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Strategy Session November 14th, 2017

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  • champ: @Robert1965 $MOMO ---- #ChinaNews ---- For now it looks like all the stocks are Spec trades today.... at this point....doesn't really look like the markets are going to move any higher and I'm #Expecting that the markets... could sell off, going into ...
  • Bridget: $WB and $JD both moving higher. $JD in blue sky territory.
  • rbrown2222: $JD Breaking out on volume. Target 53 own calls
  • champ: $MOMO $JD $BABA $WB ....looks like most all the Chinese names are on the move today.....#Anybody know why...??
  • Sher: @champ $MOMO $JD $BABA $WB #Anybody - Running into earnings...
  • champ: @Sher $MOMO $JD $BABA $WB #Anybody ---- Must be .... $WB & $SINA are on 8/9 and then next week is $JD on 8/14... $BABA on 8/17 and then $MOMO is on 8/22...#CopyCat moves going on....maybe also. I'm holding small positions but NP in $SINA.
  • Bridget: #Notes: A lot of stocks that have been seeing pullbacks saw a bounce today. $SMH is one OIH - oil is going lower, still lots of overhead resistance. $BP moving higher. $WB $SINA $YY $JD - all making moves higher Some retail pushing higher - $LULU $TGT $EL $EXPR $ODP Medical devices seeing support - $MDT $BEAT $ALGN $TAN $JKS $CSIQ - moving higher $EEM - moving higher $WING - breakout $SAGE - breakout $APO - breakout $KEM - breakout, IBD50 $GRUB $YELP - even higher $TTWO - holding gap IPOs $VST $APPN $HCC $SGH Earnings after close: $LQ $MAR $W $CBI - very high IV $VRX $ALB
  • Sher: ...
    $JD – Back in with Aug. $47 calls – Inadvertently took profits on Aug. $45 calls, Fri. (forgot to cancel prior sell order), an oversight that cost me a couple of thousand in gains… Still long Sept. $45 calls.

    $KEM – Stock u ...
  • Sher: $JD - Group leader again today - ER moved out to Aug. 14th, B/O - Earnings Whisper projection is $.10 versus $.08, consensus - Have been in and out of this one several times - Currently long Aug. & Sept. $45 calls.
  • Sher: $UPS - Put on a few Sept. $110 calls $S - Added to Aug. $8 call position $JD - Took profits on Aug. $43 calls - Still long Aug. and Sept. $45 calls
  • Sher: $FCX – Took profits on Aug. $13 call position, which jumped 120% following this morning’s ER – Was considerably underwater at yesterday’s close - Bailed way too early & unable to get back in – Calls now up 233% - Yes, I left a huge amount on the table and, yes, I am in full sob-mode… $JD – Took profits on Aug. 41 calls, yesterday, EOD – Still holding Aug. $42 calls and added Aug. $43 call position, this morning. $JBLU – Has turned into a total trading fiasco, despite strong ER – Long Sept. $23 calls, which have taken a recent beating, and decided to hedge position by adding long puts, EOD, yesterday – Currently getting clobbered on both ends of the trade!
  • indigo1948: @Sher $FCX $JD $JBLU - been there in full sob-mode multiple times but profit is profit and yesterday it was a loss-never look back.
  • Bridget: $JD new high
  • Sher: $JD – Continues to be top performer in its class – ATH - Up another 2.5%, today – Currently long Aug. $42 & $43 calls.

    $ABBV - Huge bearish engulfing candlestick, taking stock back to 20-day MA - Am completely baffled as to wha ...
  • Bridget: #Notes: $XLF and $XLE saw a nice turn $XLB and $XME continued higher $XLV and $XBI - down on uncertainty Earnings today: $GOOGL - gap down $MCD - breakout higher $CAT - breakout higher $STX - gap down and bounce $LLY - pullback to support $MMM - gap down $UTX - break down Earnings to come: $WYNN $BA $X $KO $CMG $T $AMD $MTSI - working $JD - working $CC - working $SYMC - working $BOFI - breakout $FOSL/$JWN/$GPS/$JCP - rising from the grave $DRI - breaking down from squeeze $PLAY - starting to look toppy $ZTS - break down from squeeze $LITE - slight pullback $VEEV - slight pullback IPOs $IPO - this IPO ETF is at all time highs $BL - breakout $ADSW - new high $JHG - top of the range
  • Sher: $JD – Took profits on Aug. $41 calls, EOD – Still long Aug. $42 calls $JBLU – Calamitous decline in my Sept. $23 call position, today – BTO Aug. $22 puts, EOD – Have no idea what earnings reaction will be in the AM…
  • Sher: Just FYI… Short interest recap on a few forum stocks (insomnia entertainment): $RES – 57% - 16 DTC $AAOI – 53.76% - 4 DTC (days to cover); $LITE (for comparison) – 9.9% - 3.7 DTC $CRR – 52.36 – 12 DTC $SHAK – 52.09% - 13.8 DTC $CZR – 45.97% - 16 DTC $NTNX – 45.89% - 3.5 DTC $LGIH - 43.57%$ - 20.9 DTC UBNT – 42.06% - 17 DTC $RH – 41.46% - 4.5 DTC $NVDA – 26% decrease in short interest – Now negligible… $JBLU – 12% decrease – Negligible $BX – 11% decrease - Negligible $JD – Negligible
  • Sher: $JD - "Jumpin" - Phase 3 momentum - Short phase 2 PB, yesterday, (thank God!) - Just broke through R2... Casinos on the move - Long $CZR Sept. calls - Adding here - ER, 8-1-17 - Impressive expectations after 6 losing Qtrs.
  • Bridget: $JD moving higher
  • DAN: @Sher @michaelH @Bridget -- $YRD $JD $CZR -- all of these are really nice moves today. YRD continues to pop out of a squeeze, though it's extended quite a bit. CZR looks really good...solid consolidation at $12.50. JD -- looks like the next move is higher...but needs to break out above $44. --Dan
  • Sher: $KEM – Up nearly 2% - Doesn’t report until the 27th and earnings/revenue projections look to be “killer” (238% & 52% increases over prior year) – Long Aug. $15 calls. $JD – Class leader – Aug. $41 & $42 call positions up 50 & 62%, respectively. $SCHW – Like post-earnings turnaround (reported B/O, pretty much in line with expectations) – Think done going down, for now, & phase 3 pending – Long Sept. $43 calls (underwater 30%) & will likely add before EOD. $CZR – Stock now up 4.4% & Sept. $12 calls, 75%... $AMD - Added to Aug. $14 call position Earlier posts: $JD - "Jumpin" - Phase 3 momentum - Short phase 2 PB, yesterday, (thank God!) - Just broke through R2... Casinos on the move - Long $CZR Sept. calls - Adding here - ER, 8-1-17 - Impressive expectations after 6 losing Qtrs.
  • DAN: @Sher $KEM $JD $SCHW $CZR $AMD Nice bunch of position, Sher. Love it!
  • Bridget: #Notes: $XLK - health care bill dead $HUM $CI $AET $UNH down, but $ACHC holding nicely $IBM - reports after hours $JNJ - bullish engulfing $CZR - breakout, $MGM also looks good $EROS - breakout $TRU - breakout to new high $V - making a run along with $PYPL, ER on 7/20 $RTN - has room to run, ER 7/27 $FB - new highs with many other tech stocks $TTMI - close to new high $RH - another new 52 week high $JD - W pattern $HCC - #ipo working $TRVG - working $AYX - ipo working $CMG - getting crushed again on news
  • Sher: @DAN $KEM $JD $SCHW $CZR $AMD - "Danke sehr"...
  • Bridget: @Sher $S $JD $UPS $BX $EEM Thanks for the $BX idea. I took it.
  • Sher: $CENX - Back in, but with Sept. $17 calls, this time - Notably outsized OI at this strike (9,811) - Picture-perfect phase 3 move... $S - Partial fill (ridiculous) on Aug. $8 calls @ $.85... $JD - BTO Aug. $42 calls @ $1.85 - Also long $41 calls - They don't report 'till 8-10-17 and projections look pretty stellar - Looking for stock to return to prior $44 high as double bottom plays out. $UPS - BTO July 28th. $112 calls @ $1.88 - They report on the 27th. - Stock is squeezing to the upside - Looking for this to run up into earnings. $BX - 4-week squeeze breaking out to the upside... finally - Happily long Aug. $33 calls $EEM - Strong momentum continues - Aug. $42.50 long call position up 42%, today $JD - Added to Aug. $41 long call position @ $2.12, this morning - Double bottom & back above 5-day & VWMAs.
  • Sher: $JD - BTO Aug. $41 calls @ $1.30 when popped back above pivot point - Not as extended as others in this group - Nice double bottom pattern on daily charts - Looking for it to return to June $44 high and more - Earnings are 8-10-17 and projections are ...
  • champ: @Sher $JD $AMD $EEM $CALA ------ On $JLBU they reported News...good June prelim #Traffic results and they are moving up thru multi-month resistance.
  • woodman: @audrina0904 #Chinese - watchlist (in order of today's performance as of a little while ago): $TCEHY $MOMO $NTES $BITA $JD $CTRP $SOHU $SINA $EDU $BABA $TAL $WB $BIDU $YY $CYOU
  • audrina0904: @woodman $TCEHY $MOMO $NTES $BITA $JD $CTRP $SOHU $SINA $EDU $BABA $TAL $WB $BIDU $YY $CYOU #Chinese THANKS!
  • Bridget: Notes: $XRT getting crushed. $M $LB $COST $WMT $FIVE $KSS Breakouts that are working: $BZUN, $DLPH, $DHI $FIZZ $CX $OSUR New Breakouts: $PYPL $ATHM $KRO $EWW $CF $BWA $MOMO $EDU $TAL $JD - nice bounce off the 50dma $LMT $NOC $RTN - still working $VALE - moving higher, ER on 7/27 $PKG - nice bullish engulfing candle after flag $MRAM - #ipo new high on volume
  • Bridget: I'm taking off a little early today. Notes: $SPY still in a channel, but in a downtrending channel. Same with $QQQ. Solar still holding up well. $TAN, $JKS $XME still slowly moving higher $XOP seems to have bottomed. Now it's basing $PSX is performing well. $IYT - higher highs, $AAL moving Pipelines are on a tear $AM $WPZ $WMB $OKS $OKE $ETE, possibly due to changes the administration is making regarding drilling rules. $NKE - if you aren't already in you're chasing $TTWO - at a good buy point $CC - breaking the downtrend $MU - sold off after earnings, will this now follow the rest of the semis $VFC - higher highs. Inverse head and shoulders on the weekly. Neckline around $58 $JD - double top $ETSY - flagging $BGCP - back up to its prior high Breakouts: $TWX $GNC $SSW $AXGN $TRUE
  • traderbren: $JD -- may have topped out for now...needs time to rest.
  • Sher: $CARA - Closed share position earlier, accidentally, but profitably - Just added to July $20 long call position @ $2.90 (LOD, hopefully) $MGM - Phase 3 continues - Had added to long July $33 call position, yesterday - Up 31%, today - Just noticed big vol. in $33.50 calls... 5,074 volume against OI of 542. $JD - Momentum continues - Was late getting in this one - BTO July $41 calls, yesterday, @ $1.62 $X - July $22 calls up 50%, today... phew! Yesterday PM trades: $ABBV – Back in, but with Aug. $72.50 calls @ $2.10 $BX – BTO Aug. $33 calls @ $.98 - Squeeze leaning toward the upside... barely. $CARA – BTO July $20 calls; Still long stock
  • spmeyers: @Sher $JD $X $EEM maybe hospitals are going up because it looks more likely that the plan won't pass
  • Sher: $JD - Back in, but at a higher strike - BTO July $43 calls @ $1.55

    $X - Back in, but at a higher strike - BTO July $22.50 calls @ $1.43

    $JD - STC July $41 calls for a 67% gain... 1-day trade.

    # Hospitals (HO) – For the life of me I have no i ...
  • Sher: $ABBV – STC Aug. $70 calls for 57% gain (2-day trade) – Will look to reenter, at higher strike, on any meaningful pullback. $JD – BTO July $41 calls @ $1.62 $MGM – Added to July $33 call position, yesterday, @ $.86 $CARA - Took my July $20 covered calls off this one, yesterday - Should have turned around and gone long those same calls - They're up about 60% today!
  • martyrb3: $JD Watching. Wondering if it will follow $BABA after yesterday's rise. Someone purchased 5000 JD June 30 calls at strike 43 yesterday. Both stocks up pre-market.
  • Bridget: $JD failed breakout, now seeing further selling
  • martyrb3: $EMQQ New position for Long Term portfolio. EMQQ designed to provide exposure to the internet and ecommerce sectors of the developing world. Top ten holdings include $TCEHY $BABA $NPSNY $NTES $MELI $CTRP $BIDU $JD $YNDX $MOMO. Up 44% YTD.
  • PRK: @martyrb3 $EMQQ $TCEHY $BABA $NPSNY $NTES $MELI $CTRP $BIDU $JD $YNDX $MOMO Interesting. Thanks for sharing.
  • Bridget: ...
    Chinese stocks rallied then sold off $JD $WB $SINA $YY $EDU $BIDU
    Defense stocks making a nice recovery $GD $BA $LMT $NOC

    $NVDA - this beast just doesn't stop
    $AEIS - working
    $COHR - breaking to new high
    $SHW - looking strong
    $CC - at support, need ...
  • chunlow: $JD $BZUN -Both moving again after conslidation
  • JBed: $JD Just took a look at the chart. It's in a month-long base and the BB's are getting closer. I've set an alert at $42.
  • Forexpro: ...
    Emerging Markets: Harding Loevner’s emerging markets strategies have been closed to new investors for a while, but author Dimitra DeFotis spoke with one of the portfolio managers (Richard Schmidt) about his current faves. They include $TCEHY ( ...
  • Raos: @Esther $MOMO IMHO the fall in $MOMO today had nothing to do with the earnings report. For whatever reason all China stocks took a beating. Be it $SINA, $WB, $JD, $BZUN, $TAL.. and so many others. I would think this will eventually start working towards $45+ in the coming days ..
  • Bridget: $JD is at a new 52 week high
  • champ: @Esther $WB $MOMO --- Yes, your right its a great stock and it has been a great money maker for me, I posted last May on 5/27 that this stock was "China's Twitter" at around $22. I have traded all the earnings runs over the last year, in an ...
  • Bridget: $JD and $EDU continue to work
  • stevef214: @Bridget $WB $EDU $SINA $BIDU $BABA $AMZN $SHOP $W $SMH $XLY $LITE $RL $UAA $XRT $ENDP $PTLA $ATVI $BYD $GME $AMAT You can add $JD to the internet shopping list
  • martyrb3: $JD Up 8% on huge volume after earnings/guidance. Call options I sold Friday (had decent profit and didn't want to hold over earnings) are up 90% today. :-(
  • traderbren: @martyrb3 $JD - I did the same thing. Tough to see it move higher and count the dollars missed, but as we all know, it will pull back in time. I've grown to be happy with "banking" profitable positions and moving on to the next one. Good luck with future trades.
  • :
  • traderbren: $JD - new high. Long common.
  • Bridget: $JD breaking out
  • traderbren: $JD -- keep an eye on $32.47 as we're getting closer. Long.
  • JBed: @traderbren $JD Is that the 52-week high?
  • traderbren: @JBed $JD - yes, I think we could see further buying interest once it clears $32.47....
  • traderbren: $JD - looking constructive here...would like to see it clear $32.47
  • DAN: @traderbren $JD Oh, yeah. Looks like it's going to break out soon.
  • champ: @DAN $JD --- Could be but China Clause is coming to town.....don't know if he will be bring President Trump any gifts..??
  • DAN: @champ $JD That's a question that's above my pay grade. No clue.
  • champ: $JD @ $30.90 ---- Going back in on the close with a new starter position on the upgrade from $BAC ...that came out about 25 minutes ago.
  • champ: $JD @ $30 ---- A large on-line retail Co. in China, with a market cap of $42.5B is now at resistance.....the news flow has really been great...$WMT increased their Stake in this company on 2/6 and in all the 13F filings on the big players portfolio positions yesterday some have increased their positions also. I got back in on 11/29 and posted...now watching to see if the stock can BreakOut to a new recent high before I add.....2015 hi was $38.
  • bsafriet: ...
    Stops took me out of $COR and $NVDA today, re-entered small position in $NVDA just to keep ":an iron in the fire". Established new positions in $BEAT, $LITE, $HMY, $OCLR, $OLED (hope 3rd times the charm!), $SINA, $TREE. Holding small po ...
  • Bridget: $JD is making a strong move today. I bought some stock last week on a heavy volume day. This is currently back up at resistance near $28. The trendline of this recent rally on the daily chart nearly follows the 8DMA. Try to buy close to this moving average. ER are expected on 2/28.
  • StockMarketMentor: A Price Alert has been triggered for $JD JD.com Inc.. Click here to view associated video clip: http://stockmarketmentor.com/stockanalysis.html?ticker=JD&clip=80465
  • RedLeaf1: @StockMarketMentor $JD Anyone else having trouble accessing this video clip?
  • druxnjx: @RedLeaf1 $JD yes - says it doesn't exist
  • shoredriver: @RedLeaf1 $JD yep
  • Robert1965: @RedLeaf1 $JD YES ALL of the them
  • greenpatrol: @RedLeaf1 $JD Yup. Getting the following message: "Table 'marketmentor.fm_tiers' doesn't exist"
  • champ: @Bridget @RedLeaf1 $JD ...I have a few post on this. --- Yes, getting the same.
  • Bridget: @champ $JD Thanks for letting me know. I'll look into this.
  • PJMR11: @RedLeaf1 $JD Yes.
  • Bridget: The $JD price alert video is fixed. Sorry for the issue earlier. http://stockmarketmentor.com/stockanalysis.html?ticker=JD&clip=80465
  • issues: @Bridget $JD The issue? Did you mention me? I'm an issue,right? Hey Brid what do you think I should do with the 1/2 position in NFLX? Sell half before earnings tomorrow?
  • traderbren: $JD - buying interest. Holding a starter position.
  • champ: $JD -- $WB @ $46 now and has been really working...I got back in with a new long at around $40 on 12/30 and I have been posting on both...up 15% now...I also have a new Spec swing on long $JD.
  • champ: $XRT ..#MyTHOUGHTSOn$OLLI ... $ELF $COLM $HBI $JD- On retail it will be... very interesting to see how the Monthly sales numbers for the month of December on Friday 1/13 will be... because of the Holidays. I expect that the numbers will be higher and ...
  • champ: $JD back in with a starter position this morning.....and $WB @ $44.55 ... I got back in with a New position on Friday 12/30 @ $40.44 ...appears the bottom could be in at around that level..??...I have been posting on this stock.
  • champ: @mharps $T $VZ $SINA --- Thanks, Yes...China stocks are on the move....I'm holding swing positions in $WB and $JD..LOL
  • orpheusredux: $JD has been consolidating for weeks but it looks like it may finally break out here. Up 2% today. I'm in it via a JAN call spread but may buy shares if it pops out of this box.
  • Bridget: $JD looks to be breaking out of this consolidation on good volume. As with most squeezes, you would put your stop near the mid-point of the channel, which was $26. But I would wait to see if this breakout holds into the close before getting in.
  • champ: @Bridget $JD - I have been watching.... as some Chinese names are showing some relative strength here late in the month.....watching $BABA @ $94.50... RHRN
  • woodman: @champ $JD $BABA $NTES - Champ, among Chinese stocks, $NTES has a look similar to $BABA.
  • champ: @woodman $JD $BABA $NTES - I will check it out.....I'm Spec day trade long with $BABA this morning and so far ...it's working ...I might swing 1/2...?
  • orpheusredux: @Bridget $JD What's your definition of "hold"--in terms of price?
  • Bridget: @orpheusredux $JD Basically that I want to see this close above the upper bollinger band. But you can also sometimes get a good idea whether this will close above the bollinger band before the actual close and get in today expecting the breakout to continue tomorrow. But right now this is getting held back. So the breakout is not holding for now, but it could make another go at it today. I also like to see that the stochastics on the weekly are turning up as well.
  • champ: $WB @ $44.45 - Could be a good entry this morning @ this level....back in long near the open @ $43.85 stop @ entry ....watching $JD this morning because of earnings ....$WB reports on 11/21/AH's....
  • traderbren: $CRM -- love the move this morning! Also, $JD continues to leg higher. $GOOGL may be a bounce based on the comments that its not bidding for $TWTR.
  • champ: $JD @ $29.45 in the AH's and it's up on News on 206k shares being traded....total shares for the day were 23.5M .....$WMT double it's stake in $JD to 10.8% (Prior 5.9%)- Push $BABA up $0.52 also....maybe they own part of $JD also...don't really know because they have interest in so many companies.
  • champ: $JD ....OUT.... 1/2 of JD now but still holding full position in $BABA.
  • traderbren: $YY and $JD - getting a good bid this AM
  • orpheusredux: Chinese names on fire today. $JD $YY $VIPS. $YY has finally crashed through 55 with conviction (assuming it holds through the close).
  • Bridget: ...
    $YY $WB $JD $VIPS - Chinese stocks doing well today
    $RF $BAC $C $COF - Banks looking promising, not moving with the overall market right now
    $SCHW - Vol Squeeze breakout
    $SIVB - ditto

    Stocks breaking down:
    $CVS, $FE, $FRT, $GIS, $ACAD, $DLTR, $MMM, ...
  • bwcarnation1: $JD breaking out on vol
  • lrbarton: $JD take a look at $JD poised to break out .
  • Bridget: Notes: $SPY - still in the box. Below 212.40 I m bearish, and above 217.50 I'm bullish. In between I remain cautious. $DISH - breakout out of a flag on daily and establishing a new uptrend on the weekly $SWN - breakdown $BOFI - solid breakout then pullback, still think this could run higher $WB - breaking out $JD - almost breaking out $PBR - shot across the bow $SGMS - breakout on the weekly $EFII - new all time high $ANIP - solid uptrending stock $HZN - solid uptrending stock $VBLT - cup formation $CARA - breakout still going $NVDA - move higher on volume $HTZ - breakdown $CLVS - resting $GDDY - good entry point $TRMB - solid uptrend on weekly $BITA - this move is just getting started
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Volume 16,657,400

JD.com Inc is an online direct sales company in China. The Company acquire products from suppliers and sell them directly to its customers through its website and mobile applications.

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