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  • Bridget: $AMC #dumpsterdiving basing and holding above 50dMA on the last pullback. Basing and seeing some bullish divergence on the MACD. With high IV you can also look at selling covered calls or short puts against your stock to lower your cost basis.
  • 1winkie: $AMC - breached its 50DMA in a bullish manner on Tuesday
  • Bridget: $AMC warned today before earnings on Monday. Stock is down 23% and holding at $16. Will be watching for an oversold bounce.
  • Bridget: ...
    $AMC - gapped down big on a warning about earnings that are on Monday
    $CI - still in uptrend, earnings on 8/4, will it follow $HUM?
    $HON $RTN $LMT - moving higher
    $XLB - I like this here at the 50dMA
    $DPZ - now seeing buying off the 200dMA
  • Bridget: just realized my $AMC short is working really well. Will start covering at $25.
  • big_al: nice chart to be short! @Bridget $AMC
  • Bridget: I am short $AMC and this is starting to fall again.
  • Bridget: Notes: Quite a few good performing stocks pulling back today. Taking a breather. Closed a lot more positions today than I opened. $BA - cup and handle pattern $XLNX - nice cup patterm $MRCY - new 52 week high $SODA - working $KTOS - new all time high $TSEM - new all time high $AAOI - resistance still at $60 $NWL - good ER, breakout from consolidation $WYNN $MLCO - profit taking looks done. Can look at possible entry. $KITE - breakout and down, $JUNO followed $CELG - breakout and down, looking at $115-116 for support $AMC - ER this afternoon, Weekly chart looks like a short set-up $COMM - still holding at 200ma $RL - another try to breakout but pulled back $DDD - 3D printing stocks up big today
  • mradams0621: ...
    $AMC Amc Entertainment... 29.80 17.32%
    $BGB Blackstone / Gso ... 15.35 15.15%
    $AVP Avon Products Inc... 4.70 14.91%
    $ATU Actuant Corp. Cl ... 24.45 12.16%
    $GNCA Genocea Bioscienc... 7.10 10.42%
    $MDXG Mimedx Group Inc ... 8.89 9.75%
    $SPIL Silic ...
  • pcotton: #scanResults - upper right, pullback to 20d, 50d, or 20week (repost) $ABC $AMC $BSX $BURL $CBRL $CI $COST $CTB $ESPR $FISV $G $HNT $IBKR $KR $MMS $PF $SEE $SKUL $SKX $TA $TGT $TXRH $VAR $WYN
  • pcotton: #scanResults - right upper corner, pullback to 20 or 50 dma $ABC $ABMD $ACT $AET $AHS $AMC $ANTM $AVGO $BR $BURL $CBRL $CTB $ESPR $FTNT $G $HNT $HOLX $HUM $IBKR $MHK $MMS $PFPT $RHP $SIX $SKUL $SLGN $TGT $TM $TSS $TXRH $UNH $VMC $WCG
  • pcotton: #scanResults - upper right corner, pullback to 20d, 50d, or 20week $ABC $AMC $BSX $BURL $CBRL $CI $COST $CTB $ESPR $FISV $G $HNT $IBKR $KR $MMS $PF $SEE $SKUL $SKX $TA $TGT $TXRH $VAR $WYN
  • pcotton: #scanResults - right upper corner, pullback $ABC $ABMD $ACT $AFFX $AMC $BR $CNC $CTSH $EA $FISV $G $HNT $IBKR $JACK $LOW $NCLH $PANW $PFPT $SKUL $SKX $SLGN $TA $VMC
  • brandonh: $AMC - #better call saul. I should have loaded up when I had the chance. Hopefully get a decent pullback to enter full position. Bit of a rocket ship on the weekly. HTB here.
  • TG2000: ...
    $AMC (broke out again)
    $ATHM (broke out again 2/27, working)
    $COMM (working)
    $CQH (broke out, working)
    $ESRT (moving closer to breakout)
    $EVHC (working way higher)
    $JGW (broke out 2/27, still working)
    $LDRH (broke out 2/28, still worki ...
  • Poppy: AMBA: Thanks @Mike, you beat me to it...just to add to your thoughts. If you are holding this is $AMC - be prepare! could be a head chopper or a balloon! They had the Google halo during CES so expectation may be quite high, thereby a head roll if disappoint. My stop - under today's LOD. But as GoPro is coming as IPO, some day, that could be the catalyst for $AMBA to give good guidance and therefore - a balloon! Buy your lottery tickets soon...time is short! LOL
  • ruiduarte: I hold a $SKX position. today, $AMC, it releases earnings. Is anyone else holding over earnings or it is just me ???
  • gtrguy: $AMC - IPO strategy question. $AMC opened on 12/18, and the high was 12/23. Open to high was 19.18 - 19.99. Not much of a move. If it breaks to a new high, are we in the "blue sky" phase, or is this still feeding frenzy? I would think the later since it's been trading only a few days. Can/would you attempt a short-term long trade on a break above 20?
  • gtrguy: $AMC - think I just answered my own question by watching more of the IPO video (it is $SO COOL that SMM has all these tutorial videos!). 15 min chart shows an initial move up, then a drop and lull. I am thinking a move over 20 means going long, for at least a short-term trade. $AMC was talked up on a YT video yesterday, btw.
  • gtrguy: $AMC - IPO. At this moment, to quote @Dan, everybody's a winner! I bought on the break over 20 (previous all time high). Up a whopping .10 at the moment.
  • Tim S: $AMC - add this one to @Dan's IPO Strategy list ... up 2.7% today and setting new highs.
  • ginny: ...
    $AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc. $AMC 9% $19.67 $18.00 18-Dec-13
    First Bank $FRBA 3% $6.19 $6.00 15-Nov-13
    CatchMark Timber Trust Inc. $CTT 1% $13.63 $13.50 12-Dec-13
    Scorpio Bulkers Inc. $SALT -4% $9.38 $9.75 12-Dec-13
    Cheniere Energy Partn ...
  • bybyjanice: HAR: Equipment is in $AMC theatres too. Great interview on Fox.
  • BuffaloBill: $TSLA Seems to me there are two types of people 1st, those that sign off on things like $SPY docs NSA stuff and then say they knew nothing about it, first I have heard about, Never sat in on any meetings, had no contact with anyone, I was on a golfing vacation. While news media shouting WhoRa, They new nothing. And those like Elon at $TSLA who says sure we have car fires in accidents, let me tell you how well our Teslas are holding up Our Teslas are performing to our ultra high standards. Stock under distribution. SHORT resistence at 160.70 neckline ATR21 9.12 Earn Nov 05 $AMC
  • BuffaloBill: $CRUS @shine1121 - Earning $AMC Short interest 19.5%, 5 days to cover. Insiders exercising #options at 5.49 and Selling at Market. good to be a director, Selling seems like someone knows something. True stock value comes from Fundamentals, technicals are from emotions. They have lots of cash, terrific earnings growth, an $AAPL supplier, from Dec 2008 now up 808% Trades in relation to $AAPL , $AAPL down today $CRUS down, Price of $CRUS tomorrow? Flip a coin.
  • debeers: @ginny-Nice to have you back where you belong!If you do find a reliable way to get sleep please let @Queenie and me know......both of us severely sleep deprived in conference and earnings season.If you get a break,and its not expensive here, $MHK reports the 31st, $AMC,like $WHR it is not just a new homes story but a remodel and upgrade and high end tile story so get some. You are one of the best pricers i have ever seen, so have at it. You already know about the $GILD on the 29th (wow!can you believe all the catalysts on MissT's darling??)--all I got.Luv ya and glad to see you back!
  • bobm3: $WDAY - Earnings tomorrow (8/27) $AMC
  • BuffaloBill: $FIO Excellent action today into earnings Aug 07 $AMC = Fastest Blade Servers by alot in the world, now finally developing a wide customer base $QCOM DELL $HPQ CSCO $IBM AAPL 50% Sales outside US with Sales increasing, so they say in last call. Bottom formation above 50 Stop 14.84 NOT holding through earning Risk Range 15.50 to 14.20 Then 13.62 old swing low potential target if $GS is right. If they hit it out of the park then everyone will know and then onward and upward. $CORE HOLDINGS $SBUX NKE $HCA BAC $FIO Short $CAT
  • RichardOw: $GOOG - @rczar, thanks for the info. For all, just take note that $GOOG is reporting on Jan 22 $AMC (After Market Close).
  • HumanGeorge: $IMAX I see $IMAX continues to make its run out of a Bollinger Band expansion...I guess the story yesterday was theater expansion in Malaysia or maybe a domestic deal expansion with $AMC, but I think its the anticipation of this Friday's release of the Dark Knight Rises that has it moving handsomely again today. I sold my calls too soon today :( (but a profit is still a profit)
  • bxshin: ...
    Dish Network (DISH) has removed $AMC from its offerings, following the expiration of the contract between the two. Dish says it dropped $AMC because it was charging fees that were too high for a low-related channel. $AMC countered by pointing out th ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Macerich downgraded at $UBS
    $MAC was downgraded to Neutral from Buy, $UBS said. $61 price target. Further upside limited.

    Dolby downgraded at JP @Morgan
    $DLB was downgraded from Overweight to Neutral, JP @Morgan said. Company lac ...
  • gold2stocks: @ali0926 - $QCOM is $AMC tomorrow. You can always go to @Aragorn's early morning post (with tunes) where he provides an earnings link for all companies. Just click it and then enter your symbol in question. G2S
  • mickey5687: LIZWAITE / team : I'm looking for a solid, interactive, user friendly earnings calendar (accurate too). I've found the screener in FINVIZ allows for filtering for companies with future earnings announcements but it doesn't include whether it's befo ...
  • jbalas: $RENN, tnt - Thanx for the heads up! Long @ 5.37 with stop @ 5.10. Saw the earnings. 3/8 $AMC , expected .04 from
  • DAN: It was an $AMC Pacer. It's the only one on my block. :)
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $AMC Networks numbers raised at @Morgan Stanley
    Shares of $AMCX now seen reaching $40, according to @Morgan Stanley. Estimates also increased, given higher expected advertising growth. Underweight rating.

    Affiliated Managers numbers ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $AMC Networks rated new Overweight at JP @Morgan
    $AMCX was initiated with an Overweight rating, JP @Morgan said. $43 price target. Pullback has created an attractive buying opportunity in the growing company.

    $AMZN rated new ...
  • gold2stocks: ...
    $AMC Networks rated new Buy at BofA Merrill
    $AMCX was initiated with a Buy rating, Bank of America Merrill Lynch said. $42 price target. Despite macro uncertainty, view risk/reward favorably.

    Alpha Natural rated new Neutral at JP @Morgan
    $ANR w ...
  • imortalz: $AAPL "Say hello to my little 50 DMA!" Pacino Scarface, I watched it yesterday. $AMC "Mob Week"
  • emi: $AAPL - Earnings 7/19 $AMC, 6 business days. Maybe earnings won't be blow out like they were in 1Q because of the Japan earthquake inspired parts shortage but we're in the second half now and I wouldn't bet against $AAPL going into September when iPhone5 and other iterations coming out. So if there's a dip, I'm buying it.
  • foreman47: $HEI - Reported $EPS yesterday $AMC, 32% of float short, at new 52-wk high, smoking. Small position in call #options. Sorry to hear about Mark Haines.
  • wehappyfew: $IPI Yep 2-23-11 $AMC Current expectation +.20.
  • wehappyfew: $LVS Earnings $AMC today. Huge 50 call volume yesterday according to Fast Money. Khouw was suggesting buying call spread. Buy 50 call and sell 60 call. Think, but not certain, that it was March time frame. If someone has more clarity, please share .... it's early. I am long the stock and, obviously, expect an earnings beat on Macau and Singapore gaming.
  • wehappyfew: $AAPL Per, 1-18-11 $AMC, (after market close). Confirmed
  • foreman47: I like it when we get the date right - thanks Taylor. $IRBT - Irobot, this could be a rocket, sm cap 495M, beat earnings y'day $AMC (.07 - > .18, which is 157%), short interest: 12.3% float, 21.3 days short interest ratio - Yahoo Finance. Near a 52-wk high, up 6% pre-mkt.
  • GARY: ...
    $IRBT - Irobot, this could be a rocket, sm cap 495M, beat earnings y'day $AMC (.07 - > .18, which is 157%), short interest: 12.3% float, 21.3 days short interest ratio - Yahoo Finance. Near a 52-wk high, up 6% pre-mkt.

    Reply Delete E ...
  • emi: $LVS - looked back the previous two earnings. 1st QTR, 6-May-10 $AMC Estimate: .02 Actual: .07 Price at close: 21.65. Price at close May 7: 21.19 2 QTR, 28-Jul-10 $BMO Estimate: $ 0.09 Actual: $ 0.17 Price at close 27 Jul: 25.28 Price at close 28 Jul: 26.69 (5% move) 3QTR, 27-Oct-10 $AMC Estimate: $ 0.23 If $LVS doesn't beat 23 cents, there will be pain. 5% move wouldn't be out of the question.
  • wehappyfew: $CDE @Silver and gold miner. I see the stock at an inflection point. Drew an inverse head and shoulders line from: left shoulder begin 12-02-09 23.29, complete 1-11-10; head complete 3-12-10; right shoulder complete 4-12-10. Measured the midline by sight and came up with about 20.24. Stock broke the down trend, traded up and has come back to test support. It is now in an up trend: 20SMA above 50EMA above #200EMA. Have done a measured move from the low of 13.40 to 20.24 = 6,84 20.24 + 6.84 = 27.08 price target @DAN, et al If you have any comments or adjustments, I would appreciate hearing them. $CDE reports Q1 2010 on 5-10 $AMC
  • Junior: WFMI - On a tear here, with earnings $AMC today. It's into the 3rd dev Boll. Band. I'm looking to fade this, trying to come up with the right #options play. The implied vol is high, so i was looking at a calendar spread, or simply selling naked calls. Any #options experts have some ideas?
  • Junior: Yo, James - $CBS Earnings today $AMC
  • Junior: I learned the same Ameritrade 20 minute rule the hard way. It was an earnings report, $AMC, and the stock spiked, but I couldn't sell. The school of hard knocks has a tuition, that's for sure!
  • Junior: Russ -- $TX to release today $AMC, according to (a free site, not competition to @Dan)
  • Junior: $XRAY, heads up!... They report tomorrow $AMC
  • pesmas: Jack - Suggestion re earnings. I have the site on my favorites list. Once a week I will print off lists of earnings forthcoming for the upcoming week and highlight those that I may trade. Be sure to click "full list" so you get them all. Be attentive to if the announcement will be $BMO (before market open) or $AMC (after market close.) Another site I check each morning is Those sometimes create major moves, too. Happy for you that $JPM worked out. You could send me a sympathy card for the # of times I got my head chopped off trading earnings - not recently, though, since @Dan and Team have taught me better! @Mary Ann
  • longterm59: Frank Curzio has a nice piece on RM Stocks Under 10 that highlights news. Disney is converting Toy Story into 3D film. 3D concert film by U2 and a re-elease of The Lord of the Rings trilogy. They've also done a recent deal with $AMC Entertainment in 100 theatres. Hope that helps, @doug
  • basherbob: ...
    Possible Bright spots could Air Products and maybe Abbot Labs BMO. Ebay reports $AMC and might be good.
    St. Jude Medical, a recent addition to action alerts plus also reports BMO. It would be nice to see a good report there.
    I almost missed Wachov ...
  • HorseTrader: IMAX: Another stock recommendation for you blokes. No, I don't mean buy today! I've been passing this idea around in private via email, but decided to bring it here on the board. Up 10% today on the back of announcing strong demand. They spiked in early Dec after announcing a huge deal with $AMC theaters and have since pulled back. This bloody market should give another good entry point around $5.50. Not bad for a stock that will be in the double digits come this time next year!
  • sailor279: $AAPL reports on Jan 22, $AMC according to their website. Also keep in mind that MacWorld is the prior week, Jan 14-18 and is often when they announce new products during Job's keynote. To compound the volatility, Jan 18th is also #options expiration.
  • mike123167: ...
    Conclusion: We expect SanDisk to report Q3 results $AMC today above the Str.and our estimates largely due to the strong NAND pricing environment in Q3.
    Despite our expectations for strong results and positive outlook from the
    company, we believe S ...
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Stock Price $USD 17.00
Change -1.45%
Volume 2,128,510

AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc is engaged in theatrical exhibition. It is principally involved in the theatrical exhibition business and owns, operates or has interests in theatres located in the United States.

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