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  • Angdionk: $SMTC under 200dma but squeezing
  • woodman: $PLTR $SMCI $ALGM $MSFT $SMTC $QSI - some basing AI stocks.
  • woodman: My more abbreviated watchlist of AI which I need to update. (There are of course so many now). $APLD $SMCI $QSI $IONQ $PLTR $OPRA $INOD $NVDA $ALGM $MSFT $SMTC $LTRX
  • woodman: AI fishing? Here are some fish: $SMCI - AI servers/data center. $ALGM - an Edge AI related semi company. $OPRA - AI Browser. $INOD - AI data prep (an overlooked AI sector). $IONQ - quantum computing. $APLD - AI Cloud; blockchain as well. Combo for Edge AI: $SMTC and $LTRX. What is Edge AI?
  • bigbartabs: @woodman $SMCI $ALGM $OPRA $INOD $IONQ $APLD $SMTC $LTRX ... my son followed his dad's footsteps, and got heavy (even heavier than I) into tech. Became a gunslinger team leader with Audi, building their website to build / order cars online. Left Audi, and took a higher tech position with Pandora... doing the same type of web high end programming. He tells me that he uses ChatGPT daily, to tune his written web applications. He feeds his existing app code to ChatGPT... asks it "what can be imprroved"... and out comes recommended changes to make it faster and more solid.
  • woodman: @bigbartabs $SMCI $ALGM $OPRA $INOD $IONQ $APLD $SMTC $LTRX - Amazing! Soon, people won't be needed all that much. In the legal biz, firms are very wary of ChatGPT because of its hallucinations, among other things. There have been some troubling outcomes in the law field, such as ChatGPT completely making up legal precedents and even writing its own cases that don't exist in reality. Some attorneys are in serious trouble because of it. They will be defending their licenses, even though they didn't intentionally deceive the courts or the opposition when their briefs ended up with citations to fictional cases dreamed up by ChatGPT.
  • bill52: @woodman $SMCI $ALGM $OPRA $INOD $IONQ $APLD $SMTC $LTRX thanks for sharing this. nice summary write up. all these look pretty good on the chart.
  • joelsg1: @woodman $SMCI $ALGM $OPRA $INOD $IONQ $APLD $SMTC $LTRX Lazy lawyers in that NY PI case which was dismissed because it was filed too late, only a pathetic $5k sanction against them.
  • woodman: @joelsg1 $SMCI $ALGM $OPRA $INOD $IONQ $APLD $SMTC $LTRX - I agree about the laziness and minuscule sanction. This appears to sum up the feeling among some big firms: "'From a purely competence standpoint, [the technology] is not at a stage where, in my view, it's particularly useful or reliable,'" said Fox Rothschild partner Robert Tintner, who oversees the Philadelphia Bar Association's ethics hotline."
  • Zimzala: Notable earning for the week via earnings whisper: #earnings for the week $NIO $GTLB $GME $CIEN $DOCU $SAIC $ASO $SJM $CXM $THO $OLLI $MOMO $CBRL $FERG $TTC $HQY $CPB $PLAY $QMCO $FCEL $LOVE $ABM $CNM $HTOO $TCOM $JOAN $UNFI $SFIX $CHS $GIII $SIG $SMAR $PL $ZFOX $HYZN $VRA $CASY $MTN $SMTC $ALYA $DBI $SCWX $JILL $OESX $BSE $REVG $VBNK $VRNT $RENT $HCP
  • woodman: #Lithium stocks interesting. Seeing some pullbacks to support and bounces (phase 2 into phase 3) after strong moves. $LTHM $SGML $ALB $SMTC. Maybe keep $LCID on the radar. It's flagging/consolidating just under the 50d with an inverse head and shoulders.
  • scottrades: @scottrades Also $SMTC Testing a pivot.
  • scottrades: My notes: $SPY Like watching Paint Dry.. $QQQ Resting near the highs $SMH Same $IYR REITs still holding up. $XLP Close to the highs $XME Above the MAs $XLI industrials Above the 50 Day $XLV Healthcare still strong. $XHB Homies Above the MAs #Crypto Flushing a bit. $MSFT Near the highs $NVDA Above Holding the 8/21 EMAs $AMD Holding in trend. $MRVL Back to the 8EMA $SMTC Low volume Back test, Trades a little wide. $XLNX Building a handle? $DIOD Basing near the highs. $FCX Working $CLF Coming out of a channel but under the MAs. $AA Still holding. $STLD Basing under the 50 Day $X Same $NSC Creeping up, look for a PB $CSX A bit extended. $UNP Same as NSC. $PHM Weekly pivot is around 56.75 $DHI Needs a base. $TPH Holding the 8EMA, great volume today. $CUBE Above the 8EMA. Great volume yesterday. For a Divy Play, use the 50 Day
  • woodman: #Lithium stocks holding up well. In no particular order, see $LTHM $SMTC $SLI $SQM $ALB $LAC $LIT. Also, note, $LICY pullback to and holding the rising 50 day.
  • Angdionk: $SMTC breaking out but low volume
  • scottrades: $SMTC Needs a close above the black line.
  • klarson18: $SMTC new high on earnings. Is it too late to buy? 59min trade? Thoughts
  • Samik: @DAN. these were stocks that you mentioned at some point in time across the last 3 months. But don't hear about them now. Would like to have your advice on them -- buy / sell / add : - $STRL (-5.3% loss), $THC (-22% loss), $SEDG (22% gain), $COG (-7% loss), $CRC (14% gain), $KEY (6.27% gain), $CC (10.04% gain), $SINA (12.49% gain), $SMTC (-8.3% gain), $AMT (30% gain), $AAPL (79% gain). $RIOT went down by 8% :( cheers
  • Samik: @DAN given the deep fall today, does it make sense to add to the existing portfolio of some of the growth stocks that you haven suggesting over the past few months e.g. $WB $NFLX $SMTC $CC $SEDG $CRC $COG $AAPL ?
  • DAN: @Samik $WB $NFLX $SMTC $CC $SEDG $CRC $COG $AAPL Good question, Samik. I wouldn't be adding any of those to the growth stock list b/c they don't have all the traits that we're looking for. Growth in EPS/Revs, ROE is good, etc.
  • Samik: @DAN $MOMO $THC $SINA $CC $SMTC $LITE $WB $AAPL Tx Dan. Appreciate. Will sell off $SMTC, $ LITE, $THC. Will hold the rest. $AAPL has breached support today due to connectivity issues on the new phone.
  • Samik: @Dan Desired your views on some of the stocks in my portfolio $MOMO (15% profit), $THC (17% loss), $SINA (27% profit), $CC (36% profit), $SMTC (5% loss), $LITE (4% profit), $WB (25% profit). Which ones should I sell / hold / buy more ? Also what's your view on $AAPL now ?
  • DAN: @Samik $MOMO $THC $SINA $CC $SMTC $LITE $WB $AAPL Here you go: MOMO -- Sell it. Not going up, it's going down. THC -- Sell it. Ditto. SINA -- hold it. Can't buy more here. Too extended. Protect profits with trailing stops. CC -- hold it. Working well. Nice steady uptrend. SMTC -- Sell it. Not moving up. LITE -- Sell it. No trend. WB -- would take partial profits here and let the rest run. Would not add. AAPL -- I think it's ok here. Support around $155. It's consolidating now. Probably need another catalyst to push it higher (like a report on how many iPhones and watches they've sold during the first weekend). Hope that helps. --DAN
  • bnnybklyn: @DAN possible to talk on $SMTC tonight ? Thanks!
  • DAN: @bnnybklyn $SMTC Sure. 8-)
  • bnnybklyn: @Bridget $SMTC hate to be vague, but do you have any thoughts on this ?
  • bnnybklyn: @Bridget $SMTC hate to be vague, but do you have any thoughts on this ? Thank you.
  • Bridget: @bnnybklyn $SMTC The chart shows that this recently broke to a new all time high. I like the look of the weekly chart. It is extended on the daily but seems to be holding at $40. Long term: I say you can buy now and add on pullbacks, with a stop near $37. Short term: you missed the move, if you are already in stay in but don't get in here with a tight stop, you will likely get stopped out for a loss.
  • Samik: Dan .. any thoughts on these ? They were in your recommendations chart of the days/triggers over the last 1 month. $CC $THC $SMTC $SINA $WB $ LITE. Would also love to have your views on $C
  • DAN: @Samik $CC $THC $SMTC $SINA $WB $C
    $C -- Good uptrend. Pullback here works, as long as it holds above, say, $65.
    $CC -- Looks like it could test $46, which is last month's all time high. Kind of a sloppy chart though. Not really a "base" ...
  • Samik: @DAN $CC $THC $SMTC $SINA $WB $C $SMH Yes it works Dan. Tx. Will I be right to conclude that I can top up my stocks for $C $THC ?
  • DAN: @Samik $CC $THC $SMTC $SINA $WB $C $SMH Not sure what you are referring to (I think you mis-typed). But if you're asking if C and THC are good stocks to have...Yes! Definitely are.
  • Samik: @DAN $CC $THC $SMTC $SINA $WB $C $SMH Yes, that is what I meant i.e should I add to my existing portfolio of $C $THC. Had bought them based on your reading of the charts a few weeks ago. Will add to both of these on the next pull back. Tx.
  • issues: Here is an interesting article "Cheap Stocks with PEG ratio (pe divided by growth rate) below 1 that are Buy rated: Phil VanDorn lists these as good candidates: $MU $WDC $CIEN $BCOR $LRCX $AAOI $CIEN $STMP $TIVO $MXL $SMCI $AMAT $CAMP $FB $CRUS $MEI $ITRI $SMTC $OCLR $SWKS and $MSCC. Although these are not necessarily on his list, I personally like: $BCOR $AMAT(IBD 50 this week) $CTRL(IBD 50 this week)$PETS $BZUN $BABA(IBD 50 this week) $ANET(IBD 50 this week) $CGNX (IBD 50 this week) We personally hold positions in $MU $LRCX $AAOI $MXL (have tight stop in place) $FB $BABA $ANET & $MCHP.
  • bwcarnation1: $SMTC dan's stock doing well. got some and up nicely. nice call Dan
  • DAN: @bwcarnation1 $SMTC Thanks! That worked out well, didn't it? Gap down...and now recovering.
  • bnnybklyn: @DAN $SMTC still good buy point here, holding at 37 for now ? oops, now dropping a bit
  • DAN: @bnnybklyn $SMTC Not for a trade. Only if you wish to hold the stock for a while. It would require some patience. I think the stock will ultimately move higher...but it's got to be viewed as a position, not as a quick flipper.
  • woodman:
  • woodman: #Semiconductors #SemiconductorEquipment - a lot of these stocks caught my eye today. I bought $LRCX. Some Semiconductors of interest (besides just buying $SOXX): $AMKR $MRVL $AAOI $SLAB $QTNA (ipo) $MCHP $IDTI $SMTC $MXL $IPHI $CREE (if it can move up thru the 200d). Some SemiconductorEquipment of interest: $LRCX $NANO $KLAC $ENTG
  • Motorman: @Bridget $SMTC any thoughts on this one, was thinking about opening a long position
  • Bridget: @Motorman $SMTC no, for so many reasons. There are no signs of a bounce. Weekly chart is turning down. Volatility is high in this one. If you do it will be a wild stressful ride. Look elsewhere.
  • Bridget: $SMTC Cup and handle on the weekly chart. 50DMA is now crossing above the 200DMA. We have seen an increase in volume over the past 2 weeks. I do think this is a good buy and hold stock opportunity.
  • woodman: #Tech Update: ​ Tech stocks are still working well. Mine haven't been too flashy on any given day, but methodically upward and before you know it giving a nice profit. I've been long these: $SLAB $ARRS $MXWL $INFN $SIMO $VSH $CY (off the 50 day as ...
  • mradams0621: up gapers Price %Change $VTL Vital Th... 9.25 23.01% $CAPN Capnia I... 2.15 20.79% $GMCR Green Mo... 48.16 18.91% $GFI Gold Fie... 2.58 18.89% $ASNA Ascena R... 12.34 17.52% $AVXL Anavex L... 6.10 15.09% $IXYS Ixys Cor... 13.99 15.05% $TRGP Targa Re... 48.80 13.54% $CTRP 106.25 11.76% $AAOI Applied ... 18.46 10.94% gap down Price %Change $SKLN Skyline ... 3.32 -19.34% $LQDT Liquidit... 6.60 -16.24% $SSI Stage St... 7.71 -14.71% $HLTH Hlth Cor... 2.28 -10.59% $AMAG Amag Pha... 26.10 -10.19% $EDAP Edap Tms... 5.00 -10.07% $VLP Valero E... 45.20 -9.16% $TWI Titan In... 4.64 -8.12% $ANGI Angie's ... 10.01 -7.83% $SMTC Semtech ... 17.80 -7.53%
  • woodman: #Semiconductors - I see some lamenting over them today. They've had a good run but some getting hit today. At this point, they seem very earnings-sensitive as many are now reporting and we are seeing a wide range of reactions among the stocks of th ...
  • woodman: #Semiconductors - some of these may need a little pullback to buy, I think, but these caught my eye b/c they seem to have reversed and have passed back up through a major moving average. Just some ideas, fwiw and in no particular order: $INVN $IXYS $VSH $QCOM $AMAT $ATML $SIMO $CY $SMTC and $SNDK (SNDK moved on rumors of buyout interest and is holding the big gap up that took it above the 200 day).
  • Tim S: Notable earnings after Monday's close $APU, $BRCD, $CRM, $JEC, $SMTC, UGI
  • Tricia: Earnings: Good morning everyone - make it a grand day! before : $AEO, $AINV, $EV, $HRL, $LTXC, SCMR, $STP, $TOL after Wednesday's close: $AFCE, BIG,BRLI, $BRS, $CVCO, $EVER, $HGG, $HPQ, $NTAP, $ORCL, $P, $PVH, $SMTC, $SNPS, $SPLK, TSL
  • gold2stocks: ...
    Semtech Corporation target raised at Oppenheimer
    Shares of $SMTC now seen reaching $35, Oppenheimer said. Bookings have begun to strengthen. Outperform rating.

    Simon Property Group target raised at Jefferies
    Shares of $SPG now see ...
  • docsch: ...
    Earnings: $ASNA, $COST, $CSC, FMCN, $HRL, NDN, $NTAP, $RL, $SMTC, $TOL

    The important events is tomorrows $GDP, along with jobless claims. The big players should be positioning for these reports today. Watch the volume, especially on the leading ...
  • landm19: Earnings Preview for the week of Mar 8th-12th : Companies reporting earnings the week of Mar 8th-12th include: Monday: COMV, DGW, $EBIX, $FREE, PARD, $YGE, $CAP, $CPE, $CASY, FRPT, $HRB, $MAKO, $NCMI, RSCR, $SNHY, $TIVO, and VVUS... Tuesday: BRNC, CALP, CRIC, $CODI, $DKS, $EJ, $EXEL, $GPOR, $KR, $LMIA, NXG, $SSI, SWSI, TSTY, AONE, $AVAV, $ALOG, BIDZ, $SAM, $PSS, $DXCM, $EXLS, $FLOW, $ICFI, JCG, $NAV, $SLXP, $VRSK, and ZIPR... Wednesday: $CAS, $AEO, $BONT, BF.B, $CRZO, $PLCE, $CWEI, $CPIX, $ESLT, ELMG, FSIN, HRBN, HWK, $QLTI, $SOL, $TRK, RMIX, $MTN, $AACC, $BLDP, $CLNE, $FCEL, GYMB, $HIL, $HOTT, $IDSY, $IPAR, JAS, $MW, $MBLX, VITA, $PRSC, $SMTC, $STAN, $TTGT, and WES... Thursday: CPC, $CSUN, $DK, $IMAX, JTX, $MEA, $NGPC, $PNY, $SFD, $STEI, $SUI, $BKE, $ARO, $AIRM, $CCO, $GG, HQS, $KOG, $NSM, $NPSP, OMPI, $OPTR, $PSUN, $PLL, $POWR, $ZQK, $SEAC, $SHFL, $SWHC, $ULTA, and ZUMZ... Friday: $ANN, $CTRN, $HIBB, $KIRK, $NVAX, and PEI.
  • Medlar: ...
    $SMTC * Semtech Corporation * gapped down


    ADCT * $ADC Telecommunications Inc. * gapped down
    $DELL * Dell Inc. * gapped down
    $DHI * D.R. Horton Inc. * gapped down
    $HOLX * Hologic Inc. * gapped down
    $SJM * J.m. Smucker Company (the ...
  • headscratcher: $SMTC - Bought some of this yesterday. Sittng on 20 $KMB - Bought yesterday. Sliding up the 50 sma $SMTC - Semtech Corporation is a supplier of analog and mixed-signal semiconductor products.
  • jbrack: I agree with joanie; find a stock that has fallen and consider that until $MGM or PCX come back down if you really want $MGM or PCX. I wouldn't fall in love with any stock though. For example, keep an eye on $ACM or $KBR or $PNY or $SMTC or $TTEK and wait for them to catch up to their sectors or for their sectors to go back up. There are some retailers that have been beaten down e.g. $CAB and PLCE. I'm not saying to buy any of these stocks!!! Only that they are down now and may (I repeat MAY) be good future candidates.
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Stock Price $35.86
Change -2.82%
Volume 2,453,460

Semtech Corporation design, develop and market products for commercial applications, the majority of which are sold into the enterprise computing, communications, high-end consumer and industrial end-markets.

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