert: @Kharrison67 $DECK. $250. Nice base $crox $45/$60+. $deck $boot $nke. If the shoe fits trade. Long $crox
  • bRobert: @sgiseller $boot If the shoe fits. $CROX. $45/$60+ . $NKE $120/$135 . $DECK. $250. Bullish charts with upside
  • bRobert: $DECK $250 high base Long consolidation /$300 WEEKLY C&H Low risk add/entry Stop < 50d 4% risk 45% reward Find those odds in Vegas
  • bRobert: $NAIL. Look for the breakout resumption/ bounce after this pullback retest. $70/$100+ $RH. $400 . Weekly C&h. In motion. A HOLDING stock. Just walls up and prints nhs Shorts 30% $W. $360/$400. Shorts 30% $CVNA. Short squeeze. Breakout. Pullback/ retest. Walk out. $265. Measured move. $Unh $340/$400 $moh $225/$265 $hum $470/$560 Adopt an hmo casino $tmo. $450. $ilmn. Reversal. Weekly multi year base Breakout/ retest/ bounce. $500 $algn. $400/$450 $dva. Weekly base is solid. $120 with a weekly breakout 50% upside $abmd. $400/$450 $Hal. $21/$30/$45 . Long term. Weekly reversal $gtls. $95/$135. 20d bounce. Holding stock $penn grab any pullback bounces. $72 c&h target. Strong $czr. Weekly cup resumption destiny $70/$100 $crox $45/$62. Holding stock $deck. C&h. $250/$300 $silk. 50% upside. $75. Weekly c&h. Nh printer set on multiple copies. Blue sky
  • bRobert: $crox $45/$62+. Holding stock. Gentle slow motion breakout No drama $deck $250 /$300
  • bRobert: @scottrades $CROX. Long from below. $45 high base daily /$62+Weekly. C&h. Target. That weekly c&h. To be resumed. Most strong stocks have resumed their Pre covid bullish patterns. Eg. $sq. $deck. High base $250. $290. Weekly c&h
  • bRobert: $deck. Phase 2. High base cup&h. $250 target. But the bounce with a stop $crox. Easy blind struck. $45/$60+
  • bRobert: $deck. Good day. $250 target. $crox. $48/$60+
  • bRobert: $deck. C& h. Breakout. $250. $crox. Own a partial and be patient. Long consolidation.
  • bRobert: $DECK. High base c&h breakout Pb/retest. Add on the bounce. $250 target $CROX. Ascending triangle breakout. in motion since trigger > $37.50. $30. base. $45. target 1. WEEKLY pre covid C&H. triggers >. $45. Bse. $17.5. Target. 45 + ( 45 - 17.50) = $72.50. 90%. upside
  • bRobert: $DECK. $250. high base. c&h. target $CROX. LOOONG consolidation. $62+. WEEKLY C&H target. $46. Daily high base. target 1 $EL. $225. high base target $ENPH. flag. high base. $105 . target. You should have a piece. Add on flag trigger. $CSIQ $35. $SEDG. $250 . $FSLR. $100. C&H target
  • bRobert: $DECK. $255+ . tight. high base. C&H. WEEKLY C&H. np $CROX. Very tight. high base Ascending triable walk out. WEEKLY. C&H. $67 . Long
  • bRobert: @Bart $Crox Long the swiss shoes from below $65+ target WEEKLY CUP $DECK $280 target
  • bRobert: @Bwhitty $CROX I don't wear them but I own them. in the If the shoe fits portfolio $DECK $SCVL $UA.
  • Bwhitty: @bRobert $CROX $DECK $SCVL $UA You own everything and if you don't own it you are shorting it! 🤣 But I own this one with you right now 👍
  • bRobert: @lostsheep $SCVL ai've never been to a Shoe Carnival. Long Like $DECK. $CROX. $UA. charts. as well If the shoe fits
  • lostsheep: @bRobert $SCVL $DECK $CROX $UA Toe cleavage gone wild
  • bRobert: @lostsheep $SCVL $DECK $CROX $UA Profiting from a foot fetish. Oh that cute pinky toe . All the way home These stocks can go toe to toe with anyone
  • bRobert: $DECK. Daily high base. cup. $250. WEEKLY C&H. resumed $CROX. $60+. WEEKLY C&H. Reports. 7/30. Plenty pf upside to catch without an engagement ring yet
  • bRobert: $CROX LOOOOOOOONG Squeeze over the 50d $67+ WEEKLY target $DECK WEEKLY same $270 If the shoe fits..... $UA $12 C&H target 1 Turnaround
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Stock Price $USD 334.45
Change 2.91%
Volume 202,907

Deckers Outdoor Corporation is a designer, producer, marketer, and brand manager of innovative, high-quality footwear and accessories.

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