Applied Optoelectronics Inc. (NASDAQ:AAOI)

Strategy Session July 16th, 2018

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  • bRobert: @rjw225 $BDSI $NPTN I would rather. scale into $LITE. VERY STRONG WEEKLY C&H. $140. target. 50%. from HERE Stop. < 20d. 3%. risk/ > 50%. upside. Can you find better in a quality stock with a pristine chart? $AAOI. is a better SPEC. trade. $20/$27+ targets WEEKLY breakout/pullback. retest Buy the bounce. $12.90 stop if bounces from here Great risk/reward.
  • Firemedic: @bRobert $BDSI $NPTN $LITE $AAOI ive had $AAOI for yrs from higher price point. Added some couple weeks ago when it was starting a run. Pretty deep pullback. Hanging tight as it is a longer term hold
  • bRobert: $lite. $140. C&h. Target. Post earnings crush pop. Nh blue sky soon. Weekly c&h. I like these a lot. Long from way below. Posting along the way $aaoi. Looking for resumption. Short squeeze. $20/$30+
  • bRobert: $hal. Above 50 week ceiling. High base breakout. $21/$30+ $gush. $50/$70 . Add on pb/ bounces $car. High base breakout. $40/$50. Shorts $w. Nh. $370. Flag target. Long $unh. Nh. $340/$400 $tmo 20 d bounce. $450. Watch for $ilmn strong bounce soon $algn $400/$450 . $xray $100. Long term $amwd. Holding stock. $94 /$120/$180 $mlm > 200d. $270/$400 long term. $vmc $uscr $exp work $penn. C&h. $72 STRONG. $c. Calls exploding. $60 target 1 pb/bounces. $ms same. $75 WEEKLY c&h long $tpx. Easy hold. $100/$140 $fb. Add with flag trigger. $290/$330/$400 $Lite. Holding. $140 $aaoi. $20/$30 shorts $Bynd. Double bottom soon. $160/ $260/$400. Add with green candle print to start trade with huge upside
  • Kharrison67: $AAOI is testing the 20day, pretty ugly pull back, but on average volume. Keeping an eye on it for a bounce. May be some profit taking after the earnings report.
  • geotheo: $AAOI Saying Applied Optoelectronics (NASDAQ:AAOI) "finally showed signs of life in its Datacenter business," Craig-Hallum upgrades the company from Sell to Hold and raises the price target from $10 to $19. Craig-Hallum says it now "sees a very clear path to breakeven," but the firm will stay on the sidelines until AAOI demonstrates "a consistent level of profitability." Cowen (Outperform) raises its AAOI target from $12 to $19, saying the Q2 results and forecast showed strengthening demand and increment support for the firm's thesis that "AAOI’s operating model will likely return to eventual solid profitable growth." AAOI shares are up 17.1% pre-market to $17.62.
  • bRobert: @geotheo $AAOI Long from $10 Set up the trade here Several members followed $20/$28/$40+ Long term
  • geotheo: @bRobert $AAOI Saw your posts, but unfortunately took no action. Day job gets in the way most of the times to get optimum entries.
  • bRobert: $AAOI short squeeze 38% Long $20/$28+ HIGHER long term $40 Long from $10 $LITE reports 8/11 $140 target Long from $72 100% upside Not too shabby
  • bRobert: @geotheo $AAOI Me too but sometimes I get lucky. Or I buy smaller starters. Buying the pullback/bounces helps I rarely buy a breakout Higher risk entry
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $MS STO 8/14/20 51.0 CALLS @.46 $MS BTO STOCK @50.14 $KODK STO 8/14/20 17.0 CALLS @1.15 $AAOI STO 8/14/20 15.0 PUTS @.35
  • bRobert: ...
    $AAOI up ah on Strong revenue beat and upward guidance Short squeeze 38% $20/$25 targets Higher long term
    $LITE Reports 8/11 WEEKLY C&H breakout Daily flag $140 target
    $W Squeeze breakout /continuation after long conso ...
  • Firemedic: @bRobert $GBTC $TAN $FSLR $ENPH $SEDG $TPX $FB $MED $ALGN $SWKS $BABA $YY $OC $AMWD $UNH $MOH $TMO $ILMN $AAOI $LITE $W $MLM $VMC $USCR $EXP $CVNA $MU $ALT $CODX $FCX $TA $WDC $GDDY $PENN $SQ $QRVO $URI $CMI $DE $HRI $CAT Sold $ILMN Wed prior to close $401. Thanks for the trade
  • bRobert: @Firemedic $GBTC $TAN $FSLR $ENPH $SEDG $TPX $FB $MED $ALGN $SWKS $BABA $YY $OC $AMWD $UNH $MOH $TMO $ILMN $AAOI $LITE $W $MLM $VMC $USCR $EXP $CVNA $MU $ALT $CODX $FCX $TA $WDC $GDDY $PENN $SQ $QRVO $URI $CMI $DE $HRI $CAT Glad it worked out Keep it on your radar It will resurface again with a WEEKLY breakout and $500 target The HMO casino trade is an excellent opportunity NOW GREAT WEEKLY charts + tight daily consolidation breakouts $UNH $340/$400 $MOH $215/$260
  • vscottg: $AAOI Can anyone give me guidance/insight on the implied move for $AAOI? Trying to make final decision on my course of action (or inaction) with my shares over earnings. Having never paid attention to options stuff, I'm a neophyte at deciphering or following guidance based upon that realm.
  • sweeper240: @vscottg $AAOI $BYND fyi and definitely different industries but I held over earnings and lost a lot... If you are up, stay up by exiting before earnings. If you have Stock. then its not so bad but if you have options... exit before earnings :)
  • Kharrison67: @vscottg $AAOI TOS options Aug7 expire chain shows a 229.27% it will move +/- 2.644
  • vscottg: @Kharrison67 @sweeper240 $AAOI Thanks a bunch to both of you. Not doing options - "just" stock. I'm up about 50% and was thinking of exiting. Your information greatly helps. Implied move is more risk than I want to endure.
  • DAN: @vscottg $AAOI Options market says $2.60 +/-
  • bRobert: $AAOI Brakout Short squeeze $20/$30......... targets $LITE nh yesterday $140 WEEKLY C&H target $NPTN breakout $17 WEEKLY inv H&S target All Renaissance Tech holdings I saw the optical light
  • bRobert: $AAOI Short squeeze $20 target 1 $28 - $40+ Longer term Overweight $LITE Nh $140 WEEKLY C&H breakout Extended short term Loo for pb/bounces $NPTN Brakout/Flag $20 WEEKLY reversal target $12 daily high base target 1
  • bRobert: $UNH. getting ready for lift off soon. $340/$400 $TMO. $ILMN. Winners $LITE. On my GSL for a while. WEEKLY breakout. C&H. $140+ $AAOI. $20/$30 . short squeeze. $NPTN. early.
  • quencher00: @bRobert $UNH $TMO $ILMN $LITE $AAOI $NPTN We need some catalyst for $UNH. The election is a big unknown for investors right now. $UNH setup is very similar to $AMD, however, $AMD had the $INTC catalyst to get it going.
  • bRobert: $AAOI. breakout. /flag trigger. $20/$30/$40. Short squeeze.
  • rmuni912: $AAOI back moving.
  • sgiseller: @bRobert $AAOI what does $20/$30/$40 refer to?
  • GOOSE: TRADES: $AAOI BTO STOCK @15.97 $AAOI STO 8/7/20 18.0 CALLS @.56 $AAOI STO 8/7/20 14.0 PUTS @.45
  • bRobert: @GOOSE $AAOI ] nh. Short squeeze. potential. $20/$30/$40......... keeps company with $LITE. $140+. and. $NPTN. New
  • bRobert: $NPTN. breakout $17. 70%. upside reports tomorrow 11%. short. 5d $AAOI. nh. $20. soon /$30/$40............. shorts 38%. reports. 8/6 $LITE. $140. WEEKLY C&H breakout. pb/bounces
  • Firemedic: @bRobert $NPTN $AAOI $LITE $LITE owned this for several years from $38. Bot some more last week to bring cost basis down to $23. Maybe will turn this lemon into lemonade
  • bRobert: $AAOI. 2x volume short squeeze. $20. soon. Reports. 8/6.
  • success: @GOOSE $AAOI . . Goose, I liked the idea . . BTO Stock @16.42 . . STO 8/7/20 18.00 calls @46 . . STO 8/7/20 puts @.52 . . wide swings on the Puts . .
  • bRobert: $AAOI. 16% pop . $20. SOON. $28+. next up. Earnings 8/6
  • AdrenalineTrade: @bRobert thank you for $AAOI. You pointed this out to me and a I took a position a few weeks ago after doing my DD. Thank you sir.
  • bRobert: @AdrenalineTrade $AAOI glad it worked. out. It cost more than a $1. but it was worth it. Great set up. Still a huge upside. to. $40+ longer term after the earnings speed bump. $NPTN. another Just broke. out today. $20. potential $LITE. the big dog. $140
  • AdrenalineTrade: @bRobert $AAOI $NPTN $LITE I only trade about 25% of my portfolio in penny stocks ;)
  • BellaVino: @bRobert $AAOI $NPTN $LITE Thank you for $NPTN - I got in at that last break out that was a bit of a fake out, but it wasn't doing anything totally wrong so just held. Rewarded today!
  • bRobert: @BellaVino $AAOI $NPTN $LITE Excellent. $20
  • bRobert: $ILMN $420/$470/$520 targets Earnings speed bump 8/6 Long along with $TMO $450 target Pick and shovels of biotech $LITE FRESH WEEKLY BREAKOUT $140 C&H target > 50% upside club Longer term hold on my growth stock list Reports 8/11 $AAOI $20/$25/$30+ 38% short fuel $NEPT WEEKLY inverse H&S Head $3 Neckline $10 Target $17 Reports 8/4 Shorts 12% 4 days
  • bRobert: $LITE breakout WEEKLY C&H $140 $115 pit stop $AAOI short squeeze $15/$20/$30 possibility
  • bRobert: $LITE $140 $AAOI $15/$20+ $CIEN $68 target Opticals with muted downside Good charts
  • bRobert: $LITE $140 $AAOI $15/$20+ short squeeze candidate Green
  • bRobert: Leave a $LITE WEEKLY C&H breakout Fresh out of the oven Long from below $120/$140 ADD on pb/bounces Partial profits near target acquisition and raised stops $AAOI phase 3 $20/$30 Shorts 38% 7d Long from $10
  • Kharrison67: @bRobert, do you like $AAOI or $VFF better at this point? Just curious, considering adding to one
  • Kharrison67: $AAOI hanging strong on the 8ema.
  • Kharrison67: @Kharrison67 $AAOI $VFF added to $AAOI bigger potential upside, added with Jan 21 calls
  • bRobert: @Kharrison67 $AAOI $15/$20./ ? $30. Why not Long from $10. Good so far
  • Kharrison67: @bRobert $AAOI I know you are concerning claiming me as a dependent, but I appreciate the guidance.
  • bRobert: @Kharrison67 $AAOI $VFF How about $THC. ? $36. Take partial. Add on retest bounce off 200d. $HCA $150+ $AAOI. >. $VFF
  • Kharrison67: @bRobert $AAOI $VFF $THC $HCA to be clear, don't buy now, wait for a retest of the 200day? or get in now, up to $36 sell partial then buy with retest?
  • bRobert: @Kharrison67 $AAOI $VFF $THC $HCA Take a smidge now. and add on retest /bounce off the 200d. OR. just wait for an A+ test to start.
  • bRobert: @Kharrison67 $AAOI I could use the deduction but if you are > 26 you have to provide your own health insurance.
  • bRobert: $AAOI flag Short squeeze $20+ $GTLS Flag $75 target 1 $95/$130 long term LONG from below $HEAR Walking up to $35 ? Maybe 420 target 1 $TTWO $200 target 1 WEEKLY C&H $SWKS WEEKLY C&H $200 $VFF $7/$12
  • bRobert: $LITE WEEKLY C&H WEDGE breakout $120/$140 $AAOI short squeeze phase 3 $20/$30
  • bRobert: $MU bounce off support Add if you like with stop just below $QRVO 20d bounce $LITE hammer bottom after retest $AAOI phase 3 There will be a 3 Short squeeze
  • Firemedic: @bRobert $MU $QRVO $LITE $AAOI $MU and $WDC was doing so well. Hoping its just weak with general weakness in tech today
  • bRobert: @Firemedic $MU $QRVO $LITE $AAOI $WDC I'm not particularly worried at this time Still green on $MU $WDC Good entries make for easy trade management I did sell some premium yesterday Short term as a hedge Buying back
  • GOOSE: EXPIRATION: $AAOI 14.50 CALLS $APT 23.0 & 25.0 CALLS Closed them a little while ago $SPCE 30.0 CALLS $AAL 11.0 PUTS &13.5 CALLS $LUV 37.0 CALLS $OSTK 54.0 & 56.0 CALLS Closed earlier today. STO @2.25 & 2.10
  • bRobert: $AAOI. 34% short. Big moves on huge volume the past 2 days Watching for follow through $15. target 1 acquired. $20/$30. next up.
  • bRobert: $LITE. WEEKLY wedge and c&h. breakout. $105. next. $120/$140. C&H. last stop Overweight from below. $AAOI. Flag. WATCH IT. for trigger or phase 2/3 $20. target 1. $30+ longer. Short squeeze
  • bRobert: ...
    $LITE Green WEEKLY C&H /wedge breakout $97/$130 $AAOI Short squeeze $20/$30 Flag Buy the trigger
    $VFF Breakout Flag retest Green candle today I added $7/$12 $IIPR Just holding it $105/$130
    $MCD minor ...
  • bRobert: $AAOI Shorts 29% 7d Booster rocket $15/$20/$30 LONG from $10+
  • Kharrison67: @bRobert $AAOI after we strip their shorts off, where would you declare profit taking? I know everyone is different, but just wanted your opinion, thanks for my increased account btw.
  • Bwhitty: $AAOI looks like it might blast off.
  • bRobert: @Bwhitty $AAOI Short squeeze 38% $20/$30 targets after $15 acquired
  • Bwhitty: @bRobert $AAOI 🤞
  • bRobert: $AAOI POWER MOVE breakout yesterday NOT mom and pop Close to $15 milestone 1 Short squeeze may kick in
  • Bert953: @Bwhitty $AAOI I'd say its already blasted off and is at Resistance. This last week has reminded me of the dangers of buying stocks after they've run up significantly rather than buying at a good entry.A better time to have purchased this puppy was Friday afternoon or monday morning. Today looks more like the time to be setting a trailing stop. Q2 on 8/6 after close.
  • Kharrison67: $AAOI just hit the $15 mark
  • sgiseller: @bRobert $AAOI beware the saber-rattling with china in washington
  • Kharrison67: $AAOI breaking out looking for $15
  • bRobert: @Kharrison67 $AAOI Nice. My little $LITE $20. target 2. Baby steps to giant steps.
  • GOOSE: TRADES: Bored, going out on a limb. $APT STO 7/24/20 23.0 CALLS @.62 $AAOI STO 7/24/20 14.5 CALLS @.30 $WDC BTO STOCK @44.80 A starter. $WFC BTO STOCK @25.99 A small add. $AAOI Broke a double top @12.00 on the P&F chart today, giving a buy signal.
  • bRobert: $LABU. Breakout retest $90. high base target 1. $110+. to follow. NOT straight up $AAOI. Partials near $15. target 1. $20. target 2
  • bRobert: $AAOI. Power move today. Closed near HOD. $15+. target 1. I can visualize a WEEKLY. bowl path towards $30. and above Pit stops along the way. Long from $10 .
  • Kharrison67: $AAOI trying to cut through all last weeks buyers and run to @bRobert $15/$20 mark
  • bRobert: @Kharrison67 $AAOI Goes well with my $LITE Little LITE
  • cgendro1: @bRobert $ALT $APT $LAKE $CODX $BNTX -----$AAOI also making a nice move today :)
  • bRobert: $AMWD Own a small piece/investment as this gem consolidates /pinches > 50d C&H $90/$120/$180 $NPTN WEEKLY reversal $15+ Daily pinch /WEDGE close to support Partial Good spec with 50% upside $AAOI C&H set up in place Top of daily range $15/$20 targets Look for a pb/bounce or breakout/pullback/retest/bounce 70% upside $IIVI WEEKLY C&H $75 target Another Renaissance find np yet
  • bRobert: @lostsheep $LITE $140. 'weekly C&H. $92. pit stop $AAOI. $15/$20. little brother. spec. LONG as well.
  • bRobert: $LITE. WEDGE breakout retest/bounce. $92/$140. targets $AAOI. Wedge retest/200d bounce. $15/$20 $ESPR. Reset. Pullback to 50/200d. support. Watching
  • bRobert: $GBT. This isa a retest/pullback/bounce $85/$130. Coiled $LITE. You add here. Stop < LOD. $92/$140. targets. WEEKLY CUP . $AAOI. same. $15/$20
  • bRobert: $AAOI. Wedge breakout. Resting at neckline of a large. inverse h&s. pattern. $15/$20. targets Pace will pick up with a move. > $13.
  • bRobert: $AAOI. $15/$20. targets Flag. Adding with trigger.
  • bRobert: $AAOI. Green /flag. $15/20. Shorts 38%. .Could get messy $LITE. just a little flag pullback. so far. No worries. LONG term hodl
  • Kharrison67: @bRobert $AAOI $LITE could get messy, as in for the shorts? (I hope)
  • bRobert: @Kharrison67 $AAOI $LITE YES
  • AdrenalineTrade: $AAOI flag triggering on daily
  • bRobert: @AdrenalineTrade $AAOI Yes sir. Better than the penny stocks. ;). $15/$20. Long term........much higher
  • bRobert: @AdrenalineTrade $AAOI Some resistance/speed bump. $12.50+. area No worries. long term.
  • Kharrison67: @bRobert $AAOI 15 min chart looks like phase 3 is ready to take off.
  • bRobert: $AAOI flag $15/$20 This bunks with $LITE great spec
  • msing3: @bRobert $AAOI $LITE DFEN bRobert....still accumulating DFEN ?
  • bRobert: @msing3 $AAOI $LITE Not right now In the penalty box for high sticking Watching it...I watch a lot No $$$ for now Look at what is working Plenty of upside in DFEN when it's ready Don't be first to the party Just be right Grab the meat of the trade when bullish price action returns
  • msing3: @bRobert $AAOI $LITE .....many thx.....holding a small position from the previous run to $20
  • bRobert: $AAOI. phase 3. flag. $15/$20 Long $LITE. $92/$140+. Long
  • bRobert: $SWKS. continues to pinch. WEEKLY base. C&H. $200. Long $QRVO. Great WEEKLY C&H. Same chart. $180+. np Many names may be coming in to better buy points. $AAOI. $15/$20. targets. My spec to accompany. $LITE. $92/$140 . Overweight from below.
  • bRobert: $LITE. Speed bump. $85. No worries. long term. $92/$140+ $AAOI. Good volume Phase 3. continuation. $15/$20/$25. Targets. Baby steps
  • bRobert: $AAOI phase 3 $15/$20
  • bRobert: $ALT phase 3 setting up $16+ $AAOI same $15/$20
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Volume 348,230

Applied Optoelectronics Inc is a vertically integrated provider of fiber-optic networking products, for three networking markets: cable television, fiber-to-the-home and internet data center such as components, sub-assemblies and modules, among others.

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